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Violoncello Method - Book 1 - New Edition - Augeners Edition No. 7774a A Piatti, new edition by W E Whitehouse and R V Tabb , 
Violoncello Method - Book 2 - New Edition - Augeners Edition No. 7774b A Piatti, new edition by W E Whitehouse and R V Tabb , 
42 Studies for Violin - Augeners Edition No. 5671 R. Kreutzer, revised and fingered by H. Artok, 
7 pieces and 6 Fugues - Augener's Edition No. 5096 G F Handel, edited and fingered by Thomas Dunhill, 
A Canticle (Deus Misereatur) - Original Organ Compositons Series George Oldroyd, 
Arne - Popular Pieces - 8 Sonatas - Augener Edition No. 8300f Thomas Augustine Arne, revised and edited by E. Pauer, 
Balladen (after the old Scottish Ballad, ''Edward'') - Op. 10 - Augeners Edition No. 5107 Johannes Brahms, 
Ballades - Op.23 - Op.38 - Op.47- Op.52 - Augeners Popular Edition No. 6095 F. Chopin, Revised by C. Klindworth and X. Scharwenka, 
Beethoven 11 New Bagatelles - Op. 119 - Augeners Edition No. 8047b Ludwig van Beethoven, 
Benediction de Dieu - Dans La Solitude - Augeners Edition No. 5002 F. Liszt, Edited by O. Thumer, 
Blue Danube - Waltz - Concert Transcription for Piano Johann Strauss, arranged by Niedzielski, 
Brahms Six Piano Pieces - Op. 118 - Augener's Edition No. 5126 Johannes Brahms, revised and edited by Adolph Mann, 
Capriccio - For the Pianoforte Frank Bridge, 
Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue - Augeners Edition No. 7985 J.S. Bach, 
Coleccion Bailes Espanoles - Arreglados para Piano (Tal Como Se Bailan) F. Garcia Navas, 
Concerto - Op. 54 - Augeners Edition No. 8405a - Two Pianos R. Schumann, revised with additional second piano accompaniment by E. Pauer, 
Dance Suite - For Piano Henry Coleman, 
Der Erdkreis ist num des Herrn- From ""Paulus"" - Chorus - Arrangements for the Organ Series No. 25 Mendelssohn, arranged by Ebenezer Prout, 
Devotion - Liszt Piano Works series Robert Schumann, 
Etude in D flat (Un Sospiro) - Celebrated Concert Studies No. 39 Franz Liszt, 
Etudes-d'execution transcendante - Augeners Edition No. 6226a - Book 1 Liszt, Edited by Edward Dannreuther, 
Evensong - For Pianoforte - Op. 19 Felix Swinstead, 
Examination Music - Intermediate Division, Group B. 2 -Trinity College of Music London Edited by Franklin Taylor, 
Feux Follets - Augeners Edition No. 5955 Franz Liszt, 
Folk Song Preludes for Pianoforte - Augener Album Series No. 182 Peter Warlock, 
Frank Bridge Capriccio No. 2 for piano, 
Franz Schubert Haidenroslein/Hedge Roses - Op. 3, No. 3 - Key Of G Major Franz Schubert, Goethe, English Version by Richard Capell, 
Franz Schubert Whither? Wohin? - Key of G Major Franz Schubert, 
Grand Septet - Op. 20 - Augeners Edition No. 8518, for Piano Duet L. van Beethoven - Arranged by F. Hermann, 
Grieg - Butterfly - Op. 43, No. 1 - Edition Peters No. 2540 Grieg, 
Handel Violin Sonatas - Book I, No's 1 to 3 - Violin and Piano - Augeners Edition No. 8668a G. F. Handel, Bowing and Fingering by Joseph Ivimey, arranged by Gustav Jensen, 
Handel Violin Sonatas - Book II, No's 4 to 6 - Violin and Piano - Augeners Edition No. 8668b G. F. Handel, Bowing and Fingering by Joseph Ivimey, arranged by Gustav Jensen, 
Haydn - Piano Sonatas - No. 9 in G J. Haydn, Revised phrased and fingered by Franklin Taylor, 
Haydn Piano Sonatas - No. 3 in E flat major J. Haydn, Revised phrased and fingered by Franklin Taylor, 
Herod - Incidental Music - Suite for orchestra (piano) - Op. 47 - Augener's Edition No. 6105 S Coleridge Taylor, 
Highland Memories Suite - Op. 30 - Arranged for Organ - Album Series No. 111 Hamish MacCunn, 
Hornpipe - Graded British Piano Pieces Series No. 44 - Grade IV Moderately Difficult H. MacCunn, 
Impromptu I - Op. 16, No. 1 - from Two Impromptus for Pianoforte in the old English Style C. A. Backet Williams, 
In a Vodka Shop - for the piano Arnold Bax, 
Introduction and Fugue for Piano - Op. 19c Edmund Rubbra, 
J. S Bach Chaconne - From the 4th Violin Sonata - Augeners Edition No. 5645 J. S Bach, 
J. S. Bach Violin Works - Solo Sonata No. VI in E J. S. Bach, 
J. Werner - 100 Easy Studies - Op. 52 - Book II, No's 62-100 - Augener's Edition No. 7760b - Violoncello J. Werner, 
Jacques Dont, Etudes Et Caprices - Op. 35 - Augeners Edition No. 5653 Jacques Dont, edited by Hans Wessely, 
Liszt, Rigoletto, Augeners Edition No. 9347 G Verdi, Revised by E Pauer, Transcribed by Franz Liszt, 
Loeschhorn Melodic Studies - Book III - Op. 192, No's 32-42 - Augeners Edition No. 6553 A. Loeschhorn, 
Mazur Elegante - Pour Piano Stephan Esipott, 
Mendelssohn Three Preludes and Three Studies - Op. 104 - Augeners Edition No. 5075 F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, revised, phrased and fingered by O. Thumer, 
Minature Suite No. 1 - For Beginners at the Organ - Augeners Edition No. 5804a Arthur J. Pritchard, 
Minature Suite No. 2 - For Beginners at the Organ - Augeners Edition No. 5804b Arthur J. Pritchard, 
Miniature Suite - For Piano - Op. 16 - Augeners Album Series No. 15 E. B. Farrar, 
Moscheles - Opus 70, Book II of Moscheles Studies - No.s 13 to 24 - Augeners Edition, No. 6245b I Moscheles, revised by E. Pauer, 
Old English Masters - Twelve short and easy pieces of the 17th & 18th Centuries - Arranged for Violin and Piano - In the First and Third positions - Augeners Edition No. 7537 Various Composers arrangedd by Alfred Moffat, 
Old World Measures - A Suite On Old Dance Forms For Piano - Augener Album Series No. 25 Adam Carse, 
Organ Works - Six Sonatas for 2 Claviers and Pedal - No. 2 in C minor - Augeners Edition No. 9857 Joh. Seb. bach, edited by W. T. Best, 
Overture Des Marionettes - Piano Duet Cornelius Gurlitt, 
Paean of Praise - Ritornello & Fugue - For Organ - Composed for Gloucester Festival 1922 A. Herbert Brewer, 
Papillons - Op. 2 - Augeners Edition No. 8406 Robert Schumann, revised by O. Thumer, 
Pastorale (Sonata in F - Allegro Moderato) - For Piano Domenico Scarlatti, revised by E. Pauer, 
Pastorale and Capriccio for Piano Domenico Scarlatti, Edited by Thomas F. Dunhill, 
Popular Pieces - Augener Edition No. 8300c - Old English Composers for the Virginal & Harpsichord Series Orlando Gibbons, revised and edited by E. Pauer, Biographical notices by W. A. Barrett, 
Primula Piano Album - Book II Various Composers, 
R Schumann - Scenes of Childhood - Op. 15 - Augeners Edition, No. 8412a R Schumann, edited by Theodore Kullak , 
R. Wagner - Marches Favourites - Augeners Edition No. 8477 R. Wagner, Arranged by E. Pauer, 
Rondo in C - For Piano Solo Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, 
Rosamund Overture - For Piano - Augeners Edition No. 5995 F. Schubert arranged by E. Pauer, 
Russian Organ Album - Augeners Album Series No. 105 Various Composers Edited by Dr. A. E. Hull, 
Russian Violin Album - Album Series No. 76 Various Composers Edited by Adam Carse, 
Sailors Dance - For Piano Alfred Nieman, 
Scherzo-Tarantelle - Op. 16 - Augeners Edition No. 11774 - Violin and Piano Henri Wieniawski, reviewed and arranged by Fr. Hermann, 
Six songs from A Shropshire Lad: Loveliest of Trees, When I was one and twenty, Look not in my eyes, Think no more Lad, The lads in their hundreds, Is my team ploughing?. Words and music - George Butterworth & A E Housman, 
Sonata in A flat - Haydn, Piano Sonatas series No. 38 - Augeners Green Cover Edition Haydn, Revised by H. Riemann, 
Sonate - Op. 11 - Augeners Edition No. 8407 Robert Schumann, revised and fingered by O. Thumer, 
Sonate in B flat - Op. 22 - Augeners Edition No. 8431 R. Schumann, 
Sonatina - Op. 19 - For Piano Benjamin Frankel, 
Sonatina for Piano - Augeners Edition No. 457 Antoni Szalowski, 
Sonatina No. 1 - Op. 58 - For Pianoforte - Op. 58, No. 1 Hans Gal, 
Sonatina No. 2 - Op. 58 - For Pianoforte - Op. 58, No. 2 Hans Gal, 
Sonatinas Book I, Nos 1- 6 - Augeners Edition No. 8203a Kuhlau, 
Songs and Airs Book 1 for Bass - Augeners Edition No. 4721c , Vol. 1 J.S Bach, Edited and Adapted by E. Prout, 
Sonnet Suite for Piano Hubert Bath, 
Suite for Pianoforte - Op. 60 - Augeners Edition No. 8001 Carlo Albanesi, arranged by Leonard Borwick, 
Summer Scenes - Ten Jolly Tunes for Piano - Book 2, No's 6-10 - Both Books Can Be Played as Seperate Pieces or The Pieces from Each Book Correspond as Duets Henry Coleman, 
Summer Scenes - Ten Jolly Tunes for Piano - Book I, No's 1-5 - Both Books Can Be Played as Seperate Pieces or The Pieces from Each Book Correspond as Duets Henry Coleman, 
Symphony in B minor - Piano Duet - Augeners Edition No. 8617a F. Schubert, Arranged by Max Pauer, 
Symphony IV, The Italian Symphony - Op. 90 - Augener's Edition Symphonies for Piano No. 6974 - Piano Duet Felix Mendelssohn, Arranged by M. Pauer, 
Symphony No. 2 in D - Augener's Edition No. 8036b Ludwig Van Beethoven, arranged by E. Pauer, 
Symphony No. 3 in E flat - Op. 55 - Augeners Edition No. 8036c L. van Beethoven, arranged by E. Pauer, 
Symphony No. 4 in B flat - Op. 60 - Augeners Editiion No. 8036d L. van Beethoven, arranged by E. Pauer, 
Symphony No. 6 in F - Op. 68 - Augeners Edition No. 8036f - Piano Solo L. van Beethoven, arranged by E. Pauer, 
Symphony No. 7 in A - Op. 92 - Augeners Edition No. 8036g L. van Beethoven, arranged by E. Pauer, 
Tempo di Ballo - Old Italian Masters series No.6025 Domenico Scarlatti, 
Ten Short Preludes and Fugues - Augeners Edition No. 5803a - Op. 70, No's 1 to 5 C. S. Lang, 
The Silent Mere - Impressions for the Piano Gustave Lind, 
The West Wind - Song - With Pianoforte Accompaniment - No. 1 In E for Low Voice D. M Stewart, John Masefield, 
Three Miniatures - For Piano John Longmire, 
Three Pieces - Augeners Edition No. 5159 - Op. 17 M. Moszkowski, edited by Adam Carse, 
Three Pieces for Pianoforte - Op. 41, No's 1-3 Ivor R. Foster, 
Thumers Hours of Pleasure - A Collection of Easy Pieces to be used in conjunction with Thumers New School of Studies Various Composers, compiled by O. Thumer, 
Total Eclipse - Aria from Samson G. F. Handel, 
Two Preludes - Original Organ Compositions H. P. Chadwyck-Healey, 
Under the Willows - River Sketches, for Pianoforte (Grade III) - No. 1 Arthur Somervell, 
Valse Brillante in A flat for Piano - Piano Solo M. Moszkowski, 
Variations - Op. 54, 82 & 83 - Augeners Edition No. 5069 F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, revised and fingered by O. Thumer, 
Variations in A - Op. 35 - For Pianoforte Harry Fajeon, 
W. A. Mozart FAntasia in F minor - K. 608 - Augeners Edition No. 5860 - Cecilia, Book 60 W. A. Mozart, arranged for Organ by E. H. Turpin, 
Wir Wandelten (We Wander'd) - Song in D sharp - Op. 96, No. 2- Augeners Edition Brahms Favourite Songs Series J. Brahms, English version by Percy Pinkerton, German version by F. Daumer, 
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