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W & R Chambers Ltd.
W Bessel & Co., Paris
W D Cubitt Son And Co.
W G Bernard
W G Brand
W H Adridge, Music and Musical Instument Seller, London
W H Aldridge, London
W H Brome
W H Broome
W H Broome, Holborn
W H Broome, London
W Hawes, London
W J Horn, London
W K Hamilton
W Karczag
W M Mitchison, Glasgow
W Morely & Co.
W Morley & Co.
W Morley And Co.
W Morley and Co., London
W Paxton
W Paxton & Co Ltd
W Paxton & Co. Ltd, London
W Paxton & Co. Ltd.
W Paxton & Co., London
W Paxton & Co., London, Paxtons Edition No.63042
W Paxton & Co., Ltd.
W Paxton And Co Ltd
W Paxton And Co Ltd. London
W Paxton And Co.
W Paxton And Co. Ltd
W Paxton And Co.ltd
W Paxton And Company Ltd
W Paxton and Company Ltd. London
W Paxton London
W Paxton,
W Paxton, London
W Pitt & Hatzfield
W Swan Sonnenschein And Co
W Williams & Co. Music Publishers
W Wybrow, London
W Young Music Publisher
W Young, London
W&m. C Jefferys, London,
W. H. Allen..1951,
W. H. Allen..1952,
W. H. Allen..1967,
W. H. Allen..1973,
W. H. Allen..1974,
W. H. Allen..1975,
W. H. Broome, London
W. H. Broome. 15 Holborn & 103 Newington Causeway, London
W. H. Cremer's Easter Eggs, 27, New Bond St, London
W. Hodsoll, Holborn
W. J. Pillow
W. J. Pillow - Liverpool and Manchester
W. J. Willcock & Co. 11 Berners St. London
W. Karczag
W. Karczag, Wien, New York
W. Lienau, Berlin
W. Marshall & Co. 70, Berners Street. London
W. Marshall and Co., London
W. Morley & Co, 14, Maddox Street. London
W. Morley & Co. 25 Great Marlborough St. London
W. Morley & Co. 269, Regent Street. London
W. Morley & Co., London
W. Paxton & Co. Ltd.
W. Paxton & Co. Ltd. 95 New Oxford Street. London
W. Paxton & Co. Ltd., London
W. Paxton & Co., Ltd
W. Paxton and Co. London
W. Paxton And Co. Ltd
W. Paxton And Co. Ltd.
W. Paxton and Co. Ltd., London
W. Paxton And Co. Ltd., London. Edition No. 22050
W. Paxton And Co. Ltd., London. Paxton's Edition No. 25, 036
W. Paxton and Co., London
W. Paxton, 19 Oxford Street
W. Paxton, 19 Oxford Street, London
W. Paxton, 95, New Oxford Street
W. Paxton, London
W. S. Cowell Ltd..1953,
W. T. Mayo, New Orleans
W. W. Gibbins..1892,
W. W. Norton & Co., Inc..193,
W. W. Norton & Co., Inc..1962,
W. W. Norton & Co..1989,
W. Williams & Co., London
W. Woodward Ltd., London
W. Wybrow, London
Waddy Production
Walker and Son, London
Walsh Holmes & Co.
Walsh Holmes & Co. Ltd.
Walsh Holmes & Co., London
Walsh Holmes And Co. Ltd
Walsh Holmes And Co. Ltd, The Brown Cover Edition No. 115
Walsh Holmes and Co. Ltd., London
Walsh, Holmes & Co, 148 Charing Cross Road, London
Walsh, Holmes & Co.
Walsh, Holmes & Co., London
Walsh, Holmes and Co. Ltd. The Brown Cover Edition.
Walshe & Holmes, London
Walt Disney Music Co. Ltd
Walt Disney Music Co. Ltd.
Walt Disney Productions Ltd.
Walter Stokes
Walton's Mnf. Ltd. Dublin
Waltons Musical Instrument Galleries Ltd. Dublin
Warner - Tamerlane Publishing Corp. & Upward Spiral Music
Warner Bros Publications
Warner Bros. Ltd.
Warner Bros. Music Ltd., London
Warner Bros. Publications Inc.
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. London
Warner Chappell Music. France
Warren & Phillips
Warren & Phillips, London
Warren And Phillips
Warren and Phillips, 24 Eastcastle St. Oxford Circus. London
Warren and Phillips, London
Warren And Son, Winchester .1908
Warren Phillips Silhouette Series
Waterloo Music, Canada
Waterson, Berlin and Snyder Co.
Watson-guptill Publications..1959
Watts & Co..1950,
Wayland Ltd..1989,
WB Music Corp.
We All Go The Same Way Home, When Father Papered The Parlour, When Its Springtime In The Rockies, When Youre Smiling
We Parted On The Shore, Gilt Edged Bertie & More.
Weather, Tired Blues, Topsy, Ufo Blues, When The Saints Go Marching In
Webb & Bower..1981,
Wed. J. R Van Rossum, Utrecht, Holland
Wed. J. R. Van Rossum Utrecht-Holland
Wedding Prayer, Serenade, The Sweetest Story Ever Told, Thou Art So Like A Flower, To The Evening Star, Traumerei, Wedding March
Weekes & Co.
Weekes & Co. 14, Hanover St. Regent Street. London
Weekes & Co. Ltd., London
Weekes & Co.,
Weekes & Co., London
Weekes & Co..1896,
Weekes And Co.
Weekes and Co. London
Weekes And Co. No.27
Weekes, London
Weeks and Co., London
Weidenfeld & Nicolson..1970,
Weidenfeld & Nicolson..1979,
Weidenfeld & Nicolson..1984,
Weidenfeld & Nicolson..1986,
Weidenfeld & Nicolson..1987,
Weidenfeld & Nicolson..1991
Weidenfeld & Nicolson..1992
Weidenfeld And Nicolson. London. .1960
Weidenfeld And Nicolson..1956,
Weidenfeld And Nicolson..1961,
Weidenfeld And Nicolson..1984
Weidenfeld And Nicolson..1991,
Weile Publishing Co.
Weinberger Edition. No. 116
Weiner Philharmonischer Verlag, No. 249
Welbeck Music Ltd., London
Wendell Hall Music Publishers, Chicago
Werk Verlag Frisch And Perneder Lindau (bodensee)
Werner Laurie..1952,
Werner Laurie..1956,
Wesleyan Conference Office, Circa 1900
Wessel & Co, London
Wessel & Co.
Wessel & Co. Ltd., London
Wessel & Co., Frith Street
Wessel & Co., London
Wessel and Co., London
Wessell & Co., London
West & Co. London
West & Co., Oxford
West And Co.
West Ltd.
West's Ltd.
Westbridge Books,..1986
Westbrook & Co.
Westminster and Overseas productions
Westminster Edition
Wests Ltd.
Wh Allen & Co Plc.,
Whaley, Royce and Co.
Wharfdale Music Publishing Co.
Wharfedale Music Publishing Co. Leeds
Wharfedale Music Publishing Co., !4 Wells Promenade, Ilkley
Wharfedale Music. York
Wharfedale Wireless Works..1951,
Wharfedale Wireless Works..1953,
Wheatstone and Co., London
When I Was Single, Where Oh Where Is Dear Little Susie
When Im Not Near The Girl I Love, Why Do I Love You
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
When The Lights Go Out, When Youre Gone
When You Were Sweet Sixteen, You Made Me Love You
Whild John Music Ltd.
Whitaker & Co., London
White Lion Publishers Ltd..1942
White-Smith Music Publishing Company
Whitehead And Miller Ltd, Leeds.
Whitney-Warner Pub, Co. Detroit
Whittlesey House..1933,
Wichita Lineman, Wipe Out & More
Wickens Pianoforte Literature, No. 570
Wickins and Co.
Wickins Pianoforte Literature
Wickins Pianoforte Literature No. 570
Wide Boy
Wien, bey Tobias Haslinger
Wiener Boheme
Wiener Urtext Edition, Musikverlag Ges. m. b. H and Co. , K.G, Wien
Wilcocks & Co. Ltd.
Wilford Ltd., London
Wilhelm Edition
Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag,
Wilhelm Hansen
Wilhelm Hansen Edition
Wilhelm Hansen, Music-forlag, Kobenhavn. Edition No. 3208b
Wilhelm Hansen, Musik-forlag
Wilhelm Hansen, Musik-forlag, Kobenhavn. Edition No. 2103
Wilhelm Hansen, Musik-forlag, Kobenhavn. Edition No. 3343 B
Wilhem Berntheisel, Muchen
Wilheml Hansen, Copenhagen
Wilkinson & Co., London
Wilkinson and Co., London
Will Rossiter
Willam Czerny, London
Willcocks & Co. Ltd, London
Willcocks & Co. Ltd. 66 Berners Street. London
Willcocks & Co., 63. Berners St, Oxford St, London
Willcocks and Co., London. The Percival Edition
Willey & Co., London
William Allcroft, London
William Blackwood & Sons
William Blackwood & Sons..1890,
William Clowes & Sons Ltd.
William Collins..1945,
William Czerny, London
William H Perrins
William Hall and Son, Broadway
William Heinemann Ltd.
William Heinemann Ltd. London. .1934
William Heinemann Ltd..1931,
William Heinemann Ltd..1933,
William Heinemann Ltd..1936,
William Heinemann Ltd..1953,
William Hutchings Callcott
William Kimber..1965,
William Kimber..1969,
William M Bulman
William P. Nimmo..1864,
William Reeves
William Reeves Bookseller Ltd,
William Reeves Bookseller Ltd..1927
William Reeves Ltd.
William Reeves,
William Reeves, Circa 1900,
William Reeves. 83 Charing Cross Road. London
William Reeves. London
William Reeves..1876,
William Reeves..1893,
Williams & Norgate Ltd..1937,
Williams & Norgate Ltd..1951
Williamson & Co. Ltd., London
Williamson Music Limited, London
Williamson Music Ltd
Williamson Music Ltd.
Williamson Music. Inc. New York.
Willian Reeves
Willis And Hall
Willis and Hall, London
Willy Muller, Musikverlag, Heidelberg
Willy Muller. Suddeutscher Musikverlag. Heidelberg
Wing You!,
Winthrop Rogers
Winthrop Rogers Edition
Winthrop Rogers Edition..1937,
Winthrop Rogers Ltd
Winthrop Rogers Ltd.
Winthrop Rogers Ltd. London
Winthrop Rogers Ltd.,
Winthrop Rogers, London, No. 5
Wise Owl Music
Wise Publications
Wise Publications Ltd.
Wise Publications.
Wise Publications. London
Wise Publications. London. .1977
With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
Without You
Witmark and Sons, London
Witt & Co. Ltd., London
Wm. C. Stahl, Milwaukee, Wis
Wm. J. Smith Music Co. Inc. New york
Woburn Press..1971,
Wood and Co., London
Words & More.
Words By Leconte De Lisle
Words By Melle, Georgette Debladis
Workers Music Association
World Music Co. Brussels, Belgium
Worton David Ltd.