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A & C Black Ltd.
A & C Black..1914,
A And C Black Ltd. London .1932
A And C Black, London
A Bertini, Seymour & Co.
A Boy And A Girl Were Dancing, You're Still In My Heart, I'll See You In The Morning, Isn't It Romantic?, It's Within Your Power, An Orchid To You, In The Moonlight, Out In The Great Open Spaces,the Poor Apache...the Victoria Music Publishing Co. Ltd
A Chappell Publication
A Cranz
A Cranz, Bruzelles
A Greek Edition
A Hammon & Co. Julliens, London
A Hammon & Co.(julliens), London
A Hammond & Co.
A Hammond & Co. (Julliens), London
A Hammond & Co. London
A Hammond & Co., London
A Hammond And Co.
A Hammond and Co., London
A Hammond And Company. London
A Hammond And Company. London .1956
A J Stasny Music Co.
A J Stasny Music Co. Inc.
A J Stasny Music Co. Ltd.
A J Stasy Music Co. Ltd.
A Lengnick & Co Ltd.
A Lengnick & Co., Ltd.
A R Mowbray And Co Ltd. London .1931
A R Mowbray And Co Ltd. London .1938
A R Mowbray And Co Ltd. London. .1948
A R Murray and Co. Ltd. Oxford
A Schroeder Music Publishing Co. Ltd.
A St. Georges Edition
A Summer Place, Sweet Lorraine, Therell Be Sad Songs (to Make You Cry), Three Litle Birds, Waiting In Vain, A Whiter Shade Of Pale
A V Broadhurst,
A W Hammond, London
A Weekes & Co. Ltd.
A Weekes & Co., Ltd.
A Weekes & Co., Ltd. London
A Weekes And Co. Ltd
A Weekes And Co. Ltd. London. .1928
A. C. Peters & Bro, St. Louis
A. Durand & Fils
A. Durand & Fils, Paris
A. Durand And Fils, Paris
A. Hammond & Co.,
A. Hammond & Co., London
A. Hammond And Co., London. The Acedemic Edition No. 530
A. Hammond And Co., London. The Examination Series Of Pianoforte Music No. 107
A. J. Stasny Music Co. Ltd.
A. M. Heller & Co., London
A. R. Mowbray and Co. Limited
A. Rotherham Ltd. London
A. Schroeder Music Publishing Co. Ltd., London
A. Weekes & Co. Ltd., London
A. Weekes & Co., Ltd.
A. Weekes And Co Ltd
A. Weeks And Co
A. Zunz Mathot, Editeur, Paris
A.l & Co.
Aan Geld, Chianti Lied, Over 25 Jaar & Mooie Liesje (schutzenliesl Polka).
Abbot Litho Press, Newton Abbot, Devon
Aberbach (London) Ltd.
Aberbach Ltd.
Abigail Music (London) Limited
Abigail Music Limited, London
Abingdon Press..1963,
Ablaze, The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring, Willow Tit Willow, Three Little Maids From School, The Sentrys Song, Nothing Venture Nothing Win, When Britain Really Ruled The Waves, I Have A Song To Sing O, When Our Gallant Norman Foes & More
Able You & More
ABRSM Publishing
Accordian Music Publishing Co.
Accordion Music Publishing Co.
Acherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd.
Acuff Rose Music Ltd.
Acuff-Rose Publications Ltd.
Acuff-Rose Publications Ltd., London
Ad-Rhythm Productions Limited, Middlesex
Adam & Charles Black..1949,
Adam & Charles Black..1952,
Adam And Charles Black..1940,
Addington Press
Addison & Co.
Addison & Hodson, London
Addison & Hollier
Addison & Hollier, London
Addison and Lucas. London
Addison, Hollier & Lucas, London
Addison, Hollier And Lucas
Addison, Hollier and Lucas, London
Adler Gmbh, Berlin. .1932
Admiral Edizioni Musicali. Trieste
Adolf Kunz, Berlin
Adolf Robitschek
Adolph Robitschek
Adolphe Furstner Berlin et Leipzig
Affiliated Music Publishers Ltd., London
Afternoon, How D Ye Do, Shake Hands And More
Agate & Co.
Agate & Co., London
Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc., New York
Agyen The Wa, Take Her Out And Air Her, Killiecrankie
Ahlins Musikforlag, Stockholm
Ahsley Publications
Air Music Publishing Ltd., London
Alain Boubil Music Limited
Alan Ross,
Alan Sutton..1986,
Albert Adams
Albert Adams, Birmingham
Albert Brooks
Alberto De Santis, Roma
Aldon Music Ltd., London
Alex Robertson, London
Alex Robinson & Co., Edinburgh
Alex Thom and Co Ltd. Dublin
Alexander Moring Ld De La More Press. London .1905
Alfred A Knopf. New York. .1973
Alfred A. Knopf
Alfred A. Knopf..1958,
Alfred Legnick & Co, London
Alfred Legnick and Co. Ltd.
Alfred Lengnick
Alfred Lengnick & Co, London
Alfred Lengnick & Co.
Alfred Lengnick & Co. Ltd.
Alfred Lengnick & Co. Ltd. London
Alfred Lengnick & Co. Ltd., London
Alfred Lengnick & Co., London
Alfred Lengnick And Co.
Alfred Lengnick And Co. Ltd
Alfred Lengnick And Co. Ltd.
Alfred Lengnick And Co. Ltd., London
Alfred Lengnick and Co., London
Alfred Lengnick Edition
Alfred Lengnick, 49 Great Portland St. London
Alfred Liegnick & Co. Ltd.
Alfred Music Co.
Alfred Music Co. Inc.
Alfred Music Company Inc.
Alfred Oliver & Co.
Alfred Oliver & Co. 37, Mortimer Street
Alfred Oliver and Co., London
Alfred Phillips Ltd., London
Alfred Publishing Co. Inc.
Alfreds Music Co. Inc. New York
All Boys Music Ltd. London
Allan & Co. Pty. Ltd., Melbourne
Allan's Australian Music Books, No. 79
Allans Music Pty. Ltd., Australia
Alleinauslieferung: Charly Oehl
Allied Newspapers Ltd. London
Allison & Busby..1981,
Almo Music Corp.
Almo Publications
Alphonse Bertini, Seymour and Co.
Alphonse Cary
Alphonse Cary Edition
Alphonse Cary, London
Alphonse Cary, London & Newbury.
Alphonse Leduc
Alphonse Leduc & Co.
Alphonse Leduc, Paris
Am Cant I? & More
Amadeus Press..1981,
Amadeus Press..1989,
Amadeus Verlag, Bernhard Pauler, Winterthur/Schweiz
Amalgamated Press, Ltd., London
Amati Publishing Ltd..1961,
Ambassador Music Ltd.
Ampco Edition
Amphion Editions Musicales
Amsco Music Publishing
Amsco Publications
Amsco Publications Ltd.
Amsvco Publications
Anchor Books,
Anchor Press. Ltd. London. .1945
Ancienne Maison Quantin,
And A Woman In Love
And Many More
And Twenty Sailors, Polka
And Winding Road, We Can Work It Out
Andante (tragic Symphony),waltzes (suite I, Ii & Iii), March & The Linden Tree.
Andoah, The Chesapeke And The Shannon, Rule Brittania
Andre Deutsch..1957,
Andre Deutsche Ltd..1989,
Anglo French Music Publishers
Anglo Soviet Music Press Ltd., London
Anglo-French Music Co. Ltd.
Anglo-french Series, Oxford University Press
Anglo-soviet Music Press Ltd
Anglo-Soviet Music Press Ltd. (Boosey & Hawkes Ltd)
Another Page
Ans Seguidillas Sevillanas
Anton J. Benjamin, Hamburg
Apollo Music Limited, London
Apollo Music Ltd., London
Apple Music Publishing Co. Inc
Apple Publishing Ltd., London
April 1973
April 1978
April 1979
April Music Ltd.
Arcadia Music Publishing Co. Ltd.
Arcadia Music Publishing Co., Ltd.
Arcadia Music Publishing Company
Arcadia Music Publishing Company Ltd.
Archer Music Publishing Co.
Arco Publications Ltd..1958,
Arco Publications..1962,
Ardmore & Beechwood Ltd, 30-34 Langham St. London
Ardmore & Beechwood Ltd., London
Ariel Music Publications
Ariel Publications
Armentiers, Martha Polka, Pizzicato Polka, Semper Fidelis, Sharpshooters March, Thunder And Blazes, Toreador Song
Armstrong Music Publishing Company, New York
Arno Volk Verlag Koln
Arnold Dolmetsch Ltd
Arnold R. Whitmore
Arranged By Adam Carse
Arranged By Gustav Mendel
Arranged By Herbert Hughes
Arrow Books Ltd..1980,
Arrow Books..1982,
Arthur & Co, Music Publishers, 12 Cherry St. Birmingham
Arthur & Co.
Arthur & Co. (London) Limited. 4 Featherstone Buildings, High Holborn. London
Arthur & Co. Ltd. 4 Featherstone Buildings, High Holborn, London
Arthur & Co. Ltd., London
Arthur & Co. Music Publishers
Arthur & Co. Music Publishers, 12 St. Ann's Chambers, Ludgate Hill, London
Arthur And Co. Ltd
Arthur Baker..1955,
Arthur Barker Ltd. London..1936
Arthur H Stockwell Ltd.
Arthur Lupton Ltd. The Westminster Edition
Arthur Rutter
Arthur Rutter & Co.
Arthur's Edition
Arthur's Original Copywright Edition
Arthurs and Co., London
Arthurs Original Copyright Edition
Arthurs Original Copywright Edition
Arts Council of Great Britain
Ary, The Ferris Wheel, The Price Of Love, Wake Up Little Susie, When Will I Be Loved?
As We Never Said Goodbye, With One Look, No Matter What, The Vaults Of Heaven, When Children Rule The World, Whistle Down The Wind, All The Love I Have, Our Kind Of Love
Aschberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd., London
Ascherberg Hopwood & Co.
Ascherberg Hopwood & Crew, London
Ascherberg Hopwood An Crew
Ascherberg Hopwood And Crew
Ascherberg Hopwood And Crew Ltd
Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd.
Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd., London
Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd..1941,
Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, London
Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, Ltd.
Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, Ltd. 16 Mortimer St. London
Ascherberg, Hopwood And Crew
Ascherberg, Hopwood And Crew Ltd
Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew Ltd.
Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew Ltd., London
Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew, London
Ascherberg, Hopwood And Crew, Ltd., London
Ascherberh, Hopwood & Crew Ltd. London
Ashdown & Parry, London
Ashdown And Parry
Ashdown And Parry And Co. London
Ashdown and Parry, London
Ashdown And Parry, London
Ashdown Collection
Ashdown Collection No. 142
Ashdown Edition No. 32
Ashdown, Parry & Co. Ltd., London
Asherberg Hopwood And Crew Ltd
Asherberg, Hopwood And Crew Ltd.
Asherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd.
Asherberg, Hopwood And Crew Ltd.
Ashley Publications
Ashley Publications Inc.
Ashley Publications Inc. New York
Associated Board
Associated Board Edition
Associated Guitar Composers & Publishers
Associated Newspapers Ltd., London
Astra-Verlag, Berlin
At The Sign of the Anchor. Dublin
Athenaeum Music, London
Atlantic Music Corp., New York
Aturday Nights Alright For Fighting, Bennie And The Jets, Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Sweet Leaf, Layla, Bell Bottom Blues, Cindy Incidentally, Stay With Me
Atv Music Ltd.
Atv Music Sales Ltd.
ATV Music, London
Atwills Music Saloon
Au Menestrel
Au Menestrel, Paris
Aubert et Matheissen. Paris
Aubrey Stauffer
Aucener & Co. Ltd, London
Aug. Cranz
Aug. Cranz.
Augener & Co
Augener & Co, London
Augener & Co.
Augener & Co. 199 Regent Street & 6, New Burlington Street. London
Augener & Co. Ltd., London
Augener & Co.,
Augener & Co., London
Augener & Co., Ltd.
Augener An Co. London
Augener And Co Edition. London, No. 8620
Augener And Co.
Augener And Co. London
Augener And Co., London
Augener And Co., London. Augener's Edition No. 8011
Augener and Company
Augener And Company Circa 1900
Augener and Company, London
Augener and Company. London
Augener Edition
Augener Edition No.7571
Augener Edition, No. 72a
Augener Ltd
Augener Ltd, Circa 1900,
Augener Ltd, London
Augener Ltd.
Augener Ltd. 18 Great Marlborought Street. 63 Conduit Street (Regent Street Corner) & 57 High Street, Marylebone. London
Augener Ltd. 199 Regent St. & 22 Newgate St. London
Augener Ltd. Album Series No.29
Augener Ltd. Augener' Edition No. 8076b
Augener Ltd. Circa 1900
Augener Ltd. London
Augener Ltd. London. Album Series No. 66a
Augener Ltd. London..1910
Augener Ltd., London
Augener Ltd., London, Edition No. 352
Augener Ltd., London. Augener Edition Nos. 6472, 6473 And 6188
Augener Ltd., London. Augener's Edition No. 6394
Augener Ltd., London. Augener's Edition No. 8568
Augener Ltd., London. Augener's Edition, No. 9527
Augener Ltd., London. Edition No. 6183b
Augener Ltd..1903,
Augener's Edition
Augener's Edition 8616
Augener's edition 8769
Augener's Edition No. 7338
Augener's Edition No. 7942
Augener's Edition No. 7949
Augener's Edition No. 8422
Augener's Edition No.5123
Augener's Edition No.5900b
Augener's Edition, London. No. 5250
Augener's Edition, No. 5642
Augener's Edition, No. 6183
Augener's Edition, No. 6233
Augener's Edition, No. 7949
Augener's Edition, No. 7958
Augener's Edition. No. 5799
Augener, London
Augener, London, Edition No. 7940
Augeners & Co Edition, No 8196, A Harrow Music School Series
Augeners Edition
Augeners Edition 6183f
Augeners Edition No,.4988
Augeners Edition No. 5047
Augeners Edition No. 5132
Augeners Edition No. 5500a
Augeners Edition No. 6025
Augeners Edition No. 6187
Augeners Edition No. 6217
Augeners Edition No. 6395
Augeners Edition No. 6601
Augeners Edition No. 6602
Augeners Edition No. 6605b
Augeners Edition No. 6937
Augeners Edition No. 7259
Augeners Edition No. 7331
Augeners Edition No. 7410
Augeners Edition No. 7945
Augeners Edition No. 7994
Augeners Edition No. 8022
Augeners Edition No. 8207
Augeners Edition No. 8219k
Augeners Edition No. 8394
Augeners Edition No. 8411
Augeners Edition No. 8413a
Augeners Edition No. 8414. Newly Revised And Fingered By Moritz Moszkowski
Augeners Edition No. 8432
Augeners Edition No. 8555b
Augeners Edition No. 8581
Augeners Edition No. 8583
Augeners Edition No.11312
Augeners Edition No.11321
Augeners Edition No.4763
Augeners Edition No.7009e
Augeners Edition No.7370
Augeners Edition No.7403
Augeners Edition No.7492
Augeners Edition No.7495
Augeners Edition No.7571
Augeners Edition No.7593
Augeners Edition No.7594c
Augeners Edition No.7971
Augeners Edition No.7975
Augeners Edition No.8679ab
Augeners Edition No.9505
Augeners Edition, No 8565,
Augeners Edition, No. 5300
Augeners Edition, No. 6010
Augeners Edition, No. 6015
Augeners Edition, No. 6016
Augeners Edition, No. 6245a
Augeners Edition, No. 7274
Augeners Edition, No. 7981a
Augeners Edition, No. 8016
Augeners Edition, No. 8017
Augeners Edition, No. 8224
Augeners Edition, No. 8260d
Augeners Edition, No. 8415
Augeners Edition, No. 8435, London
Augeners Edition, No. 8451a
Augeners Edition, No. 8542d
Augeners Edition, No. 8582
Augeners Edition, No. 8617a
Augeners Edition. No. 7999
Augeners Edition. No. 5131
Augeners Edition. No. 8600
Augeners Edition. No. 8617b
Augeners Edtion
Augeners Ltd, London, No. 7587
Augeners Ltd.
Augeners Ltd. London
Augner Ltd. London
Augner's Edition No. 7373
Augners Edition
Augners Edition No. 5443
Augners Edition No. 5974
Augners Edition No. 8413
Aurum Press..1989,
Ausburg Publishing House, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Authentic Classics
Authentic Classics Edition
Avenue Edition No. 57
Awake, Love Is The Reason, Well Gather Lilacs, Keep The Home Fires Burning (till The Boys Come Home)
Axle Music Ltd., London