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A J Stasny Music Co.

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All that I Want is in Ireland Jeff Branen and Evans Lloyd, 
Bangalore Words and music - Earl Burtnett and A J Stasy, 
Beautiful Dixieland Words and music - Ernest Sutton, 
Can You Imagine Words and music - Harry Pease, Fred Mayo and Ed Nelson, 
Girl of Mine Words and music - Harold Freeman, 
Girl of Mine Words and music - Harold Freeman, 
Happy (What a Lucky Boy Was He) Words and music - Harry Pease an Ed Nelson, 
Hawaiin Eyes Words and music - J R Anthony and Fred Coots, 
I'm Forever Thinking of You Lillian Fitzgerald and Clarence Senna, 
If Tears Could Tell You All Words and music - H Kerr and Evans Lloyd, 
Just You Words and music - Con Barth, 
Kentucky was Lucky (When She Raised a Girl like You) Walter King and Earl Bertnett, 
Kitty Donohue Fred Whitehouse and Jon Ryan, 
Lonely Words and music - George Moriarty, Charley Straight and Roy Bargy, 
Lonesome Land Words and music - Bernie Foyer and Dave Dreyer, 
Moonlight Land Words and music - Harold G Frost, Homer Deane and F Henri Klickmann, 
My Desert Fantasy Words and music - Francis Hamilton and Robert Reid, 
My Familys Gone Jazz Mad Milton Hockey, Howard J Green, Sidney Landfield and Anna Chandler, 
My Gal (She Has Some Wonderful Ways) Words and music - Ed Nelson and Bud Cooper, 
My Miami Mammy Words and music - Joe Burke and Lou Herscher, 
Oh Baby! Words and music - Benny Davis, Lou Herscher and Joe Burke, 
Oh! How I Miss You Mammy Words and music - M C Freedman and H D Squires, 
Somebody Knows (and Somebody Cares) Words and music - Blossom Seeley, Elmer Olson and Vernon Stevens, 
Somebody Knows (and Somebody Cares) Blossom Seeley, Elmer Olson and Vernon Stevens, 
Somebody Misses Somebodys Kisses Words and music - Frank Davis and M Prival, 
Stasnys Grand Song Selection No. 1, arranged by Julian F Reano Rose Dreams, Only You, Im Forever Thinking of You, Girl of Mine, Lullaby Land, Somebody Knows, Its Never too Late to be Sorry, In China, Tears Tell, Pretty Kitty Kelly, I Found You Among the Roses and Jazzin the Blues Away, 
Stepping Stones Words and music - Louis Herscher, 
Sweetheart Land Harry and Charles Tobias and Percy Moore, 
Ten Baby Fingers Harry Edelheit, Alma Sanders and Monte Carlo, 
What a Wonderful Girl You Are Words and music - F Davis, H Tobias and M Prival, 
You Are the Rose I'm Longing For Words and music - T Romney, C Caporossi and H Tobias, 
You May Be My Used to Be Words and music - Harry Pease and Mitchell Parish, Ed G Nelson, 
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