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Ascherberg Hopwood And Crew Ltd

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Brighter London, piano selection Arranged by Herman Finck, 
Cafe Colette (chanson singulaire) Words and music - Isidore Brunelle and Markowski, 
Dream of the Ball, valse intermezzo Archibald Joyce, 
Georgie Porgie, vocal fox-trot one-step from ""The Punch Bowl" Words and music - Billy Mayerl and Gee Paul, 
Glamour, valse Amherst Webber, 
I Loved You More Than I Knew - key of A flat Words and music - Harold Simpson and Albert W Ketelbey, 
Jig Saw, waltz Frederick W Chappelle, selected and arranged by Walter R Collins, 
Johnny Jones, waltz Charles Cuvillier, selected and arranged by Walter R Collins, 
Johnny Jones, waltz Charles Cuviller, selected and arranged by Walter R Collins, 
Just Call Me Cherie, from ""The Broken Melody" Words and music - D Heneker and W L Trytel, 
Killarney, vocal duet for soprano and contralto Words and music - Edmund Falconer Esq. and M F Balfe, arranged by Sydney Shaw, 
London Will Rise Again!, No. 1 in E flat Words and music - David Jenkins, 
Lonely, song fox-trot Words and music - Frank Redmond and Sydney Barnes, 
Love Here is My Heart - Key of E flat Adrian Ross and Lao Silesu, 
Madame Pompadour - A Musical Play in Three Acts - Full Vocal Score Harry Graham and Leo Fall, 
Maidens Blush Archibald Joyce, 
Maureen, waltz Robert Cox, 
Mes Parents Sont Venus Me Chercher (My Parents Came to Fetch Me Home) Fred Pearly, 
Oriental Memories, waltz Walter R Collins, 
Petticoat Fair - Piano Solo Arthur Wood, 
Piano Selection from 'Katja' Jean Gilbert, arranged by Arthur Wood, 
Rapture Waltz Harold Frase-Simson, 
Reincarnation Salome Archibald Joyce, 
Reviens a Moi W J Paans, 
Sunshine of the World, waltz Charles Cuvillier, selected and arranged by Walter R Collins, 
Suzon, valse Louis Ganne, 
The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond Easily arranged for pianoforte by Jules Favre, 
The Broken Melody Auguste van Biene, 
The Girl in the Taxi Jean Gilbert, arranged by Bertram Lestrange, 
The Girl in the Taxi, lancers Jean Gilbert, arranged by Warwick Williams, 
The Golden Moth, waltz Ivor Novello, arranged by Henri Jaxon, 
The Joy Ride Lady, waltz Jean Gilbert, 
The Little Duchess, waltz G H Clutsam, 
The Maid of the Mountains, waltz H Fraser-Simson, arranged by Merlin Morgan, 
The Shop Girl Waltz Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton. Selected and arranged by Walter R Collins, 
These You Have Loved, music selected from Doris Arnolds famous broadcast programmes Various Composers, 
Three Dream Dances for violin and piano with seperate violin part S Coleridge-Taylor, arranged by Alfred Moffat, 
Too Many Girls, waltz Arthur Wood, 
Tresor, valse Felix Godin, 
Valse Fleurette Arthur Wood, 
Valse Naomi Reginald Royce, 
Valse Ninon, on the song by Napoleon Zardo Felix Godin, 
Waltz from ""The Lady of the Rose" Jean Gilbert, arranged by Henri Jaxon, 
Waltz from Cairo Percy Fletcher, 
Waltz from The Little Duchess G H Clutsam, 
Wild Geese Waltz, from the comedy theatre ""Wild Geese" Ronald Jeans and Charles Culliver. Arranged by Albert W Ketelby, 
Wilhelmina Herbert Ivey, 
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