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C Arthur Pearson, London
C Bajus
C C Church And Co.
C C Lose, Copenhagen
C F Peters
C F Peters,
C H Purday, London
C Jefferys
C Jefferys, London
C Lonsdale & Co., London
C Lonsdale, London
C M Roehr
C Mitchell, Southampton
C Sheard & Co. Music Publishers
C Sheard & Co., London
C Sheard And Co.
C Sheard Musical Bouquet Office
C Sheard, London
C Sheard, Musical Bouquet Office
C Wood
C. Arthur Pearson Ltd., London
C. C. Church & Co., USA
C. F Peters Corporation - New York, London, Frankfurt
C. F Peters, Leipzig
C. F. Kahnt, Leipzig
C. F. Leede, Leipzig
C. F. Peters, Leipzig. Edition Peters No. 2457a
C. F. Peters, Leipzig. Edition Peters, Edition No. 2056
C. F. Peters, Leipzig. Edition Peters, Edition No. 2408b
C. F. Peters. Leipzig, Germany
C. F. W. Siegel's Musikalienhandlung
C. G Creations
C. Jefferys, 67 Berners Street. London
C. Jefferys, London
C. Jeffreys, 67, Berners Street. London
C. L. Schultheiss . Muskverlag. Tubingen. Germany
C. Lonsdale, London
C. S. Kahnt, Leipzig
C. Sheard
C. Sheard, Musical Bouquet
C. Sheard, Musical Bouquet Office, 192 High Holborn, London
C. Tinling & Co., Ltd..1961,
C. Wheatstone and Co., London
C. Wood
C. Wood, 15, Wells St. Oxford. London
C.f Peters
Cahn Music Company
Calder & Boyars Ltd..1972,
Calder & Boyars..1960,
Calder & Boyars..1961,
Calder And Boyars, ..1951,
California Music Press
California Music Press Inc.
Called To Say I Love You, In All The Right Places, Mandy, My Baby Just Cares For Me, My Girl, Save The Best For Last, This Is It, Up Where We Belong, We Are Family, What A Wonderful World
Calumet Music Co. Chicago
Cambell Connelly And Co. London
Cambell Connelly And Co. Ltd.
Cambridge Music Co. Ltd.
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press And Macmillan And Bowes. Uk. .1890
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
Cambridge University Press. .1970
Cambridge University Press. .1985
Cambridge University Press..1926,
Cambridge University Press..1945,
Cambridge University Press..1947
Cambridge University Press..1987,
Cameo Music Co.
Campbell Conelly And Co. Ltd.
Campbell Connelly & Co
Campbell Connelly & Co Ltd.
Campbell Connelly And Co.
Campbell Connelly And Co. Ltd
Campbell Connelly And Co. Ltd.
Campbell Connelly Co. Ltd.
Campbell Connelly Ltd.
Campbell Connely And Co. Ltd.
Campbell Ransford & Co., London
Campbell, Connelly & Co Ltd.
Campbell, Connelly & Co. Ltd.
Campbell, Connelly & Co. Ltd. 10-11 Denmark Street, London.
Campbell, Connelly & Co. Ltd., London
Campbell, Connelly & Co. Music Publishers, 16 Tottenham Court Road, London
Campbell, Connelly And Co. Ltd
Campbell, Connelly And Co. Ltd.
Campbell, London
Campbell, Ransford & Co.
Campbell, Ransford & Co. Music Sellars & Publishers
Campbell, Ransford & Co., London
Campbell-Connelly Ltd.
Capitol Songs, Inc., New York
Carisch S.P.A. - Milano
Carl Fischer
Carl Fischer Inc.
Carl Fischer Inc., New York
Carl Fischer, New York
Carl Fishcher Inc.
Carl Gehrmans Musikforlag
Carl Gehrmans Musikforlag, Stockholm
Carl J. Grohman
Carl Ruhles Musik - Verlag. Leipzig
Carl Simon Musikverlag, Berlin.
Carli, Paris
Carlin Music Corp.
Carlton Music Ltd., London
Carlton, Savile & Co., London
Carlyle music publishing corporation
Carnaby Music Ltd.
Carolin Music Co. Ltd.
Cary & Co.
Cary & Co. 13 & 15 Mortimer Street. London
Cary & Co. Oxford Circus Avenue, 231 Oxford St. London
Cary & Co., London
Cary and Co., London
Cary Edition
Casa Amarilla, Santiago
Cassel & Co., Ltd..1948,
Cassell & Co. Ltd.
Cassell & Co. Ltd...1950,
Cassell & Co. Ltd..1952,
Cassell & Co., Ltd..1926,
Cassell & Co., Ltd..1927,
Cassell & Co., Ltd..1948,
Cassell & Co., Ltd..1952,
Cassell & Co., Ltd..1954,
Cassell & Co., Ltd..1973,
Cassell & Company Ltd.
Cassell & Company Ltd..1923,
Cassell And Co Ltd. London. .1952
Cassell And Co. Ltd. London. .1965
Cassell And Company Limited
Cassell And Company Ltd. London..1950
Cassell Petter & Galpin..1879,
Cat Music Ltd. Regent House, 235/241, Regent St. London
Cavendish Music Co. Ltd
Cavendish, London
Cbs Songs
Cbso Society Ltd..1995,
Cecil Lennox & Co.
Cecil Lennox & Co., London
Cecil Lennox Ltd
Cecil Lennox Ltd.
Cecil Lennox Ltd. 132 Charing Cross Rd. London
Cecil Lennox Ltd. Charing Cross Rd. London
Cecil Lwnnox Ltd.
Cecil Palmer & Hayward..1916,
Cedarwood Music Ltd., London
Celestial Music Corp.
Centenary Edition
Century Music Publishing Co. New York
Century Music Publishing Co., New York
Ch. Loigerot
Chalres Sheard And Co.
Champion Edition No. 130
Champion Edition No. 201
Chancellor Press..1989,
Change Partners & More
Chanot Edition
Chapman & Hall Ltd..1935,
Chapman And Dodd Ltd. London .1923
Chapman and Hall Ltd. London
Chapman And Hall Ltd.,
Chappel & Co Ltd.
Chappel & Co.
Chappel & Co. Inc.
Chappel & Co. Ltd
Chappel & Co. Ltd, London
Chappel & Co. Ltd.
Chappel & Co. Ltd., London
Chappel & Co., London
Chappel And Co. Ltd
Chappel And Co. Ltd.
Chappel Music Ltd.
Chappel's Edition
Chappell Co Ltd, London
Chappell & Co Ltd, London
Chappell & Co Ltd. New Bond Street, London
Chappell & Co.
Chappell & Co. 50 New Bond St. London
Chappell & Co. Inc.
Chappell & Co. London
Chappell & Co. Ltd, London
Chappell & Co. Ltd.
Chappell & Co. Ltd. 50 New Bond Street. London
Chappell & Co. Ltd. London
Chappell & Co. Ltd. 50, New Bond St. London
Chappell & Co. Ltd. London
Chappell & Co. Ltd.,
Chappell & Co. Ltd., London
Chappell & Co. Ltd., New Bond Street, London
Chappell & Co.,
Chappell & Co., Inc.
Chappell & Co., London
Chappell & Co., Ltd.
Chappell & Co., Ltd..1943,
Chappell & Co., Murdoch, Murdoch & Co.,
Chappell & Co..1978,
Chappell - Harms
Chappell - Morris Ltd.
Chappell 50, New Bond Street
Chappell And Co Ltd
Chappell And Co Ltd, London
Chappell And Co Ltd., London
Chappell And Co, London
Chappell And Co. London
Chappell And Co. Ltd
Chappell And Co. Ltd. London
Chappell And Co. Ltd. London. .1903
Chappell and Co. Ltd., London
Chappell And Co. Music And Music Instrument Sellers, London
Chappell and Co., London
Chappell and Company Ltd. London.
Chappell And Company Ltd. London. .1977
Chappell France Ltd., London
Chappell Ltd.
Chappell Ltd., London
Chappell Music Ltd.
Chappell, London
Chappelle And Co. Ltd.
Chappells, London
Charles Begg & Co. Ltd. New Zealand
Charles Begg and Co Ltd
Charles Courtier & Sons
Charles Foley Music Publishers
Charles Foley, New York City
Charles H. Kelly.The Choir Office. London
Charles Hall & Co. 32 Castle Street. Oxford Street. London
Charles Hall & Co., 31 Castle Street, Oxford Street, London
Charles Hansen
Charles Hansen Educational Music & Books
Charles Hansen Educational Sheet Music and Books
Charles Hansen Music & Books
Charles Jackson,
Charles Jefferys, London
Charles Ollivier, London
Charles Price
Charles Price & Co., London
Charles Scribner's Sons..1901,
Charles Scribners Sons. New York. .1920
Charles Scribners Sons. .1906
Charles Scribners Sons..1905,
Charles Sheard & Co.
Charles Sheard & Co. Anglo-american Music Publshers
Charles Sheard & Co. Anglo-American Music Publishers
Charles Sheard & Co. Anglo-American Music Publishers, 196 Shaftesbury Avenue, London
Charles Sheard & Co. Ltd., London
Charles Sheard & Co. Music Publishers
Charles Sheard and Co. London
Charles Sheard, 192 High Holborn, London.
Charles Tuckwood
Charles Tuckwood, 64 Berners Street. London
Charles Vincent, London
Charles Woolhouse
Charles Woolhouse, London
Charnwood Music Publishing Company
Chartwell Books Inc. London .1979
Chas K Harris
Chas K. Harris
Chas Sheard & Co. Music Publishers & Printers, London
Chas. Colin, New York
Chas. Franklyn and Co. London
Chas. H. Hansen Music Corp.
Chas. Sheard
Chas. Sheard & Co. Music Publishers & Printer, 192 High Holborn, London
Chas. Sheard & Co. Music Publishers, 196 Shaftesbury Avenue, London
Chatto & Windus,
Chatto & Windus..1928
Chatto & Windus..1939,
Chatto & Windus..1963,
Chatto & Windus..1964,
Chatto & Windus..1970,
Chatto & Windus..1987,
Chelsea House
Cheltenham ""minim"" Company
Cherio Music Publishers Inc., New York
Cherry Lane Music Co. USA
Chester Library
Chester Library Edition
Chester Music
Chester Music & Wilhem Hansen London Ltd., London
Chester Music Limited. London
Chester Music, Easy Piano Series
Chester Music, London
Chez & Pj Simrock A Cologne
Chez A. Cranz, Hambourg
Chez Better & Mccarthy, London
Chez G Walker, London
Chez Pleyel, Paris
Chinnichap Music
Choudens Editeur. Paris
Choudens Edition, Paris
Choudens, Paris
Chrisrian Wokers Depot. London
Christabel Music Ltd., London
Christian Music Ministries, UK
Christian Music Ministries, Uk .1996
Christopher Davies..1977,
Chrome Music
Cinephonic Music Co.
Cinephonic Music Co. Ltd
Cinephonic Music Co. Ltd.
Cinephonic Music Co. Ltd. Dean St. London
Cinephonic Music Co. Ltd., London
Cinephonic Music Co., London
Cinephonic Music Publishing.
Cinephonic Muusic Co. Ltd
Clan Music Ltd., London
Clarck Robinson Ltd. London
Clarence Williams Music Co. Inc. N.Y.C
Clarendon Press. London. .1939
Clarke, Irwin & Co., Ltd..1942,
Classical Music Co. Ltd., London
Clausetti e Co. Naples
Clayton F Summy & Co.
Clementi & Co., London
Clementi Collard & Collard, London
Clementi, Banger, Hyde, Collard & Davis, London
Clementi, Banger, Hyde, Collard And Davis, London
Clementi, London
Clifford Essex & Son Ltd.
Clifford Essex And Son
Clifford Essex and Son, London
Clifford Essex Ltd.
Clifford Essex Music Co. Ltd.
Clifford Essex, London
Clive Bingley..1970
Clover Music Co. Ltd., London
Cocks & Co., London, Plate Number 12090
Cocks And Co, London
Colin St. James Place..1947,
Collard Moutrie
Collard Moutrie, London
Collection Litolff
Collection Litolff No. 271
Collection Litolff No. 272
Collins & The Book Society..1947,
Collins Clear Type Press. London
Collins Clear Type Press. London. .1961
Collins Clear Type Press. London..1962
Collins Clear-type Press..1957,
Collins St James's Place..1955,
Colonial Music Publishing Co. Inc. New York
Columbia Graphophone, London
Columbia Music Carpold Co., Hollywood
Columbia Pictures Publications
Columbia University Press. New York. .1948
Columbus Books Ltd.
Come Home To & More.
Commodore Imperial Music Ltd.
Communications Inc.
Compass Music Ltd., London
Complete Music Ltd. London
Concord Music Lmited
Conn Organ Corporation
Constable & Co. Ltd..1947,
Contains; Chansong De Florian, Embarquez Vous, La Paquerette, Dans Le Coitre, Phalene And Chant Et Baiser
Controversy Music
Cook & Vowles Ltd..1946,
Cookaway Music Limited
Cookaway Music Ltd
Cookaway Music Ltd.
Coop, Hunt & Co..1939,
Coote and Tinney Manchchester Square.
Copa Publishing Co. U.S.A
Copy 1 Edition Lengnick Copy 2 Edition Augener
Coronet Edition. .1984
Cosima Music OHG, Hamburg
Cosima Music, Hamburg
Cosmo Music Company, London
Costallat & Cie, Paris
Country Life Ltd..1964,
Coventry & Hollier, London
Cramer & Co. Ltd.
Cramer & Co., London
Cramer And Beale, London
Cramer And Co, London
Cramer And Co. Ltd., London
Cramer and Co., London
Cramer Beale & Co. Ltd., London
Cramer Wood & Co. Ltd., London
Cramer, Addison & Beale
Cramer, Addison & Beale, London
Cramer, Addison & Beale, London And J Duff & Co., London
Cramer, Addison and Beale, London
Cramer, Beale & Campbell, London
Cramer, Beale & Chappell, London
Cramer, Beale & Co. Ltd., London
Cramer, Beale & Co., London
Cramer, Beale & Wood
Cramer, Beale And Campbell, London
Cramer, Beale and Chappell
Cramer, Beale and Chappell, London
Cramer, Beale And Co.
Cramer, Beale and Co., London
Cramer, Beale and Wood, London
Cramer, Wood & Co.
Cramer, Wood And Co And Lamborn Cock And Co., London
Cranz & Co.
Cranz And Co.
Cranz Edition, No. 678b
Crawford Music Corporation, New York
Crawford Music Corporation., London
Creamer, Beale & Co.
Crome, Printer, 12 Ham Yard. Gt. Windmill St. London
Cromwell Music Ltd., London
Cromwell Music Ltd.,London
Crown Publications Ltd..1939,
Crown Publishers, Inc..1949
Cuningham Boosey & Co.
Curwen and Sons Ltd. London
Curwen Edition
Curwen Edition No. 94035
Curwen Edition, No. 2344
Curwen Edition, No. 40061
Curwen, London
Cyril Shane Music Ltd.