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There are 426 piano solos beginning with the letter H, click on a title for further details:

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H Bantock Springtide Strauss, 
H M Higgs Our Queen, march for piano solo, 
H. M. S. Pinafore - The Savoy Opera Series - Six Easy Pieces for Piano adapted from "H.M.S. Pinafore" Arthur Sullivan arranged, edited and fingered by Thomas F. Dunhill, 
H. M. S. Powerful - Overture Caprice for Pianoforte J. F. Lexhime, 
H. M. S. Powerful - Overture Caprice for Pianoforte J. F. Lexhime, 
H. Pachulski - Prelude for Piano H. Pachulski, 
H.M.S Pinafore or "The Lass that loved a Sailor" - Arranged for the Pianoforte W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, arranged for the Pianoforte by Berthold Tours , 
Habanera - From Carmen - Piano arrangement Bizet, easily arranged for Piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Haddington Assembly (jig) - Scottish Country Dance with Instructions for the Dance Dance Devised by Jean Henderson, 
Haidebild (On the Heath) - Stimmungsbilder fur Klavier Series No. 5 - Op. 9 - For Piano Solo Richard Strauss, 
Hairy Visions, valse de salon for the pianoforte Alfred J Bradley, 
Hales - Humoreske for the Piano - Op. 6 Hubert Hales, 
Half A Sixpence - Piano Selection - Tommy Steele David Heneker, 
Half and Half - A Castle Creation Arthur N. Green, 
Half hours with the best composers arranged as solos and duets for the piano, New Series Offenbach, arranged by William Hutchins Callcott, 
Halfdan Kjerulf Fruhlingslied (Spring song) Piano Solo, 
Hall or Nothing (Theme From "The Arsenio Hall Show") - Original Sheet Music Edition - Piano Solo Arsenio Hall, 
Halstock Pieces. Four Sketches for piano solo By Eric H Thiman, 
Halte Militaire (De Kucken) - Divertissement pour Piano J. Ch. Hess, 
Hammersbach - from Three Bavarian Dances - No. 2 Edward Elgar, 
Hammock Song. Pastoral Musette. Piano Solo By Percy Elliott, 
Hanako - Japanese intermezzo for piano solo W Aletter, 
Handel - Air la Bourree - Piano Solo C. F. Handel, transcribed by D. Brocca, 
Handel - March from "Scipio" for Piano Handel, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Handel - Minuet from Berenice - Violin and cello ad lib. - Banks sixpenny edition No. 188 Handel, 
Handel in the Strand - Clog Dance from 'Room Music Tit Bits' Percy Aldridge Grainger, 
Handel Variationen for the piano, Op.24 Brahms, 
Handel Wakes (or "The Potted Blacksmith") - Piano solo Walter Morressy, 
Handel's Royal Fireworks Musick - Piano Solo George Frederic Handel - Arranged for Piano Solo by Granville Bantock, 
Handel-Variationen, Op. 24 Brahms, 
Hands across the centuries - Suite for Pianoforte C. Hurbert H. Parry, 
Hands Across the Sea John Philip Sousa, 
Hands Across The sea, Nautical Overture F Pascal, 
Hands together - 60 tuneful pieces for piano also useful for sight reading, Read and play series: One pair of hands Grade II - Hinrichsen Edition No. 862 Thomas A Johnson, 
Hanky Panky - Polka Charles Coote, 
Hanning Schroder - Kleine Klaviermusik - Heft I Hanning Schroder, 
Hanning Schroder - Kleine Klaviermusik - Heft II Hanning Schroder, 
Hans Christian Anderson - Piano selection Frank Loesser, arranged by Felton Rapley, 
Hans the Stroller: for piano C Ancliffe, 
Hans-Gunter Heumann children's classic piano. Book 3 Die moldau, Minuet from the military, Wedding march from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Barcarolle, Vase de musette, Pathetic symphonie and others, 
Happenings, for Piano Solo - Banks Edition No. 211 Alec Rowley, 
Happier Days - Melody for the Pianoforte Tom Brown, 
Happiness - Valse de Salon pour le Piao Roland Stephens, 
Happy be thy Dreams Brinley Richards, 
Happy be thy Dreams - Easy Pianofore arrangement J. R. Thomas arranged by J. E. Newell, 
Happy Darkies, barn dance, no. 13 of "The Crown Series of modern favourites easily arranged for pianoforte" Arthur E Godfrey, arranged by J E Newell, 
Happy Darkies, barn dance, No. 13 of "The Crown Series of Modern Favourites" Arthur E Godfrey, easily arranged for pianoforte by J E Newell, 
Happy Days - Fox-trot - For Piano Solo - French Edition Charles Ewart, 
Happy Days - Seven Simple Pieces Ezra Read, 
Happy Days - Seven Simple Pieces - Banks Gem Series No. 100 Ezra Read, 
Happy Days - Suite for Pianoforte - Banks Edition No. 182 Arthur Baynon, 
Happy Fancies - For Piano W. H. Richardson, 
Happy Go Lucky - Two Step for Piano Solo - Paxton edition No. 1617 Frank Marden, 
Happy Hours, mazurka, No. 6 of "Twentieth Century Collection: melodious gems for the piano" Easily arranged, marked and fingered by J E Newell, 
Happy Hours, Sketch for Piano By W. H. Birch, 
Happy Hours. For piano solo W H Richardson, 
Happy Hours. For piano solo By W Millward,, 
Happy Hours. Gavotte for piano solo Ernest A Dicks, 
Happy Hours. Piano solo A Marcelle, 
Happy Jingles - Suite for Piano E. Kershaw, 
Happy Jose - Piano Solo Norman Malkin & Jesse Gonzales, Piano solo arrangement by David Sherriff, 
Happy Landing! March - Piano Solo - Dedicated to My Son and His Brother Pilots H Baynton Power, 
Happy Little Caterpillar - Piano Solo Kenny Graham, 
Happy Melody. Piano Solo H Baynton Power, 
Happy Memories - Ten Pretty Pieces Elementary Grade (Fingered) for Pianoforte - The Ruby Series of Albums No. 10 Albert H. Oswald, 
Happy Moments, mazurka Albert H Oswald, 
Happy Seasons Jan Miles, 
Happy Smile - Polka de Salon - Musical Bouquet No. 6165 Chas. D. Blake, 
Happy Song, No. 6 of "Six Pieces or Children for the Piano, Op.22, No.6" Felix Swinstead, 
Happy Springtide hours for Pianoforte by Heinrich Behrmann In primrose time, Where violets grow, Hunting song and Eventide, 
Happy Thoughts - Caprice a la Valse por le Pianoforte Edouard Dorn, 
Happy Valse - English Fingering - For the Pianoforte Douglas Shannon, 
Happy Valse - Foreign Fingering - For the Pianoforte Douglas Shannon, 
Happy Waltz - Arnold's Pianoforte Music Series No. 020 Freda Swain, edited by Thomas F. Dunhill, 
Harebells Ringing. Piano Solo By Felix Gerard, 
Hark, hark the Lark - Serenade by Shakespeare Schubert transcribed by F. Liszt, 
Hark, Hark, the Lark - for Piano Schubert, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Harlech - on Welsh Airs, brilliant fantasia for the piano Arthur Thompson McEvoy, 
Harlequin - For Piano W. H. Richardson, 
Harlequin - For Piano Solo W. H. Richardson, 
Harlequin. Piano Solo George Aitken, 
Harlequinade - Carnival Scenes Suite de Ballet for piano wothout octaves Franz Behr, 
Harlequins Serenade. For Piano Solo W M Hutchison, 
Harmonies du Soir - Morceau elegant pour Piano - Op. 54 - Dedicated to Mrs Frank Malden Sydney Smith, 
Harmonies of Night - Concert Study for Pianoforte Cuthbert Harris, 
Harmony Lane - A selection of Stephen Foster's world famous songs arranged for Piano Solo Stephen Collins Foster, arranged by Lew Stone, 
Harmony Valse - Piano Solo Sydney Baynes, 
Harp Sounds. Piano Solo C Mayer, 
Harpe Angelique - No. 11 from The Osborne Series of Miniature Recreations Ciro Fasoli, 
Harpe Eolienne - Morceau de Salon for piano Sydney Smith, 
Harris Festival Series Level 3 - A series of graded Piano Solos Various Composers, 
Harris Festival Series Level 7, a series of graded piano solos Bagatelle, Bearlude for Alex, Highland Lullaby, Nocturne, Prelude #3, Sleigh Ride, Slumber, Soldiers March, Sonatina in D minor, To a wild rose, Wild Rider, 
Harris Festival Series Level 7, a series of graded piano solos Bagatelle, Bearlude for Alex, Highland Lullaby, Nocturne, Prelude #3, sleigh Ride, Slumber, Soldiers March, Sonatina in D minor, To a wild rose, Wild Rider, 
Harrisons Grand March Charles D Blake, 
Harry Dexter Little Silver Shoes. Piano solo, 
Harry Lime Theme, from "The Third Man" Orson Wells Anton Karas, 
Harry Potter - Selected Themes from the Motion Picture - Chamber of secrets - Including Photos Arranged for Easy Piano by Dan Coates, 
Harry's Musical Box - Bagatelle for the Piano - Musical Bouquet No. 4107 George William Warren, 
Harvest Dance from ''The Seasons'' suite for Full Orchestra - Reduction for Pianoforte Solo - Composed for the Norwich Musical Festival Edward German, 
Harvest Festival March William Hill, 
Harvest Home - Suite for Piano Solo - Banks Edition No. 228 William Alwyn, 
Harvest Moon - Intermezzo W Leon, 
Harvest Time (Moissons) - Scherzo for Pianoforte - Op. 8 Van Denman Thompson, 
Harvest Time - Suite for Pianoforte Haydn Wood, 
Haste to the Wedding - From Country Dance Tunes Set II and Country Dance Book Part I - With Instructions to The Dance Steps Collected and arranged by Cecil J. Sharp, 
Hather Bloom - A Scotch Idylle for Piano Audrey Kingsbury, 
Hausbuchlein - Chorale und gestliche Lieder Johann Sebastian Bach edited by Hans Oser, 
Hava Nagila - As performed by The Spotnicks - Piano Solo Bo Winberg, 
Hava Nagila - Piano Solo Bo Winberg, 
Havanaise. Piano Solo Theodore Lack, 
Hawaii Five-O - Recorded on Liberty by The Ventures Mort Stevens, 
Hawaiian Butterfly - featuring Frances Kennedy, Bobbie Smith George A Little, Billy Baskette & Joseph Santly, 
Hawaiian Memories - Selection for piano with guitar chords Arranged by R. S. Stoddon, 
Hawaiian Twilight - Fox Trot - for Piano Carl D. Vandersloot, 
Hawkes & Sons Dance Album No. 4 Various Composers, 
Hawkes and Sons March Album, for Piano Solo - Number 4 10 marches by various artists, 
Hawkes New March Album containing eight new and popular marches for Piano Solo Various artists including T. Bidgood, C. Raison, W. Becker, D. J. Plater, H. E. Dowell, H. Hope, F. M. Marks,, 
Haydn Six sonatas for the piano, 
Haydn Symphonien, Book II (No. 7 in C major, No. 8 in B flat major, No. 9 in C minor, No. 10 in D major, No. 11 in G major and No. 12 in B flat major) Joseph Haydn, arranged by Friedrich Spigl, 
Hazai Hangok - Magyar eszmek feletti keringo - For Piano Szuk Matyastol, 
Hazleholme Waltz - Respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Brown Hazleholme J. B. Senior, 
Hélène, Grande Valse Brilliante H Wollenhaupt, 
He Marie! - Fox Trot ou One Step sur les motifs de la chanson populaire Creee par Bach dans la revue de Louis Lemarchand "En Pleine Folie" - For Piano Solo - French Edition A. Chantrier, 
He Never Came Back - Comic Song - Musical Bouquet No. 8727 William Jerome, 
He wipes the tear from every eye for the Pianoforte Brinley Richards, 
He's A Fine Old Old English Gentleman - Old English Theme Easily arranged for Piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Head Over Heels - Piano Selection from the Musical Comedy Seymour Hicks, Music by H. Fraser-Simson selected and arranged by Herman Finck, 
Hear my Prayer Transcribed by Arthur O'Leary, 
Hear My Prayer - Piano solo and song - As sung by Master E Lough Mendelssohn, 
Hear My Prayer - Piano solo and song - With Violin & Cello obligato ad Lib Mendelssohn, arranged by Oscar Allon, 
Hear My Prayer - Piano Solo and Song with Violin & Cello Ad Lib. Mendelssohn, arranged by Geo. H. Farnell, 
Heart and Flowers (Coeurs et Fleurs) - Waltz Tellier Czibulka, 
Heart of Delight - Valse - For Piano Solo - Swift edition No. 501 Milton Cass, 
Heart of Mid-Lothian - Quadrilles for the Pianoforte - Musical Bouquet No.'s 4933 and 4934 Arranged by Thomas Baker, 
Heart of Paris (Coeur De Mon Coeur) - Piano Solo featuring Mantovani Georges Auric and arranged by Ernest Tomlinson, 
Heart of Youth, waltz Maurice Scott, 
Heart Throbs: A Reverie for the piano Erik Nilssen, 
Heart's Desire (Desir Du Coeur) - Intermezzo pour Piano Solo Ivan Romanoff, 
Heart's Desire - Piano Selection - Featuring Richard Tauber Richard Tauber and G.H. Clutsam, 
Hearts and Flowers (Coeurs et Fleurs) - Piano Solo Alphons Czibulka, Arranged by Theo. M. Tobani , 
Hearts and Flowers - Easy arrangement Theo Tobani arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
Hearts and Flowers - For Piano Simplified T. M. Tobani , 
Hearts and Flowers - Jumbo note easy arrangement Theo Tobani arranged by F. Henri Klickmann, 
Hearts and Flowers - No.4 of the Estelle Series of easy popular pianoforte solos Czibulka-Tobani, 
Hearts and Flowers, No. 4 of the Estelle Series of easy popular pianoforte solos Czibulka-Tobani, 
Heartsease Waltz on the song that reached my heart Charles Fitzgerald, 
Heat Wave, Cha Cha - Irving Berlin from "There's no business like showbusiness" Irving Berlin, 
Heat Wave, Cha Cha from "Theres No Business Like Show Business" - Ethel Merman Irving Berlin, 
Heather and Thistle Ralph Cecil, 
Heather Bells (Entracte N 2). Piano Solo By Haydn Wood, 
Heather Bells - Fantasia W S Rockstro, 
Heather Bells and Minnows In The Pool Jessie Furze, 
Heather Bells. The Radio Waltz Hit. Piano Solo. Featuring The Savoy Orpheans Jean Lensen, 
Heatherland - Schottische or Barn Dance for the Piano with Solo Part for Violin or Mandoline Theo Bonheur, 
Heavenward - Marche Celeste - Pitman Hart and Co. Edition No. 629 Vilbre, 
Heavenward March - Paxton Edition No. 449 Vilbre, 
Hedge Roses - for Piano Schubert - easily arranged for the piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Heft VI. Nos4-6 Op.57 for the piano E Greig, 
Heft VII. Nos. 5,6 Op.62 for the piano E Greig, 
Heft VIII Nos. 4-6 Op.65 for the piano E Greig, 
Hefti on Gotham City - Piano solos Neal Hefti, 
Heimathglocken. Stimmungsbild Gustav Lange, 
Heimliche Liebe (True Love) Gavotte - For Piano Solo - No. 17 from Crotchets and Quavers series of popular and classical pieces for the Pianoforte Albert Dufaure, 
Heimliche Liebe. Home Love, Gavotte for piano solo Johann Resch, 
Helen of Troy - Jazz one-step - For Piano Solo - French Edition Herman Darewski, 
Helen's Dream - A Waltz - Composed and respectfully dedicated to M. F. H. - For Piano Solo L. Louis, 
Heliopolis - Fox-Trot Leon J. Bradshaw, 
Heller Album, A selection of the choicest Tone Pictures from Stephen Hellers celebrated studies Stephen Heller, arranged by Ludwig Klee, 
Hello Dolly - Piano Selection Jerry Herman, arranged by Georges Newtone, 
Helston Floral Dance - Easily arranged for Piano Traditional - Arr. by Lynn Palmer, 
Helston Furry Dance - Paraphrased for Piano Percival Garratt, 
Henry Duke - Promenade - Suite for Piano Henry Duke, 
Henry Furnival Le Songe The Dream morceau for piano, 
Henry Litolff Spinnlied for the piano, Op81, 
Henry Litolff - Scherzo for piano from concerto in D minor Henry Litolff, transcribed for piano solo by Henry Geehl, 
Henry Purcell Popular Edition of selected works - When I am Laid in Earth from "Dido and Aeneas" (Soprano) Purcell, edited by Gerald M. Cooper, 
Henry Russell's New American Quadrilles embracing alll the new Negro melodies - Musical Bouquet Dance Music Series No. 392 Various Composers arranged by Henry Russell, 
Henry VIII - Old English dance - No. 1 of "Golden Thoughts - Twelve Gems" Willem Vandervell, easily arranged for pianoforte by Leonard Gautier, 
Henry VIII, old English dance, No. 9 of "Rose Leaves" Easily arranged for pianoforte by Willem Vandervell, 
Her Bright Smile Haunt me Still, A Ballad W T Wrighton, Arranged by Brinley Richards, 
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still - Ballad W T Wrighton, transcribed by Brinley Richards, 
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still. Piano Solo W Smallwood, W T Wrighton, 
Her First Bouquet. Piano Solo Stanley Applebaum, 
Her First Dance - Intermezzo - Piano Solo Jonny Heykens, 
Her Very First Waltz Ezra Read, 
Her very first waltz - For Piano Ezra Read, 
Her very first Waltz - Waltz Ezra Read, 
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Highlights for very easy piano Adapted by John Brimhall, 
Herbert Dennison - Five Pianoforte Pieces Herbert Dennison, 
Herbie Hancock - Unique Transcriptions of the Original Soundtracks written and recorded by One of the worlds greatest Jazz and Rock performers Herbie Hancock, 
Herbie Nichols The Unpublished works, 27 Jazz Masterpieces presented by Roswell Rudd Another friend, Dream Time, In honor of Garner, Karne Kangi, Passing thoughts, Valse Macabre & more, 
Herbststimmung - Valse for Piano Paul Lincke, 
Here comes the Bride - Pianoforte selection from the modern musical comedy Arthur Schwartz arranged by Guy Jones, 
Here comes the Shippoorwill - One Step for Piano Solo Terry Sherman, 
Here in My Arms - from "Lido Lady" Richard Rodgers, Orchestra Piano arrangement by Leonid Raab, 
Here Sleeps Titania - From Three Fancies for Pianoforte E. Markham lee, 
Here there and Everywhere (Marches des Petits Pierrots) Auguste Bosc, arranged by F. Thomas, 
Here, There and Everywhere (Marche des Petits Pierrots) - Naval Three Step - Featured, Recorded and Broadcast by Harry Davidson in "Those were the Days" Auguste Bosc arranged by F. Thomas, 
Here, There and Everywhere! (Marche des Petits Pierrots) - Grand March for Piano Solo - Played by the bands of the British and French armies Auguste Bosc, 
Herman Lohr Four Dances from Anthony in Wonderland: Rustic Dance, Merry Dance, Pastorale, Country Dance. Piano solo, 
Herod - Incidental Music - Suite for orchestra (piano) - Op. 47 - Augener's Edition No. 6105 S Coleridge Taylor, 
Hesitation (Piece Caracteristique) An interesting Temperamental Sketch. Piano Solo Albert Kussner, 
Hesitation - Valse Boston Paul Fauchey, 
Hexentanz - Witches Dance - Op. 17, No. 2 - piano solo E A MacDowell, 
Hexentanz, Witches dance by E MacDowell, 
Hey Cabby! Piano Solo, Featuring Murray Campbell Murray Campbell, 
Hey Diddle Diddle - New Nursery Rhymes Series - Set II Eric H. Thiman, 
Hey There Little Miss Mary, Whistling Jack Smith/Piano Solo By R Greenaway and R Cook, 
Hey, boys, up go we - from country dance tunes, set 3 and country dance book, part 2 Cecil J. Sharp Arranged by Cecil J Sharp, 
Heykens' Second Serenade - Piano Solo Johnny Heykens, 
Hi-Tid-De-Ly-Om-Pom - Lancers - Feldmans 6d Edition No. 370 Arranged by John Neat, 
Hiawatha (A Summer Idyl). Cake Walk, Two Step Or March. Piano Solo. Feature by Harry Davidson Neil Moret, 
Hiawatha - A Summer Idyl - Op. 6 - For Piano Solo Neil Moret, 
Hiawatha - A summer Idyll Neil Moret, arranged by Fabian Scott, 
Hiawatha - Summer Idyll for Pianoforte Neil Moret, 
Hiawatha Waltz - Founded on Neil Morets celebrated summer Idyll entitled "Hiawatha" (serenade to Minnehaha) Ernest Bucalossi, 
Hibernia (The Last Rose Of Summer). Favorite Airs. Piano Solo Lavinia E Hawley, 
Hidden Fires - No. 1 from Compositions for Piano Series Frank Bridge, 
Hide and Seek - Jazz Foxtrot for Piano Solo David Comer, 
Hide and Seek, piano solo Ludwig Skutte, 
Hide and Seek. Piano solo W G James, 
Hide and Seek. Piano Solo C Reinecke, 
Hier Au Soir. Barcarolle. Piano Solo By Alphonse Durosier, 
High Button Shoes - Piano Selection Jule Styne - Arranged by Geo. L Zalva, 
High Heels And Buckles. Ballata. From the suite My Lady's Boudoir. Piano Solo Luella Lockwood Moore, 
High Jinks - A Musical Farce - Piano Selection Roderick Freeman, arranged by D Savino, 
High Society, Piano Selection - Featuring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra Cole Porter, arranged by Felton Rapley, 
Highland Mary - March Patrol for Piano Solo Hamish MacDonald, 
Highland Schottische - For Piano Arranged by Ezra Read, 
Highland Schottische - For Piano Solo Arranged by Joseph Chadley Drane, 
Highlights from Mozart - For Piano Various composers, selected and transcribed by Vincent Knight, 
Highlights from Offenbach - For Piano Various composers, selected and transcribed by Vincent Knight, 
Highway Patrol - Theme Music from the T. V. Serial "Highway Patrol" starring Broderick Crawford - Featured and Broadcast by Cyril Stapleton Ray Llewellyn, 
Highwayman Adventure - Suite for Piano Solo Robert S. Thornton, 
Highways and Byways - A Suite of Easy Pieces for Pianoforte - Book Jean Marat, 
Highways and Byways - Eight Tuneful Pieces for Pianoforte - Book II - No.'s 5-8 Joseph Frederick's , 
Highways And Byways. Eight Tuneful Pieces For Pianoforte By Joseph Fredericks. Contains; Sumbeams, To The Hunt, A Little Love Story, St Marthas Benediction, Cradle Song, Cross Roads Massa Johnsons Breakdown and Night March, 
Higlandia, selection of Scottish Airs for pianoforte Arranged by John Neat, 
Hilarity - Valse - For Piano Solo Harold Popple, 
Himalya - Un nouveau foxtrot par les compositeurs d'Indianola - For Piano Solo - French Edition Onivas et Henry, 
Himmelsgesange (Celestial Songs) - Op. 2. No. 2 - Piano Solo Stefan Bergman, 
Hinaus ins gruene (Excursion) - Suite for Piano Solo - Op. 206 Cornelius Gurlitt, 
Hindoo Maid (The Waltz Oriental) William H Perrins, 
Hindoo Priests - Incantation - The Kings Bal Masque - Piano Solo Theo Bendix, 
Hindusta - Piano solo fox trot Oliver Wallace and Harold Weeks, 
Hints for piano solo practice Includes various Techniques, 
Hippity-Hop - Characteristic Dance for Piano with Violin, Cello, Organ or Harmonium ad. lib. - Melody Series No. 7 William B. Godfrey, 
Hippodrome. Suite for Piano solo Heller Nicholls, 
His Little Widows piano selection, from the musical comedy William Schroeder arranged by H Sullivan-Brooke, 
His Little Widows, Piano selection By W Schroeder, R Johnson Young & W Cary Duncan, 
His Majesty's March - for Piano - Composed in Honour of the Coronation of King George V. Arthur Workman, 
Histoires...pour Piano Jacques Ibert, 
Hjertesar for orchestra, Op.34 E Greig, 
Hoch Habsburg! - March J.N. Kral, 
Hoch Hapsburg. March for piano J N Kral, 
Hochzeits (Marsch) & Bauernhochzeitsmarsch - Piano Solos - No. 22 from Musikalische 20 Pfennig Bibliothek August Sodermann, arranged by A. Schultz, 
Hocus Pocus (Hey! Presto) Galop - Op. 67 - For Piano Solo - Musical Bouquet Edition No. 7303 Philipp Fahrbach Jnr., 
Hoddinott - Sonata No. 6 - Op.78, No. 3 - Performed by Janice Williams and Martin Jones Alun Hoddinott, 
Hoity Toity - March for piano solo Daisy Moore, 
Hoktioph - Russian Piano Solo Piece M. H. T., 
Holberg Suite - Opus 40 - Edition Peters No. 2152 Edvard Grieg, 
Holberg Suite Opus 40 - Novello Edition Edvard Grieg, 
Hold Everything - Piano Selection from the musical comedy B.G.De Sylva, Lew Brwon and Ray Henderson, selected and arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Hold the Fort - The Admired Sacred Song Transcribed for Piano Transcribed for Piano by Jules Favre, 
Holiday Diary - Suite for piano solo Benjamin Britten , 
Holiday for Strings - Piano Solo - Featuring Margaret O'Brien in "The Unfinished Dance" David Rose, 
Holiday Impressions for Piano - Broekmans & van Poppel edition no. 1000 Gerard Hengeveld, 
Holiday music from Kent ans Sussex - Thirty Nine Easy Teaching Pieces for Pianoforte Margaret Hubicki, 
Holiday Pieces - A Collection of Short & Melodious Pieces - For Piano Alex Roloff, 
Holiday Tales - Suite of Four Pieces for Pianfoorte - Winthrop Rogers Edition Benjamin Britten, 
Holiday Time - Nine Little Pices for the Young - For the Piano George Tootell, 
Holiday Time. Piano Solo Heller Nicholls, 
Holler, Hymns and Dirges - Eight Folk Settings for Piano Peter Schickele, 
Holly Berries - Polka Mazurka Arthur J Mc Evoy, 
Holly Bush - Polka performed at royal weddings, state balls and garden parties Dan Godfrey, 
Holly Bush. Galop. Piano Solo F Thomas, 
Hollyhocks - Morceau Pittoresque for Piano solo Carl Wilmer, 
Hollywood - Piano Solo Theme from the Thames TV Series Carl Davis, 
Holmes, Karn and Stiehl Selected Pianoforte Pieces, No4, Two Miniatures, Grade B, 
Holyrood. Danse De La Cour Du Temps de Maria Stuart. Piano Solo By D Brocca, 
Holyrood. Famous fantasias on Scotch melodies for piano Arthur Thompson Mc Evoy, 
Holyrood. Souvenir De Marie Stuart. Danse De La Cour. Piano Solo Anton Strelezki, 
Homage to Tchaikovsky - For Piano Solo - Grade VI Thomas B. Pitfield, 
Homage Waltzes - No. 6 from Collection of Dances for Piano series Labitzky adapted for amateurs by Anton Andre Junr., 
Homage. March Haydn Wood, 
Home Circle Dance Album Ezra Read, 
Home on the Range - Traditional for Piano Easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Home Sickness. Original Styrian Dances Joseph Lanner, 
Home sweet home Transcribed for the Pianoforte by Henry Farmer, 
Home Sweet Home Easily arranged for pianoforte by J T Stone, 
Home Sweet Home - Brilliant Fantasia J W Netherwood, 
Home Sweet Home - for Piano - Op. 3 J. H. Slack, 
Home Sweet Home - For Pianoforte Solo - National Melodies Series No. VI William Smallwood, 
Home Sweet Home - Morceau Brillant - For the Pianoforte J. T. Trekell, 
Home Sweet Home - No. 2 from Sunbeams choice selection of popular melodies for Pianoforte Sir H. R. Bishop, arranged by M. Greville, 
Home Sweet Home - Our Musical Folio Series No. 16 J. Pridham, 
Home Sweet Home for the Pianoforte - Op. 72 S Thalberg, 
Home Sweet Home with variations - for pianoforte C Kinkel, 
Home Sweet Home, fantasia dedicated to G Lansdowne Cottell H G Walker, 
Home Sweet Home, for piano James Bellak, 
Home Sweet Home, Sicilian Air, arranged for the pianoforte Thos. Valentine, 
Home Sweet Home. the popular song with new symphonies and accompaniments for the pianoforte Bernard Austin, 
Home Sweet Some - Arranged for the Pianoforte E. Donajowski, Thos. Valentine, 
Home, Sweet Home Ent.Sta. Hall, 
Home, Sweet Home - Transcribed for the Piano Forte G. A. Osbourne, 
Homeland Tunes - Fifth Book - Little Diamonds Album Felix Godard, 
Homeland Tunes - Third Book - Little Snowdrop Album Theo. Bonheur, 
Homenaje (Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy) Manuel De Falla, 
Homeward Bound, quadrille W G Eaton, 
Hommage a Schumann. Reverie. Piano Solo Harold Colombatti, 
Hommage au Fromage - Pour Piano -Niveau moyen G. Lyons - Arranged by Ida Lough, 
Honey Lamb M G Ponce, 
Hong Kong Beat - Theme from BBC Records Richard Denton & Martin Cook, 
Honolulu - Waltz for Piano Solo Peggy Wood, 
Honour and arms, arranged from the original score with an accompaniment for the piano forte Composed by Handel, Edwin J Nielson, 
Hooked on easy Piano Classics - 35 Tunes Various composers, 
Hooperman - Theme from "Hooperman" Mike Post, 
Hop o My Thumb - Dance characteristic for piano solo Jos. E Blakeley, 
Hope - Andante for the Pianoforte W. Smallwood, 
Hopscotch - Schottiche Fabian Rose, 
Hopwood & Crew's Navy & Army March Album for the Pianoforte - Featuring Lord Roberts and Lord Chas. Beresford Various Composers, 
Horatio Nicholls Lancers, introducing popular melodies of the day. Includes: Omaha, Silver Star, If You're Going Back to Dixie, Play Things and In My Dreams Arranged by Horatio Nicholls, 
Horloge A Musique. Musical Box pour piano L A Stern, 
Horn Blower's Hayride - Piano Solo Francis Meillear and Robert Blair, 
Horn's Royal Quick Step - performed by her Majesty's Band - Composed and arranged for the Piano Forte Henry John Jackson, 
Hornpipe - From "Triumph of Neptune" - For Piano Lord Berners, 
Hornpipe - Graded British Piano Pieces Series No. 44 - Grade IV Moderately Difficult H. MacCunn, 
Hornpipe from "Stories In and Out of Doors" for piano A Rowley, 
Hornpipe from the "Water Music" - Free Setting of Favourite Melodies Series No. 2 George Frederick Handel arranged by Percy Aldridge Grainger, 
Hornpipe In G - Piano Solo Michael Watson, 
Hornpipe, Piano Solo Cuthbert Harris, 
Hornpipe. Piano Solo Norman O'Neill, 
Hornpipe. Piano Solo T A Johnson, 
Hors d'Oeuvre R Drakeford , 
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Humoresque for the piano Francis Poulenc , 
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