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Augeners Edition

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1 legend for the piano, Rune E J Moeran, 
2 Tarentelles for the piano Op.85 S Heller, 
2nd Rhapsodie Hongroise for the piano Liszt, 
3 Romances for the piano, Op28 Schumann , 
3 Shakespeare songs for piano and voice A Eaglefield Hull, 
6 Intermezzi for the piano - Op.4 - Augeners Edition No. 8436 Schumann - Revised and fingered by Otto Thumer, 
7 bagetelles for the piano, Op.33 Beethoven, 
9 Nocturnes for the piano - Augener's Edition No. 6588 John Field after Fr. Liszt's Edition, 
A selection of classical piano music selected by Adam Carse (not simplified) Adam Carse, 
A Selection of Wollenhaupt. H As works, for the piano H A Wollenhaupt, 
Adagio and rondo for the piano, Op.145 F Schubert, 
Ballade, for the piano, Op.10 Brahms, 
Brahms Op. 119 Four piano pieces Intermezzi and Rhapsodie - Augeners Edition No. 5127 Brahms, revised and edited by Adolf Mann, 
Carnival for the piano, Op.9 Schumann, 
Casse Noisette - Suite, Op. 71a for the piano - Augener's edition No. 5013a Tschaikowsky, arranged by Stepan Esipoff, 
Chromatic Fantaisia and Fugue, For solo piano J S Bach, 
Complete Organ Works Vol II - Preludes & Fugues, Fantasia, Toccatas - Augeners Edition No. 9972 Johann Sebastian Bach, W.T Best Edition, newly revised by Dr. A. Eaglefield Hull, 
Deux Tarentelles for the piano, Op.85 Stephen Heller, 
Dumka a Furiant, Op.12 for the piano Dvorak, 
Elegie for the violoncello and the piano N Zsolt, 
Esquisses Techniques Book 1 Nos. 1-8 for the piano, Op.97 M Moszkowski, 
F Schubert Variations in B flat Op82 No.2 for piano duet, 
Fantasia, Op.77, For piano solo Ludwig Van Beethoven, 
Favorite piano pieces Heller, 
Flower pieces, for the piano, the violet, Op.53 Paul Zilcher, 
French suite No.3 in B minor for the piano J S Bach, 
Galop di Bravura J Schulhoff, 
Gigue in B flat minor for the piano C H Graun, 
In an Old World City, a suite for the piano Gustave Lind, 
Kammermusik Nr. 2, Op.36 No.1 , Klavier Konzert P Hindemith, 
L 'Almanach Aux Images - 8 Pieces for the Piano Gabriel Grovlez , 
Liebestraum, nocturne for the piano Liszt, 
Marcello, Benedetto Classical violoncello music, volume 11, 2 sonatas in G and C major, 
Miniature string quartet in A minor Adam Carse, 
Nursery & schoolbook, Book 1, 19 short pieces for the piano Adam Carse, 
Op. posth, piano sonata No.10 for the piano Schubert, 
Op.10 No.12 in C minor, Study Chopin, 
Op.10 No.12 in the key of C minor for the piano Chopin, 
Op.110, Albumleaf for the piano Stephen Heller, 
Op.118 No.1 childrens sonata for the piano Schumann, 
Op.12, for the piano, Evening Schumann, 
Op.21in F, Novelletten for the piano edited by E Pauer Schumann, 
Op.22 for piano and violoncello W H Squire , 
Op.30 No.2, Impromtu and etude for the piano Hiller, 
Op.7 No.1 Mazurka for the piano Chopin, 
Op.79 for the piano, Concertstusk Webber, 
Overture to Mignon, piano duet Ambroise Thomas, 
Phantasie No.3 in D minor for the piano K397 Mozart, 
Phatasie No.3 in D minor, K397 Mozart, 
Piano sonata in C sharp minor, Op.27 No.2, Moonlight Ludwig Van Beethoven, 
Piano Sonata No.2 in E minor J Haydn, edited by Franklin Taylor , 
Piano sonata No.9 in A Op. posth Schubert, 
Piano sonata, Op.13 in C minor, Pathetique Ludwig Van Beethoven, 
Piano sonata, Op.53 in C major, Waldstein Ludwig Van Beethoven, 
Piano sonata, Op.57 in F minor, Appassionata Ludwig Van Beethoven, 
Pictures at an exhibition - 10 pieces for the piano - Augener's Edition No. 6627 Moussorgsky, edited by Otto Thumer, 
Polonaise for the piano - Op. 18 M Moszkowski, 
Preludes for Pianoforte Chopin, 
Quartet 2 violins 1 viola and 1 violoncello, Op.12 Mendelssohn, 
R Schumann - Papillons Op. 2 for the piano - Augener's Edition No. 8406 R Schumann, 
Robert Schumann 12 pianoforte duets Op85 Book I Nos.1-6, 
Romance for the violoncello and the piano Popper, 
Rondo a Capriccio, Op. 129 - Piano solo Ludwig Van Beethoven, edited and fingered by Thomas Dunhill , 
Rustic dance for the piano - Op. 9 A C Mackenzie, 
Serenade and dance for orchestra, Op.25 Banjamin Frankel, 
Serenade in G (K. 525) For the piano Mozart, 
Serenade in G, K525 for the piano Mozart, 
Serenade Melancolique for piano and voice, Op.16 No.4 Baton, Rhene and Lahor, Jean, 
Sleepless nights Op.82 for the piano Stephen Heller, 
Soirees Musicales - Book IV for piano duet - Augeners Edition No. 8542d Leon DOurville , 
Sonata for piano and violoncello, Op.38 Brahms, 
Sonata for the piano, Op.22 Schumann, 
Sonata for the piano, Op.22 R Schumann, 
Spinning song Op.81 for the piano Litolff, 
Stephen Heller - 2 Tarentelles for the piano - Op. 85 - augener's Edition No. 6474a Stephen Heller - Revised, phrased and fingered by Otto Thumer, 
Suites, Book one: Nos. 1 to 8 Book two: nos. 9 to 16, for the piano Handel, 
Tableax d'une Exposition for the piano Moussorgsky, 
Tchaikovsky Symphony, Op64 for piano duet, 
The Golden dawn, for piano solo Gustave Lind, 
The Grasshopper Dance for the piano Adam Carse, 
The little music book of Anna Magdalena Bach - 20 Easy Pieces - Augeners Edition No. 7984 - For Piano J. S. Bach, 
Three fancies for string quartet Andre Mangeot, 
Three romances for the piano, Op.28 R Schumann, 
Toccata, for the piano, Op.7 Schumann, 
Variations on a theme by Paganini for the piano, Book 2, Op.35 Brahms, 
Variations on an original theme for the piano, Op. 21 Brahms, 
Vonewiger Liebe, A to F Sharp with German and English Words J Brahms, 
Whims, for the piano, Op.12 Schumann, 
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