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Piano solo

There are 1114 piano solos beginning with the letter M, click on a title for further details:

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M Balakirew Au Jardin, idylle etude for piano, 
M Mussorgski Bilder einer Ausstellung, Piano Solo, 
M. 1. - Featuring The Ted Taylor Four - Piano Solo Ted Taylor and Bob Rogers, Arranged by Frank Booth, 
M.1 - Recorded by The Ted Taylor Four on Oriole CB 1573 Ted Taylor and Bob Rogers, arranged by Frank Booth, 
Ma Belle Reine. Graceful Dance H Trotère, 
Ma Lubly Dinah - Two-Step for Piano Solo Celian Kottaun, 
Mabel D Godfrey, 
Mabel - Mazurka elegante for piano solo Alfred Stella, 
Mabels Fancy - No. 5 from Golden Spray's, Wm. Smallwood, 
Macdowell - His greatest Piano solos
Macedoine - Air de Ballet for the Pianoforte Robert Coningsby Clarke, 
Macgregor's Gathering - Popular melodies for the Pianoforte Series No. 89 W. Layland, 
Machinalement - Fox-trot and Shimmy de L'Operette "Ta Bouche" - For Piano Solo - French Edition Maurice Yvain, 
Madam Butterfly - Piano Score G Puccini, arranged for Pianoforte Solo by Carlo Carignani, 
Madame Pompadour - Piano selection Leo Fall arranged by Arthur Wood, 
Madame Sherry: Piano Selection By Hugo Felix and arranged by Dan Godfrey, 
Madelinette. Bergerie. Piano Solo By Francois Behr, 
Madre! Tango Argentino En Vogue. Celebre Tango Milonga. Piano Solo Words and music - F Pracanico and V Serveto, 
Madrigal de la Reine Marie Antoinette pour le piano, Op54, No1 solo By G Bachmann, 
Madrilena Spanish dance, No.6 Op139 New Musical stories Ludwig Schytte, 
Maeterlinck's The Betrothal - Piano Score C. Armstrong Gibbs, 
Magali Grande - Valse Brillante - Op. 83 - Piano Solo J Leybach, 
Magali Grande - Valse Brillante - Op. 83 - Piano Solo J Leybach, 
Magic Bells - Waltz for Piano - a New and Startling Effect. "The exact imitation of Bells produced on any Piano" Frank Adlam, 
Magic Casements - for Pianoforte - Book Constance Harper, 
Magic Hours for piano; Springtime, On the river, Loves trysting place, At twilight Montague Ewing, 
Magnus Albums Vol. 10 - Village Pictures - Four Easy Descriptive Pieces for Piano A. Christensen, 
Magyar Sebes Polka - For Piano Ellenbogen Adolf, 
Mai - Danse Gracieuse for Piano J. E. Blakeley, 
Mai Blumchen, Op12, ein kleines rondo By Edward Lawrance, 
Mai Blume - For Piano Solo - Crotchets & Quavers Series No. 9 Oesten arranged by Albert Dufaure, 
Maiblume (May Flowers) Theodore Oesten, 
Maid of Athens - Musical Gems Series No. 19 M. W. Balfe arranged by J. A. Wade, 
Maid to Measure - Piano Selection from The Musical Revue Arranged by Harry J. Stafford, 
Maiden's Blush - Schottische - Musical Boquet No. 4248 Charles Kinkel, 
Maidens Fancy. Morceau, for piano E Donajowski, 
Maidens Flower Song de Pinsuti - Transcriptions Variees No. 2 Charles Neustedt, 
Maiennacht (Nuit De Mai). Elegie. Piano Solo Op 9 By Hermann Tieste , 
Maiglocklein (Heather Bells) - Compositions for Pianoforte Series No. 3 Anton Strelezki, 
Maigret - Theme from the Granada TV series featuring Michael Gambon Ron Grainer, 
Majanah, (Square Tango) Juan Llossas, 
Majorca. Midinette - Le Bel Aux Baleares - Featuring and Recorded by Norrie Paramor. Piano Solo Geo Bonnet and Louis Gaste, Arranged by Ernest Tomlinson, 
Make Haste - Galop - Dedicated to Alfred Mellon Esq. E. Audibert, 
Makin' It - John Brimhall's Easy Big Note Piano Solos Dino Fekaris & Freddie Perren, 
Making the grade - Grade 1 Arranged by Lynda Frith, 
Making the Grade Jazz grade 3, 14 easy popular jazz pieces selected by Stephen Duro A night in Tunisia, Chelsea bridge, Georgia on my mind, Heres that rainy day, How insensitive, Bluesette, Ill remember April, In a sentimental mood, On the sunny side of the street, Pennies from heaven, Take the A train, Quince & more, 
Malaguena - from the "Suite Espanole" Ernesto Lecuona, 
Malaguena - Op. 165 No. 3 Isaac Albeniz revision de John Montes, 
Malayan Moon - Waltz for Piano Robert Topping, 
Malemberg Popular Pianoforte Album - Castle Series No. 745 Carl Malemberg, 
Malgre tes Serments - Valse pour Piano sur les motifs de La Celebre Chanson Americaine "I wonder who's kissing her now" - French Edition (Sur les motifs de la celebre chanson de Jos Howard et Christine) H. Christine, 
Malombra - Valse - For Piano Guiseppe Blanc, 
Maltese Dance Luke C. Everett, 
Malvina. Piano solo Albert Stanley, 
Mambo with Edmundo Society mambo, Cuca, Mamboleco, Mambo Retozan, 
Mamie May - Schottische on C W Murrays popular song Henri Dupret, 
Mancini Magic - For Easy Piano Henry Mancini arranged by Guy Freedman, 
Manda, Fantasia for the Pianoforte Carli Zoeller, 
Mandalay, No. 20 of Theo Bonheur's Musical Kindergarten Series Arranged by Theo Bonheur, 
Mandolin Serenade, from "A King in New York" with Charles Chaplin and Dawn Addams Charles Chaplin , Geoffrey Parsons and John Turner, 
Mandolina - Impromptu for Piano - From ''Morceaux de Salon' - Op. 62 Francesco D'Orso, 
Mandolinata - Waltz - For Piano Solo On Paladilhe's popular melodies by O. Metra, 
Mandoline - Serenade for Piano - Paxton edition No. 2102 A.. H. Oswald, 
Mandoline Serenade, Op. 117 Richard Eilenberg, 
Mandoline. Serenade For piano solo By A H Oswald, 
Mandy - Piano solo - As performed by Joe Henderson and Eddie Calvert Furio Rendine, 
Manhattan Beach, march John Philip Sousa, 
Manhattan Serenade - A modern Composition for the Piano Louis Alter, 
Mannequin, valse Montague Ewing, 
Manola, My Dusky Bride Words and music - Harry B Marshall and Robert A Keiser, 
Manolo - Valse for Piano Emile Waldteufel, 
Manon - Melodie Romantique Auguste Cons., 
Manon Lescaut - Song for soprano voice G Puccini, 
Manon Lescaut - Opera Comique en 5 acts et 6 Tableaux - Piano Score J. Massenet, 
Manos Hadjidakis, recorded by Don Costa Never on a Sunday (Les enfants du piree), piano solo, 
Mantilla (Ya se que tienes novio). Piano Solo By Luis Araque, 
Manuel de Falla Pantomime (El amor brujo), Piano Solo, 
Maracas - From "Cuban suite" For piano solo Don Marzedo, 
Marama - La Houdja - Modern Oriental Dance sur les motifs de la Celebre Chanson - For Piano Solo - French Edition Transcription for Piano by Leon Heckmann, 
March Himmel, 
March & Chorus from Masaniello - No. 5 from Popular Melodies for the Pianoforte series William Layland, 
March (Casse Noisette) - Tschaikowsky for Piano Tschaikowsky, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
March (March on join bravely let us to t pell mell) - No. 5 of Musical Pastime - Op. 60 Edmondstoune Duncan, 
March - From the film "Things To Come" Arthur Bliss, 
March - No. 1 from Daisy Chains collection of easy Pianoforte pieces - Series I Reinecke, edited and revised by Eric Kuhlstrom, 
March - No. 35 from Daisy Chains collection of easy Pianoforte pieces - Series II E. Pauer, edited and revised by Eric Kuhlstrom, 
March 3 D.G's - The Celebrated Prize March, played by all the leading military and brass bands Brophy - Arranged for Pianoforte by F. W Wells, 
March Across the Desert - A descriptive fantasia for Piano John Pridham, 
March across the Desert - Descriptive Fantasia John Pridham, 
March Album - Augeners Edition No. 8441 - 10 Favourite Marches John Philip Sousa, 
March Album for the Pianoforte Gladys Cumberland, 
March and Polka. For piano solo instruction By Frederick C Nicholls, 
March and Soldiers Chorus from Faust - Piano solo Ch Gounod, 
March aux Flambeaux - No. 1 Solo F. Boscovitz, 
March des Marmottes W. Aletter, 
March for Piano Solo William Hill, 
March for the Piano Forte - Composed and Respectfully dedicated to Mifses C. and A. Thompson of Oakwood House, Norfolk Josiah F. Reddie, 
March from "The Dam Busters" - Piano Solo Eric Coates, 
March from Bellini's Opera "Norma" - Piano Solo - From the Series 'Fantasias for the Pianoforte by S. Thalberg' Bellini, arranged by Burgmuller, 
March from Blue Beard - No. 3 from Musical Evergreens a collection of Popular Airs Arranged in an easy style for the Pianoforte by J. A. Wade, 
March from Eli, No. 44 of Theo Bonheur's Musical Kindergarten Series Sir Michael Costa, arranged by Theo Bonheur, 
March from Masaniello - Transcribed for the Pianoforte Chas. W. Glover, 
March from Norma - The St. Pauls Edition Bellini, arranged by Burgmuller, 
March from Silvery Waves - Little Flowers Series of favourite melodies Easily & Effectively arranged without Octaves - Series No. 5 A. P. Wyman arranged by Alfred J. Dye, 
March from the Nutcracker suite - Piano Solo based on the popular Ballet Tschaikowsky, 
March from William Tell Rossini - easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
March Humoresque Ernst Von Dohnanyi, 
March Humoresque (On A Ground Bass) Ernst Von Dohnanyi, 
March Humoresque (on a ground bass) for piano solo - Op - 17 No. 1 Ernst von Dohnany , 
March in Blue Beard, No. 12 of "Improving Amusements: A Series of Easy Rondolettos..." J Wade and E M Garcia, 
March in C - No. 1 from "Fairy Fancies" a set of pieces in the most familiar style for the pianoforte" William Smallwood, 
March in D for pianoforte G. H. Swift, 
March in E flat Clarence Thompson, 
March in G J. Chaplyn Denny, 
March in G - No. 1 of Celebrated Marches William Hill, 
March in Norma - For Piano Arranged by Burgmuller, 
March Medley for the Piano Arranged by David Caryll, 
March Memories - Piano Solo Arranged by Henry Geehl, 
March of Homage (In Honour of A Great Man). Piano solo Arthur Bliss, 
March of Israelites from the Oratorio "Eli" Michael Costa, arranged for piano by Charles Lucas, 
March of Israelites, from Sir Michael Costa's oratorio "Eli" Sir Michael Costa, 
March of Israelites, No.33 of the Oratorio Eli Michael Costa, 
March of the British - Symphonic March - For Piano - Op. 13 Rutland Boughton, 
March of the Cameron Men Francois Claremont, 
March of the Cameron Men, Scottish ballad. Piano Solo Arranged by G A Osborne, 
March of the Dryads - No.2 - In An Enchanted Forest - for Piano Arthur Dana - Op. 31, 
March of the Flower Girls, le pas des bouquetieres Paul Wachs, arranged by Henry Levey, 
March of the Foresters E. Boggetti, 
March of the Giants - For Piano Herman Finck, 
March of the Gladiators - For the Pianoforte - Paxton edition Np. 1059 Theo. Bonheur, 
March of the Gladiators for pianoforte, violin and cello parts included Theo Bonheur, 
March of the Guards Thos. A. Johnson, 
March of the Heralds Edward St. Quentin, 
March of the Heroes (Marche des Heros) - For Piano Solo David Dick Slater, 
March of the Indians - For pianoforte Louis Godard, 
March of the Israelites - From the oratorio Eli - For Piano Sir Michael Costa, 
March of the Lansquenets - Op. 977 - For Piano F. Kirchner, 
March of the Little Lead Soldiers - From 'Album Pour Mes Petits Amis' Op. 14, No. 6 Gabriel Pierne, 
March of the men of Harlech E. Donajowski, 
March of the Men of Harlech Arranged by Harold Thomas, 
March of the Men of Harlech - Recollection of Wales No. 4 - for piano solo Brinley Richards, 
March of The Men of Harlech - Easily arranged for Pianoforte Richard Andrews, 
March of the Men of Harlech - No.2 of Gems of National Melody Franz Nava, 
March of The Men of Harlech - Piano Solo Arranged by William Layland, 
March of the Men of Harlech, Grosvenor College Edition Brinley Richards, edited and fingered by C Stephano, 
March of the Men of Harlech, No. 3 of Lillies Music Roll Easily arranged and fingered for pianoforte by Harry Hardcastle, 
March Of The Minstrels Frederic A Dunster, 
March of the Mountain Gnomes. Die Heinzelmannchen, piano solo R Eilenberg, 
March of The Mulligan Guards (also known as "pull youself together") - Fantaisie Brillante on the Popular Song C. Coote Jnr., 
March of the Phantoms Red - For Piano J J Tarrant, 
March of the Scouts- No. 5 of 5 Compositions for Piano Evelyn Sharpe, 
March of the Siamese Children - Kenny Ball from "The King and I" Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, 
March of the Trojans - Composed for the Pianoforte Henry Parker, 
March Past- At the Pantomine No. 6. - Six Easy Piano Pieces E. Markham. Lee, 
March Past. Piano solo Felix Swinstead, 
March pot pourri - Steps of for piano Aubrey Winter, 
March Tannhauser, the St Pauls Edition Richard Wagner, 
March Triumphant - For Piano Solo - Dedicated to Admiral of the Fleet Earl Beatty Max Darewski, 
March, from Tannhauser Richard Wagner, 
March, Promenade and Scherzo. Three Rhythmic Pieces for the piano Ivor R Foster, 
Marcha Militar - Piano solo (Theme to "Baker's Dozen") E Granados, arranged for Piano solo by Sylvia De'Ath, 
Marche a la Romaine - Piano Solo Hummel, 
Marche Antique for Piano - Treasures of Melody series No. 9 H. F. Grandinger, 
Marche Aux Flambeaux Scotson Clark, 
Marche aux Flambeaux - For the Piano - The Big P Series of Popular Pianoforte Pieces for the People Scotson Clark easily arranged by Jules Favre, 
Marche aux Flambeaux - Piano Solo Scotson Clark, 
Marche Aux Flambeauz (March of the Torchbearers). Piano Solo Scotson Clark, 
Marche Des Athletes E J Bowen, 
Marche des Hallebardiers (Halberdiers March), for the piano Micheal Watson, 
Marche des Heros Hongrois - For Piano Solo - French Edition Jul. W. Fucik, 
Marche Des Heros. Piano Solo David Dick Slater, 
Marche des Hussards pour Piano Michael Watson, 
Marche Des Maitres D'Armes. Piano Solo Ad Gauwin, 
Marche des Mousquetaires. No.11 from Twelve Marches (Classical & Modern) for the Piano By Michael Watson. Arranged by Frank Percival, 
Marche des Patriotes - Pour Piano Theo Bonheur, 
Marche Des Petits Soldats De Plomb. Piano Solo Gabriel Pierne, 
Marche des Pompiers. Morceau Militaire for piano solo M Watson, 
Marche Des Tambours - Morceau Militaire - For piano solo Sydney Smith, 
Marche Des Troubadours - Op. 32 Henri Roubier, 
Marche Des Troubadours - Piano solo Henri Roubier, 
Marche des Zouaves F W Coventry, 
Marche Du Tanhauser Richard Wagner, 
Marche Egyptienne (Aegyptischer Marsch). Fleurs Exotiques. Huit Compositions. Piano Solo Ludwig Schytte, 
Marche Feerique (Caprice Elegant), Opus 60 Polydore de Vos, 
Marche Festive pour Piano Henry Coupe, 
Marche Francaise Sur La Chanson Du Le Pere La Victoire. Piano Solo By Louis Ganne, 
Marche Funebre Frederick Chopin, 
Marche Funebre (Funeral March) F. Chopin, fingered by Harold Thomas, 
Marche Funebre - for piano solo F Chopin revised and fingered by J. T. Trekell, 
Marche Funebre - Pour Le Piano Frederic Chopin, 
Marche Funebre, Opus 35, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LVII (advanced) F Chopin, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Marche grotesque - Op. 32, No. 1 - Edition Peters No. 2974a Christian Sinding, 
Marche Heroique - Op. 34 C. Saint - Saens, 
Marche Hongroise for piano Henri Kowalski, 
Marche Hongroise for the Piano. As performed with immense success. Dedicated by special permission to the Marchioness of Normandy By Henri Kowalski, 
Marche Hongroise, Opus 14 Charles Delioux, 
Marche Indienne Ad Sellick, 
Marche Lorraine for piano Louis Ganne, 
Marche Lorraine for piano Louis Ganne, 
Marche Militaire S Claude Ridley, 
Marche Militaire Howard Cole, 
Marche Militaire - For Pianoforte Theo. Bonheur, 
Marche Militaire - No. 2 from Four Humoresques Series - For the Piano Ivan Aleshka, 
Marche Militaire pour piano Carl Heinrich, 
Marche militaire, No. 1 in D By Schubert. Arranged by Henry Geehl, 
Marche Militaire, Opus 51, No. 1, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 143 (higher division) F Schubert, edited and phrased by George Farlane, C Egerton Lowe and others, 
Marche Miniature Viennoise. Piano Solo Fritz Kreisler, 
Marche Pittoresque. Piano Solo Alfredo Cairati, 
Marche Romaine Gounod, arranged by Franz Nava, 
Marche Romaine - For the Pianoforte - Piano Solo Charles Gounod, 
Marche Royale for Piano Rodolf Faber, 
Marche Russe. For piano solo A Luigini, 
Marche Slave for piano Herbert F Sharpe, 
Marche Slave Op. 31 for piano Tschaikowsky, arranged by Otto Thumer, 
Marche Tcherkesse - For Piano Solo G. Bachmann, 
Marches - Edition Peters No. 550b Edvard Grieg, 
Marches de Fr. Schubert - Transcrites pour Piano a 2 Mains - Collection Litolff Fr. Schubert transcribed by Franz Gorner, 
Marches Past - Famous Marches arranged for Solo Piano Various Composers, 
Marching Along - 4 Sousa marches for piano solo from the film Marching Along Semper Fidelis, Stars & Stripes forever, Washington Post, Liberty Bell, 
Marching On, piano solo George Walter, 
Marching Through Georgia - March - In Honor of Major Gen. Sherman's Famous March from Atlanta to the Sea - Musical Boquuet No. 8831 E. Mack, 
Marching Toward the Morning. Piano Solo By Eric Grant, 
Marcia. Piano Solo. Allegretto con Variationi Anonimous, 
Marco Spada, rondo scottisch for piano solo By Francois Hunten, 
Margaret Cooper Lancers - On Popular Songs by Miss Margaret Cooper - For Piano Solo Miss Margaret Cooper arranged by H. M . Higgs, 
Margaret's Minuet - Piano solo Maurice Jacobson, 
Margate Sands - No. 3 of Sea Side Rambles William Smallwood, 
Margherita. Gavotte. Piano Solo Tito Mattei, 
Margots Wooden Shoes (Les Gros Sabots De Margoton). Piano Solo Ed Poldini, 
Margots Wooden Shoes, Images pour les jeunes pianistes Op78 Ed. Poldini, 
Marguerite - Mazurka caprice Ciro Fasoli, 
Marguerite - Waltz - For Pianoforte Ezra Read, 
Marguerite Quadrille - On Miss Lottie Collins' popular song Otto Roeder, 
Marguerite Waltz - Easily arranged for the Piano C. Lowthian easily arranged by W. Smallwood, 
Marguerite, intermezzo for the piano By R Edwards, 
Marguerite, Polca for piano Albert Bufaure, 
Marguerite. For Piano Solo P Von Tugginer, 
Maria Lucia - for piano Camargo Guarnieri, 
Maria Vicenta - No. 27773 - for Piano Gonzalo de J. Nunez, 
Marian Waltz - For Piano Solo - Howard and Co. edition No. 765 Louis Pierre, 
Marianina - Theme from BBC TV "Little Women" Harry Dexter, 
Marie Louise, Suite de Valses, for piano Emile Waldteufel, 
Marie Mazurka. Featured by Harry Davidson in 'Those were the days' A Joyce and A Latimer, 
Marie Nocturne - Op: 60. Composed and Dedicated to Miss Alice M. Milner Gibson Brinley Richards, 
Marie Stuart - Schottische Max Fruhling, 
Mariette Coquette. Capricietto Italiano. Piano Solo By Charles Ancliffe, 
Marigold - Souvenir D'amour - Piano Solo Erik Nilssen, 
Marinarella, canzone napolitana for piano solo By F Florido and A Vianesi, 
Mariola Waltz - Cary Diamond Edition No. 35 Gordon Lynn, 
Marionette In Mayfair. Piano Solo also arranged for orchestra By Guy Desslyn, 
Marionette Suite Carl Malemberg, 
Marionette Suite - For Piano Solo Carl Malemberg, 
Marionette. For Piano Solo Felix Arndt, 
Marionettes Edward Macdowell, 
Marionettes - Suite for Piano Alec Rowley, 
Marionettes Entracte. Piano Solo By F G Byford, 
Marionettes Espagnoles Op39 No.1 C Cui, 
Marionettes. Piano Solo Colin Taylor, 
Marita Harry Ivatts, 
Maritana - Piano selection W V Wallace, 
Maritana (2nd. Selection) from Vincent Wallaces Popular Opera Vincent Wallace, arranged by W. Smallwood, 
Maritana (Vincent Wallace) - Operatic Selection for the Pianoforte Haydon Augarde, 
Maritana - Arranged for Piano Arthur Thompson McEvoy, 
Maritana - For Pianoforte Solo J. Rummel, 
Maritana - Operatic Fantasias series - Fantasia for Piano solo Wallace selected and arranged by Carl Wilmer, 
Maritana - Piano selection from Wallace's opera Arranged by Oscar Verne, 
Maritana - Selection - Arranged for the Pianoforte without octaves Louis Godard, Arranged by Felix Godard, 
Maritana Quadrilles on airs from Vincent Wallaces Popular Opera Vincent Wallace, arranged by Alfred Lee, 
Maritana Second Fantasia - For Pianoforte - Operatic Fantasias Series No. 3 Wallace, arranged by Seymour Smith, 
Maritana Selection - For Pianoforte - Reeves Edition No. 191 Wallace, arranged by Percy E. Douglas, 
Maritana, piano selection from Wallace's opera Arranged by Albert Joyce, 
Maritza - Piano Selection Emmerich Kalman, arranged by Gustav Blasser, 
Maritza. Entracte. Piano Solo By Daniel Wood, 
Marjolaine, piano selection Hugo Felix, arranged by H M Higgs, 
Marjorie - Rondolette Enos Andrew, 
Marjorie, graceful dance Seymour Smith, 
Marjorie, graceful dance for the piano By Seymour Smith, 
Marjorie, maypole dance Louis Diehl, 
Markham Lee - Six Marches for Pianoforte E Markham Lee, 
Marks & Spencers Home Circle Dance Album, easily arranged for the piano, 14th series, 3rd dance album Follow me March, Rainbow Schottische, Our Darlings Waltz, Snowdrop polka, Good Luck Waltz, Dreamland waltz, Char a banc polka, 
Marquise - Caprice for Piano - Dedicated to Madame la Marquise de Balignac Cotsford Dick, 
Marquisette. Gavotte Edmond Missa, 
Marr and Co Royal Collection Of Highland Airs, 60 Pages, for piano solo Quickstep, Strathspeys, Reels and Country Dances, 
Marriage of Figaro - Overture Mozart - Edited by Oscar Allon, 
Marriott's Caledonian Quadrilles Traditional, 
Marsch - Aus der Oper "Die Verkaufte Braut" - Piano Solo Friedrich Smetana, arranged by Jos. Karbulka, 
Marsch Militairleben (Military Life) - Played at the Naval Exhibition by The Royal navy and other notable bands William A. Bettridge, 
Marseillaise Hyme. Easily arranged for Pianoforte Johann S. Stein, 
Marseilles - Gavotte for Pianoforte Henri Stanislaus, 
Marsinah (An Arabian Night) - Valse oriental from the play "Kismet" Philippe Carton, 
Marsinah (An Arabian Night) - Valse oriental from the play "Kismet" Philippe Carton, 
Martha - Fantaisie Brilliante sur l'Opera de Flotow Sydney Smith, 
Martha - Fantaisie for piano Theodore Oesten , 
Martha - No. 17 from The Opera Box series of Operatic melodies Arranged by Michael Watson, 
Martha - Op. 30 - Fantaisie brillant Sydney Smith, 
Martha - Operatic Fantasias Series No. 4 Flowtow, arranged by Seymour Smith, 
Martha Waltzes - From Flotow's Celebrated Opera C. H. R. Marriott, 
Martha, Op. 30, fantasie brilliante sur l'opera de Flotow Sydney Smith, 
Martial Moments - March Medley - Piano accordion solo, bass clef. Aubrey Winter, 
Martial Moments - March Medley bass clef - piano accordion solo Aubrey Winter, 
Martial Moments - March medley for piano Selected and arranged by Aubrey Winter, 
Martian Moments - March medley for piano accordion Aubrey Winter, 
Martin Frey Rococo Album. Piano solo, 
Mary - Piano Selection from the Musical Comedy Louis A. Hirsch selected and arranged by Chas. Miller, 
Mary - Valse on Melodies from the Musical Comedy Louis A. Hirsch selected and arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Mary Blane - The Favourite Melody Sung by "The Ethiopian Serenaders" Wellington Guersey, composed & Sung by George Barker, 
Mary Mary Quite Contrary. Valse. Piano Solo By Robert Coningsby Clarke, 
Mary of Argyle - Scotch Ballad arranged for the Pianoforte Edward J. Loder, 
Mary Poppins - Piano Selection Richard M and Robert B Sherman, arranged for Piano by Felton Rapley, 
Mary Rose - No. 1 - Preludes & Interludes - Music to the play of J. M. Barrie Norman O'Neill, 
Mary, waltz on T Richardsons popular song Harry Read, 
Masaniello - Fantaisie - Op. 32 Sydney Smith, 
Masaniello - No. 4 from Smallwoods Operatic Solos for the Pianoforte Series Auber arranged by W. Smallwood, 
Masaniello - Petite Fantaisie arranged and fingered for the Pianoforte - Op. 36 Auber arranged by Ferdinand Beyer, 
Masaniello, fantasy for piano solo By C A Caspar, 
Mascagni. Pietro Intermezzo from "Cavalleria Rusticana". Piano Solo, 
Mascovia Polish Dance. For Piano Solo C Reade, 
Masken - 20 kleine Charakterstucke - Piano Solo - Op.59 - Edition Peters No. 3716 Walter Niemann, 
Masks and Faces - Danse Caracteristique for the Piano Carl Malemberg, 
Masque Dance Felix Swinstead, 
Masque from the Music to 'As You Like it' - For Pianoforte Solo Edward German, 
Masquerade - For the Pianoforte - Op. 88 - Edition Swift Casa del Sarto, edited by Edward Isaacs, 
Masquerade. For piano solo Montague Ewing, 
Masques - Pour le piano Claude Debussy, 
Masques - Pour le piano - Edition Peters No. 7273 Claude Debussy edited by H. Swarsenski, 
Masques - Trois Morceaux de Piano Karol Szymanowski, 
Massa's in the Cold Ground - The Beautiful Plantation Melody - Arranged with Variaitons for the Pianoforte - Op. 367 Stephen C. Foster arranged with variations by Charles Grobe, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - April 26th, 1934, Part 29 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - December ,1933, Part 7 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - December 28th, Part 12 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - February 15th, 1934, Part 19 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - February 1st, 1934, Part 17 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - March 29th, 1934, Part 25 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - November 2nd,1933, Part 4 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - November 30th,1933, Part 6 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - October 19th 1933, Part 2 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - October 26th 1933, Part 3 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Melodies of the World - Pianoforte Music and Famous Songs - Part 11 Various Composers edited by Mark Hambourg, 
Master Studies for the Young, Mozart. 11 pieces Mozart, various arrangers, 
Match Box Polka - For Piano Solo - Played with great Success at all the Fashionable Balls, pavilions, Winter gardens, Aquariums and Promenade Concerts V. S. Dobrowolski, 
Match of the Day - Theme for piano Rhet Stoller, 
Material Girl - Dan Coates Simplified Piano Arrangement Peter Brown, Robert Rans & Peter Brown - Arranged by Dan Coates, 
Matthew Dubourgs Jig and Saraband - From The Craxton Moffat collection of Old Keyboard Music adapted and edited for piano Matthew Dubourg, edited by Harold Craxton and Alfred Moffat, 
Matthew's Piano Book - Ten Piano Pieces for advanced students Andre Previn, 
Mattinata - Piano Solo - No. 2 of Trois Morceaux - Op. 53 Carlo Albanesi, 
Maud Bevans Angels prayer, reverie for piano solo, 
Maudetta - Polka Mazurka - Paxton edition No. 2660 Charles Edwin Smith, 
Maureen, waltz Robert Cox, 
Maurer un Schlosser. Ouverture zur Oper. Beruhmte Ouverturen fur Clavier. Adolf Kunz, Musikalische Volksbibliothek By D F E Auber, 
Maurice Chevalier Souvenir Selection for Piano Various Composers, 
Mavourneen Waltz - On Irish melodies - For Piano Solo Arranged by Paul Windus, 
Maxo - New Round Dance - For Piano Solo - With instructions for the dance steps W. F. Hurndall, 
May - Valse Brillante for Piano - Op. 101 - Dedicated to Mrs H. P. Stock F. V. Kornatzki, 
May Blossoms, Valse Rondo for the Piano Forte Alfred Hugh Havell, 
May days & Grey days - Four contrasts for piano Percy Elliott, 
May Days and Grey Days, Dancing Sunbeams, Moonrise o er The Lake, Flaming June, Moonset Four Contrasts for Piano by Percy Elliot, 
May Fair - Graceful Dance for the Pianoforte Sidney Merton, 
May Flowers E Mack, 
May Flowers - Maiblume Theodore Oesten, 
May Flowers - Gavotte for the Pianoforte - Op. 604 H. Weyts, 
May Flowers Valse - No. 1 from 3 Salon Pieces for Piano Albert Frank, 
May Morning (Intermezzo) - For Piano Solo John Madin, 
May pleasures (Maienlust) - Valse de Salon for the Pianoforte - Op. 156 Cornelius Gurlitt, 
May Pole Dance. Piano Solo John E West, 
May Queen, graceful dance Carl Malemberg, 
May Song - No. 4 from "Elfland" a Series of Six Tone Pictures Edmondstoune Duncan, 
May-Day - Roundelay for Piano Solo Michael Watson, 
Mayflowers - 6 Small Pieces (without Octaves) for Young Pianists Stephan Esipoff, 
Maying - No. 3 from Musical Pastime Series of Six Short Pieces - Op. 60 Edmondstoune Duncan, 
Maying Waltz - Dedicated to the Rt. Hon. The Countess Fitzwilliam Oliver Cussans, 
Maypole Dance - A Rustic Sketch - Op. 45 Sydney Smith, 
Maypole Dance - At the Pantomine No. 4. - Six Easy Piano Pieces E. Markham. Lee, 
Maypole Dance Op. 48, a rustic sketch Sydney Smith, 
Maytime - Valsette for Piano Oscar Verne, 
Mazeppa - Etude galop de concert Grande Etude pour piano - Op. 2, 1 No.1- The Hanover Edition A Quidant, revised and fingered by J. T. Trekell, 
Mazourka de Salon, for piano solo By J Weber, 
Mazurek, Steppenbilder for piano solo By G Cords, 
Mazurk Des Traineaux - For Piano J Ascher, 
Mazurka (Hungarian) - From Fetes Galantes - For Piano Solo Eduard Poldini, 
Mazurka - for piano solo - Curwen Edition 5138 Harold Craxton, 
Mazurka - Op. 33, No. 3 - For Piano Solo - Berners Edition Chopin edited by George Farlane, 
Mazurka Brillante Pour Piano Felix Gantier, 
Mazurka Brillante. Piano Solo Salvatore Raurich, 
Mazurka Caprice Ambroise Farman, 
Mazurka Caprice - For Pianoforte Solo F. Gundelach, 
Mazurka de Salon - In G - The Rainbow Series of Popular Music Wm. Smallwood, 
Mazurka de Salon - No. 5 from Court Favourites Series of Six Original Pieces Leonard Gautier, 
Mazurka De Salon. Piano Solo P Tschaikowsky, 
Mazurka Elegante. Piano Solo By G Bachmann, 
Mazurka for Piano - Op. 101b Lennox Berkeley, 
Mazurka Hongroise H Chisholm Jackson, 
Mazurka Improptu. Piano Solo Christian Schafer, 
Mazurka in A Minor - For the Pianoforte Walter Henry Lonsdale, 
Mazurka in B Flat Op.7 No.1. Piano solo Frederic Chopin, 
Mazurka in C - No. 6 from "Fairy Fancies" a set of pieces in the most familiar style for the pianoforte" William Smallwood, 
Mazurka in D Major and Contredanse - Piano Solo - Autograph Series of Unknown Classics - Curwen Edition 5109 Chopin, edited by Jack Werner, 
Mazurka Mignonne for pianoforte Gerald Phillips, 
Mazurka Reverie. For piano solo By Theodore Lack, 
Mazurka Russe Lieck, 
Mazurka Russe Henry Geehl, 
Mazurka, No.2 Petit Bal Masque, suite de petits morceaux dansants Stepan Esipoff, 
Mazurka, Opus 12, No. 8, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, CXVI (lower division) Tschaikowsky, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
Mazurka. for piano T Badarzewska, 
Mazurka. For piano solo Lyddon Harris, 
Mazurkas, Op.24 No.1. Piano solo Frederic Chopin, 
Me and My Piano - 17 Duets - Book 2 - The Waterman Harewood Piano Series By Fanny Waterman and Marion Harewood, 
Me and My Piano. Very First Lessons for the Young Pianist. Part 1. The Waterman Harewood Piano Series By Fanny Waterman and Marion Harewood, 
Meadow Flowers - Instructive and tuneful pieces for the pianoforte Arnoldo Sartorio, 
Meadow Flowers Bluette fot the piano By G Millward, 
Meadowland - Pastorall for Pianoforte - Broome Edition No. 933 Alan macey, 
Meadowland And Mountain. Four Pastorals for the pianoforte, Contains; With Cowslips and Primroses, The Wind among the Daffodils, Meadow Song and Mountain Music Ernest Austin, 
Meadowlands, piano solo Alan Richardson, 
Meadowsweet for the Piano. Including six short pieces; In the Cornfields, A Sunny Day, Happy, Haymaking, Little Dance and Even Song Olga Mills, 
Media Noche - Valse Hesitation - For Piano Solo - French Edition R. Marotti, 
Meditation - Op. 76, No. 6 - For Piano Solo C. Chaminade, 
Meditation (Ave Maria) on the prelude by J S Bach Gounod, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Meditation (Vita In Ligno Moritur). From a Lute book Circa 1530. Piano Solo Arranged by Harold Craxton, 
Meditation - For the Pianoforte Stephen Heller, 
Meditation d'Amour - Pour Piano Philippe Maurel, 
Meditation for the Piano C S Morrison, 
Meditation in D Flat for Piano GH. Gounod, 
Meditation Waltz - For Piano Solo Norman Kennedy, 
Meditation Waltz - For Pianoforte Solo Oscar Verne, 
Meditation, extrait de LOpera "Thais" Jules Massenet, arranged by Hans Gunter Heumann, 
Meditation. For piano solo By Ernest Gillet, 
Mediterranean - For Piano Solo Arnold Bax, 
Mediterranean - For Piano Solo Arnold Bax, 
Mediterranean Concerto - Complete - Piano solo A Semprini , 
Medley of overtures, musical switch arranged for piano Arranged by Geo H Farnell , 
Medorah Waltz - On melodies from the new Eastern American comic Opera "Medorah" - For Piano Solo John Ansell andd Vada Ennem, 
Medtner, N Trois Dithyrambes for Piano Op 10 No 1, 
Medtner, N Sonate for piano Op 5, 
Meet Cole Porter at the Piano Cole Porter, 
Meet Frederick Loewe at the Piano - Album Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, 
Meet George Gershwin at the piano - For piano solo George Gershwin, 
Meet Mister Callaghan - For Piano - Theme dedicated to Slim Callaghan the famous Peter Cheyney Character Eric Spear, 
Meet the Boys (Main title from "The Client") - Featuring Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones Howard Shore, 
Mefoxtroteles - A Faust Fantasy Fox Trot - For Piano Solo W. H. Norman, 
Mei Schatz ist ein Reiter - No. 2 from Fourth Set of Three German Melodies for the Pianoforte - Op. 61 Transcribed by Ignaz Tedesco, 
Mein Herzensliedchen, the song of my heart, idylle fur das pianoforte Carl Hause, 
Mein Liebchen Wohnt am Donaustrand - Lied - Wiener Couplets Series Band IV - Fur Pianoforte und Gesang Edmund Guschelbauer, 
Meister Des Cembalos - Masters of the Cembalo - Edition Peters No. 4407a Joh. Jakob Froberger, arranged by Helmut Schultz, 
Melancholy and Joy - Notturno and Galop Brillant for Pianoforte - Op. 42 Charles Voss, 
Melange on favorite Airs from The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein J. Offenbach arranged for the Pianoforte by H. W. Goodban, 
Melanie - Morceau de Salon Pour Piano Arthur E. Klitz, 
Meldoy in F - The Brown Cover Edition No. 126 A. Rubinstein edited and revised by Ernest Reeves, 
Melinda's Wedding Day - Celebre Chanson Americaine de Goodwin, Carthy et Piantadosi - Arranged as a One Step Francis Salabert, 
Melly in the Moonlight - Characteristic Piece for Piano Georges Latour, 
Melodia (From 12 Preludes For Piano) Carlo Albanesi, 
Melodie (Elegy) Jules Massenet - Arranged by Moissaye Boguslawski, 
Melodie - For the piano Rachmaninoff, revised and as played by the composer, 
Melodie - Tire Des Chants Du Voyageur Opus 8, No. 3 Jgnace J Padereewski, arranged by F Brissler, 
Melodie Bohemienne - For piano solo F. Lemoine, 
Melodie D' Amour - For Pianoforte - Original Arrangement H Engelmann, 
Melodie D' Amour - For the Pianoforte H Engelmann, 
Melodie D' Amour - For violin & piano H Englemann, 
Melodie D' Amour - Piano Solo - Lilac Series H Engleman, 
Melodie D' Amour - Pour Piano H Englemann, edited by Ernest Haywood, 
Melodie D'Amour - For Piano H. Engelmann easily arranged for Piano by Wilson Manhire, 
Melodie d'Amour and Stephanie H. Engelmann & A. Czibulka, Edited and Fingered by Clifford Ross, 
Melodie d'Amour pour Piano - Violin & Piano H Engelmann, H Tolhurst, 
Melodie Joyeuse for Pianoforte - Dedicated to my son, Ivor Geoffrey J. J. E. Boon, 
Melodie Lyrique from "En Passant" Erik Meyer Helmund, 
Melodie lyrique, No.1 Miniatures Op193 Nicolai von Wilm, 
Melodie Mignonne. Piano Solo By Rene Fanande, 
Melodie Norvege. Piano Solo Maurice Telma, 
Melodie Poetique, for piano H E Geehl, 
Melodie Solennelle In D. Piano Solo Frederic Rosse, 
Melodie Solennelle In D. Piano Solo Frederick Rosse, 
Melodie Triste - Elegy for the piano By Gustav Klemm, 
Melodie. For Piano Solo Maurice Moszkowski, 
Melodie. No. 10 from 12 Etudes for the Piano By Edward Mac Dowell. Op. 39 No. 10, 
Melodies Ethelbert Nevin, 
Melodies (No. 1. Voix elevees, ton original) for Piano Henri Duparc, 
Melodies arranged for piano solo by Alex Roloff S Coleridge Taylor, 
Melodies from Handel's Oratorio "The Messiah" easily arranged by Noel Fisher, 
Melodies of Verdi - Banks Gem series No. 82 - World famous Operatic melodies - For Piano Solo with Piano Accordion parts Verdi, 
Melodiettes Number 1. Twilight Song. New Century Series of Pianoforte Solos J L Roeckel, 
Melodious Melodies - A Pot Pourri of Airs of the past 50 years Various Composers/Traditional, Recalled by Herman Finck, 
Melodious Melodies - A Pot Pourri of the fascinating airs of the past 50 years Recalled by Herman Finck, 
Melodious Memories. Piano Solo. A pot pourri of fascinating airs from the last 50 years By various composers, recalled by Herman Finck, 
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Melodious Studies - Piano Solo - Op. 72 - Collection Litolff No. 2054 R. Hofmann, edited by Philip Hale, 
Melody - Piano Solo Reginald Somerville, 
Melody at Dusk, arranged for piano solo Reginald King, 
Melody At Dusk. Illustrated byntermezzo. Piano Solo Reginald King, 
Melody for pianoforte Daisy Wilso-Gunn, 
Melody from Rhapsody in Blue - Piano Solo George Gershwin, 
Melody from Rhapsody in Blue - Piano Solo George Gershwin, 
Melody from the Concerto in B flat minor - Piano solo - Favourite Classics No. 7 Tschaikowsky, Arranged by Ernest Haywood, 
Melody in A - for Pianoforte W. Smallwood, 
Melody In A Flat. Piano Solo E Joslin Hall, 
Melody In D H Farjeon, 
Melody in E flat Edward German, 
Melody in E flat major - From the musical sketch book H. Farjeon, 
Melody in F - Piano Solo H Rubinstein, 
Melody in F - For Piano - The Hanover Edition Rubinstein, revised and fingered by J. T. Trekell, 
Melody in F - For violin and piano with 1st and 2nd violin parts A. Rubenstein - Arranged by August Ambrose, 
Melody in F - Grafton Classics series No. 14 - For Piano Solo Rubinstein edited by Allan W. Bunney, 
Melody in F major - Characteristic Pieces for the Pianoforte series No. 2 Stepan Esipoff, 
Melody in F, Opus 3, No. 1, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LI (higher division) A Rubinstein, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Melody in F. Piano solo Rubinstein, 
Melody Land. Twelve Short Pieces - Piano Solo W C Lovell, 
Melody of Love - Piano Solo Marion Verhaalen, 
Melody pour piano, played by Her Royal Highness Princess Christian at the concert in aid of the Albert Institute at Windsor By Halfdan Kjerulf, revised by J T Trekell, 
Melody, arranged by Albert Ketelbey Spencer Shaw, 
Melody, Opus 68, No. 1 and Soldier's March, Opus 68, No. 2, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 45 (elementary) R Schumann, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Melodyway - Book 1 - World Famous Melodies of the Past and Present in Easy Piano Arrangements Various Composers arranged by Harry Dexter, 
Melodyway - Book 2 - World Famous Melodies of the Past and Present in Easy Piano Arrangements Various Composers arranged by Harry Dexter, 
Melodyway - Book 5 - World Famous Melodies of the Past and Present in Easy Piano Arrangements Various Composers arranged by Harry Dexter, 
Melodyway Book of Songs from the British Isles. Book One, Easy Piano Arrangements by Harry Dexter Containing, Greensleeves, Golden Slumbers, Barbara Allen, The Rose of Tralee, Londonderry Air, Killarney, The Last Rose of Summer, The Ash Grove, Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes, Land of My Fathers, and many others, 
Memento valse - dedicated to Miss Rose L Oliver Celian Kottaun, 
Memories - for the Pianoforte Douglas Shannon, 
Memories - Entr'acte John E. Smith, 
Memories - Entr'acte John E. Smith, 
Memories - Reverie for the piano Albert Kussner, 
Memories for the Pianoforte - Op. 4, No. 2 - Edition Swift Edward Vernon, 
Memories Of Spring Waltz. Piano Solo Bert R Anthony, 
Memories of Springtime - Romance for piano Eric Lingard, 
Memories of the Ballet - First Selection - Arranged for Pianoforte Arranged by King Palmer, 
Memories Of The Past. Reverie. Piano Solo Wilfrid Scott, 
Memories Of Youth. (Autrefois). Piano Solo Percy Elliott, 
Memories Sake, waltz J E Peilgen, 
Memories, for piano solo By G Morel, 
Memories. Piano Solo P K De Villiers, 
Memory Island, memories of other lands, 9 pieces, continental fingering H Baynton Power, 
Memoryland suite for piano - 6 tunes Noel Raymond, 
Memphis, valse orientale Martin Belsize, 
Men of Harlech, Welsh air Easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Mendelssobns Rivulet (the brook) Edited and Fingered by Jules Benedict, 
Mendelssohn Venetian Gondola song Op19 No.6, piano solo, 
Mendelssohn - I Waited For The Lord (Hymn of Praise) - For The Pianoforte Felix Mendelssohn, compiled by Henry Farmer, 
Mendelssohn - On Wings of Song Mendelssohn - Easily arranged by Wilson Manhire, 
Mendelssohn Scherzo F Mendelssohn, 
Mendelssohn's Elijah - Two Paraphrases for the Piano - Paraphrase No. 2 Arthur Henry Brown, 
Mendelssohns Spring Song - Piano Solo Mendelssohn, 
Meneut Rococo, No.5 of Six Romantic pieces for piano Henry E Geehl, 
Menuet (In Canon Form) - Two Dances for Piano - Series No. 1 Wilson G. Smith, 
Menuet - Extract for piano solo - Le Tombeau de Couperin Maurice Ravel, 
Menuet - No. 14 from Daisy Chains collection of easy Pianoforte pieces - Series I Czerny, edited and revised by Eric Kuhlstrom, 
Menuet - Piano Solo Jean Douste, 
Menuet a Cantique en Sol majeur - Morceaux pour Piano series No. 6 Anton Strelezki, 
Menuet De L Arlesienne. Piano Solo By Georges Bizes, 
Menuet de la Reine - For Piano Solo - Dedicated A. Exa. Senra. D. Orizia Pinto Leite A. G. Gits, 
Menuet de la Reine for the Piano Benjamin Goard, 
Menuet de Napoleon pour le piano By Jules Therese, 
Menuet de Ninon de Lenclos - Pour Piano Renaud de Vilbac, 
Menuet du Dauphin - Pour Piano E. V. Pieraccini, 
Menuet Et Trio - From Trois Mourceaux - Piano Solo - Op. 85 Oliver King, 
Menuet for the Piano I. J. Paderewski, 
Menuet for the piano, Sur le nom d'Haydn M Ravel, 
Menuet from the opera "Bernice" Handel, 
Menuet Impromptu - Pour le Piano W. H. Harper, 
Menuet in C. Piano Solo J Pleyel, revised by Jules Devaux, 
Menuet in G - for Piano Op. 14, No. 1 I. J. Paderewski - Easily arranged by Henry Geehl, 
Menuet in G major Beethoven, arranged by Martin Frey, 
Menuet pour le Piano - Dedicated a Mdme La Comtesse de Yonage Doria - Op. 312 Chevalier Antoine de Kontski, 
Menuet Tendre. Piano Solo Gaston Lemune, 
Menuet Valse. Piano Solo Henri Ketten, 
Menuet. En Passant. Morceaux. Piano Solo Erik Meyer Helmund, 
Menuett - For Piano Gustav Blafser, 
Menuett in G, Musette in D, No. 35 of Keith Prowse Favourite Classics for piano J S Bach, edited by E Haywood, 
Menuett Serenade. Piano Solo Erik Meyer Helmund, 
Menuett, W A Mozarts symphonie for piano J Schulhoff, 
Menuett. Piano Solo By Anton Dvorak, 
Menuett. Piano Solo Fritz Spindler, 
Menuetto Joan Last, 
Menuetto - No. 9 from Daisy Chains collection of easy Pianoforte pieces - Series I Andre, edited and revised by Eric Kuhlstrom, 
Menuetto in B minor, from Opus 78, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LXXXV (intermediate) F Schubert, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Menuetto scherzando Bernh, Stavenhagen, 
Menuetto-Caprice. No. 3, Trois Morceaux pour le piano Felix Borowski, 
Menuetto. For Piano solo S Prokofieff, 
Meow - One Step - For Piano Mel B. Kaufman (Composer of More Candy, It's a Bird, Listen to This and Introduce Me), 
Mercedes - Waltz for Piano Solo W. Perrini, 
Mercedes, Piano selection By Danielle Pellegrini, 
Mercenary Mary - Piano selection Herbert Clayton and Jack Waller, arranged by H M Higgs, 
Merely Molly - Piano Selection from the musical play Arranged by Herman Finck, 
Meridian Walk - Ragtime for Piano Richard Hillert, 
Mermaids Song, for piano Cyril Scott and Tamar Faed, 
Merrie England - First Selection from the Comic Opera for Piano Solo Edward German, 
Merrie England - Second selection for Piano Solo Edward German, 
Merrie England, Piano Selection By Edward German, 
Merrie Moonlight - For Piano E Bartlett, 
Merrie Sherwood - Polka for Piano Mark Mills, 
Merrily Tramping. Piano Solo George Coutts, 
Merry Andrew John Ireland, 
Merry Boys - For Piano Solo Georg Marcel, 
Merry Christmas Quadrilles for Piano Ezra Read, 
Merry England - Waltz Frank Tipping, 
Merry England - Waltz Frank Tipping, 
Merry Footsteps - Polka for Piano P. Bucalossi, 
Merry Gipsy Polka - For Piano - Played with immense Success by the Hungarian Band Felix Keston, 
Merry Go Round - Polka for Pianoforte S.A. Winchester, 
Merry Go Round Waltz - For Piano James M. Calder, 
Merry go round, Op103 No4, piano solo James Lyon, 
Merry Go Round. Galop for piano solo L Gautier, 
Merry Haymakers - For Piano Albert H Oswald, 
Merry Heart - For Piano Leona Lacoste, 
Merry Hearts Book of Tunes, suite of 6 easy pieces for piano solo By Thomas F Dunhill, 
Merry Laughter. Piano Solo Eric Orland, 
Merry Maytime. Arantella for piano solo and mandoline/violin By Carl Peters, 
Merry Measures - Thirteen easy pieces for piano Clemence Roff, 
Merry Minstrel - Mazurka for Piano Solo Maurice Child, 
Merry Moments - Morceau pour le Piano Michael Watson, 
Merry Moments - No. 12 Old Whitehall E. Boggetti, 
Merry Moments Volume 10 - Piano solo Ezra Read., 
Merry Moments Volume 11, Easy Marches for Boy Scouts, School Drill, Home use, arranged by Ezra Read Grande Marche Militaire, Soldiers Chorus from Faust, Yes Let me like a soldier fall, The Heros return, Marche de Triomphe, The Mannikins March, Gondomar, The Cossacks, In the jungle, The merry haymakers, Thanksgiving Grand March, 
Merry Moments. A Series of Popular Pieces Arranged for piano solo By Alan Vaughan, 
Merry mood, for the piano, Op.2 Derwent Carlton, 
Merry Rococo Time and the age of romance, 20 old time dances easily arranged for piano solo Arranged by Richard Krentzlin, 
Merry Skaters - Galop de Concert for Piano Ezra Read, 
Merry Sleigh Bells for the pianoforte C F Neal, 
Merry Sleigh Bells. Galop. Piano Solo J Pridham, 
Merry Springtime - No. 4 from The Sylvan Series for the Pianoforte Emil Landon, 
Merry Sunbeams - Sunny Sketch for Piano A. Hough, 
Merry Waltz Album. County Series No. 29, Sunny Beams, Bright Garlands, Sunny Meadow, Tittle Tattle, Sparkling Opal, Summer Winds, Elfin Glade and Sunny Spain Albert Oswald, 
Merry Wanderer - Piano Solo - Op. 17, No. 2 A. Jensen, 
Merry Wandering Paul Zilcher, 
Merrybel (Petit Caprice) - For Piano Arthur F. Smith, 
Mes Papillons - Suite en Forme de Ballet B. M. Colomer, 
Message D Amour, Serenade for Piano Sydney H. Gambrell, 
Message D'Amour (Message Of Love) - Melodie. Piano Solo Jules Lorraine, 
Message d'Amour - Morceau de Salon pour Piano Seymour Smith, 
Message Du Coeur. Hearts Message. Intermezzo. Piano Solo Louis Severne, 
Message of Love - Polka - Paxton edition No. 509 W. F. Sudds, 
Messe No.5 in E flat major for the orchestra Schubert, 
Messenger Boy, Ron Goodwin Ron Goodwin, 
Methode D'Accompagnement Bossa Piano - 14 Grands Standards Various Composers , 
Metro Goldwyn Mayer's Hollywood Revue of 1929 - Piano Melody Selection - Featuring Buster Keaton, Anita Page and Joan Crawford amongst others Various composers, arranged by Henry E. Pether, 
Metzler & Cos Christmas Album, Reels and country dances for piano solo Douglas Gordon waltz, Carnival lancers, Maid Marion waltz, Shillelagh quadrille, Tandem galop, Nell Gwynne polka, Fitzclarence Schottische, Leaves and flowers waltz, Little blue eyes polka, London Scottish Caledonians, 
Metzlers Original Cinema Music No. 3 G H Clutsam, 
Mexican Corn - Recorded by Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass on Stateside Bowman & Herb Alpert, 
Mexican Hat Dance (Traditional) for piano Arranged by Robin De Smet, 
Mexican Hat Dance - Piano Solo - Featuring Anton Arranged by R Hanmer, 
Mexican Pearls - Recorded by Don Randi on Palamor Records and Recorded by Billy Vaughn on Dot Records - With B flat Trumpet Solo Don Randi & Joe Mikolas, 
Mexican Serenade (Ay-Ay-Ay) For piano Malcolm Ives, 
Mexico - Professional Copy Boudleaux Bryant, 
Mezza Notte Suona Gia Ent.Sta. Hall, 
Mezzotints. Fancy Free. Piano Solo A Vivian, 
Mia Piccina - Fox-trot - For Piano Solo - French Edition Lao Silesu, 
Mia Stella. Melodie. Piano Solo By Henri Clermont, 
Miami Vice - Theme from the Universal TV Series - Piano Solo Jan Hammer, 
Miao Variationen, for the piano Wolfango Dalla Vecchia, 
Michael Tippet - Piano Sonata - Schott Edition 10123 Michael Tippett, 
Michael Watson Cynthia (one of the romantic titles of Queen Elizabeth) A right Merrie Dance, piano solo, 
Michaelis Overture - Herr Gott dich Loben Alle Wir (Lord we All Praise Thee) - Walter Rummel adaptations Series IV J. S. Bach adapted by Walter Rummel, 
Mickeys Toy Symphony. For piano solo K Russell, 
Microjazz I Christopher Norton, 
Microjazz II - Graded Piano pieces in Popular Styles Christopher Norton, 
Microstyles 4 - For Piano or Keyboard Christopher Norton, 
Microstyles II - For Piano or Keyboard Christopher Norton, 
Mid Ocean, Pensee Melodique A Cunio, 
Midnight Sybil Barlow, 
Midnight Chimes - For Pianoforte Albert Lindahl, 
Midnight Cowboy - Theme for Piano Solo featuring Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight John Barry, 
Midnight Dance. From the Comedy Opera The Bric A Brac Will. Piano Solo Emilio Pizzi, 
Midnight Express - Descriptive Piece for Piano - Paxton Edition No. 1796 Ezra Read, 
Midnight Fire Alarm - Piano Solo Harry Lincoln, 
Midnight Folly - Waltz for Piano Solo Ronald Bruce, 
Midnight in Mayfair - Piano Solo Newell Chase, 
Midnight in Moscow - Piano Solo featuring Kenny Ball V. Soloviev-Sedoi, M Matusovosky & Kenny Ball, 
Midnight Minuit - The Popular Parisian Waltz - For Piano Solo Louis Hillier, 
Midnight Moon - Morceau for Piano Georges Latour, 
Midnight Moon - Valse - Piano Solo Alwyn Reid, 
Midnight Revels - Instructive and Tuneful Pieces for Pianoforte - No. 57 G. Melbourne Loynd, 
Midnight Sun (Blues) - For Piano - The Fourth Book S. Schwartz, 
Midnight Tango - Piano Solo Tony Hiller, Irving Hiller and Danny Newman, 
Midst snow and ice - Nine miniatures for piano, for the piano solo John Longmire, 
Midsummer Night - Romance - Op. 69 - No. 3 of "The Academy Collection of semi classical works" Maxime Heller, 
Miette. For piano solo R Raymond, 
Mignon - Opera de Ambroise Thomas Transcription by A Bazille, 
Mignon Fantasie - Edition Schott - Einzel Ausgabe - Schott Edition No. 02009 - Op. 71 Opera de A. Thomas, Mittelschwere Fantasie von Ch. Neustedt, 
Mignon Gavotte - For Piano Solo - Berners Edition A. Thomas edited by George Farlane, 
Mignonette - Piano Solo Felix Burns , 
Mignonne - Air de Danse for the Pianoforte Ernest Birch, 
Mignonne. Piano Solo Cecil Rayners, 
mignonnette. Chanson Gavotte. Piano Solo By G Bachmann, 
Mikrokosmos - Vol. 1 - Piano Solo - Progressive Piano Pieces Bela Bartok, 
Mikrokosmos for Piano - Volume III - Progressive Piano Pieces Bela Bartok, 
Mikrokosmos for Piano - Volume V - Progressive Piano Pieces Bela Bartok, 
Mikrokosmos for Piano. Volume IV - Progressive Piano Pieces Bela Bartok, 
Milanese Dance for the Pianoforte Carl Malemberg, 
Mildred Waltz - Cramer's Dance Miscellany Series No. 8 C. Godfrey, 
Mildred, gavotte Vernon C Methuen, 
Mildred, valse Francis Jose, arranged and fingered by F T Thomas, 
Miles Davis Piano - Interpretations Miles Davis, 
Milestones - Three Pieces for the Pianoforte William Baines, 
Milestones, a collection of piano pieces (moderate difficulty) ranging from 17th to 20th century, 44 pieces Six little pieces for movement, Folk songs of different Nations, selections from classical composers and Themes from orchestral and chamber music, 
Milicent, valse hesitation or Boston pause Frank W McKee, 
Militaire Gavotte - Op. 105 - For Pianoforte H. Fliege, revised and fingered by Frank Percival, 
Military Manoeuvres - Grand Description of a Field Day, Sham Fight and Torchlight Tattoo for the Pianoforte Leonard Gautier, 
Military March - For piano Schubert, easily arranged by Wilson Manhire, 
Military March - Piano Solo with Violin & Cello Ad. Lib. - Banks Sixpenny Edition No. 80 Schubert - Violin & Cello Ad. Lib. Orchestrated by Sam. B. Wood, 
Military March For Piano Schubert - Easily Arranged by Wilson Manhire, 
Military Marches (A Series of Popular Marches) - Book II - For Piano Various Composers, 
Military Marches Book III Advance Guard, Big Push, Indiana, Neath Englands Flag, 
Military Rondo. Piano solo A Hough, 
Military Schottisch. The Young Pianist, a Collection of Favorite Airs Arranged for the pianoforte by J T Stone, 
Milkmaid Valse - Presented with the Compliments of Nestle & Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Co. to their esteemed clientele Octave Cremieux, 
Mill May - For Piano Solo - Musical Gems Series No. 5 L. V. Crosby easily arranged and fingered by J. A. Wade, 
Mill Wheel Song. Pictures from Fairland. Piano Solo David Dick Slater, 
Mille-Fleurs - Polka for Piano Solo - Paxton edition No. 742 E. S. King, 
Millicent - Valse Hesitation or Boston Pause Frank W. Mckee, 
Millicent - Valse Hesitation or Boston Pause Frank W. Mckee, 
Milonguita - Celebre Melodie Argentine - For Piano Solo - Repertoire Raquel Meller - French Edition Enrique Delfino (Delfy), 
Mimi Valse - For Piano Solo - Dedicated to Mrs Downes Elland Norton Cyril J. Gardener, 
Mimosa - Japanese march for the Pianoforte E. Boggetti, 
Mimosa Gavotte or Love in Japan. For piano solo By W Aletter, 
Mimosa Tango - Piano Solo - Featuring Varaldi's Band Charles Varaldi , 
Mimosa Waltz - For Piano Solo Frederick Cole, 
Miniaturas - 8 little pieces For Piano - Edition Schott No. 2106 Joaquin Turina, 
Miniature Dance Suite - Piano Solo Alec Rowley, 
Miniature Melodies - 27 tuneful Pieces for Piano also useful for Sight-Reading - Hinrichsen Edition No. 865 - Read and Play Series, One Pair of Hands, Grade V (Higher) Thomas A. Johnson, 
Miniature Nursery Suite - For Piano F W Wadely, 
Miniature Scherzo Grade D. Daily Express National Piano Playing Contest. Piano Solo Adam Carse, 
Miniature Sonata for Piano Richard H. Walthew, 
Miniature string quartet in A minor Adam Carse, 
Miniature Suite David Gow, 
Miniature Suite (recollections) for Pianoforte - Op. 98 No.'s 1 -4 James Lyon, 
Miniature Suite - For the Pianoforte (within the compass of notes) - Edition Swift Dr. C. H. Merrill edited by Edward Isaacs, 
Miniature Suite - Grade 3 to 4 - Op. 89 C. S. Lang, 
Miniature Suite arranged for Piano solo from the Orchestral Score by the composer Eric Coates, 
Miniature Suite for Piano - Grade G York Bowen, 
Miniature Suite for the piano, including Graceful Dance, Elegy & Grotesque Dance By Adam Carse , 
Miniature Suite for the Pianoforte - Augener's Edition No. 4976 Adam Carse, 
Miniature Waltz - From "Dance Suite" for Pianoforte Henry Coleman, 
Miniatures - Op. 61 - For Piano - Album Series No. 18 Grieg, 
Miniatures for pianoforte Cyril Scott , 
Miniatures for the pianoforte. Including Springtime, Gavotte, Valse, Tarentelle ans Song of the Leaves James Lyon, 
Miniatures Reverie. Piano Solo By C H Glass, 
Minnehaha - Suite from the Hiawatha Ballet Music S. Coleridge-Taylor - Arranged and Orchestrated by Percy E. Fletcher, 
Minnelied. Minstrels song for piano solo Carl Gaenschals, 
Minnie Merry Melodies - For Piano Various Composers, 
Minor Piano Compositions Bohuslav Martinu revised by Vera Zouharova, 
Minstrel Sam - Celebre Marche Two Step - French Edition Mose Gumble, simplified by Maurice Gracey, 
Minstrel Songs, with words, tonic solfa and ukelele accompaniments may be used as Piano Solos Various Composers, 
Mintsrels Claude Debussy, 
Minuet Words and music - Mozart, J Schulhoff, 
Minuet Etienne Henry Mehul, 
Minuet - for Piano S. Prus Szczepanowski, 
Minuet - Piano Musical Supplement from The Musical Mirror and Fanfare publication October 1932 - Taken from Oxford University Press' Little Book of Dances Herbert Howells, 
Minuet and Gavotte, arranged for Nellie Chaplins revival of Ancient Dances and Music, with pictures and directions, Dr Philip Hayes & Thomas Augustine Arne, 
Minuet And Reverie. Piano Solo H Ashworth Hope, 
Minuet and Trio, Piano Solo Norman Demuth, 
Minuet and Trio, from Mozarts symphony in Eb Arranged for piano by Jules Schulhoff, 
Minuet Fantastique. Piano solo By H G Lichtenstein, 
Minuet for piano Boccherini, 
Minuet for piano solo Frank Bridge, 
Minuet from "Samson" By Handel transcribed for piano by Jules de Sivrai, 
Minuet Impromptu in B - For Pianoforte Ezra Read, 
Minuet In A - Op. 16, No. 7 I J Paredewski, 
Minuet In A - Op. 16, No. 7 I J Paredewski, edited by Henry Geehl, 
Minuet in C Major - Piano Solo - Lengnick Edition No. 2232 D. Steibelt, 
Minuet in D, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, CXXV (lower division) C Reinecke, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
Minuet in E flat (from "Berenice"), inin A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 130 (lower division) G F Handel, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
Minuet in E minor (from Sonata No. 1 in C), in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 121 (intermediate) C M von Weber, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
Minuet in G - Easily arranged for Piano Beethoven, arranged by Wilson Manhire, 
Minuet in G - For Piano Beethoven, edited by Adam Carse, 
Minuet in G - For the Pianoforte - Simplified Edition Beethoven, 
Minuet in G - Grafton Classics No. 2 - Piano Solo Beethoven, 
Minuet in G - No. 2 Beethoven - Arranged by S. O. Goldsmith, 
Minuet in G - Pianoforte Solo Beethoven, arranged by Ernest Reeves, 
Minuet in G - The melody as played in film "Scaramouche" - Piano Solo - With Violin and Cello Obligato ad Lib. Beethoven, arranged by Oscar Allon, 
Minuet in G for Piano Solo By Edward German, 
Minuet in G from Suite No. 1 and Giga in A minor, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LXVI (lower division and higher division) H Purcell, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Minuet In G Major. Piano Solo Arthur Somerwell, 
Minuet in G, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 44 (lower division) Beethoven, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Minuet in G, Piano solo Ludwig Van Beethoven , 
Minuet in the Olden Style, piano solo By Paul Du Val, 
Minuet Number 1 from Three Old Dances. Piano Solo Ivy Herbert, 
Minuet, Dans Le Style Ancienne for piano solo By Paul Aubry, 
Minuetto M Van Den Gheyn and Ernesto Marciano, 
Minuetto & Romanzo - No. 7 From ''Italian Sketches'' - For Pianoforte - Edition Swift Ferdinando Peduzzi, edited by Edward Isaacs, 
Minuetto - For Piano Solo - French Edition Roger Guttinguer, 
Mirabel - Valse - Respectfully Dedicated to Miss Rose Dowswell Charles Le Thiere, 
Miracle in the Gorbals - A Ballet in One Scene - Piano Score Arthur Bliss, 
Mirage - Piano Solo William Gillock, 
Mirage. Romance. Piano Solo Eric Coates, 
Miranda - Gavotte - Piano Solo J. Hoffmann, 
Miranda, mazurka for the piano E M Barry, 
Miranda. Scherzo. No. 2 of Shakespeare pieces for pianoforte Hubert Bath, 
Miranda. Spanish Dance. Piano Solo Oscar Wagner, 
Miroirs No.4, Alborado Del Gracioso for the piano M Ravel, 
Mirth and Melody Piano Album - Book II Various Composers, 
Miss Helyett. Waltz. For Piano Solo E Audran, 
Miss Hook of Holland - Piano Selection Paul A Rubens selected and arranged by Albert Ketelbey, 
Miss Hook of Holland, valse Arranged by Leonard Williams, on melodies by Paul A Rubens, 
Miss Jarvis's Reel - Scottish Country Dance Nan Main, dance devised by the Demonstration Team of the Stirlingshire Branch R.S.C.D.S, 
Miss Jean Matheson (strathspey) and James Hailton of Auchincruive (reel) - With Instructions for the Dances Music Composed and Arranged by J. Stanley Hamilton, Dance devised by William J. Clark, 
Miss Modern. Novelette, piano solo W H Richardson, 
Missa Brevis in D for the organ Benjamin Britten, 
Mississippi Moon - A Southern Scene - For Piano Ernest Reeves, 
Mist on the Moors. Piano Solo Reginald Redman, 
Mister Cinders - A Modern Musical Comedy - Piano Selection Vivian Ellis, Richard Myers and Leo Robin arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Mister Cinders - A Modern Musical Comedy - Piano Selection Vivian Ellis, Richard Myers and Leo Robin arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Mister Irving - Piano Solo T. King, I. Mack and M. Gittens, 
Mistletoe - Descriptive fantasia for the piano Ezra Read, 
Mistletoe, waltz for piano solo By J F W Rowe, 
Mistletoe. Piano Solo Osborne Roberts, 
Mistress Penelope (Georgian Dance) - For Piano Wilfred Arnold, 
Mistress Tabitha - Her book of tunes: Prelude, Landler, Pavane, Air, Rigadoon H Farjeon, 
Mitzi. Piano solo Leslie Bridmont, 
Mo-ana, Hawaiin waltz Harry B Olsen, 
Moccassin Blues - For Piano Solo Ed. Stanelli, 
Mock Morris - piano solo - From Music Room Tit Bits Percy Aldridge Grainger, 
Mock Morris, for piano solo P Grainger, 
Mocking Eyes - Valse Brilliant - For Piano - Op. 78 Bert R. Anthony, 
Modern Magic - For the Pianoforte - Dedicated to the authors pupils at Bassets Preparatory School Farnborough - Presentation Copy Ronald Brunker, 
Modern Masters of the pianoforte Volume II Nocturne, Serenade, Valsette, Arlequin, Menuet de la Reine, Minuet, 
Modern Masters of the pianoforte Volume V Mattinata, Lament, Mosaiques No.3, Une chanson de Jeune Fille, Intermezzo, Feuillet dAlbum, 
Modern Masters of the pianoforte Volume VI Chant de Mai, Aubade, Petite Histoire, Valser gentile, Chant du berger, Pres de Toi, 
Modern Miniature for the piano, Op.95 Walter Neiman, 
Modern Miniatures - For Pianoforte - Op. 95 Walter Niemann, 
Modern Piano Transcriptions - For Piano Solo Eddie Heywood edited by Murray Feldman, 
Modern Piano Transcriptions of Famous Standards - Book 1 Various Composers, 
Modern School of Pianoforte Technique - Original Progressive Studies - Book 2 Scales and Velocity Orlando Morgan, 
Modestie. No 1 from Two Cameos "Out of the Past", piano solo Percy Elliott, 
Modesty valse - Dedicated to Kathleen Sydney Baynes, 
Mogengesang, morning song for the piano Angelo Mascheroni, 
Molly Dear, waltz Arthur de Blone, 
Molly on the Shore - Irish Reel - No. 19 from British Folk music settings Percy Grainger, 
Molto Allegro E Scherzando in A. No. 2 from Four Little Pieces for the Piano By Conradin Kreutzer. Revised & Fingered by Matthew Prior, 
Moment De Valse. Piano Solo Theodore Lack, 
Moment Joyeux. Danse Et Chant Andalou. Piano Solo Oscar De La Cinna, 
Moment Musical - Easily Arranged for Piano Schubert - Arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
Moments of Idleness - For Piano Solo - Banks Recretive solos series No. 3 Percy Flint, 
Moments of Joy - Waltz for Piano Solo - Paxton Edition No. 1615 Aylmer Ward, 
Mon Bijou (My Jewel) - Valse Lente Charles E Le Paige, 
Mon Homme - Schottisch Espagnole for Piano Solo - Le Succes de Mistinguett et Harry Pilcer - French Edition Maurice Yvain, 
Mon Reve - For Piano Waldteufel, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Mon Reve - Valse for Piano and orchestra Emile Waldteufel, 
Mon Reve. Romance. Piano Solo M Schyralski, 
Mon Tresor - Medley Fox-Trot - Osborne's popular sixpenny edition No. 67 - Introduced and Played nightly by the Tower orchestra at The Tower, Blackpool Arranged by J. Woof Gaggs, 
Mona's Life - Polka William Smallwood, 
Monologues - Book I - For Piano Leonard Butler , 
Monologues for Piano - Book I - Augener Album Series No. 66a Leonard Butler , 
Monologues for Piano - Book II - Augener Album Series No. 66b Leonard Butler , 
Monsieur Beaucaire - Valse on Melodies from the opera Andre Messager, arranged by Charles Godfrey, 
Monsieur Tricotrin - A Sketch of Montmartre for Piano Solo Harold Rawlinson, 
Montague Ewing By The Silver Pool,Three Sketches; Little Blue Butterfly, Pond Lilies, Dance Of The Water-Witches, 
Montana One Step - As danced nightly with enormous success at "The Palace", Douglas, Isle of Man and the Principal Ball-Rooms - With instructions for the dance steps Music arranged by Harry Wood, dance arranged by J. B. McEwen, 
Monte Carlo Waltz - Banks' Sixpenny Edition No. 5 Marks-Niederdraing, 
Monte Carlo. Jack Buchanan and Jeanette Mac Donald from the paramount picture Richard A Whiting and W Franke Harling, arranged by Max Irwin, 
Monte Cristo, valse tzigane for piano solo By I Kotlar, 
Month's Mind - For Piano John Ireland, 
Monti Czardas, piano solo, 
Mood Sketches - Ten Pianoforte Pieces - Op. 10 Rebikoff, 
Moods. Twelve shortened easy pieces for Piano, Book 1. By Joseph Fredericks Contains: Joyful, Sad, Tearful, Frivolous, Obstinate, Loving, Angry, Forgiving, Impudent, Thoughtful, Peaceful and Drowsy., 
Moon - Fox-Blues - Dedicated to Madame Ivonne Deneufville Michel Dillard, 
Moon Blossom (Moon Moths Number 2). Piano Solo Albert Kussner, 
Moon Dreams - Waltz - For Piano Solo Vernon Eville, 
Moon Dust. Piano Solo By Richard Dane, 
Moon Face - Characteristic March Two Step - for Piano Abe Olman, 
Moon Madrigal: Dance Charles Willeby, 
Moon Magic - For the Pianoforte Solo Ernest F. Ohlson, 
Moon Moon Silvery Moon Wilfred Tizard, arranged for piano solo by Ezra Read, 
Moon Moths Albert Kussner, 
Moon Rays. Reverie. Piano Solo E Thielman Prior, 
Moonbeam Waltz G Presswell, 
Moonbeams - Intermezzo Arnold Beresford, 
Moonbeams - Valse Caprice for Piano Solo Jenkyn Jones, 
Moonbeams - Waltz for Piano I J Church, 
Moonbeams on the Lake. Reverie for Piano Solo John J Fitzpatrick, 
Moonbeams. Entracte. Piano Solo Albert H Oswald, 
Moonglow - Piano solo Charles E Love, 
Moonlight (Reverie) - For the Pianoforte - For the Pianoforte - Edition Swift Edward Isaacs, 
Moonlight - Intermezzo for Piano E Boggetti, 
Moonlight - Intermezzo for the Pianoforte Winifred Emery, 
Moonlight at Sea - Piano Solo - From 'Alec Rowley Pianoforte Compositions' Alec Rowley, 
Moonlight Beams, morceau brilliant Claude Renecke, 
Moonlight Bluette de Salon for Piano - Musical Illustrations Series No. 3 G. Millward, 
Moonlight Dreams - Graceful dance for the pianoforte C. Dargan, 
Moonlight Frolics - Summer Days No. 4 J. Pennock Thompson, 
Moonlight Idylls, Four Sketches for Pianoforte, Containing the tunes Slumber song, Moonbeams, Start song and Danse Humoresqe By W Cecil Blaire, 
Moonlight in the Forest (Reverie) - The Seasons No. 8 (August) - Op. 30 - for Piano Arthur Dana , 
Moonlight Madness, valse Con Conrad, 
Moonlight Melodies for pianoforte Stephen Gilmore, 
Moonlight Melodies, pianoforte solo with violin part ad lib. Stephen Gilmore, 
Moonlight Melody - Valse lente - For Piano Solo Arthur Stroud, 
Moonlight Music - From Rustic Sketches - Piano Solo Carl Hemann, 
Moonlight on the Alster - Piano solo Oscar Fetras, 
Moonlight on the Alster - Piano solo - Op. 60 Oscar Fetras, 
Moonlight on the Danube nocturne for the piano T Muller, 
Moonlight on the Hudson - Morceau de Salon G. D. Wilson, 
Moonlight On The Lake, Reverie for Piano Solo By A P Wyman, 
Moonlight on the Nile - For Piano Hamilton Hemy, 
Moonlight on the Purple Sage - Professional Copy John Klenner, 
Moonlight Over Tahiti Leslie Bridgmont, 
Moonlight Revels - Carnival Scenes No. 5 - Intermezzo for Piano Solo Eric Mervyn, 
Moonlight Serenade - For Piano Solo - W. H. Broome Edition No. 941 Noel Thayne, 
Moonlight Serenade - Piano solo Noel Thayne, 
Moonlight Shadows - Barcarolle for Piano Carl Reber, 
Moonlight Sonata - Famous Piano Pieces selected by Eileen Joyce No. 4 Beethoven arranged by Victor Ambroise, 
Moonlight Sonata - Piano Solo Beethoven, easily arranged for the piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Moonlight Sonata. (Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia). Op. 27, No. 2 By L Van Beethoven. Revised by Irving Burdick, 
Moonlight Waltz - Dedicated to Lady Ninian Crichton-Stuart - for Piano Composed by LL. Sylvester Tonkin, 
Moonlight Waltz - Valse - For Piano Solo Paul Raimon, 
Moonrise - Morceau pour Piano Felix Gantier, 
Moontime - For Piano Solo - French Edition Walter R. Collins, 
Moorland and Torland - 6 Sketches for Piano solo E Markham Lee, 
Moorland Breezes. Piano Solo J W Rooke, 
Moorland Echoes - intermezzo for pianoforte Arthur Basson, 
Morceau A La Cracovienne pour Piano By Michael Watson, 
Morceau Britanique Esquisse - Dedicated to J. S. Charlesworth Esq., Skellow Grange Doncaster B. W. Horbury, 
Morceau de Salon - For Pianoforte - Edition Swift H. Baynton-Power, 
Morceau de Salon pour Piano sur un motif de la composition de S. M. le Roi Frederic 7 de Danemare. H. J. de Lovenshjold, 
Morceau Militaire - From "Pupils Treasures" - In the key of C major Carl Hemann, 
Morceau Rustique. Piano Solo Christian Schafer, 
Morceaux de Salon Cahier III Op29 Del Valle de Paz, 
More Finger Jogging Boogie - 17 pieces in lighter styles for the young pianist Stephen Duro, 
More Instrumentals from the Repertoire of the Modern Jazz Quartet Various Composers, 
More Melodious Memories, Piano Selection Recalled By Herman Finck, 
More Melodious Memories, Recalled by Herman Finck, 9 Songs including, Loves Old Sweet song, The holy City, Up From Somerset and many more,, 
More Microjazz I - Graded Piano Pieces in Popular Styles Christopher Norton, 
More Microjazz II by Christopher Norton
More Music for Keep Fit - Classes Muriel Cuthbertson, 
More Music for Keep Fit - Classes - Curwen Edition 8680 Muriel Cuthbertson, 
More Music for Movement and Dancing - In recreative classes and schools - Book 2 Gladys Westhead, 
More National Melodies - Piano Solos Elsie Hutchings, introduction by Robert Harold, 
More New Orleans - Jazz Styles Pianistically Patterned by William Gillock, 
More Romantic pieces for Piano - Book II - 33 pieces - Grades 3 and 4 Various Composers edited by Lionel Salter, 
More Romantic pieces for Piano - Book IV - 24 pieces Various Composers edited by Lionel Salter, 
More Romantic pieces for Piano - Book V - 27 pieces Various Composers edited by Lionel Salter, 
More romantic pieces for piano Book I - 50 pieces Edited by Lionel Salter, 
More romantic pieces for piano Book II - 48 pieces Edited by Lionel Salter, 
More TV Themes - Minder - Piano, vocal and guitar - George Cole and Dennis Waterman Various Composers, 
Morena. Piano solo Haydn Wood, 
Moresca. A Nubian Love song and Dance. Piano Solo Ernest Newton, 
Morgenblatter Strauss,easily arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
Morgenblatter Waltz Johann Strauss, 
Morgenlied (In the Morning) - Piano Solo Nicolai von Wilm, 
Moriska - Moorish Dance Michael Watson, 
Morning (Peer Gynt) - easily arranged for piano solo Grieg, arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
Morning and Evening Hymns, being No. 17 of Cramer and Co. selection of Sacred Music. Edited by W Horsley, 
Morning Dewdrops - Morceau Brillant - Opus 18 Sydney Smith, 
Morning Dews - Morceau de Salon - No. 2 from "The Ruby Series of brilliant Pianoforte pieces" Ralph Alard, 
Morning Noon and Night - Overture for Piano Franz Von Suppe, arranged by E Kershaw, 
Morning on the Mountains, Op.102 and Evening on the Mountains, Op.41. Two idylls for pianoforte Joseph Schulz-Weida, edited and fingered by John A Matthews, 
Morning Song (Aubade) Rene Pougnet, 
Morning song for violoncello and the piano, Sonata Frank Bridge, 
Morning, Noon And Night - Overture Franz von Suppe, edited by Oscar Allon, 
Morning, Noon And Night - Overture - Paxton's Edition No. 50672 Franz von Suppe, 
Morning. Ballet. Anthony And Cleopatrra. Piano Solo E Jakobowski, 
Morningside, Galop, for piano Composed by W. H. Dixon, 
Moroccan Patrol - Charateristic Piece Leon Jessel, 
Moroccan Patrol - One Step or Fox Trot Leon Jessel, 
Morris Dance in F for piano solo, No.6 Characteristic dances for piano Michael Watson, 
Morris Dance in G B J Hancock, 
Morris Dance Tunes Set IX: Old Black Joe, The Beaux of London City, The Gallant Hussar, Trunkles, William and Nancy, Leap Frog, Lup0ms of Plum Pudding, Ladies Pleasure, Helston Furry Dance, Arranged by Cecil J Sharp & George Butterworth, 
Mortify Us By Thy Grace, No. 1 from Series 1 of "Walter Rummel Adaptations" J S Bach, arranged by Walter Rummel, 
Mosaics - Caracteristic Suite for piano Montague Ewing, 
Mosaics - Six pieces for children Alec Rowley, 
Mosaique - For Piano - Dedicated to Madmoiselle Laurent Camille Schubert, 
Moscheles - Opus 70, Book I of Moscheles Studies. No.s 1-12 - Augeners Edition, No. 6245a - in different Major and Minor Keys as finishing lessons for advanced performers I Moscheles, revised by E. Pauer, 
Moscheles - Opus 70, Book II of Moscheles Studies - No.s 13 to 24 - Augeners Edition, No. 6245b I Moscheles, revised by E. Pauer, 
Moscow - March Russe Ivan Tchakoff, 
Moscow Waltz - Founded on the famous Rachmaninoff Prelude for Piano Nat P. Dane, 
Moss Rose Waltz C D Blake, 
Mother Shipton - An old English dance Paul de Faye, 
Moto Perpetuo - Piano Solo Alec Rowley, 
Moulin Rouge Waltz - For Piano Georges Auric, piano transcription by Harry J Stafford, 
Mountain Echoes - Descriptive Piece for Piano - Op. 56 Jogn Storer, Mus.Doc., 
Mountain Scenes. Contains Song of the gleaner (morceau Paysanne), On a moonlit lake (Barcarolle), When the birds are hushed to rest Reverie, Noontide Peace (Dolce far niente), O'er lea and meadow (Scherzo Pastorale), The whispering Brooklet Etude. Piano Solo By Oscar Keller, 
Mountains - For Piano Solo Peter Sculthorpe, 
Moussorgsky 10 Pieces for Piano, 
Moussorgsky - Gopak - Piano Solo - Edition Lengnick No. 3891 Moussorgsky, 
Mouvements Perpetuels for the piano Francis Poulenc, 
Mouvements Perpetuels, Piano Solo Francis Poulenc, 
Movements from The Four Seasons selected and arranged for Piano Solo - Nigel Kennedy Vivaldi selected and arranged by Barry Todd, 
Moving Along - From the Beginning Book 2 - Banks Edition No. 189 - Book of Tunes and Pieces, Exercises and Scales, Sight Tests and Duets E. Markham Lee, 
Mozart - Rondo in D (K.485) Mozart, 
Mozart - Sonata in F (K. 332) for the piano Mozart, 
Mozart's Sonatas No. 17 - For the Pianoforte Mozart, edited by Walter Macfarren's, 
Mr Lonely - Piano Solo Max Crook, 
Mr Lucky - Piano Solo - Recorded on R. C. A. Records Henri Mancini, 
Mr Manhattan Waltz - On Melodies from the Musical Play Arranged by Bertram Lestrange, 
Mr Misery - One-Step (with apologies to Verdi) Arthur Donaldson, 
Mrs. E. M. Monair of Bruach (Reel) & Mrs. Grace Bowie (Jig) Adam Rennie, 
Muhlenrauschen (The Mill). Idylle. Piano Solo Carl Schmeldler, 
Mullen - Melody in A Major - For the Pianoforte Frederic Mullen, 
Murdoch's Coronation Music Album - Piano Solo Various composers, 
Muriel Hadden's Strathspey (Mrs Reid of Kilcalmkill's Strathspey) - With a Complete Guide to Steps D. Grant, 
Muriel Hadden's Strathspey - With Complete Instructions for the Dance D. Grant, 
Murmures des Bois. Caprice. No. 9. Morceaux A Grand Succes pour le Piano By F Braungardt, Op. 6. Revu et doigte par E Thuillier, 
Murmuring Breezes. Ventecico Murmurador Adolf Jensen, transcribed and revised by H Germer, 
Murmuring Leaves Michael Watson, 
Muscovite Revels - Russian Dance Theo Bonheur, 
Music by Debussy from the Film Jennie - For Piano Solo Claude Debussy, 
Music by John Holland - Piano Solos John Holland, 
Music for Advancement - Play and Learn Elementary Piano Solos - Volume 1 Various Composers, 
Music for Modern Educational Dance - Book 1 - Interpretation in Movement R M Thackray, 
Music for Modern Educational Dance - Book 2 - Movement Training R M Thackray, 
Music for Modern Educational Dance - Book 3 - Imaginative Movement R M Thackray, 
Music for Movement - Specially Composed for the Exercises of the Margaret Morris Movement - Piano Solo Hugh Bradford, 
Music for Piano Irving Fine, 
Music for Rhythmic Movement for nursey school or kindergarten C Lindford Holgate, 
Music Land - In four books - Book 1 Madeleine Evans, 
Music Land - In four books - Book 2 By Madeleine Evans, 
Music Lovers Library No. 67 - Celebrated Marches, arranged for Pianoforte Viviani - Mendelssohn - Gounoud - Costa - Wagner - Sousa - Bonheur, 
Music of our Time, For Piano Jean Coulthard, David Duke and Joan Hansen, 
Music of the Bells Album, arranged by Ezra Read Bells at sunset, Chime again beautiful bells, Invitation of the bells, Les Clochettes, Sabbath Evening Chimes, Sweet golden bells, 
Music on the Waters - Morceau de Salon for the Pianoforte Albert Lindahl, 
Music Time - A book of 26 easy tunes Prudence Hemelryk, Lithographs by Sheila Jackson, 
Music Time, six easy pieces for pianoforte. Including The Wandering Gipsy, The Little Church on the Hill, The Little Brown Pony, A Merry Dance, Penguin Parade and A stately Procession Eric Grey, 
Musical Comedy Memories, a selection of popular melodies from famous musical plays Arranged by Herman finck, 
Musical Evergreens - No. 2 - Oh for the Bloom of my Own Native Heather S. Glover, arranged by J.A. Wade, 
Musical Fragments - A Series of Original Compositions by Various Writers of Eminence - Book 17 - The Juvenile Pianist Various Composers, 
Musical Fragments - A Series of Original Compositions by Various Writers of Eminence - Book III - The Juvenile Pianist (Fifth Selection) Leslie Gordon, 
Musical Imprints - William Catania Piano Solo William Catania, 
Musical Initiative or preception tests for pianoforte York Bowen, 
Musical Kindergarten Op206 Book VII Musical Illustrations Carl Reinecke, 
Musical Medley, with parts for Piano Accordion - Banks Gem Series No. 34 150 excerpts from well known classical and popular works, 
Musical Moods for Pianoforte Leonard Peck, 
Musical Recreations. Number 6 Dancing. Piano Solo Orlando A Mansfield, 
Musical Sketch - in the key of B flat major Mendelssohn Bartholdy - revised and fingered by E. Pauer, 
Musical Sketches, twelve easy pieces without octaves - English fingering - Imperial Edition No. 113 S Claude Ridley, 
Musical Thoughts For The Young - For piano Ernst J Reiter, 
Musidora - Celebre Polka Mazurka - For Piano Solo - 2e Edition - French Edition Adrien Talexy, 
Musidora - Polka mazurka - The Excelsior Series of Standard Pianoforte Pieces - No. 311 Adrien Talexy, edited by Jacob Schmidt, 
Musidora - Polka mazurka - The St. Paul's Edition - For the Pianoforte Adrien Talexy, 
Musidora - Polka Mazurka - Known also as Zefferina - For the Piano Forte Adrien Talexy, 
Musidora - Polka Mazurka for the Piano Forte - Known also as "The Aurelia" Adrien Talexy, 
Musik for Alla - Populart Musikbibliotek - Hvarje Nummer 50 Ore - 59. Toner fran Skansen
Musik For Alla, contains; Flickorna de sma uti ringen de ga, Tantoli, Brudmarsch, Klappdans, Stoppen eller Skaningen, Rheinlander, Vals, Dalpolska, Polkett, Gustavs skal, Mon farino, Blekarn, etc. Fran Skansen, 
Musiker Portraits - Klavier Album - Schott Edition Benjamin Godard, 
Musings of an Exile (Heimweh) - Melody for the Pianoforte Albert Jungmann, 
Musiques pour Piano Jean Rivier, 
Muskoka - Waltz Percival H Osborne, 
Muss I denn Riha Mark, 
Must Be Madison - Featuring Lionel Blair & Joe Loss Jack Woodman, 
Muy Bonita - Tango - For Piano Solo - French Edition Speranza Camusat, 
My Ain Kind Dearie O!. Piano Solo. No5 of 6 progressive fantasies on favorite Scotch Melodies arranged for young pupils By James Shaw, 
My Bonny Barque - March Founded on Godfrey Marks' Popular Song by Theo Bonheur, 
My Bonny Barque, march, founded on Godfrey Marks Popular Song Theo. Bonheur, 
My Bonny lies over the ocean & Sailors Hornpipe - For Piano Traditional, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
My Bud in Heaven, popular song with an accompaniment for the pianoforte Anonymous, 
My Dainty Lady - Gavotte for Pianoforte Solo Langley Elome, 
My Daisy Chain - Intermezzo Barcarolle for Pianoforte Solo Jullien H. Wilson, 
My Day Out - Twenty Easy Pieces for Piano Solo Henry Duke, 
My Dolls - Suite for Children Stella Williams, 
My Dream Girl - Waltz for Piano Harry Gordon, 
My Fair Lady - Piano selection Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner, 
My Faithfu Johnie. Scotch Song for piano, violin and cello Louis V Beethoven, 
My Favorite, waltz for piano solo By J de la Houssaye, 
My Favourite Blues By B Carter and B Read, 
My First March Album - For the Piano Various Composers, 
My First Success - Collection of Melodies for Piano - Book Richard Krentzlin Op. 50, 
My First Tunes - for Piano Barbara Kirkby Mason, 
My Foolish Heart - Song - Featuring Alan Dean Ned Washington & Victor Young, 
My Foolish Heart - Song - Featuring Donald Peers Ned Washington & Victor Young, 
My Foolish Heart - Song - Featuring Jose Feliciando Ned Washington & Victor Young, 
My Garden of Dreams - Banks Edition No. 95 - Three Imaginations - Suite for Pianoforte Percy Elliott, 
My Gondola, barcarolle Oscar Allon, 
My Hand is on the Door - Sacred Song - Pitman, Hart & Co Edition No. 824 Dr Guthrie and John C. Guest, 
My Heart Belongs to the Girl who belongs to somebody else - Enchanting Waltz Ballad featured by Rudy Vallee Al Sherman and Al Lewis, 
My Heart Ever Faithful - for Piano J. S. Bach, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
My Heart in Portugal - Piano Solo Louis Gaste, 
My Hearts Desire - Valse for Piano Solo John Ashton, 
My Home, My Happy Home - Composed expressly for Jenny Lind - Pensieri Musicali Series of Rondinos for the Piano Forte Series No. 3 C. A. Hodson arranged by J. Hiles, 
My Isle of Golden Dreams - Waltz for Piano Solo Walter Blaufuss, 
My Isle Of Golden Dreams. Waltz. Piano Solo By Walter Blaufus, 
My Lady Dragon Fly - Suite from the Ballet Herman Finck , 
My Lady Frayle, Piano selection By Howard Talbot & Herman Finck, 
My Lady Frayle, waltz Herman Finck, 
My Lady. Serenade. Piano Solo Max Schumann, 
My Ladye Nevells Booke of Virginal Music William Byrd, edited by Hilda Andrews and introduction by Blanche Winogron, 
My Ladys Moon - Five Impressions for Pianoforte H. G. Gibson - Butler, 
My Ladys Plainte Four Easy Pieces For Piano Solo by Harold Colombatti Contains, My Ladys Plainte, Jolly Piece, Carol Lullaby and Yuletide Jig, 
My Lil' Papoose - A Southern Idyll for Pianoforte Solo Cuthbert Clarke, 
My Little Girl - One step fox trot - For Piano Solo - French Edition Maurice Uhry, 
My Little Princess - Suite for pianoforte Noel Norman, 
My Lodging is on the Cold Ground - A favorite Irish Air arranged with Variaitons for the Piano Forte William Vincent Wallace, 
My Lodging is on the cold ground - Transcription for Piano Transcribed by Michael Watson, 
My Lodging Is On The Cold Ground and St Patrick Day. Two Fantaisie Brillante A Croisez, 
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My Lotus Lily - Valse for Piano Solo Maxwell Fraser, 
My Love she's but a Lassie - No. 1 - From Hills and Lakes of Scotland series Arranged with variations for the Pianofore by John Pridham, 
My Love she's but a lassie yet - No. 19 from 24 National Airs Series Scottish Air arranged and fingered by Charles Czerny, 
My Love She's but a Lassie YetEnglish, Irish & Scotch Airs No. 11- Easy solos for the pianoforte John Saville Stone, 
My Man (Mon Homme) - Fox-Trot For Piano Solo Maurice Yvain, 
My Man (Mon Homme) - Fox-Trot Song Maurice Yvain, 
My Mary Ann Polka - For the Pianoforte W. Grilliers, 
My Mary Ann Polka - Plate No. 2544 - 1st Edition - Dedicated to Mrs Barney Williams Jullien, 
My Moonlight Madonna - Simplified piano solo, jumbo note Popular series No. 6 Paul Francis Webster and Zdenko Fibich, arranged by Henri Klickmann, 
My Mother Bids me Bind my Hair for piano John S Stone, 
My Native Heath - A Yorkshire Suite for Pianoforte Arthur Wood, 
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My Old World Garden. Intermezzo By George Ess, 
My One and Only - Broadway Overtures for Piano Series Ira and George Gershwin arranged by David Jessie, 
My Own Venetian Rose - Song for Piano and Voice Al. Piantadosi, Jack Glogau and Joe McCarthy, 
My Pretty Page E.L. Hime, 
My Queen P Bucalossi arranged by Charles Coote, 
My Schottische. For piano solo By T Enticknap, 
My Star - Featured in Charlie Chaplin's ''A Countess from Hong Kong'' Charles Chaplin, 
My Syrian Maid - Idyll for Pianoforte W. Rimmer, 
My Theme - Valse - Danced by Ena Baguley Harry Gordon, 
My Three Sons - Song featuring Lawrence Welk Frank De Vol, 
My True Love - Waltz - For Piano Solo - Dedicated to Mrs Archibald K. B. Mackintosh Margaret M. Faulkner, 
My Wife's Family - Piano Solo from the film 'My Wife's Family' featuring Ronald Shiner, Ted Ray, Greta Gynt and Robertson Hare Ray Martin, 
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Mystery of Love - Valse - For Piano Solo Bruce Steane, 
Mystic Beauty Herman Finck, 
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