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L 'Almanach Aux Images - 8 Pieces for the Piano Gabriel Grovlez , 
L Addio. Aria W A Mozart, 
L Aimant, for piano Tito Mattei, 
L Allegresse. Caprice, for piano E Ronville, 
L Alouette (Die Lerche) M Glinka, transcribed for piano by M Balakirew, instructive edition by R Teichmuller, 
L Amateur Pianiste. No. 76. La Gaite, Rondo Brillant, Op 62 C M von Weber, 
L ame Recueillie, meditation. For piano solo By P Valentin, 
L Angelus. Meditation for the pianoforte Charles Godard, 
L Appel D Amour (The Appeal of love) William Bibby, 
L Arditi Parle (Parla) valse chantee, piano solo, 
L Arlesienne. Drama in 3 acts Words and music - Alphonse Daudet and Georges Bizet, 
L Art du Chant S Thalberg, 
L Elegante fantaisie. Valse for piano solo. Op. 57 Ernest Duval, 
L Elizir D Amore, an Elegant Extract from the Modern Opera L Elizire Arranged as Rondinos by Henry Farmer, 
L Estafette. Galop. Piano Solo By Carl Bohm, 
L Heure de Soir (The Evening Hour) By W F Sudds, 
L Heure Du Couvre Feu (Souvenir Du Vieux Paris) E Nollet, 
L Heure Exquise - For High voice Paul Verlaine & Poldowski, 
L Incenua. Melodia popolare, for piano Riccardo Loffler, 
L Innocence. Melodie. Piano Solo By Carl Weber, 
L Isabelle. Mazurka By W O Cramer, 
L Oiseau de Paradis - Morceau Brillant pour piano - Op. 29 Sydney Smith, 
L Orage, Rondo Pastoral D. Steibelt, arranged by F Le Couppey , 
L' Amour et les Roses (Love & Roses) - Valse - Paxton Edition No. 61 Haydon Augarde, 
L' authentique pas pu Poisson Swanne Shore - Nouveau one Step Americain - Sur Les Motifs de la Chanson de L Wolfe Gilbert et L F Muir - Pour Piano - French Edition Francis Salabert, 
L' Entente - Pas de Trois - For Piano Solo - Paxton Edition No. 1364 Leon du Terrail, 
L' Ombre Michael Watson, 
L'Adieu (Rondo) from The Examination Series of Pianoforte Music for the Use of Students, No. 44 (Intermediate Section) 44 J L Dussek, edited and fingered by Gordon Saunders, 
L'Allegro - Caprice for Piano Solo W Borrow, 
L'Amour et les Roses - Waltz for piano Haydon Augarde, 
L'Amour Immortel (Waltz) - No. 8 from Gleams of Sunshine series - A Selection of Favourite Copyright Melodies Transcribed and Fingered for the Pianoforte Fabian Rose, transcribed & fingered for the Pianoforte by Wm. Smallwood, 
L'Amour Vainqueur (Susie Mah Sue) Le Cake Walk - Chantee par Melle Lucy Jousset - For Piano Solo A. B. Sloane arranged by Karl. L. Hoschner, 
L'Amour, valse Jessie Bradford, 
L'Angelus - Meditation religieuse Maurice Telma, 
L'angelus, for the piano Maurice Telman, 
L'Anneau D'Ecaille - Tango - For Piano Solo - French Edition Serge Hentsch, 
L'Apprenti Sorcier - Scherzo d'apres une ballade de Goethe - For Piano Solo - French Edition Paul Dukas, 
L'Argentine - Fantaisie Mazurka - Musical Boquet No. 5395 & 5396 E. Ketterer, 
L'Auretta - No. 1 From ''Italian Sketches'' - For Pianoforte - Edition Swift Ferdinando Peduzzi, edited by Edward Isaacs, 
L'Avalanche S. Heller, 
L'Avalanche - Morceau caracteristique pour Piano Stephen Heller, 
L'Avalanche de Fleurs - Valse Brillante pour Piano - Dedicated to Miss Salmon Frederic Fearnside, 
L'Avalanche Op. 45, No. 2 Stephen Heller, edited by Jessie Furze , 
L'Avalanche, Opus 45, No. 2, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 103 (lower division) S Heller, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
L'eau Dormante - Reverie-Nocturne - Op. 15 or Op. 18 - Composed and Dedicated to the Right Hon. The Earl of Belfast J. Blumenthal, 
L'elite (Valse Facile) Xaver Scharwenka, 
L'Entente (Pas de Trois) Leon du Terrail, 
L'Entente Cordiale for Piano Ezra Read, 
L'Entente Pas de Trois - Paxton Edition No. 1364 Leon du Terrail, 
L'escarpolette (The Swing) - Dedicated a Miss Le Marchant Rene Favarger, 
L'esperance - Melodie pour Piano S. Kahlenberg, 
L'esperance D'Amour (Love's Hope) Valse - For Piano Solo Tito Natali, 
L'Espiegle (Valse Impromptu), Opus 125, No. 3, from "Trois Morceaux de Salon" Joachim Raff, 
L'Espiegle - Valse Impromptu for Piano Solo - Op. 125, No. 3 - Berners Edition Classical Series 1, No. 22 Joachim Raff edited by George Farlane, 
L'Etoile du Soir - Nocturne for Piano Solo Brinley Richards, 
L'Extase - Entracte de "Mlle Pygmalion" - Piano solo Francis Thome, 
L'Harmonie des Anges - Op. 100, No. 21 - Grafton Classics No. 30 F. Burgmuller, 
L'Harmonie des Anges - Short and Easy Scholastic Pieces F. Burgmuller, 
L'harmonie des Anges, Opus 100, No. 21, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LIII (elementary) F Burgmuller, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
L'Harpe Angelique - For Piano Solo Leona Lacoste, 
L'hirondelle. Polka De Salon. Piano Solo H A Wollenhaupt, 
L'Ingenue, Valse R. Penso, 
L'oiseau Bleu - Intermezzo H. Baynton-Power, 
L'Ombre - The Lyric Stage a series of Brilliant Operatic Fantasias No. 7 Flotow arranged by Michael Watson, 
La Babillarde - Die Lauterbacherin for Piano Richard Loffler arranged by Jules Benedict, 
La Babillarde, Die Lauterbacherin for Piano R Loeffler, 
La Baladine, Opus 51 C B Lysberg, 
La Ballerina - Danse Intermezzo - Piano Solo Percy Elliot, 
La Bayadere. Piece De Salon. Piano Solo By Carl Bohm, 
La Belle Coralie - Waltzes for the Pianoforte - Most respectfullt dedicated by Permission to Lady Arabella Hesketh Henry Bamber, 
La Belle Espagnole - Bolero pour le Piano - Wickins Pianoforte Literature Series No. 418 Edouard Ronville, 
La Belle Fiancee for piano Ludwig Wagner, 
La Belle France - Selection for piano Haydon Augarde, 
La Belle Helene (Offenbach) - Quadrille Strauss, 
La Belle Union - Trois Polkas Favourites - Choisies des Belles du Nord de Henri Herz - Arranges pour le Piano Forte arranged by Rudolph Nordman, 
La Bergere - Pastorale for the piano - Op. 1030 Fritz Kirchner, 
La Biondina in Gondoletta - Venetian Air with the celebrated variations as sung by Madame Catalam at the British and Foreign Concerts - With an accompaniment for the Piano Forte Ferd. Paer, 
La Boulie - Tango - For Piano Solo - French Edition Louis Lelievre, 
La Bourbonnaise. For piano solo and percussion band Couperin and arranged by Ella Fairall, 
La Boutique Fantasque (The fantastic toyshop) - Ballet in One Act - For Piano Solo G. Rossini arranged by Ottorino Respighi, 
La Boutique Fantasque (The Fantastic Toyshop) - Ballet suite for Piano G. Rossini arranged by Ottorino Respighi, 
La Brabanconne - Chant National Belge Van Campenhout - Arranged by P. Jullien, 
La Cage de Cristal - Piano Solo - Advanced Level Jacques Ibert, 
La cajoleuse, valse By E A Broadbent, 
La Californienne. Grande Polka brillante, for piano Henri Herz, 
La Calinda - from Opera "Koanga" - Piano Solo Frederick Delius, 
La Campanella, impromptu Op2 Jules Egghard, 
La Cancion de Amor - The song of love - For Piano Solo C. Varaldi & H. Collman, 
La Cancion del Soldado - For Piano Solo J. Serrano, 
La Caprera - Chanson Neapolitaine for Piano Solo George Forbes , 
La Capricieuse - Rondeau brillant pour Piano - Op. 86 Heinrich Lichner, 
La Capricieuse, mazurka de salon pour piano Erik Meyer Helmund, 
La Caravane ou La Fille du Bedouin - 6/8 one step de L'Operette "Comte Obligado!"- Chantes par Milton - For Piano Solo - French Edition Andre Barde and Raoul Moretti, 
La Carina Waltz - New Dance for the Ball Room W Blackley and Jas. Young, Jun, 
La Carita - No. 4 From ''Italian Sketches'' - For Pianoforte - Edition Swift Ferdinando Peduzzi, edited by Edward Isaacs, 
La Cascade - Etude de Salon pour Piano P. Grets, 
La Cascade - Morceau de concert pour piano Op. 37 E Pauer , 
La Cascade de Roses - Morceau de Genre pour le Piano - Op. 80 J. Ascher, 
La Cascade de Roses - Op. 30 - Piano Solo Joseph Ascher, 
La Cascade des Roses - For Piano - Musikalische 20 Pfennig Bibliothek - No. 1698 J. Ascher, 
La Cascade. Morceau De Salon. Piano Solo By Lefebure Wely, 
LA Castagnette. Caprice Espagnol. Piano Solo Henry Ketten, 
La Cathedrale Engloutie - Piano Solo Claude Debussy, 
La Cathedrale Engloutie - Piano Solo (From Preludes book 1) Claude Debussy, 
La Chasse (Hunting song) - No. 5 of Etincelles (Sparks) - From 6 short melodious sketches Stepan Esipoff, 
La Chasse (Impromptu), Opus 5, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LII (advanced) J Rheinberger, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
La Chasse - Lindsay Slopers Library of Piano Forte-Music series No. 8 S. Heller edited by Lindsay Sloper, 
La Chasse aux Papillons - Pour le Piano - Wickins Pianoforte Literature Series No. 416 Edouard Ronville, 
La Chasse. For Piano Solo F Burgmuller, 
La Chatelaine (impromptu) - From the Suite "My Lady's Boudoir" - For Piano Solo Luella Lockwood Moore, 
La Chatelaine - Fantaise A La Valse Alphonse le Duc, 
La Chatelaine - Fantaise a la valse pour le Pianoforte - The St. Pauls Edition Alphonse leDuc, 
La Chatelaine - Fantaisie a la Valse pour le Piano Forte - For Piano Solo Alphonse Leduc, 
La Chatelaine - Fantasie for Piano Alphonse Leduc, 
La Chatelaine - Valse Sentimentale for Piano Solo A. Leduc, 
La Chatelaine, Fantasie a la Valse - The Oxford Edition Alphonse Leduc, 
La Chatelaine, Fantasie a la Valse, Opus 139 Alphonse Leduc, 
La Chnouf. Piano Solo, from film "Chnouf" By M Lanjean, 
La Cigale - Comic Opera in Three Acts - Arranged for the Pianoforte E. Audran, arranged by Ivan Caryll, 
La Cigale - Selection from Audrans Opera Selected and Arranged by Charles Godfrey Jr., 
La Cimarosiana - Ballet Suite for Piano Cimarosa-Malipiero, arranged for Piano by Eric Blom, 
La Cinema - Valse Sentimental for Piano Solo James Hill, 
La Cinema Suite - March for Piano Solo James Hill, 
La Cinquantaine - Transcribed for Piano Gabriel Marie, 
La Cinquantine. Scene Champetre. Piano Solo Paul Wachs, 
La Circassienne. Opera de D F E Auber. Petite Fantaisie pour Piano By A Le Carpentier. Op. 238, 
La Colombe - introduction for piano solo C. Gounod, 
La Consolation - Crotchets & Quavers Series No. 12 - For Piano SOlo Albert Dufaure, 
La Constancia - 5 Brilliant Spanish Waltzes - Composed and Arranged for the Pianoforte Joseph Rocca, 
La Contadina. Tango Argentino Arranged by Giacomo Lamberti, 
La Copa del Olvido - Tango - For Piano Solo - French Edition E. Delfino (Delfy), 
La Coquette. Intermezzo. Piano Solo Percy Elliott, 
La Cote De La Mer (Sea-Side) - Galop P. W. Harding, 
La Coupie Die Schnurre. Piano Solo By Ernest Gillet, 
La Czarine - Mazurka Russe Louis Ganne, 
La Dance Des Elfes. Piano solo Di Temple, 
La Danse Des Apaches Words and music - Cuthbert Clarke, 
La Danse Des Esprits. Caprice for the pianoforte D Magnus, 
La Debutante - Valse Lente for Piano Solo Frederick Hopkins, 
La Donna e Mobile, fantasie from Verdi's opera "Rigoletto" Edward Lawrence, 
La Donna E Mobile. From "Rigoletto". For piano solo R Nordmann, 
La Douleur - Etude de Trilles Henry Ketten, 
La Fanfare Des Ulans. Galop Militaire. Piano Solo Carl Bohm, 
La Fantasie, rondo for the piano By J Rampini, 
La Faute Des Roses - Valse Lente Rodolphe Berger, 
La Favorita - No. 3 of "Petites Fantaisies Operatiques" - Pour Le Piano Forte Adolph Marschan, 
La Favorite - Repertoire de Jeunes Pianistes Series No. 7 - For Piano Solo Fred. Beyer, 
La favorite, Chaconne a deux temps for orchestra F Couperin, 
La Favorite. For piano solo By J Ascher, 
La Favourite Valse a Deux Tems - The Musical Bouquet No. 12
La Femme du Marin (Pensee Fugitive) - For Piano - Musikalische 20 Pfennig Bibliothek - No. 108 Fr. Kalkbrenner, arranged by Ferd Friedrich, 
La Femme Du Marin - Op. 139 - Pensee Fugitive - Musical Boquet No. 703 F. Kalkbrenner, 
La Femme du Marin - Op. 139 - Pensee Fugitive - Musical Bouquet No. 703 F. Kalkbrenner, 
La Femme Du Marin. Pensee Fugitive pour Piano. The Hanover Edition By F Kalkbrenner. Revised & Fingered by J I Irekell, 
La Fete Des Chasseurs. Quadrille Brillante. For piano solo By Camille Schubert, 
La Fete des Rosieres - Morceau de Salon pour Piano Solo A. Lindahl, 
La Fete Des Vendangeurs Pour Piano Rene Favarger, 
La Fiancee - Valse lente - For Piano Solo B. Hartz, 
La Fifille a sa Mere - Polka Marche sur la Celebre Chanson Paul Marinier, 
La Figlia Del Reggimento - Piano Solo Donizetti. Arranged by F Beyer, 
La Figlia del Reggimento - Arranged for the Pianoforte - Operatic Fantasias Series No. 5 Donizetti arranged by Seymour Smith, 
La Fileuse - Etude - Op. 157 - No. 2 - For piano J Raff, 
La Fileuse - Etude for Piano Solo - Transposed edition - Op. 157 - Masterpieces series of simplified transcriptions series No. 7 Joachim Raff edited by H. Elliot Button , 
La Fileuse - Etude pour piano - Op. 157 Joachim Raff, 
La Fileuse, Opus 157, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LXXX (advanced) J Raff, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
La fille aux cheveux de Lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair) - From Preludes, Book 1 - Piano Solo Claude Debussy , 
La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair) - Piano Solo Claude Debussy - Edited and fingered by Thomas A Johnson, 
La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair) - Piano Solo - No. 66 of the Promenade Series of Piano Music Claude Debussy - Edited and fingered by Richard Lane, 
La fille aux cheveux de Lin - Extract from the 1st book of preludes - For the Piano Claude Debussy, 
La Fille de Madame Angot - Fantaisie de Ch. Lecocq Emile Tavan, 
La Fille De Madame Angot, for piano Cramer, 
La Fille De Madame Angot. Galop. Piano Solo By Charles D Albert, 
La Fille du Regiment - Fantaisie brillante - Sur L'Opera de Donizetti pour Piano - Op. 115 Sydney Smith, 
La Fille du Regiment - No. 1 from Repertoire des Jeunes Pianistes 12 Petites Fantaisies instructives pour le Piano Ferdinand Beyer, 
La Fioraina. Piano Solo By Jacques Blumental, 
La fleur du piedmont - Polka Brillante for the Piano Forte Michael Joseph Keene, 
La Fleurie ou la tendre Nanette, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, CXXVII (higher division) F Couperin, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
La Florentine. Chanson Celebre pour Piano By E Perny, 
La Folie - No. 1 from Four Humoresques Series - For the Piano Ivan Aleshka, 
La Folle - From 'Collection de Morceaux pour le Piano' A. Croisez, 
La Folle, polka for piano solo By J B Divoire, 
La Fontaine - Grande Etude for Piano - Op. 61 Ch Mayer, 
La Fontaine lumineuse (The Fountain) - Op. 156, No. 1 - For Piano Ludwig Schytte, 
La Fontaine. Piano Solo W Aletter, 
La Frivole - Pas de Quatre Herbert Ellis, 
La Fuchsia Valse A. M. R. Barret, 
La Gaiete. Intermezzo. Piano Solo Montague Ewing, 
La Gaite - Grand Galop Brillant - Piano Solo Sydney Smith, 
La Galante - Introduction and Brilliant Rondo for Pianoforte - Op. 121 - Dedicated to Marmaduke C. Wilson J. N. Hummel, 
La Garde Montante. Caprice De Genre. Piano Solo Lefébure Wély, 
La Garde Repiblicaine - March Oscar Verne, 
La Gazelle - Polka de salon pour piano H A Wollenhaupt, 
La Gazza Ladra (The thieving Magpie) - Overture for piano Rossini, 
La Gazza Ladra (The thieving Magpie) - Sinfonia per Pianoforte Rossini, 
La Gioconda - Dramma in quattro Atti Tobia Gorrio & A. Ponchielli, 
La Gitana Waltz - From "Sunbeams" a choice selection of Popular Melodies easily arranged and fingered for the Pianoforte - Series No. 16 Ernest Bucalossi arranged by M. Greville, 
La Gitana. Gipsy Dance. Piano Solo Carl Malemberg, 
La Golondrina (The Swallow) Narciso Serradell, Piano solo arrangment by H. Baynton-Power, 
La Golondrina (The Swallow) - Easily Arranged Narciso Serradell, Arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
La Golondrina (The swallow) - Mexican Song - In the key of D major Narciso Serradell and Cicely Danes, 
La Golondrina (The Swallow) - Piano solo Narciso Serradell, arranged by Harry J Stafford, 
La Golondrina (The Swallow) - Piano Solo Narciso Serradell - Arranged by Chris Langdon after Miguel Santos, 
La Golondrina (The swallow) - Piano Solo Narciso Serradell and arranged H Baynton Power, 
La Golondrina (The swallow) - Traditional Mexican Air - Simplified Transcription Narciso Serradell and G Romani, 
La Golondrina (The Swallow) - Transcription for Piano Solo Narciso Serradell arranged by Harry J. Stafford, 
La Gondola - Nocturne pour Piano - The Hanover Edition W. Vincent Wallace -Revised and Fingered by J. T Trekell, 
La Gondola. Melodie. Pour Piano By Theodore Oesten, 
La Gracieuse. Scherzo Andalou. Piano Solo Oscar De La Cinna, 
La Grande cascade - Valse de concert for piano solo Paul Kestner, 
La Harpe Eolienne - Op. 11 - Morceau de salon pour piano Sydney Smith, 
La Harpe Eolienne Op. 11 - Morceau de salon pour piano Sydney Smith, dedicated to Mademoiselle Diana Ashton, 
La Harpe. Melodie variee. Piano Solo Albert Jungmann, 
La Haut! - Fantaisie Selection sur les motifs de la celebre Operette-Bouffe - French Edition Maurice Yvain, 
La Jeune Montagnarde. For piano solo By Fred Burgmuller, 
La Jeunesse Musicale, a Selection of Popular National and Other Airs, No. 7, The Woodland Call Charles Czerny, 
La Joie du Matin - For Piano Paul Perrier, 
La Joie du Matin - For Piano Paul Perrier, 
La Jolie Parfumeuse - Opera - Arranged for Solo Piano J. Offenbach, 
La Joyeuse - Intermezzo for Pianoforte - The Cary Edition 40 - Inscribed to Miss Minnie Cochrane J. C. Beazley, 
La Joyeuse. Valse. Piano Solo Van Denman Thompson, 
La Korrigane - Ballet Fantastique - For Piano Ch M Widor, 
La Lecon d'Amour (The Love Lesson) - Tango extrait de L'Operette "Betsy" - For Piano Solo - French Edition G. Bonincontro, 
La Liegeoise - Marche - For Piano M. Pirotte, 
La Lisonjera - Op 50 - for piano in the key of G major C Chaminade, 
La Machine a Coudre (Fantaisie) & Sarabande - For Piano Irenee Berge and E. Anthiome, 
La Mahoura - Grande Valse - For Piano Henri Ravina, 
La Marche des Bananes - Marche One-Step - Le grand succes populaire cree par Maurice Chevalier - For Piano Solo - French Edition Vincent Scotto, 
La Marseillaise - Chant National Francais - For Piano Solo Paul Lachon, 
La Marseillaise - French National SOng - Arranged for the Pianoforte E. D. W. , 
La Marseillaise transcribed for the Piano W. F. Arnold, 
La Marseillaise transcribed for the Piano Transcribed for piano by E. Donajowski, 
La Marseillaise. Easy piano solo Ezra Read, 
La Mascotte Lancers - Sur L'Opera Comique D'Audran Arranged by Charles Coote, 
La Matinee - Rondo pour Piano = The Westminster Edition J L Dussek, 
La Matinee - The Classical Pianist Series selection of compositions by the Old Masters - No. 12 - Donajowski Edition Dussek edited by E. Donajowski, 
La Mattchiche (La Maxixe) - Piano Solo C Borel Clerc, 
La Mazourka - Six Amusemens Elegans pour Piano Series No. 3 - Op. 60 Charles Voss, 
La Meilleure Valse for the Piano Cecil Wynne, 
La Mignonne, Schottisch for piano solo By J B Divoire, 
La Milanaise (3 Redowas) - Fourth Series of "The Piano forte Player" - A collection of Pleasing & Instructive Pieces for the Piano Forte Solo A Aulagnier, 
La Mousme (mazurka Japonaise) - Pour Piano Louis Ganne, 
La Muerte De Portici, from Les Delices De LOpera. Potpourri Auber, arranged by H Cramer, 
La Musette - Java (Danse Nouvelle) - For Piano Solo - Les derniers succes de E. Gareri series - French Edition E. Gareri and Francis Salabert, 
La Napolitaine - Gavotte for the Pianoforte - Hart and Co edition No. 236 Eugene Dalmar, 
La Nina Gondoliera. Donizetti - Rondeau No. 1 from Petites Fleurs de Salon - Piano Solo - Op. 112 F. Hunten, 
La Noce du Village - For the Piano Forte Lefebure Wely, 
La Noche De Amor. Serenade Espagnole. Piano Solo A E Lumley Holmes, 
La Nuit - Nocturne pour le Piano - Op. 13 Henri Ravina, 
La Nuit. Valse De Salon F Rysler, 
La Paloma Yradier, easily arranged for piano by Wilson Manhire, 
La Paloma Yradier, arranged for piano solo by Ernest Reeves, 
La Paloma - Piano Solo Yradier, 
La Paloma - Piano Solo Yradier - transcribed for piano by Arthur C. Tattersall, 
La Paquerette - Gavotte - Pianoforte Solo Elise Wray, 
La Patrouille De Nuit. The Night Patrol - Piano Solo Jean Martell, 
La Pensee - Op21 - No. 5 des Fleurs Emblematiques - Pour le piano Jacques Blumenthal, 
La Periode - March for the Piano Trafford Long arranged and fingered by F. Thomas, 
La Perle - Mazurka - Pretty Piano Pieces Series of Pieces by Popular composers No. 1 Theo. Bonheur, 
La Perle de Mabille - Pour le Piano Antony Lamotte, 
La Petite Fadette - Polka Mazurka - For Piano Mlle. Gabrielle Colson, 
La Petite Mademoiselle. Bouquet de Melodies. From the Opera Comique de Ch Lecocq. Piano Solo By H Cramer, 
La Petite Mariee, opera bouffe, arranged for Piano Solo by Charles Lecocq, 
La Philomele. Idylle. Piano Solo By C A Ehrenfechter, 
La plainte, au loin, du Faune... - Piece ecrite pour le Tombeau de Claude Debussy Paul Dukas, 
La Plaisanterie. Scherino for piano Robert Schumann, 
La Pluie - Piece Caracteristique - For Piano Adolphe David, 
La Pluie De Perles - Valse Brillante for Piano solo G A Osborne, 
La Pluie De Perles - Op. 61, Valse brillante pour le piano - G A Osborne, 
La Pluie de Perles - Valse Brillante pour Piano - Musical Boquet No's 516 & 517 G. A. Osborne, 
La Pluie de Perles - Valse Brillante pour Piano - Op. 61 G. A. Osborne, 
La Plus Aimee - Valse Lente Chantee Philip Kruseman, 
La Plus Belle - Cavatine-Polonaise - de l'opera 'Les Martyrs' de Donizetti Charles Czerny [1791-1857], 
La plus que Lente - For the Piano Claude Debussy, 
La plus que Lente - For the Piano - Original Edition - A new reprint to mark the 50th anniversary of the composer's Death Claude Debussy, 
La plus que lente - Piano solo Claude Debussy, 
La Poesia - No. 2 From ''Italian Sketches'' - For Pianoforte Ferdinando Peduzzi, edited by Edward Isaacs, 
La Polka Mazurka, for piano solo. Dedicated to Miss Vernon Harcourt By W Allen, 
La Pompadour (A Court Dance) - No. 1 from Merry Moments Series E. Boggetti arranged and fingered for the Pianoforte by Alan Vaughan, 
La Posada - March Two-Step for Piano Solo John Neat, 
La Poupee - Pianoforte Score E Audran, arranged for the Pianoforte by George W. Byng, 
La Poupee de Nuremberg - Overture for Piano Solo A. Adam, 
La Poupee et le Pantin - Le Fox trot de la Boite a Musique - Chantee et dancee par Earl Leslie, Janey Myro et Marthe Baldini - For Piano Solo - French Edition Ch. Borel Clerc, 
La Poupee et le Pantin - Petite histoire d'amour sur un rythme de Fox-trot - Chantee et dancee par Earl Leslie, Janey Myro et Marthe Baldini - - For Piano Solo - French Edition Ch. Borel Clerc, 
La Poupee, Piano selection By E Audran, Arr. C Godfrey, 
La Preghiera di Mose in Egitto - Transcribed for the Pianoforte - Dedicated to W. S. Rockstro Esqr. G. F. West, 
La Premiere Danseuse. Piano solo Arthur L Brown, 
La Premiere Fois - Valse for Piano Solo Herbert Webbe, 
La Priere d une Mere - Op. 54 - Reverie pour piano J Theodore Trekell, 
La Priere D' Une Vierge (A Maiden's Prayer) - For the Piano Forte Thecla Badarzewska, 
La Priere D' Une Vierge (Gebet einer Jungfrau) -Simplified - For Piano - Op. 4 Thecla Badarzewska, arranged by Francois Burgmuller, 
La Priere D' Une Vierge (The Maden's Prayer) - For Piano Thecla Badarzewska, 
La Priere D' une Vierge (The Maiden's Prayer) - Piano Solo Thecla Badarzewska, 
La Priere D' Une Vierge (The Maidens Prayer) - For Piano Thecla Badarzewska, 
La Priere D' Une Vierge - For Piano Thecla Badarzewska, 
La Priere D' Une Vierge - Instructive and tuneful pieces for Pianoforte - No. 268 Thekla Badarzewska, 
La Priere d'une Vierge (Maiden's Prayer) - For Piano Solo - Musical Bouquet No. 2302 T. Badarzewska, 
La Priere D'Une Vierge - For Piano T Badarzewska, 
La Priere Du Matin Jules Egghard, 
La Primevera (Spring) - For Piano Benedict Roefs, 
La Regata Veneziana - Notturno for Piano Solo (Rossini) - Berners Edition Franz Liszt, 
La Reine D' Amour - Brrome Edition No. 930 Fabian Scott, 
La Reine Du Coeur. Piano Solo J W Harmston, 
La Reine Du Village by F Gantier, 
La Reine. Danse A La Cour. Piano Solo Arthur Thompson Mc Evoy, 
La Reve, Op. 1 Little Max Darewski, 
La Rinka - A New Round Dance - For Piano W. F. Hurndall & Thurley Beale, 
La Rivulet, for piano M Heller, 
La Ronde Militaire, Op. 99, moreau de salon A Loeschhorn, 
La Rosa. Argentine Tango. Piano Solo Montague Ewing, 
La Rose - Variations Brillants sur une Air Allemand pour le Piano Francais Hunten, 
La Rose aux Cheveux, tango for piano solo By C Carol, 
La Rose Blanche - Polka pour Piano Claire Bertou, 
La Rose et la fleur des lis, a celebrated set of waaltzes for piano solo By unknown, 
La Rose Noire - Suite de Valses - For Piano Solo - French Edition Georges Aubry, 
La Rosee du Matin (Morceau Brilliant) - For Mme. Marguerite Staples - Op. 18 Sydney Smith, 
La Rosee Du Soir, Evening Dew By G A Osborne, 
La Rosee Du Soir. Morceau De Salon. Piano Solo Spindler, 
La Rosee, Valse de Concert By E Kershaw, 
La Roxolane (Air and Variations) - Grafton Classics No. 60 J. Haydn, Edited and Fingered by Allan W. Bunney, 
La Santa Madre. Nocturne for the pianoforte Carl Luini, 
La Sarabande - Piano Solo - Augener Edition Gabriel Grovlez, 
La Sauterelle, valse de Salon pour piano G Bachmann, 
La Seduccion (Enchantment), Argentinian Tango Henri Clique, 
La Separation D'Amour (Love's Separation). Valse Intermezzo. Piano Solo Jean Martell, 
La Serenade Des Anges (The Angels Serenade) - Piano Solo C Kinkel, 
La Serenade Oubliee - Piano Solo Henry Geehl, 
La Serenata (Angel's Serenade) G Braga, arranged by Carlo Tonelli, 
La Serenata - Legende Valaque G. Braga - Transcibed by Jos. Rummel, 
La Serenata Op209, piano solo Franz Hitz, transcribed by G Braga, 
La Serenata, (Angels Serenade). Piano solo G Braga, 
La Siciliana. Morceau. Piano Solo By E A Ashley, 
La Siesta - For piano Jean Douste , 
La Sirene, Romance, for piano Emerik Szekely, 
La Soiree - Marche Two Step for Piano Forte - Paxton edition No. 1579 Theo. Bonheur, 
La Somme - Valse for Piano Andrew Brown, 
La Sonetto - No. 5 From ''Italian Sketches'' - For Pianoforte - Edition Swift Ferdinando Peduzzi, edited by Edward Isaacs, 
La Sonnambula - Select Airs arranged for pianoforte - Book 2 Bellini, 
La Sonnambula, select Airs arranged for piano Book 3 By Bellini, 
La Sortie - Morceau Militaire for Piano Solo William Smallwood, 
La Source - Caprice - Piano solo J Blumenthal, 
La Source - Caprice pour Piano J Blumenthal, 
La Source - Caprice pour Piano - Op. 1 J. Blumenthal, 
La Source - Caprice pour Piano - Op. 1 - The Burlington Edition J. Blumenthal, 
La Source. Etude Theodore Leschetizky, 
La Speranza - A Set of Waltzes for the Piano Forte Mrs Sarah Ann Hayes, 
La Stephanie - Gavotte for piano Aphons Czibulka, 
La Sultana - Valse Brillante - Dedicated to Thos. Blake Esq. - For Piano Solo Willm. Spark, 
La Sympathie - Valse Sentimentale - Piano Solo Oscar Comettant, edited and fingered by Ch. Stephano, 
La Sympathie - Valse Sentimentale - Piano Solo Oscar Comettant, 
La Sympathie - Valse Sentimentale - The Percival Edition Oscar Comettant, arranged by Frank Percival, 
La Sympathie - Valse Sentimentale for Piano Oscar Comettant, 
La Tendresse - Melodie For Piano Stephen Heller, fingered and edited by Charles Halle, 
La terrasse des audiences du Clair De Lune - Prelude Claude Debussy, 
La Tonta - Valse Espagnole - Piano Solo Carl Kiefert, 
La Traviata - Fantaisie Brillante for piano Verdi, arranged by Sydney Smith, 
La Traviata - Seconda Trascrizione (Dalla Grande Fantasia per Orchestra) 118749 G. Verdi transcribed by Emile Tavan, 
La Traviata Valse - From Verdi's Opera - As Pereormed (sic) at her Majesty's State Ball by Laurent's Band, Bosisio's Band and at the Crystal Palace - Marriott's Dance Music Series No. 14 C. H. R. Marriott, 
La Traviata, fantaisie sur l'opera de "Verdi" Wilhelm Kuhe, 
La Traviata, Fantasia Brillante, for piano William G Cusins, 
La Truite, No. 9 from 2nd collection of "Melodies de F Schubert" F Schubert, arranged by Stephen Heller, 
La Vaisoviana - Old Time Round Dance with instructions Arthur Wood, 
La Valliere (Danse d'autrefois) - Pour Pianoforte Jean le Clercq, 
La Valse Romantique - For Piano Solo Henry Geehl, 
La Varsoviana - New dance for the piano forte Adolphe Koffman, 
La Varsovianna - As broadcast by F. J. Mainey's International Old Time Dance Orchestra Arthur Pickles, 
La Veeda - Castillian Fox-Trot - For Piano and Voice Nat Vincent and John Alden, 
La Vie Breve (Deuxieme danse Espagnole). Piano Solo By M de Falla, 
La Vie Pour le Czar - The Lyric Stage Series No. 11 Michael Watson, 
La Violette - Melody for the Pianoforte Frederic Mullen, 
La Violette March - Sunbeams Series of Popular Melodies for Pianoforte - No. 8 - Plate No. G & Co. 541 M. Greville, 
La Vivacite - Mazurka de Concert - For Piano Solo Georg Marcel, 
La Vivandiere - March Elegante for the Piano F. Vivian, 
La Zingana - Mazurka Hongroise - Piano Solo - Op. 102 C. Bohm, 
La Zingarella - Valse de Salon pour le Piano Oscar Allon, 
La-Do-Do - Tango - For Piano Solo - French Edition Learsi, 
Laburnum Waltz - For Piano - Paxton edition no. 608 A. J. Vaan, 
Laburnum Waltz - For Piano - Paxton Edition No. 608 A. J. Vaas, 
Lace & Lavender - An Intermezzo Guy Jones, 
Lace and Lavender, intermezzo for piano solo By G Jones, 
Laces And Graces - Piano Solo Gustave Salzer and John W Bratton, 
Lacombe, Paul Toccatina. For piano, 
Laddie - A Garland of Melodies for the Pianoforte Series No. 1 Ciro Pinsuti selected, arranged and fingered by E Boggetti and Mark Dafnal, 
Lady - Featuring Kenny Rogers - Immediate Piano Lionel Richie, Jr., 
Lady Aline - Gavotte for Piano Solo Thomas Hutchinson, 
Lady and the Tramp - Piano Selection Peggy Lee & Sonny Burke, 
Lady Babbie - Gavotte for the piano - Dedicated by special permission to Miss Winifred Emery Otto Cantor, 
Lady Be Good - Piano Selection George Gershwin, arranged for Paino Solo by H. M. Higgs, 
Lady Betty - Gavotte (On the song 'Down Vauxhall Way') Herbert Oliver, 
Lady Betty - Gavotte (On the song 'Down Vauxhall Way') Herbert Oliver, 
Lady Glencora's Waltz - From the BBC TV Series "The Pallisers" - Featuring Susan Hampshire Wilfred Josephs, 
Lady Marjory, intermezzo for pianoforte Leopold D Schurer, 
Lady mary - Pianoforte Selection from the Lee Ephrain and Jack Buchanan new musical play Albert Sirmay selected and arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Ladybird. Intermezzo for piano solo Frederic Norton, 
Ladye Fayre - Gavotte for Piano Solo Theo. Bonheur, 
Ladye Greensleeves - Traditional Old English melody for Piano Solo Arranged by Henry Geehl, 
Laetitia - Suite de Valses for Piano Ph. Fahrbach Junr., 
Lago Maggiore - Serenade for the Pianoforte August Nolck, 
Lagreta - Waltz J Alex R Ramsay L'Amy, 
Lakeside - from Water Pieces - Piano Solo Eric H Thiman, 
Lament Robert O Edwards, 
Lament - For the Pianoforte Frederic Bontoft, 
Lament on the Death of a Pet Bird - Leaflets series of pieces for the Pianoforte No. 5 Michael Watson, 
Lancashire Bells - Introducing the Favourite Tune "Sandon" Felix Godard, 
Lancastrian Waltzes for Pianoforte - Dedicated to J. S. Burrows Esq. William Oram, 
Land of Dreams. For piano solo Felix Gerard, 
Land of Heart's Desire - Ten Impressions for Young Pianists - For Piano Solo H. Baynton Power, 
Land of Hope and Glory - Transcribed for Piano Edward Elgar, arranged by Cyril Watters, 
Land of my Dreams - Waltz - The great continental waltz hit Dr Rudolf Sieczynski and Walter R. Collins, 
Land of my Fathers - Selection of Welsh melodies arranged for Piano Faulkner Brandon, 
Landliche Scenen (Rural Scenes), Op. 80 Arnold Krug, 
Landscape - Piano Solo Tony Lowry, 
Lange Qui Chante for piano Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 
Lantern Valse for Piano Alwyn Reid, 
Lara Arban, 
Lara's Theme from "Doctor Zhivago" - Piano Solo Maurice Jarre, 
Laramie Lullaby - Piano Solo John Carmichael, 
Larghetto for the piano L Boccherini, 
Larghetto from Symphonie Classique for piano solo S. Prokofieff, 
Largo A Dvorak , 
Largo (Ombra mai fu) - From the Opera "Xerxes" - Rowland's Popular Series No. 46 G F Handel & Hubert Bath, 
Largo - For piano solo Handel, 
Largo and Rondo in C - Classic Themes Ancient and Modern Series No. 21 Diabelli arranged by Conrad Buhrer, 
Largo for piano Handel, arranged by Reuben Tetlow, 
Largo from the new world sympthony, Op.95 Dvorak, 
Largo in E - from concerto grosso No. 12 - Arranged for piano solo Handel, arranged by Henry J Wood, 
Largo in G (From "Xerxes"), in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 132 (intermediate) G F Handel, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
Largo in G - Piano Solo with Violin & Cello ad Lib. - Banks Sixpenny Edition No. 72 G F Handel, 
Largo in G - The Lilac Series of world famous classics No. 19 G F Handel, 
Largo, for piano solo G F Handel, 
Largo. Aria from Serse Handel, arranged by King Palmer, 
Las Golondrinas (The Swallows) - Valse for Piano Solo Chueca y Valverde, 
Lass of Berne for the Pianoforte John Pridham, 
Lassie - A Garland of Melodies for the Pianoforte Series No. 10 Theo Bonheur selected, arranged and fingered by E Boggetti and Mark Dafnal, 
Last Rose of Summer, No. 12 of Leaves from Popular Composers Arranged for pianoforte by Seymour Smith, 
Last Spring (Elegiac Melody) - No. 87 of the Lilac Series of world famous classics Grieg, 
Last Tango In Paris - Piano Solo - Marlon Brando Gato Barbieri, 
Latin American Album No. 5 Various Composers, 
Latin American Album No. 9 Various Composers, 
Latin American Melodies and Rhythms Contains: Blue Twilight, Poinciana, The Duchess is Learning the Rhumba, Nightfall, P'ra Que Discutir, Brazilian Night, Trinidad, Dansero and Muchacha, 
Latin Quarter. Piano Solo. Theme Tune from the Redfusion series Riviera Police Lauire Johnson, 
Latin Rhythm Patterns: Jungle Cha-Cha; El Mondnguero; Wedding Pachanga; Enlloro; Mienteme; Puerta del Sol; El Presidente; Bien Despacito; Eco; Lamento; Buenas Noches Mi Amor and The Valentino Tango Various artists, arranged by Rene Hernandez, 
Latin-American Art Music for the Piano - By Twelve Contemporary Composers Selected and provided with a preface and biographical data by Francisco Curt Lange, 
Laughing Doll. Happy intermezzo Eric ONeill, 
Laughing Meadows. Piano Solo By Richard Dane, 
Laughing Patrol. Piano Solo Herbert Oliver, 
Laughing Water, featuring H Baynton Power H Baynton Power, 
Laughter, No.3 Three Impressions for piano Ruby Holland, 
Launch of the Battle Ship - Descriptive Fantasia for piano - Dedicated to Lord Charles Beresford Alan Macey, 
Launch of the Battle Ship Descriptive Fantasia - Dedicated by permission Lord Charles Beresford - Broome Edition No. 687 Alan Macey, 
Laura - Polka Mazurka Edouard Ronville, 
Laurette - Intermezzo for Piano Percy Elliott, 
Laurette. Intermezzo By Percy Elliott (with picture on the front cover), 
LAutomne. No. 3 from Quatre Etudes de Concert pour Piano By Clement Harris, 
Lavender and Love. Intermezzo. Piano Solo Percy Elliott, 
Lavender Time Robert S. Thornton, 
Lavender's Blue (Dilly Dilly) - Piano Solo with Words John W. Schaum, 
Lawrence Wright Wedding Album Various Composers, 
Lawrence Wright's 36th Selection of Popular Song Hits - For Piano with Ukulele accompaniment Various composers arranged by Horatio Nicholls, 
Lawrence Wright's Album of Wrights Piano Solos Various Composers, arranged by Victor Ambroise, 
Lawrence Wrights Album of "My Favourite Waltzes" Various Composers and Arrangers, 
Lawrence Wrights Album of Celebrated Piano Solos Various Composers, 
Lawrence Wrights Dance Annual Various composers, 
Lawrence Wrights First Album of World Famous Waltzes Horatio Nicholls, 
Lawrence Wrights First album of world famous waltzes by Horatio Nicholls Various artists, 
Lawrence Wrights International Album Tangos for Piano Various Composers, 
Laxey Glen Schottische S. M. Todd, 
Laye Fayre. Waltz. Piano Solo By P Bucalossi, 
Laz Polka (Gyors) - For Piano Halasz Jeno, 
Lazy Daisies. Piano Solo By Rob Roy Perry, 
Lazy Feet Theo Uden Masman, 
Lazy Honolulu Harry Stogden and G Clayton, 
Lazy Mississippi - Valse Rollo de Freyne, 
Lazy Mississippi - Valse for Piano Solo Rollo de Freyne, 
Lazy Mississippi, valse Rollo de Freyne, 
Lazzaroni Barn-Dance - For the Pianoforte Edward Hesse, 
Le Baiser, Priere (Loves longing) - Featuring Lucienne Malty Octave Cremieux, 
Le Bal Poudre for Piano Op. 54 Orlando Morgan, 
Le Banjo - Esquisse Americaine pour le piano L M Gottschalk, 
Le Banjo - Esquisse Americaine pour piano - Op. 15 L. M. Gottschalk, 
Le Bengali au Reveil ou (La Velocite) Bluette pour piano Pascal Gerville, 
Le Bijou - Grande Valse de Concert Ezra Read, 
Le Bijou Gavotte pour piano By Celian Kottaun, 
Le Bon Vieux Temps (Old Acquaintances) - No. 7 from Etingelles (Sparks) Series of Short Melodious Sketches Stephan Esipoff, 
Le Bonheur d'etre aime - Valse pour Piano sur la celebre chanson - For Piano Solo - French Edition Learsi and Laurent Halet, 
Le Bord De La Mer a Leduc, 
Le Bout du Nez - Fox trot et Shimmy sur les motifs de L'Operette "Nonnette" - For Piano Solo - French Edition Charles Cuvillier, 
Le Bout du Nez - Fox trot et Shimmy sur les motifs de L'Operette "Nonnette" - For Piano Solo - French Edition Charles Cuvillier, 
Le Brasseur de Preston - Overture for Piano solo A. Adam, 
Le Calme, No. 4 of "Romances sans Paroles" Charles Gounod, 
Le Caprice for the pianoforte Sir William Sterdale Bennett, 
Le Carillon de la Poupee Vincenzo Billi, 
Le Carnaval de Venise - Op. 31 - For Piano Solo L. de Meyer, simplified version by F. Beyer, 
Le Carnaval de Venise, piano Solo G F West, 
Le carnaval des animaux, L'Elephant. For Piano and Violoncelle ou Contrebasse C. Saint-Saens, 
Le Carneval de Venise - Op. 37 - For Piano Solo Th. Oesten, 
Le Cavalier Reveur - Cappice Etude - For Piano Henri Kowalski, 
Le Chanson de Maitre Wolff, Opus 97, from "Oeuvres Choisies pour le piano de M Carman" M Carman, 
Le Chant des Fleurs, for Piano J Ascher, 
Le Chant Du Braconnier - Pensees Melodique - Piano Solo Theodore Ritter, 
Le Chant Du Cigne Jacques Blumenthal, 
Le Chant du laboureur. Pour Piano By G Bachmann, 
Le Chant du Touriste, chanson de voyage pour piano Paul Wachs, 
Le Chantecler (The King O' The Roose) - A Farmyard Caprice for Piano T. W. Thurban, 
Le Chemin Du Paradis - Op. 29 - Transcription pour le Piano de la romance favorite Jacques Blumenthal, 
Le Cheval de Bronze (The Bronze Horse) - Piano Solo - Musical Bouquet no. 3038 & 3039 D. F. E. Auber, 
Le Chevalier de Breton - Sheard & Co's standard popular overtures series - Musical Boquuet No. 7765 & 7766 A Hermann, 
Le Clavecin bien tempere, preludes and fugues, Vol. 1. 93 pages Bach, revised by Louis Kohler, 
Le Cor de Chasse (The Hunting Horn) - Morceau Caracteristique pour Piano Michael Watson, 
Le Coucou (The Cuckoo) Rondo in E minor for Piano Solo - Berners Edition Claude Daquin, 
Le Coucou rondeau, Old French Masters Pieces de Clavecin Claude Daquin, 
Le Crepuscule - Reverie, for piano Eugene Moniot, 
Le Cygne (The Swan) from The Carnival of the Animals, for piano C Saint Saens, 
Le Cygne - From 'Carnaval des Animaux' - Arranged for Piano C. Saint Saens, transcribed by E. Hoskier, 
Le Cygne Blanc - Collection Etude De La Danse - Piano Solo Tschaikowsky, arranged by Daniel Stirn, 
Le Cygne, The Swan C Saint Saens, 
Le Delire Henri Ravina - Op. 59, 
Le Dernier Baiser - Valse - For Pianoforte Georges Dorlay arr. by Val Cheyne, 
Le Dernier Rendez Vous (From Reveries D'automne). Piano Solo W Rebikow, 
Le Dernier Sommeil De La Vierge - Prelude J. Massenet, 
Le Desir - Pensee Romantique Henri Cramer, 
Le Desir - Pensee Romantique Henri Cramer, edited and fingered by Oscar Allon, 
Le Desir - Valse for Pianoforte W. Gordon Brewer, 
Le Dessus du Panier, choix de 16 morceaux de musique classique et moderne pour piano Au bord du gange, La Sauteuse, Pres du Tyrol, Cornelia, Marche funebre, Le Tramway & more, 
Le Fantome - Valse Brillante - For Piano J. Pridham, 
Le fils des etoiles - Wagnerie Kaldeenne du Sar Peladan - Preludes - For Piano Erik Satie, 
Le Galop des Souris By E Gombert, 
Le Jet d'Eau - Morceau Brillant for piano Sydney Smith, 
Le Jet Deau Claude Debussy, 
Le Jour Des Epousailles. Piano Solo By Paul Wachs, 
Le Juif Errant (The Wandering Jew) - Grand Valse Brillante pour le Piano - Musical Bouquet No. 5270&5271 F. Burgmuller, 
Le Juif Errant - Grande Valse Brillante - For Piano - The Hanover Edition F. Burgmuller, revised and fingered by J. T. Trekell, 
Le Kamasoutra - Melodie-Shimmy - For Piano Solo - Dans la revue au Casino de Paris - French Edition Maurice Yvain, 
Le Lac des Cygnes - A romatic ballet in four acts, arranged for piano solo - Illustrated edition Tschaikowsky, Choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, arranged for Piano Solo by Granville Bantock , 
Le Lac des Lygner -The Swan Lake - A romantic Ballet in Four Acts - Illustrated Edition Tschaikowsky, choreography by Marius Petipa & Lev Ivanov, 
Le Lilas for the piano, Op.21 No.5 Rahmaninoff, 
Le Lis Sur Leau. The water lily, piano solo Denis Dupre, 
Le Magasin des Familles, ru du petit carreau A M E Trapes, arranged by A Huttier, 
Le Militaire - New Round Dance - Francis, Day and Hunter sixpenny popular edition No. 182 - With Dances to the steps Brigata Bucalossi, dance invented by J. H. Stirling, 
Le Palais Royal - Danse Gracieuse for Piano Solo Theo. Bonheur, 
Le Pas Des Cameristes. Menuet for Piano Solo By Paul Wachs, 
Le Petit ane Blanc - The little white donkey - For piano Jacques Ibert, 
Le Petit Ane Blanc, for piano Jacques Ibert, 
Le Petit Tambour. Rondino F Hunten, 
Le Piege de Meduse (Sept pieces pour le Piano) Erik Satie, 
Le Poete Mourant (The Dying Poet) L. Gottschalk, 
Le Polichinelle (Punch) - Piano Solo Heitor Villa - Lobos, 
Le Printemps. Pretty Mockingbird, for piano E Hoffman, 
Le Prophete - Grande Fantaisie de Concert - Op. 22 Robert Goldbeck, 
Le Prophete. Valse Jullien, 
Le quattro stagioni, transcribed for the piano Vivaldi, 
Le Regiment De Sambre et Meuse R Planquette transcribed by A Turlet, 
Le Régiment Qui Passe. Pas Redouble for piano D Magnus, 
Le Retour Du Moulin. Villanelle. Piano Solo By Ed Thuiller, 
Le Retour du Soldat (The Soldier's Return Home) - Grande Marche Millitaire - For Piano - Musikalische 20 Pfennig Bibliothek - No. 1696 J. Ascher, 
Le Reve Ernest Newton, edited by Dr Ralph H Bellairs, 
Le Reve - Romance pour le Piano - Op. 21 - Deicated to madame Coralie Frey of New Orleans W. V. Wallace, 
Le Reve - Romance sans Paroles for Piano A. Houga, 
Le Reve D'Or (A Dream of Gold)) - Piano Solo - Respectfully dedicated to M.C.D.R Andrew Brown, 
Le Reve Du Poete, Chant Sans Paroles. Piano Solo Paul Wachs, 
Le Reve Passe - March, arranged for piano solo C Helmer, G Krier and Armand Foucher, 
Le Reveil du Printemps - Valse for Piano Solo - Dedicated to Mrs Alec Flood - Paxton edition No. 1425 Arthur Wade, 
Le Reviel Des Fauvettes for piano Felix Godefroid, 
Le riel sur terre, Nocturne Fantasique D Krug, 
Le Rossignol en Amour and Le Rossignol Vainqueur Francois Couperin, 
Le Rossignol, air Russe Herm Trehde, 
Le Ruisseau - Rondelle Leonard Gautier, 
Le Soir - Melodie Nocturne - For Piano Solo Arthur Binns, 
Le Soir - Piano Solo Gabriel Dever, 
Le soir Op12 No.3, Kompositioner for pianoforte No.2 Ludvig Schytte, 
Le Sport de Nantes, Suite de Valses, for piano Emile Waldteufel, 
Le Tambourin Et Rigaudon avec Double - For Piano J Ph Rameau, 
Le Tombeau de Couperin - Suite pour le Piano Maurice Ravel, 
Le Toreador. Bolero. Piano Solo Paul Wachs, 
Le Torrent (Valse Brillante) - Oeuvres Celebres et Transcriptions Classiques series G. Marcailhou, 
Le Tre Nozze Arranged for the pianoforte by Chas W Glover, 
Le Tremolo. Grande Etude fo the pianoforte Charles Mayer, 
Le Vent - Rapsodie for Piano Benj. Vogt, 
Le Vent De La Foret - For piano solo Andre Dumonde, 
Le Vent de la Foret - For Piano Andre Dumonde, 
Le Vieux Chateau - Chanson du Temps pour Piano G. Bachmann, 
Le Zephyr - Morceau Elegant, for piano - The Hanover Edition J W Harmston, edited and fingered by J. T. Trekell, 
Le Zephyr Op. 41 - Morceau Elegant for Piano Solo J. W. Harmston, 
Lead Kindly Light Oscar Allon, 
Lead Kindly Light - For Pianoforte Arranged for piano by Wilson Preston, 
Lead Kindly Light (Sandon) - The Favourite Hymn Tune arranged for Pianoforte C. H. Purday arranged by J. E. Newell, 
Lead Kindly Light - Piano Solo Francis Bohr, 
Lead Kindly Light - The Favourite Hymn Tune easily arranged for Pianoforte C. H. Purday arranged by J. E. Newell, 
Lead Kindly Light. With variations for piano solo Leonard Gautier, 
Lead, Country Light (Sandon) Transcribed for pianoforte by Francis Bohr, 
Leafy June. Woodland Series. Piano Solo Eric Orland, 
Leah - Transcription for Piano Brinley Richards, 
Leaves from A Childs Sketchbook - For Piano John Ireland, 
Leaves of Memory - Reverie - Piano Solo Jan Fleury, 
Lebenslust, ponstuck Arnoldo Sartorio, 
Left Right, A book of marches for schools Arranged by Martin Shaw, 
Legacies No.1 Arranged by Sydney Baynes, 
Legend - Piano Solo Robert Docker, 
Legend Of The Stars. Piano Solo By Robert Bromhead , 
Legend Op127 No.2 for piano Christian Sinding, 
Legend, for piano solo By F Reizenstein, 
Legende (Legend - Op. 12, No. 6 - Modern Russian Masters - Piano Solo Serge Prokofiew, Rev. M. Frey, 
Legende (St Francois de Paule marchant sur les flots) F Liszt, revised by O Thumer, 
Legende Romantique - Piano Solo Ambroise Farman, 
Legende, No.3 of 4 morceaux pour piano Fritz Kirchner, 
Leichte Cavallerie; Overture F Von Suppe, 
Leichte Tanze I (Easy dances) for piano - Edition Schott 2234 Matyas Seiber , 
Leichte Tanze II (Easy dances) for piano - Edition Schott 2546 Matyas Seiber , 
Leighton - Sonata No. 2 for pianoforte Kenneth Leighton, 
Leighton - Sonatina No. 1. for pianoforte Kenneth Leighton, 
Leila Fletcher's Music Lessons Have Begun - For the Piano Leila Fletcher, 
Leisure moments for the piano Felix Swinstead, 
Lekstugan, gamla svenska folkdansar for piano Egnas Denna Samling, 
LElisir DAmore. Quadrille. Contains: Fra Lieti Concenti Gioconda Brigata, Vuoi Vederti Mille Amanti, Bel Conforto Al Mietitore, Io Son Ricco, Una Tenera Occhiatina, Ah! Lo Vedo By Charles DAlbert, 
LEnfant Prodigue, Musical Play In 3 Acts, Piano Selection By Michel Carre Fils and Andre Wormser, 
Lennox Berkeley - Concert Study in E Flat for Pianoforte Lennox Berkeley, 
Lentement Lentement. Piano Solo By EDM Filippucci, 
Lento - Op. 35 - No. 1 of Two Pierrot pieces for piano Cyril Scott, 
Leo Delibes - Seven Dances from the ballet music for piano solo Leo Delibes, 
Leo, Leonardo Arietta, for piano solo, 
Leoline - Intermezzo - No. 10 from Daisy Chains series of pretty melodies for Pianoforte Theo. Bonheur arranged by Gaston Maubray, 
Leonardland - Souvenir of Famous melodies by the Most Eminent Composers Arranged by Edward St. Quentin, 
Leonora - Based on melody from "Il Travatore" Leon du Terrail, 
Les Abeilles. Caprice. For Piano Solo G Ferraris, 
Les Abelles. Caprice for piano solo G Ferraris, 
Les Adieux - Walzer - For Piano Solo Josef Gung'l, 
Les Adieux, Fantasie for piano. Op 6 C van Tal, 
Les Adieux, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LXX (lower division) Beethoven, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Les Adieux. A Series O Classical And Modern Compositions For The Pianoforte Carl Maria Von Weber, selected, edited and fingered by Orlando A Mansfield, 
Les Amaranthes. A Third Set of Admired Quadrilles for Piano. Composed & Humbly Dedicated to Her Majesty, The Queen Dowager By George Warne, 
Les Animaux Modeles - Ballet in One Act from the Fables of "La Fontaine" - Piano Music Score Francis Poulenc, 
Les Barricades Misterieuses for orchestra F Couperin, 
Les Belles de Seville, Caprice Espanol F V Kornatzki, 
Les Bijoux - Petite Valse for Piano Chas. F. Dennee, 
Les Bijoux, three waltzes for the piano By J F Burrowes, 
Les Bluettes, No. 3 pour the piano J T Stone, 
Les Bohemiens - Morceau de Genre - Op. 39 - For Piano Solo - A Monsier G. Cottin - French Edition Ch. Delioux, 
Les Braves Belges - Belgian March in which is introduced The Belgian National Hymn - Dedicated to Miss C. M. Wood Gerald Stanley, 
Les Cerises (the cherries) Schottische - No. 4 from Les fruits de mon Jardin series of 6 petites danses faciles pour le Piano Henry Lecocq, 
Les Champs - No. 1 from Eight Melodies for the Pianoforte Ch. Gounod, 
Les Chants du Peuple, melodies Autrichiennes pour piano, Op181 By Jules Egghard, 
Les Charmes de LHiver. The Charms of Winter. Waltzes and Galop. Musical Bouquet By C Schubert, 
Les Cloches - Les Maitres Classiques de la Musique - Collection Instructive Francaise - For Piano W. Byrd edited by Vincent d'Indy, 
Les Cloches de Corneville (The Bells of Corneville). Quadrilles founded on Airs from R.Planquettes Celebrated Opera By Charles Coote Junr., 
Les Cloches de Corneville (The Bells of Cornville), suite of waltzes O Metra, 
Les Cloches de Corneville (The Chimes of Normandy) - Easy Piano Pieces adapted from Panquette's celebrated comic Opera - Book II Robert Planquette arranged & edited by Ernest Newton, 
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Les Douloureuses - Marche Grotesque piano solo Theo Bonheur, 
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Les Fraises (The Strawberries) - No. 1 of "Les Fruits de mon Jardin" Henry Lecocq, 
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Les Groseilles - No. 2 of "Les Fruits de mon Jardin" Henry Lecocq, 
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Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella on a Rainy Day - Song featuring Oscar Taylor Irving Kahal, Francis Wheeler and Sammy Fain, 
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Lied ohne worte Edward Lawrance, 
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Light Cavalry (Leichte Cavallerie) - Overture - for Piano Solo - Beaux Arts Edition Franz von Suppe, 
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Light O' Day, valse Frederic Gilbert, 
Light O' Day, valse Frederic Gilbert, 
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Light of experience (Theme) - Doina de Jale Traditional arr. by Frank Walsh, 
Light of heart H Nicholls, 
Light Of Heart. March Intermezzo. Piano Solo By G D Barnard, 
Lightheart. A Caprice. Piano Solo Robert S Thornton, 
Like a Virgin - Simplified Piano Arrangement by Dan Coates Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly - Arranged by Dan Coates, 
Lilac and Laburnum - Barn dance, for piano solo Celeste Baga, 
Lilac and Laburnum - Barn dance, for piano solo Celeste Baga, 
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Lilie Fritz Spindler, 
Lillies on the Water - Piano Solo Motague Ewing, 
Lily Bells - Morceau de salon H. Stanislaus, 
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Lima, from the South American Suite By Waldo De Los Rios, 
Linden Lea (A Dorset Song) - Piano Solo R Vaughan Williams, arranged by Harold Perry, 
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Lindsay Sloperes Progressive Series of the Best Pinaoforte works Sonata in C Major. Op 67 Dussek, edited by Lindsay Sloper, 
Lindy is yo true to me? - Coon song Aubrey Stauffer, 
Lingering Thoughts - Fantasia - Simplified Edition Arthur Howard Bonser, 
Lingering Thoughts - Fantasia for Piano Arthur Howard Bonser, 
Lionel Monckton Melodies Selection - Piano Solo Arranged by Stanford Robinson, 
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Liselotte & Lancelot - 2 Airs de Ballet pour Piano Leon Adam, 
Liselotte - From Liselotte and Lancelot. For piano solo Leon Adam, 
Liselotte - Valse Leon Adam - Arranged by Charles Ancliffe, 
Lison L'Enjoleuse - Valse pour Piano Alfred margis, 
List to the convent bells, Fantasia Ezra Read, 
List to the Convent Bells. Piano solo John Stewart King, 
Liszt Rhapsodien Liszt, 
liszt - 2de Rhapsodie Hongroise - Augeners Edition No. 8219k Liszt, simplified edition by Franz Bendel, 
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Liszt's Hungarian Fantasie - Concert Arrangement For Solo Piano by Eric Lewis Liszt, 
Lita Henri Ravina, 
Little Beauty - Valse Sentimentale - Musical Bouquet No. 4415 C Kinkel, 
Little Beauty, polka Charles Kinkel, 
Little blue Bonnet and Other Pieces For Piano Solo By Stella Houstoun, Contains 12 great songs, 
Little Blue Eyes C. D. Blake, 
Little Bo Peep Ezra Read, 
Little Bo-Peep Quadrille - On Popular Nursery Rhymes - Plate No. 9021 Charles D'Albert, 
Little Boy Blue - March H Engelmann, 
Little Boy Blue - New Nursery Rhymes Series - Set II Eric H. Thiman, 
Little Boys - Very Easy Waltz for Piano Solo - London Music Publishing Stores edition No. 134 Ezra Read, 
Little Brook (from the Water pieces) for Piano Eric Thiman, 
Little Brown Jug - Jovial Song with Chorus - Paxton edition no. 100 Trad., 
Little Christopher Columbus, for the piano Ivan Caryll, 
Little Christopher Columbus, Piano Selection By Ivan Caryll, selected and arranged by Charles Godfrey Junr, 
Little Companions - Polka for Piano Ezra Read, 
Little Daisy W Wilson, 
Little Damask Rose, Intermezzo. Piano Solo By Albert E Walton, 
Little Dog Tales for Children - Piano Solo Yvonne Adair, 
Little Dollys Dance. Piano Solo Cecil Rayners, 
Little Dream Girl. Valse Melodie. Piano Solo By Leon Aubry, 
Little Flowers Op. 205 - Easier Piano Pieces - No. 3 C Gurlitt, 
Little Fly (Petite Mouche) - Shimym Fox-Trot for Piano Solo Laurent Halet, 
Little Frogs and Other Piano Pieces for Children - In English, Polish and German Barbara Brzozowska, 
Little Frogs. Piano solo Adelmo Melecci, 
Little Fugue In Three Parts - Piano Solo Franz Reizenstein, 
Little Gems March, introducing twinkle twinkle, baa baa black sheep etc for piano By Renie Stoym, 
Little Gems Rhymes, introducing hickory dickory dock and humpty dumpty etc, for Piano By Renie Stoym, 
Little Girls - Very Easy Waltz for Piano Solo - The London Music Publishing Stores Edition No. 129 Ezra Read, 
Little Gleaners - Sketch for the pianoforte William Smallwood, 
Little Gleaners - Sketch for the Pianoforte William Smallwood, 
Little Grey Home in the West - Valse on Popular Songs - Piano Solo Hermann Lohr, arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Little Guards - Quick March for Piano Solo Ezra Read, 
Little Heroes - March - Easy Grade Pianoforte Solos Gladys Cumberland, 
Little Journeys In Music Land, for piano. Contains: The toy soldier, Ding dong bell, the broken toy, swinging, Fair play, A bit of fun, Hop about, March, A romp, In church, A lament, Dance... Louise Band, 
Little Jumping Jack - Piano Solo William C. C. Moy, 
Little Jumping Jack - Piano Solo William C. C. Moy, 
Little Mischief - A Novellette for Piano Arthur J. Ison, 
Little Mischief - Schottische Ezra Read, 
Little Miss Melody - Valse from "The Boy" Lionel Monckton and Howard Talbot, 
Little Miss Nobody Lancers - On melodies from The Musical Comedy Arthur E. Godfrey, 
Little Miss Nobody, Piano selection By Arthur E Godfrey, arranged by Charles Godfrey, 
Little Miss Pickle (A Troublesome Study) - Childrens Pianoforte Piece - Paxton edition No. 1630 - The Nursery Series Richard Neville, 
LIttle Nellie Kelly - Piano Selection George M. Cohan, 
LIttle Nellie Kelly - Piano Selection from the show George M. Cohan, 
Little Nellie Kelly Waltz - From Charles B. Cochran's production of George M. Cohan's new musical play "Little Nelly Kelly" George M. Cohan, 
Little Norwegian Pieces - Op. 15 - Edition Chester No.66 Signe Lund, 
Little Photos for Pianoforte - The Musical Hour - Book 16 - A Series of Easy and Original copyright compositions and arrangements by popular composers J. H. Wallis, 
Little Piccaninnies - Barn Dance Albert Oswald , 
Little Pictures - Set 1 - Ten pieces for the piano by Jessie Furze Jessie Furze, 
Little Pictures From Holland. Contains Windmills, Dutch Fisher Maidens song, Sailing on the Zuyder Zee, Dutch peasants dance and Wooden shoes sabot dance. Piano Solo Edgar L Bainton, 
Little Playmates Charlie Baker, 
Little Polly Flinders - For Piano Leo Livens, 
Little Preludes A Longo, 
Little Primrose. Valse facile. For Piano Solo J Deste, 
Little Red Monkey - From "Take it From Here" Radio Show, and TV Serial 'Little red monkey' - Piano Solo Jack Jordan, 
Little Romance and Rustic Song, from Opus 78, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LXXXVI (lower division) R Schumann, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Little Serenade - Featuring Eddie Calvert - Piano Solo G Ferrio and S Bowsher, 
Little Skaters. Waltz for piano solo W Smallwood, 
Little Snowdrop - Waltz for Piano Ezra Read, 
Little Suite for Susan for Piano Peter Schickele, 
Little Sunshine - Waltz for piano Ezra Read, 
Little Tin Soldiers (Marche des Petits Soldais de Plomb) - Piano Solo - Op. 14, No. 6 Gabriel Pierne, 
Little Trots (Childrens Dance) - For Piano W H Jude, 
Little Trots (Childrens Dance) - For Piano W H Jude, 
Little Violas Gavotte for the pianoforte Arthur Somervell, 
Little Woman, Suite For Piano Solo By J Raymond Tobin, 
Little Women - Suite for Piano J. Raymond Tobin, 
Loch Fyne - Schottische Henri Dupret, 
Loch Lomond (Barn dance or Schottische Henri Dupret, 
Loch Lomond, Brilliant Melange, introducing Favourite Scotch Airs, "The Boatie Rows and Auld Robin Gray" John Pridham, 
Logie O'Buchan - Dedicated to Miss Ida Hay Wilhelm Kuhe, 
Logie O'Buchan - For the Piano Forte - Dedicated to Mifs Caroline Lysley W. Vincent Wallace, 
Logie O'Buchan - Popular Scotch Melody transcribed for the Piano Scotch Melody transcribed by Chas. W. Glover, 
Lohengrin - Grand Selection from Wagner's Opera Arranged by Warwick Williams, 
Lohengrin, paraphrase for piano Op. 202 Wagner, arranged by G Gariboldi, 
Lohengrin, recollection of Wagners celebrated Opera W. S. Rockstro, 
Loin Du Bal - Intermezzo. Piano solo By Ernest Gillet, 
Loin du Foyer (Far from Home) - Pour Piano - Op. 15 - Paxton edition No. 1602 Herman Huyts, 
Loin du Monde! (Romance sans paroles) - Piano solo Paul Wachs , 
Lola Polka - for Piano Paul Henrion, 
London (London every day) Eric Coates, 
London - Travel Diaries Series No. 3 - Impressions of Famous Cities for Pianoforte - Chappell & Co Edition No. 45908 Malcolm Williamson, 
London Again - Suite for Piano solo Eric Coates , 
London Bridge March - Piano solo Eric Coates, 
London Bridge March - Piano solo Eric Coates, 
London Calling (March) - Piano Solo Eric Coates, 
London Day by Day - No. 1 - Under the Clock for piano solo A C Mackenzie, 
London Day by Day - No. 2 - Merry Mayfair - Valse A C Mackenzie, 
London Day by Day - No. 3 - Song of Thanksgiving (Dankeslied) for piano solo A C Mackenzie, 
London Day by Day - No. 4 - Hampsted Heath A C Mackenzie, 
London Fantasia - A Musical Picture of "The Battle of Britain - Complete version for Piano solo Clive Richardson, 
London Fantasies for Piano - Curwen Edition 99040 Percival Garratt, 
London Holiday - Seven easy minitures for the Piano John Longmire, 
London River - Suite for piano Leslie Fly, 
London Scenes - Suite for piano Cuthbert Harris, 
London Suite (London Every Day) Eric Coates, 
London Town - Piano Selection featuring Sid Field, Greta Gynt and Kay Kendall James van Heusen, 
London Town Dance Album by Felix Burns Felix Burns, 
London's Bonnie Woods And Braes - No. 41 of "Petites Caledonians" - Rondos Ecossaises - Arranged for the Pianoforte Albert Keller, 
Londonderry Air (Irish Air). Old Irish Song. Piano Solo Calvin Grooms, 
Londonderry Air (Old Irish Melody) Arranged by Malcolm Ives, 
Londonderry Air (Old Irish Melody) - For The Pianoforte - The Brown Cover Edition No. 108 Arranged by Ernest Reeves, 
Londonderry Air - For Piano Arranged by Sydney Grenville, 
Londonderry Air - For piano - With ad. lib. violin and 'cello parts Traditional - Arranged for the pianoforte by Edric Cundell, 
Londonderry Air - Traditional Arranged by Hubert Bath, 
Londonderry Air - Traditional Irish Air - Arranged for the Pianoforte Edric Cundell, 
Londonderry Air - Traditional Irish Air - For Piano - Paxton's Edition No. 50674 Traditional - Arranged for the pianoforte by Edric Cundell, 
Long Life to Our King - Grand March - introducing "the Royal Salute" and "Here's a health unto his Majesty" Leonaard Gautier, 
Long may he reign - Coronation March - For Piano Solo Lawrence Wright, 
Longing Haydn Wood, 
Longing (Sehnsucht) - Op. 20 Gustav Lange, 
Longing - Air de fascination Leon Navarro, 
Longing, morceau Haydn Wood, 
Look For The Silver Lining - Piano Solo Jerome Kern, arranged by Louis C Singer, 
Looking Backward, Piano Selection - Memories of Melodies We Love Herman Finck, 
Loose Leaves - Six Little Pieces for Pianoforte - Op. 97 Paul Zilcher, 
Lord Lovel Valse - Musical Treasury Plate No. 785-6 E. Reyloff, 
Lord Roberts' African March - For Pianoforte John Pridham, 
Lord Stormont (reel) - Scottish Country Dance - Composed in Honour of the Coming of Age of the Viscount Stormont 7th July 1951 - With Instructions for the Dance Dance devised and Music composed and arranged by David M. Robertson, 
Lords and Ladies Carl Hemann, 
Lords and Ladies. No.2 of Spring Flowers. Fruhlingsblumen. Piano Solo Cornelius Gurlitt, 
Lords and Ladies. Old English Dance for piano Seymour Smith, 
Loreley Op2 Hans Seeling, 
Loreley Rhein Klange, waltzer Johann Strauss, 
Loreto Tango (Mamma Mia). Piano Solo. Featuring Harry Davison And His Orchestra Those Were The Days Nino Casiroli, 
Loricula - Pas de Ballet pour Piano Helene Brideaux, 
Loromi - Valse lente for Piano - Paxton edition No. 1664 J. E. Peilgen, 
Lorraine - March Majestic - For Piano Jean Augarde, 
Los Banderilleros - Marche Espagnole - For Piano Solo - French Edition F. Volpatti (Junior) , 
Lost Empires and Julie's Theme - Piano Solos with Optional Violin/Flute Part Derek Hilton, 
Lothians March - No. 186 from Short Original Pieces for the Pianoforte Series E. Kuhlstrom, 
Lotta's Favourite Polka - Musical Bouquet No. 6969 C Kinkel, 
Lotus Blossoms. Piano Solo W A Montgomery, 
Lotus Blossoms. Piano Solo W A Montgomery, 
Lotus Land - Op. 47, No. 1 Cyril Scott, 
Louie - Graceful Dance for Piano Solo - Reeves edition No. 178 Harry Wall Junr., 
Louis van Beethoven Sonatina in G for the Pianoforte, 
Louise - Polka de Salon - For Piano Solo Wilhelm Kuhe, 
Louisina Polka (Louise's Polka) - Piano Solo Bedrich Smetana, 
Love among the roses arranged for piano, No.3 of Mabels Music Box By A S Holloway, 
Love And Sunshine - Serenade. Op. 308 Carl Wilhelm Kern, 
Love at Sight - Waltz - For Piano Solo Henry Coates, 
Love Blossoms, waltz George Ees, 
Love Comes Like a Summer Sigh - Waltz Song - Paxton edition No. 600 W. Spenser, 
Love Dreams - Waltz M. Greemwald, 
Love Eternal (Amour Eternel) - Valse - For Piano Solo - French Edition Elsie Brooke, 
Love For Sale - From The Musical Play "The New Yorkers". Piano Solo Cole Porter, 
Love from Judy - Piano Selection Hugh Martin & Jack Gray, arranged by Chris Langdon, 
Love In A Cottage. Waltz. Piano Solo By Max Darewski and Doris Joel, 
Love In A Mist - Gavotte Intermezzo, Op. 41 Jules Devaux, 
Love in a Village - Intermezzo for the Pianoforte Seymour Smith, 
Love in Arabia - Valse Alec FFrench, 
Love in June - Valse - For Piano Solo Howard Fisher, 
Love in Mayfair - Valse boston for Piano Solo - Dedicated to Miss Phyllis Chappell Philippe Raymond, 
Love In My Garden - Valse - Piano Solo Reginald Benyon, 
Love in the Mist. For piano solo F Thomas, 
Love is a Garden - Valse - For Piano Solo Cecil Wynne, 
Love letters Arranged by Paul Dumas, 
Love Letters - Waltz for piano Ezra Read, 
Love Links - Waltz A. J. Slater, 
Love Me And The World Is Mine. Like the Rose He Wears Today. Waltz arrangement. Piano Solo By Ernest R Ball, 
Love Not Waltz - Arranged for the Pianoforte Theodore T. Barker, 
Love Notes - Valse hesitation Frank E Hersom, 
Love of Mine - Waltz for Piano Solo John Ashton, 
Love Song (Liebeslied) - Op. 40 - Piano Solo Charles Wakefield Cadman, 
Love Song (Liebeslied) - Piano Solo - Op. 58 Ernst Jonas, 
Love Stories waltz Ezra Read, 
Love Tales Piano Selection of celebrated love songs arranged by Henry Hall Love here is my heart, Speak to me of love, A bachelor gay, I love thee, Frasquita serenade, If winter comes, Drink to me only, God will send you back to me, Love will find a way, Whisper and I shall hear, If you were the only girl, 
Love Theme - From Romeo and Juliet Peter I. Tschaikowsky - Arranged by F. C. Walsh, 
Love Theme from Herman Wouk's "The Winds of War" Bob Cobert, 
Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet - Special Piano Solo - From Zanco Zeffirelli's Paramount Pictures Production of Romeo and Juliet Henry Mancini, 
Love Theme From Spartacus - A version of the theme by Khachaturian from the T.V. Series "The Onedin Line" Arranged by E Charles and N Newell, 
Love Theme from the film So Little Time. Piano Solo By Robert Gill, 
Love Theme from The Godfather Nino Rota, 
Love theme from The Thorn Birds Henry Mancini, 
Love Waltz - For Piano Solo - French Edition Jose M. Lucchesi, 
Love's Confession - A Melody Theme for Piano Charles Ancliffe, 
Love's Dream - Intermezzo for piano Carl Hesler, 
Love's Dream - Song - Waltz from 'Liebestraume' featuring the Savoy Havana Band Liszt, arranged by E. J. Bennet, 
Love's Dream - Waltz introducing Liszt's famous "Liebestraume" - Featuring Debroy Somers Arranged by E J Bennet, 
Love's dream after the ball by A Czibulka, 
Love's Dreamland - Waltz for Piano on Paul Rodney's Popular Song Otto Roeder, Paul Rodney, 
Love's Fairy Tales - Waltz for Piano Solo Chas. W. Ferrier, 
Love's Garden - Piano Solo Phil Schwartz, 
Love's Golden Dream - No. 1 from Golden Sprays Series of popular and original melodies - composed, arranged and fingered in the most familiar style for the Pianoforte Lindsay Lennox arranged by W. Smallwood, 
Love's Golden Star - Reverie for Piano Louis A. Drumheller, 
Love's Hiding Place - Valse Horatio Nicholls, 
Love's Inspiration (Silhouette). Piano Solo Percy Elliott, 
Love's Message - Intermezzo d'Amour - Compositions for Piano Series Percy Elliott, 
Love's Old Sweet Song James L. Molloy, arranged for piano by W. Kuhe, 
Love's Own Rose - Waltz - Introducing the Song Love's Own Rose by Howard Fisher J Woof Gaggs, 
Love's Pleading - Romance for Piano Solo Harold Carson, 
Love's Posy (Les Fleuurs D'amour). 4 Expressions for the Pianoforte. Contains Fern, Red Tulips, Yellow Roses and Bridal Roses Percy Elliott, 
Love's Remembrance - Waltz for Piano Solo Stanley Howard, 
Love's Response - Polka Sentimentale - Musical Bouquet No. 4256 Chas. Kinkel, 
Love's Rosery, valse-idylle Raymond Keen, 
Love's Serenade - No. 6 of Theo Bonheur's Musical Kindergarten Series - For Piano Solo Arranged by Theo Bonheur, 
Love's Serenade Waltz - For Piano Solo Richard Stahl, 
Love's Strategy - Entracte pour piano Cecil Wynne, 
Love's Voyage Gaylord Barrett, 
Love's Whisper Waltz - For Piano Solo - Dedicated to Miss Harding Lou Larna, 
Love's Whisperings - Waltz for piano Ezra Read, 
Loved and Lost - Valse pathetique for Piano Henry Geehl, 
Loveland Serenade. For Piano solo, Violin and Cello ad lib F Mayo, 
Lovelight - Intermezzo for the Piano - Dedicated to Miss Lilian H. Elliott Smith, 
Lovelight - Intermezzo for the Piano Solo H. Elliott Smith, 
Lovelight - Orchestral Copy Perceval Norman, 
Lovelorn - Piano Solo Haydn Wood, 
Lovely Devon Valse - Piano Solo Louis Godard, 
Lovely Flowr for piano C M Weber, 
Lovely To Look At - Piano Selection By Jerome Kern. Arranged by Denis Wright & Felton Rapley, 
Lovely Wales - A selection of popular melodies Arranged by Oscar Nilssen, 
Lover Dreams. Reverie. Piano Solo By A L Brown, 
Lovers Lure - Waltz intermezzo for piano solo Charles Ancliffe, 
Lovers' Walk - Perles Musicales recueil de Morceaux de Salon pour Piano Series No. 106 J. F. Barnett, 
Loves Awakening. Reveil D'Amour. Piano Solo Albert W Ketelbey, 
Loves Meditation - Waltz Easily arranged for the Piano Clothilde, 
Loves Melody - For Piano Erik Meyer Helmund, 
Loves Melody - For the pianoforte Gilbert Stacey, 
Loves Melody for the pianoforte Gilbert Stacey, 
Loves Memory, romance for piano Cecil Rayners, 
Loves Mystery, waltz for piano solo Archibald Joyce, 
Loves Old Sweet Song - Easy arrangement for piano J. L. Molly, Easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Loves Old Sweet Song - Molloys Popular Song arranged for Pianoforte solo W. Kuhe, 
Loves Philosophy, for piano Charles Salaman, 
Loves Pleading - Romance - A celebrated cinema Interlude with violin and cello obligato Ad Lib. Piano Solo Harold Carson, 
Loves Sacrifice (Melody Intime). Piano Solo Cuthbert Clarke, 
Loves Voyage. Piano Solo By Gaylord Barrett, 
Loving Hearts, melody for piano solo, Op 210 By A Czibulka, 
Lowry, Tony Strauss Polkas, Arranged for Piano, 
Lucetta. Valse Brillante. Piano Solo James Miller, 
Lucia Di Lammermoor, fantasia for piano Donizetti, arranged by G F West, 
Lucilla - Polka for Piano Arthur Wilson, 
Lucky Girl - Pianoforte Selection from the B. A. Meyer and E. J. Carrol Musical Comedy Philip Charig, Douglas Furber, R. P. WEst and Bert Lee arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Lucrezia Borga, fantasia on Donizetti's Opera Oscar Allon, 
Lucrezia Borgia - Fantasie - Sur L'Opera de Donizetti - Pour Piano Wilhelm Kuhe, 
Lucrezia Borgia, No. 4 of "Repertoire des Jeunes Pianistes: 12 Petites Fantaisies" Ferdinand Beyer, 
Lucrezia Borgia, No. 7 of "Operatic Fantasias" Arranged for the pianoforte by Seymour Smith, 
Lucrezia Borgia, potpurri Arranged for piano by Francois Burgmuller, 
Lucrezia Borgia. Fantasia for piano Ferninand Beyer, 
Lucy Neal, popular American Air for piano solo Arranged by J Pridham, 
Lucy's Theme From The Film Parrish. Featuring Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Diane McBain and Sharon Hugueny. Piano Solo Max Steiner, 
Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde Ludovico Einaudi, 
Ludus Tonalis - Studies in Counterpoint, Tonal Organisation and Piano Playing - Schott's Edition No. 3964 Paul Hindemith, 
Ludus Tonalis. Studies in Counterpoint, Tonal Organization & Piano Playing Paul Hindemith, 
Ludwig Van Beethoven Sonata Op.27 No.1, For piano solo, 
Ludwig Van Beethoven Op.62 Coriolanus Overture, For piano solo, 
Ludwig Van Beethoven Sonatinas - Complete L V Beethoven, 
Luis-Miguel (Los dos Rivales) - Paso Doble sur les motifs de la celebre chanson - For Piano Solo - Les Succes de Raquel Meller - French Edition V. Quiros, 
Luli Lu. Transcripion for Piano Solo of Harry Dacres very popular song I cant think ob nuthin else but you By Mark Dafnal, 
Lullaby (Berceuse) - Piano Solo Arnold Bax , 
Lullaby (Wiegenlied) Brahms, fantasie for pianoforte by Gustav Lange, 
Lullaby - March - For Piano H. V. Jervis Read, 
Lullaby for piano Ignaz Tedesco, 
Lullaby for the Pianoforte Arthur Page, 
Lullaby From Rosemary's Baby - Featuring Mia Farrow - For Piano Christopher Komeda, 
Lullaby of Birdland George Shearing, 
Lullaby of the Bells - from the film "Phantom of the Opera", arranged as piano solo Edward Ward. Arranged by D Savino , 
Lullaby of the Bells - Song featuring Nelson Eddy in "Phantom of the Opera" G Waggner, Edward Ward, 
Lullaby Waltz, easily arranged for piano Brahms, arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
Lulu - Fox Trot Novelty Dance for the Ballroom - Piano Solo R. T. Almond, 
Luna Walzer - For Piano Solo Paul Lincke, 
Lustinia, gavotte P Bucalossi, 
Lutin - No. 5 from Scenes de Pantomime Series of six airs de Ballet Oscar Beringer, 
Lutte Interieure - Innerer Kampf - For Piano - No. 3 from 'Romances sans Paroles' J. Rosenhain, 
Luxembourg - Valse on melodies from the operetta "The Count of Luxembourg" Franz Lehar, 
Luxembourg Lancers - on melodies from the musical play 'The Count of Luxembourg' Franz Lehar - Arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Luxembourg Polka - Piano Solo performed by Mantovani Emile Reisdorff, 
Luxembourg Valse - on melodies from the Operetta "the count of Luxembourg" Original Operetta by A. M Willner, Robert Bodanzsky - Waltz by Franz Lehar, 
Luxemburg: valse Words and music - Franz Lehar, 
Lydia, bluette de salon, sans octaves Rene Favarger, 
Lydia. Nocturne Ignace Gibsone, 
Lynes - 4 Analytical Sonatinas for the Pianoforte - Op. 39 - No. 1 in C Allegretto, Minuet and Allegro Frank Lynes, 
Lynes - 4 Analytical Sonatinas for the Pianoforte - Op. 39 - No. 2 in G major - Allegretto, Moderato and Allegro Moderato Frank Lynes, 
Lynes - 4 Analytical Sonatinas for the Pianoforte - Op. 39 - No. 3 in C major - Allegro Moderato, Andante and Allegro Frank Lynes, 
Lynes - 4 Analytical Sonatinas for the Pianoforte - Op. 39 - No. 4a in G Major Allegro Moderato, Sonata form Frank Lynes, 
Lynes - 4 Analytical Sonatinas for the Pianoforte - Op. 39 - No. 4b in C major - Allegretto Grazioso, (Minuet) Dance Form Frank Lynes, 
Lyric Album - For Pianoforte - Book III Various Composers, 
Lyric Pieces (Lyrische Stucke) - Op. 12 - Book 1 - Edition Peters No. 1269 Edward Grieg, 
Lyric pieces - Book 1 - Op. 12 - Edition Peters No. 1269a Grieg, 
Lyric Pieces - Book 10 - Op. 71 - Edition Peters No. 2985 Grieg, 
Lyric pieces for the piano, Op.43 E Greig, 
Lyric Pieces I - Opus 12 - Piano Solo - Novello Edition Grieg, 
Lyric Pieces III - Opus 43 - Piano Solo - Novello Edition Grieg, 
Lyric pieces No.1-3 for the piano, Op.57 E Greig, 
Lyric pieces Op.43 for the piano E Grieg, 
Lyric Pieces, for the piano, Op.12 E Grieg, 
Lyric pieces, Op.12, for the piano E Grieg, 
Lyric Suite - Six Meldious Pieces for Pianoforte - Book 1 Gilbert A. Alcock, 
Lyrical Pieces - Album 3 - Op. 43 - Edition Peters Nr. 2154 Grieg, 
Lyrical Pieces - Op. 12 - Edition Peters Nr. 1269 Grieg, 
Lyrical Pieces for Pianoforte, Grade 5. Illustrative verses by Wilfid Thorley, music by Arthur Somervell The forest pool, The merry horn, Restlessness, Will o'the wisp, The witch's ride, The lake, Nocturne, The Spanish girl, Barcarolle and Home again, 
Lyrical Pieces for the piano - Op 54 - Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics Vol. 775 Grieg, 
Lyrische Stucke (Lyric pieces) - Op. 57 - Heft 6 - No. 1 - 3 - Edition Peters No. 2657a Grieg, 
Lyrische Stucke - Heft 3 - Op. 43 - Edition Peters No. 2154 Grieg, 
Lyrische Stucke - Lyrical pieces for the piano - Heft 5 - Op. 54 - Edition Peters No. 2651 Grieg, 
Lyrische Stuecke (Lyric Pieces) - Op. 68 - Heft 9 - Edition Peters No. 2924 Grieg,