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S & Memories Waltz.
S Bornemann, Paris
S Chapelier, Paris
S Chappell
S Chappell, London
S Mystery, On Wings Of Song, Nina, Hark The Echoing Air, Hark Hark The Lark, Impatience, Serenade, The Secret, The Wild Rose, A Little Folk Song, Ladybird, The Lotus Flower, The Lovely Month Of May
S. Bornemann - Paris
S. Chappell, London
S. Chappell, London And Gouldind And D'almaine, London
S. T. Gordon
S. W. Partridge & Co.,
S. W. Partridge & Co., Circa 1900,
Salamander Books Limited
Salamander Books Ltd. London .1980
Salamander Books Ltd..1978,
Salisbury Square. London. .1945
Salisbury Square. London. .1946
Salisbury Square. London. .1947
Salisbury Square..1946,
Salisbury Square..1947,
Salvationist Publishing and Supplies Ltd
Salzburger Druckerei,
Sam Fox Pub. Co. Cleveland and New york
Sam Fox Publishing and Co. Ltd., London
Sam Fox Publishing Co.
Sam Fox Publishing Co. Ltd.
Sam Fox Publishing, London
Sampson Low Marston & Co. Ltd.
Sampson Low Marston And Co Ltd. London. .1931
Sampson Low Marston And Co. Ltd
Sampson Low,
Sampson Low, Marston & Co, Circa 1900,
Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd
Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd. Circa 1900,
Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd..1907,
Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd..1915,
Sampson Low, Marston & Co..1892,
Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, Circa 1880,
Sampson Low, Son And Co, London. .1860
Samuel French Ltd.
Sanga Music Inc.
Santly-Joy, New york
Say The Sweetest Things, Spring Spring Spring & Singin In The Rain
SBK Songs Ltd.
Sceptre Publishers, Peterborough
Schauer & May Music Publishers, London
Schauer And May
Schaum Publications Inc, Milwaukee
Schaum Publications Inc.
Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics
Schirmer's Library Of Musical Classics, Vol. 379
Schirmers Edition
Schirmers Edition, Vol.89
Schirmers Edition, Vol 1500
Schirmers Library of Musical Classics
Schirmers Library Of Musical Classics Vol.1235
Schirmers Library Of Musical Classics Vol.416
Schirmers Library Of Musical Classics Vol.444
Schirmers Library Of Musical Classics Vol.5
Schirmers Library Of Musical Classics Vol.722
Schirmers Library Of Musical Classics, Vol. 1545
Schirmers Library Vol.511
Schlesinger, Buch & Musikhandlung, Berlin
Schlesingersche Buch Und Musikhandlung. Berlin
Schofield and Sims Ltd.
Scholastic Ltd.
Scholastic Series
Schott Co., London
Schott & C. Ltd
Schott & Co
Schott & Co London
Schott & Co Ltd
Schott & Co, London
Schott & Co.
Schott & Co. London
Schott & Co. Ltd
Schott & Co. Ltd, 48 Great Marlborough Street. London
Schott & Co. Ltd, London
Schott & Co. Ltd.
Schott & Co. Ltd. No.2288
Schott & Co. Ltd., London
Schott & Co., London
Schott And Co Ltd. London. .1942
Schott And Co Ltd. London. .1946
Schott And Co.
Schott And Co. Edition No. 1948
Schott And Co. Ltd
Schott And Co. Ltd.
Schott And Co. Ltd. London
Schott and Co. Ltd., London
Schott And Co., Edition 11220
Schott and Co., London
Schott and Co., Mainz
Schott And Co., No. 12690
Schott Co. Ltd. London
Schott Edition
Schott Edition, No. 07844/45
Schott Freres
Schott Freres, Bruxelles
Schotts & Co. Ltd
Schotts & Co., London
Schotts Edition
Schotts Selected Series
Schotts Sohne
Schroeder Music Publishing Co.
Schuster & Loeffler
Scm Press Ltd.,
Scm Press Ltd..1957,
Scolar Press..1989,
Scott & Co. Ltd.
Scott & Co. Ltd., London
Scott & Co., London
Scottish Academic Press..
Scotts & Co., London
Scratchwood Music Ltd.
Screen Gems-Columbia Publications
Sealed With A Kiss, Seasons In The Sun, Stand By Me, Summer Holiday, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, What A Wonderful World, When I Need You, A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Without You
Secker & Warburg
Secker & Warburg..1976,
Secker And Warburg Ltd. London .1966
See Me Now, Lambeth Walk, Sevenmty Six Trombones, Stranger In Paradise, Superstar, Tell Me On A Sunday, Tomorrow, Underneath The Arches, Where Is Love
See Saw Music Limited, London
See Yourself, Sweet Charity
Seeley Service And Co Ltd. London. .1926
Seeley, Service & Co., Ltd..1926,
September 1946
Septimus Winner, Philadephia
Ses, Scenes That Are Brightest
Settimio Soprani Ltd. London
Seventeen Saville Row Limited, London
Seyffardt's Muziekhandel. Amsterdam
Shacor, Inc
Shade, London
Shapiro Bernstein & Co.
Shapiro Bernstein & Co. Ltd.
Shapiro, Bernstein and Von Tilzer
Shattinger International Music Corporation
Shaw Publishing Co Ltd. London .1935
Shaw Publishing Co Ltd. London .1949-50
Shawnee Press, Inc. Delaware
Sheard & Co. Music Publishers & Printers, 192 High Holborn, London
Sheed & Ward..1953,
Sheldon Music Ltd.
Shepherd and Jones, London
Sherman Clay & Co.
Sherman, Clay and Co. San Francisco
Sherwin Music Co.
Show Me The Way To Go Home, Sing, Stardust, Tennessee Waltz, There Goes My Everything, Yellow Submarine, You Need Hands
Si Bon & Many More.
Side Of The Street, Secret Love, September Song, A String Of Pearls, Tea For Two, Thou Swell, Tuxedo Junction, The Very Thought Of You, What Is This Thing Called Love
Sidgwick & Jackson..1976
Sidgwick & Jackson..1988
Sidney Riorden, Oxford Street, London
Sight & Sound Systems Inc.
Sight and Sound International Inc.
Signor G Rossini
Silberman and Grock
Silberman and Solloway
Silent Night, Tell It Out, When The Mists Have Rolled Away & Many More
Silver Wings In The Moonlight, Therell Always Be An England, The Washing On The Siegfried Line, Well Meet Again, When The Lights Go On Again (all Over The World), When They Sound The Last All Clear, The White Cliffs Of Dover, Yours
Simon May Music Ltd.
Simpkin Marshall Hamilton Kent And Co Ltd. London. .1891
Simrock Edition, No. 772
Sinbury Music Ltd.
Sinclair, Barrows, Music Co. Milborne Port, Sherborne, Dorset
Singspiration Inc.
Sir Gerald Nabarro Publications Ltd.
Skandinavisk MusikForlag, Copenhagen
Skating In Central Park And The Long Walk Home
Skidmore Music Limited, London
Skip To My Lou, Utah Carroll, The Yellow Rose Of Texas, Zebra Dun & Many More
Slightly Out Of Tune, Solitaire, Streets Of London, Tenderly, Time Is Tight, Wave, When I Need You
Smithfield Publishing Co.
Smokey & More.
Societe D'edition Et Distribution Musicale
Societe Francaise d'Edition des Grands Classiques Musicaux
Societe Intercontinentale D'editions Musicales - SIDEM
Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge..1944
Society For The Promotion Of Christian Knowledge..1948,
Society Of Antiquries Of Newcastle Upon Tyne. .1882
Solitude, Stardust, Tennessee Waltz, There Goes My Everything, Three Coins In The Fountain, Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams, Yellow Submarine
Song, Till There Was You, Try To Remember, A Wonderful Day Like Today & Youre The Cream In My Coffee.
Songs & Co., Leicester
Sony Music Publishing Limited
Soul Survivor Trading Ltd. .2000
Sound The Lound Timbre, Not All The Blood, Portugese Hymn, New Court, Before Jehovahs Awful Throne, Vital Spark Of Heavenly Flame.
South Dorset Caledonian Society
Southern Guitar Publications
Southern Music Publishing
Southern Music Publishing Co.
Southern Music Publishing Co. Ltd
Southern Music Publishing Co. Ltd.
Southern Music Publishing Co. Ltd., London
Southern Music Wien
Souvenir Press. London .1992
Sowjetische Musik
Spanish Flea, Spanish Harlem, A Summer Place (theme From), Sweet Lorraine, A Whiter Shade Of Pale, You Belong To My Heart
Spanka Music Company, London
Spartan Press Music Publishers Ltd.
Special Services Edition For U.S Armed Forces Only
Special Wurlitzer Organ Edition
Spell Mount Ltd.
Sphere Books Ltd.
Sphere Books Ltd.,
Sphere Books Ltd..1963,
Sphere Books Ltd..1985,
Sphere Books Ltd..1986,
Spier and Coslow Inc. New York.
Spin Publications
Spring Books
Spring Books,
Spring Books..1960
Springfield Music Ltd
Springfield Music Ltd.
Sputnik Songs Ltd.
St Cecilia Co. Ltd.
St Cecilia Music Publishing Co. Ltd, London
St Celia Music Publishing Company
St Georges Guidhall Ltd. .1971
St Martin Press. New York .1968
St Pauls Edition
St Pauls Press Ltd. London
St. Cecilia Series
Stafford Pemberton Publishing..1977
Stainer & Bell
Stainer & Bell Ltd
Stainer & Bell Ltd.
Stainer & Bell,
Stainer & Bell, London
Stainer & Bell, Ltd.
Stainer & Bell, Ltd., London
Stainer & Bell. Ltd.
Stainer & Bell..1984,
Stainer & Bell..1987,
Stainer And Bell
Stainer And Bell Ltd.
Stainer And Bell Ltd. .1980
Stainer And Bell's Violin Library No. 5
Stainer And Bell..1979,
Stairway To Heaven, Tell It To My Heart, True Love, When I Need You, You Needed Me, Youre So Vain & Many More
Standard Pianoforte Music Co.
Stanhope Music Ltd., London
Stanley Lucas and Weber Company. London
Stanley Lucas Weber & Co.
Stanley Lucas, London
Stanley Lucas, Weber & Co.
Stanley Lucas, Weber & Co. Ltd., London
Stanley Lucas, Weber and Co., London
Stanley Lucas, Weber, Pitt & Hatzfield Ltd.
Stanley Paul And Co Ltd. .1955
Stanley Powell, Lowestoft
Stannard & Dixon
Star Edition
Star Music Publishing Co., London
Statni nakladatelstvi, krasne literatury, hudby a umeni. Praha
Statni Nakladatelsvi Krasne..1954,
Stein And Day,
Steingraber Verlag
Steingraber Verlag Leipzig
Steingraber Verlag, Leipzig
Stept & Powers, Inc. New York
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Stich und Druck von C. G. Roder, Leipzig
Stock Musique
Stockholm .1925
Story (where Do I Begin?), All I Have To Do Is Dream, If You Go Away, Green Green, The Twelfth Of Never, Crying & The Ballad Of Jed Clampett,
Strange Glue, Sweet Catatonia, Valerian, Youve Got A Lot To Answer For
Studies in Education Ltd.
Studio Music, London
Studio Vista Ltd..1968,
Sugar Sugar, Sweet Inspiration, Telstar, Tijuana Taxi, When Julie Comes Around, Woodstock & Many More
Sun Publishing Co.
Sunbury Music Ltd., London
Sunrise Sunset, Upstairs Downstairs, When You Wish Upon A Star, The Wonder Of You
Sunset Over Stac Pollaidh, Mimicry No17 From Impressions For Piano, Mazurka No.2 From Seven Little Pieces
Superhype Publishing
Superman, Theres Always Something There To Remind Me, Tossing And Turning, Walking, When, Your Tender Look & More
Suzuki Method International
Swallow Turn Music
Swan & Co.
Swan & Co. 4, Gt. Marlborough St. London
Swan & Co. London
Swan & Co. Music Publishers Ltd.
Swan & Co. Watson and Wilcock Ltd 312 Regent Street, London
Swan And Co's Select Classical Library No. 13, Published By Swan And Co., London
Swan And Co's Selected Classical Library No. 11, Published By F. Pitman Hart And Co. Ltd., London
Swan And Co. Ltd., London. Magnus Albums Volume 104
Sweet Genevieve, The Galloping Major, The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo, Waiting At The Church, Where Did You Get That Hat, Wot Cher (knockd Them In The Old Kent Road)
Swift's Music Publishers. London
Swingin' Shepherd Blues, Theme From E.t., This Was Nearly Mine, What Are You Doing The Restof Your Life, What A Wonderful World, With A Little Help From My Hands And Yesterday
Sword Scotland, Loch Lomond, The White Cockade, Robin Adair, Caller Herrin, Awa Whigs Awa, Annie Laurie, Bonnie Laddie Highland Laddie, The Campbells Are Coming
Sydney Bron Music Co.
Sylvan Press London
Sylvan Press. London
Sylvester Music Co. Ltd., London