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There are 554 piano solos beginning with the letter B, click on a title for further details:

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B & H Piano Album Series - Frederic Curzon - Album of Piano Solos Various Composers, 
Babanera. Morceau De Salon. Piano Solo By Francois Behr, 
Babau! March Surprise for Piano Georg Marcel, 
Babbling - Internezzo for Piano Quentin Maclean, 
Babes in Toyland - Piano Selection from Hamlin and Mitchell's stupendous extravaganza as produced at the Grand Opera House, Chicago Victor Herbert arr. by Karl L. Hoschna, 
Babes in Toyland - Waltzes from Hamlin and Mitchell's stupendous extravaganza as produced at the Grand Opera House, Chicago Victor Herbert arr. by Karl L. Hoschna, 
Babillage. For piano solo Ernest Gillet, 
Babinette -- Pour Piano Marcel Fleur, 
Baby Bunting (A scale Study) - Children's Pianoforte Piece Aylmer Ward, 
Baby Bunting - One Step Nat D Ayer, arranged by R S Stoddon, 
Baby Bunting - Piano Selection from the Musical Play Nat D Ayer. Arranged by Jacques Greebe, 
Baby Bunting - Waltz Nat D Ayer, arranged by R S Stoddon, 
Baby Elephant Walk, from Hatari - Piano Solo Henry Mancini, 
Baby Elephant Walk, from Hatari, John Wayne Henry Mancini, 
Baby's Sweetheart (Whistling Serenade) W. Corri Jr., 
Baby's Sweetheart (Whistling Serenade) - Piano Solo W Corri, Jr., 
Babylonia - Grand Selection of Popular Melodies - As played by the band of the Royal Marines Light infantry under the direction of Mr George Miller Warwick Williams arranged by Theo. Bonheur, 
Bacchanalia. A Fantasia on popular drinking songs, old and new Herman Finck, 
Bach - Air on a G String for piano J S Bach, Easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Bach - Franzosische Ouverture - Phantasie, Capriccio - Edition Peters No. 208 Bach, 
Bach - In Dulci Jubilo - For Piano - Featuring Mike Oldfield J. S. Bach, arranged by Mike Oldfield, 
Bach - Slumber Song (Christmas Cantata) - Arranged for the Piano J. S. Bach, arranged by Henry Geehl, 
Bach - Solfeggietto - The Portrait Gallery Series No. 25 - For Piano Solo C. P. Emanuel Bach edited, fingered and arranged by Sinclair Williams, 
Bachannale pour Piano Arthur Thompson McEvoy, 
Backwoods and Prairies - No. 11 of "The Magic Lantern - A series of descriptive pieces for pianoforte" Seymour Smith, 
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Made Easy for Piano Jim Croce , 
Baden Powell March - Dedicated to the Heroic Defender of Mafeking Ezra Read, 
Badinage for the piano in C Francis Poulenc, 
Bagatella - No. 3 From ''Italian Sketches'' - For Pianoforte - Edition Swift Ferdinando Peduzzi, edited by Edward Isaacs, 
Bagatelle Carl Reger, 
Bagatelle - For Piano Solo - Pianist Repertoire No. 11 Noel Johnson, 
Bagatelle in E flat - for Piano T. B. Pitfield, 
Bagatelle in F, Opus 33, No. 3, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 144 (lower division) Beethoven, edited and phrased by George Farlane, C Egerton Lowe and others, 
Bagatelle, Opus 119, No. 1, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 93 (higher division) Beethoven, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
Bagatelle. Piano Solo By Charles Derek, 
Bagatelles for double bass and piano G. Halahan, 
Bagatelles rondos and other short works fo the piano Beethoven, 
Bagatells, Op 33,119 and 126 Beethoven, 
Bagattella - Op. 54 - For Piano Solo Theodore Lack, 
Baigneuses au soleil (souvenir de Banyuls sur Mer) - Piano Solo Deodat de Severac, 
Bailarina Coyitas. For piano solo Pascual Quaratino, 
Bal Masque - Parisian Sketch No. 2 - Waltz for piano solo Percy E Fletcher, 
Bal Masque - Parisian Sketch No. 2 - Waltz for piano solo Percy E Fletcher, 
Bal Masque ches les Oies (Maskenball im Gaensestall) - Slow Fox Trot intermezzo - For Piano Solo - French Edition K. M. May and K. Schwabach, 
Bal-Masque Waltz - Parisian Sketch No. 2 Percy E. Fletcher, 
Balade De La Lune. Bacarolle. Piano Solo Andre Colomb, 
Balalaika, piano selection, Leontine Sagan's Adelphi Theatre Production George Posford and Bernard Grun, 
Balancelle (Mazurka de Salon) Paul Wachs, 
Balkantanze (Balkan Dances) - Piano Solos - Edition Schott No. 4930 Marko Tajcevic, 
Ball Room Memories, selection, arranged and selected for piano by Archibald Joyce Dreaming, Vision DAmour, Passing of Salome, Entrancing, Maidens Blush, A thousand kisses, Always Gay, Charming, Love and Life in Holland, 
Ballad - Op. 122 - For Piano Solo August Nolck, 
Ballad Memories No. 1 - Celebrated Songs For Pianoforte Various Composers arranged by Sydney Baynes, 
Ballad of the Weaver - Piano Solo Edward Hoffman, 
Ballad Op.47 in A flat major, for the piano Chopin, 
Ballade Debussy, 
Ballade - Modern Piano Music Series Alan Rawsthorne, 
Ballade - Op. 24 for the Piano - Edition Peters No. 1470 Edvard Grieg, 
Ballade in A Minor - Op. 39 Tobias Matthay, 
Ballade in G minor - Featured in Frank Borzage's British Lion technicolor film "Concerto" starring Catherine McLeod Chopin arranged by Howard Ward, 
Ballade Op. 19, Piano Solo Gabriel Faure, 
Ballade Pour Adeline - Featuring Richard Clayderman P De Senneville & Oliver Toussaint, 
Ballade Pour Adeline - Featuring Richard Clayderman P De Senneville & Oliver Toussaint, 
Ballade, for the piano, Op.10 Brahms, 
Ballet Egyptien - For Piano Solo Alexandre Luigini, 
Ballet Egyptien - For Piano Solo - Suite I Alexandre Luigini, 
Ballet Egyptien for Piano Alexandre Luigini, arranged by Ernest Reeves, 
Ballet Fragments - For the Pianoforte Selected and arranged by E. Kershaw, 
Ballet in Education - Piano Solo Pieces for Children's Examinations - The Royal Academy of Dancing Thomas B. Pitfield, Margaret Tudor Evans, Marjory Gordon, William Cole and Leighton Lucas, 
Ballet Music Schubert, 
Ballet Music from 'Faust' by Gounod Gounod, arranged by Granville Bantock, 
Ballet Music from 'William Tell' Rossini, arranged by Granville Bantock, 
Ballet Music from the Swan Lake - Arranged for Piano Solo with Accordion Parts - Gem Series No. 103 Tschaikowsky,, 
Ballet Music. Number 1 From Rosamunde. Piano Solo Schubert, arranged by Geo H Farnell, 
Ballet Russe - Pour Piano Alexandre Luigini, transcribed by F. Fourdrain, 
Ballet Russe - Suite of Russian Dances for Pianoforte Ivan Vordikdoff, 
Ballroom Silhouettes - Twelve Famous Dances for Piano - Edition Schott Mo. 10150 Selected by Bernard Bramley, 
Ballroom Silhouttes, Twelve Famous Dances. For Piano Solo By Bernard Bramley, 
Ballsirenen, Walzer (Die Lustige Witwe) Franz Lehar, 
Balmoral. Characteristic Dance. Piano Solo Anton Strelezki, 
Bambi - Piano selection of melodys from the film Arranged by Geo. L. Zalva, 
Band 1 for piano and vocals Wolf , 
Banditenstreiche - Jolyl Robbers - ouverture - For Piano - Edition Schott 07418 Franz von Suppe, 
Bangles (Souvenir de Cadiz) - A Brillant Morceau for the Pianoforte Digby Trappe, 
Banquet Dance. Piano Solo By E Boggetti, 
Barbara. Old English Dance for the pianoforte B J Hancock, 
Barbe Bleue - Comic Opera - Arranged for Solo Piano J. Offenbach, edited by Edward F. Rimbault, 
Barcarola - For The Pianoforte - To His Friend M. G. Biggs Esq. Walter Spinney, 
Barcarola Veneziana - For piano solo Anton Strelezki, 
Barcarola Veneziana - Pour Piano Solo - Op. 123 August Nolck, 
Barcarola. Piano Solo George Aitken, 
Barcarole J C Ames, 
Barcarole - Op. 33, No. 16 - From 'Pianoforte Recreations' - A series of pieces selected from the best works of the modern composers Adolf Jensen, fingered and annotated by G. Augustus Holmes and Frederick J. Karn, 
Barcarole for the Pianoforte Selim Palmgren, 
Barcarole from Masaniello Arranged for the Pianoforte by G F West, 
Barcarole from the Fourth concerto for Pianoforte, Opus 19 William Sterndale Bennett, 
Barcarole. Piano Solo Walter Wesche, 
Barcarolle Heinr Mueller, 
Barcarolle - from The Tales of Hoffmann - for piano Offenbach, easily arranged by Wilson Manhire, 
Barcarolle - From The Tales of Hoffmann - For piano Offenbach, easily arranged, 
Barcarolle - For Pianoforte Berthold Tours, arranged by Oscar Wagner, 
Barcarolle - Op. 134, No.1 from Trois morceaux pour piano Erik Meyer Helmund, 
Barcarolle en Sol Mineur pour Piano - Op. 13 Boris Franzoff, 
Barcarolle for piano W Goldner, 
Barcarolle for piano Stewart Macpherson, 
Barcarolle for Piano - Op. 44 A Liadow, 
Barcarolle From The Fourth Concerto for the pianoforte William Sterndale Bennett, 
Barcarolle in F minor, Opus 30, No. 1. No. 16 in "Anton Rubinstein's Favourite Pianoforte Pieces" A Rubinstein, 
Barcarolle in F, Grade III H Engelmann, 
Barcarolle por piano A Liadow, 
Barcarolle Sicilienne - for piano Jean Youste, 
Barcarolle Venetienne. Morceaux. Piano Solo M Schyralski, 
Barcarolle Waltz - On Motives from Offenbachs opera " Les Contes D'Hoffman" - Op. 128 Offenbach Arranged by Oscar Fetras,, 
Barcarolle, on motives from Offenbach's opera "Tales of Hoddman" Arranged by Oscar Fetras (Op. 128), 
Barcarolle, Op 196 No2 C Gurlitt, 
Barcarolle, Opus 33, No. 16, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, XCI (intermediate) A Jensen, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Barcarolle. For piano solo By Cuthbert Harris, 
Barcarolle. For piano solo By W Telford Cockrem, 
Barcarolle. In F Minor and In A Minor Anton Rubinstein, 
Barcarolle. Piano Solo By Horace Barton, 
Barcarolle. Piano Solo Arthur E Temple, 
Barcarolle. Piano Solo A Jensen, 
Barge Afloat - No. 1 from Album Leaves for Piano Series - Op. 34 Maurice Besly, 
Barge Music (Entrance of Cleopatra), No.2 Music to Shakespeares drama Antony & Cleopatra E Jakobowski, 
Barn Dance - Merry Moments Series of Popular Pieces Easily Arranged and Fingered for the Pianoforte - Series No. 2 E. Boggetti, arranged and fingered by Alan Vaughan, 
Barnacle Bill - The Blue Peter Theme - Recorded by Mike Oldfield H Ashworth Hope, 
Barney Google - Fox-trot - For Piano Solo - Les grands succes americains - French Edition Billy Rose and Con Conrad, 
Barracuda March Clive Richardson & Tony Lowry, 
Bartok, Bela Im Freien, Piano solo, 
Barwick Green - Signature tune from "The Archers" - Sidney Torch Arthur Wood, 
Barwick Green - The theme from BBC Radio's "The Archers" Arthur Wood, 
Basket of Roses, a novelette F G Albers, 
Basso Ostinato. Le Coucou By A Arensky, 
Bassolo. Piano Solo By Gene Williams, 
Bastien Favourites Level 2 - Thirteen Piano Solos at Elementary Level - Suitable for Recitals, Auditions or Festivals Jane Smisor Bastien, 
Bataille de Fleurs, valse F Romain, 
Bath's Shilling Album of Easy Dance Music for the Pianoforte G. Jervis Rubini, 
Batistes Andante in G Arranged by Oscar Allon, 
Batman Theme Neal Hefti, 
Bavarian Clog Dance. Piano Solo By G Armando, 
Bavarian Dances Edward Elgar, 
Bayaderes et Guerriers - Air de Ballet pour Piano Jules Daniel, 
Beatrice Di Tenda, Fantaisie brillante for piano Bellini, arranged by T H Dohler, 
Beatrice Di Tenda, No. 21 of "W Smallwood's Operatic Solos for the Pianoforte" Bellini, 
Beau Brummel - Minuet for Piano Solo featuring Gerald Lawrence Edward Elgar, 
Beau Brummel Rastus Brown - Cake Walk T. W. Thurban, 
Beau Brummel. Minuet. Piano Solo. Featuring John Barrymore in Beau Brummel Francis Young, 
Beauties of the Opera - No. 21 Minuet de Don Giovanni Mozart, arranged by George Frederick West, 
Beautiful Bells - Drill March (Introducing Sweet Chiming Bells) Ida Hampden, 
Beautiful Dreamer - Easily Arranged for Piano Stephen C. Foster arranged for Piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Beautiful Spring. Valse Words and music - Paul Lincke, 
Beautiful Star - Arranged for the Pianoforte L Bertrand, 
Beautiful Star of Heaven - Reverie for piano solo Louis Drumheller, 
Beauty and the Beast - Pantomime music Ida Hampden, 
Beaux and Belles - Gavotte for Piano - Paxton edition No. 1616 Aylmer Ward, 
Beaux Espirits (Gay Spirits) - One step for Piano G. T. Tompkins, 
Beba. Tango. Piano Solo Harold De Bozi, 
Bebe. Valse. Piano Solo Wilf Crossland, 
Beebe, for E flat alto saxophone and piano, without separate parts Jimmy Dorsey, 
Beedle-De-Bump (A Frog Serenade) - Fox Trot for Piano Solo Tom Brown and Ernie Erdman, 
Bees - Fox-trot - For Piano Solo - French Edition E. Gareri and Francis Salabert, 
Bees' Wedding - for Piano Mendelssohn, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Beethoven - Ausgewahlte Lieder - For Mezzo Sopran or Baritone - Edition Peters No. 732 Beethoven, 
Beethoven - Minuet in G - The Walsh Collection Beethoven, arranged by Alex Fraser, 
Beethoven - Sonata in C minor - Op. 13 - From Beethoven Sonatas - For the Pianoforte - Analytical Edition No. 8 Beethoven, edited by Stewart Macpherson, 
Beethoven - Sonata in G minor - Op. 49 - No. 1 - The Avenue Edition, critically revised and fingered Beethoven, 
Beethoven - Sonata No. 19 - In G minor - Op. 49 - No. 1 - From Beethoven Sonatas for the Pianoforte - Analytical Edition Beethoven, edited by Stewart Macpherson, 
Beethoven Klaviersonaten for the piano (Band 1) - Urtext Ludwig Van Beethoven, 
Beethoven Sonata - Op. 26 - No. 12 - Analytical Edition Beethoven, edited by Stewart Macpherson, 
Beethoven Sonata No. 27 - Op. 90 - In the key of E minor Beethoven, edited by Harold Craxton & commentaries by Donald Francis Tovey, 
Beethoven's Funeral March and Chopin's Marche Funebre - For Piano Solo Beethoven, 
Beethovens Adelaide, Arranged for the Pianoforte William Kuhe, 
Beethovens Celebrated Andante from the Symphony in A, for pianoforte and harmoinum A Panseron, 
Before Dawn where silence is more than all tunes By Edmondstoune Duncan, 
Before The Dawn, for piano B Walton ODonnell, 
Beg Your Pardon - Piano transcripton as recorded on Brunswick 03901-B Francis Craig and Beasley Smith, 
Begin The Beguine - Piano Solo Cole Porter, arranged by Cy Walter, 
Beginners Play ''Jazz'' Vigilio Piubeni, 
Bela Bartok - For Children - Piano solos Volume II - Based on Slovakian Folk Tunes Bela Bartock, 
Bela Bartok - Mikrokosmos, For piano solo, set of six books, progress from easy to medium difficulty Bela Bartok, 
Belfry Echoes - Reverie for piano - Companion piece to Cathedral Chimes Shiel Dawson, 
Belgravia - Waltz - Plate No. 13490 Dan. Godfrey (B.M. Grenadier Guards), 
Belle Marie, No. 5 of The Carnival - Six characteristic pieces for the pianoforte Seymour Smith, 
Belle Promenade. Piano Solo Christian Schafer, 
Belles of Blighty - Waltz for Piano Solo H. Scott Baker, 
Bellisario. Fantasia Elegant from Verdis Opera for piano Verdi and A Marshcan, 
Bells Across the Meadows - A Characteristic Intermezzo Albert W Ketelbey, 
Bells Across the Meadows - Characteristic Intermezzo for Piano Albert W Ketelbey, 
Bells Across the Meadows, No. 2 of "Jumbo Note" - simplified arrangements of well-known piano pieces Albert W Ketelbey, arranged by F Henri Klickmann, 
Bells are Ringing - Piano Selection from the Musical - Featuring Janet Blair Jule Styne, 
Bells At Evening - Intermezzo - Piano Solo A Williams, 
Bells at Sunset - Characteristic piece for piano W S Rockstro, 
Bells of Happiness - Schottische or Entracte Harry Wood, dedicated to Mrs W T Russell, 
Bells of Joy - Valse - For the Pianoforte W Gordon Brewer, 
Beloved Jesu, We Are Her (Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier) J S Bach, arranged for Piano by Harriet Cohen, 
Belphegor - Quick March for Piano E Brepsant, 
Ben Hur Chariot Race - Piano Solo E T Paull, 
Beneath the Limes - For Piano G. F. Kendall, 
Benediction de Dieu - Dans La Solitude - Augeners Edition No. 5002 F. Liszt, Edited by O. Thumer, 
Benedictus from Twelfth Service for Piano solo Mozart and arranged by G F West, 
Benita Valse - Piano Solo Harry S. Greenwood, 
Benjamin Britten, Three Character Pieces For Piano Solo Poco allegro vivace, Poco andante grazioso and Poco presto e molto capriccioso, 
Berceuse Edward German, 
Berceuse (Dodo l'enfant do) - Les Harmonieuses Series of Six Fantaisies Caracteristiques and Concertantes pour Piano Seul - For Piano Solo - Series No. 1 - Op. 313 J. B. Duvernoy arranged by L. Angeloni, 
Berceuse - For Piano Paul Ambroise, 
Berceuse - For the Pianoforte Selim Palmgren, 
Berceuse - From Trois Mourceaux - Piano Solo - Op. 85 Oliver King, 
Berceuse aux Etoiles - Sur les motifs de la celebre Chanson - Pour Piano Seul - Theme and Variaitions for Piano Solo - Edition Simplifiee - French Edition J. Vercolier, 
Berceuse de Jocelyn - from opera "Jocelyn" - Piano solo Benjamin Godard, 
Berceuse de Jocelyn - from the opera "Jocelyn" - Piano solo Benjamin Godard - Transcribed for the piano by Henry Geehl, 
Berceuse for the piano, Op.26 No.7 Ludwig Schytte, 
Berceuse from the opera Jocelyn, arranged for piano solo Benjamin Godard, arranged by King Palmer, 
Berceuse in A for piano Georges Delbruck, 
Berceuse in G major, Opus 26, No. 7, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, XL (lower division) L Schytte, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Berceuse Pour Un Coeur Triste Erkki Malartin, 
Berceuse. Piano Solo Edward Jakobowski, 
Berenice Minuet G F Handel, arranged by W T Best, 
Bergerette - Danse Gracieuse for Piano Sydney Grenville, 
Bergerette, No.4 Vier melodische stucke fur piano, Op896 Fritz Kirchner, 
Bergeronnette. For piano solo Franz Behr, 
Bergomask Danse - Merry Moments Series No. 4 Carl Malemberg, 
Beringers School of Easy Classics, Beethoven - Augeners Edition No. 5136 Beethoven, edited by Oscar Beringer, 
Beringers School of Easy Classics: Bach, Book II Selected, fingered and phrased by Oscar Beringer, 
Berlin Melody - As performed by Billy Vaughn and Kurt Edelhagen Heino Gaze, 
Berliner Luft - March for Piano Solo - Authorised Photocopy Paul Lincke, 
Bernadette, Piano Solo Arranged by Tony King Rene Laporte, 
Bernard Wagenaar, edited by Lazare Saminsky and Isadore Freed Here they come!, piano solo, 
Berniere Valse D un Fou. For piano solo By, 
Bertinis Twenty-Five Studies. Book I. By Bertini. Edited by Jules Benedict, 
Beruhmtes Menuet (Menuet celebre) L. Boccherini - Bearbeitet von L. Windsperger, 
Beryls Favourite Gavotte J von Joel, 
Beseda - Danse nationale Boheme pour Piano Ferdinand Heller, 
Bet your life - Piano selection from the show Kenneth Leslie Smith & Charles Zwar, arranged by Felton Rapley, 
Bet Your Life, Piano selection By Kenneth Leslie Smith & Charles Zwar, arranged by Felton Rapley, 
Betel Jade Ivory - Suite for Piano Norman Peterkin, 
Bethlehem for piano and voice J H Maunder , 
Betty Paul A Rubens, arranged by H M Higgs, 
Betty - Piano Selection from the Musical Paul A Rubens & Ernest Steffan, arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Betty - Valse on Melodies from the Musical Play - Piano Solo Paul A Rubens & Ernest Steffan, 
Betty Blue Eyes - Waltz for Piano Carl Bonner, 
Betty in Mayfair - A Piano Selection from the Musical Play H. Fraser-Simson, arranged by Herman Finck, 
Bewitching - Gavotte for Piano - Op. 94 E Boggetti, 
Beyer, Ferdinand Morceaux Elegants for piano Op 140, 
Beyond. Popular Song. Piano Solo Edward St Quentin, 
Bible Stories for Pianoforte Johann Kuhnau, edited by J. S. Shedlock, 
Biblische Sonate No. 4 - Der todtkranke und wieder gesunde Hiskias - Hezekiah, who is being sick unto death, is restored again to health - Edition Peters No. 4840d (Urtext) Johann Kuhnau, 
Big Band Piano - 8 Stomping Big Band Standards For Piano - Yamaha XG for piano intermediate Various Composers, 
Big Ben - Piano selection A P Herbert and Vivian Ellis, 
Big Business - Piano Selection from the Jack Waller Presentation Jack Waller & Joseph Tunbridge arranged by Geo. L. Zalva, 
Bigga Banga Parade Humoreske. Piano Solo By Frederick G Charrosin, 
Billa's Theme - Piano Solo from the picture 'The World Ten Times Over' starring Sylvia Syms, Edward Judd, June Ritchie and William Hartnell Edwin Astley, 
Billard, Edward Zabella. Schotisch for piano solo, 
Billets Doux - fox trot Maurice Yvain, 
Billets Doux, fox-trot Maurice Yvain, 
Billy Taylor. Jazz Giants. Contains; Midnight Piano, A Live One, Cool And Caressing, Muffle Guffle, Radioactivity, Bit Of Bedlam, Good Groove, BT's DT's, Declivity, Titoro, Early Morning Mambo Latin Soul, Different Bells, Dounfd In The Night, Society Strut, Big Shoe Shuffle and many more. Piano Solo. By Billy Taylor, 
Billys Birthday - Two Step - To all Billies who have Birthdays W R Warr, 
Bing Crosby Hits, arranged for piano solo Arranged by George Zalva, 
Biondina - Intermezzo - For the Pianoforte Angus Gray, 
Bird Polka - for the Pianoforte John Sewell, 
Bird Song - for Piano Selim Palmgren, 
Birdie's Come - Pianoforte Solo - Musical Bouquet No. 5610 Charles Grobe, 
Birds In The Trees. In An Old Garden. Piano Solo Christian Schafer, 
Birds of a feather John Tobin, 
Birds Of Spring. Mazurka for piano R Williams, 
Birioulki (Playtime) - Op. 2 - Recueil de Morceaux pour Piano - Bosworth Edition 978 A Liadow, revised by Felix Swinstead, 
Birthday Gavotte - Dedicated to my Sister - Op. 24 Thomas Hunter, 
Birthday Serenade, from "Compositions by Paul Lincke" Paul Lincke, 
Birthday Suite - Suite de Fete Anniversaire - For Pianoforte - Bosworth Album Series No. 60 Barbara Kirkby Mason, 
Birthday Waltz - No. 3 of "Early Pastimes" - A Series of Easy Pieces for the Pianoforte William Smallwoodd, 
Bitter Sweet - Piano selection Noel Coward, arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
Bizarre - Valse Henry Geehl, 
Bizet - Carmen - Dramma Lirico in Quattro Atti - Piano Solo - Featuring Bizet G. Bizet, E. Meilhac and L. Halevy, 
Bizet - Toreador's Song - from 'Carmen' - The Walsh Collection Bizet - arranged by Alex Fraser, 
Black Eyes (Russian Gipsy Song) for Piano Traditional, Arr. Henry Geehl, 
Black Eyes - Famous Russian Gipsy Song - Piano Solo F M Collinson, 
Black Eyes - Russian Gipsy song - Arranged for piano solo Leslie Bridgewater, 
Black Eyes, Russian gipsy song Arranged for piano by Malcolm Ives, 
Black Eyes. Russian Folk Song Arranged for piano solo by Jack Owen, 
Black Eyes. Russian Gipsy song - Piano Solo Wilson Manhire, 
Black Eyes: Russian Impression A Ferraris, 
Black Hawk Waltz - For Pianoforte Mary A Walsh, 
Black Hawk Waltz and Snow drop Walt - 2 Pieces for Piano Solo Mary E Walsh and Wm Smallwood, 
Black Tulip - Barn Dance - Piano Solo F Thomas, 
Blackberrying - Minuet and Trio in G Major - Piano Solo J. Sutcliffe Smith, 
Blackbirds at Ueno - Advanced Piano Solo Christos Tsitsaros, 
Blake's Grand March Blake, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Blake's Grand March - For Pianoforte - Broome Edition No. 339 Henri Muller, 
Blaze Away - March two step Abe Holzmann, 
Blaze Away - Piano Solo as performed by Sousa - The Great American March Abe Holzmann, 
Blaze of Glory - Piano solo - Boston Two-step Abe Holzmann, 
Bless The Bride - Piano Selection Vivian Ellis, arranged by Chris Langdon, 
Blighty Boys - March - Played with great success by the band of his Majesty's Grenadier Guards - For Piano Solo Constantine P. Storey, 
Blightyland (Home): A Selection of Popular Melodies (15 melodies) Cecil Wynne, 
Blind Man's Buff, no. 5 of "Children's Pastimes: easy pieces for the pianoforte" L Williams, 
Blissful visions - Waltz John Neat, 
Blissful Visions - Waltz for piano John Neat, 
Bloemfontein March - Roberts to the front Fabian Scott, 
Bloom of the Roses - Mazurka de Salon - for Piano W. Smallwood , 
Blossom Time - Piano Selection from the Musical Play Music arranged from Schubert with additional numbers by G. H. Clutsam & Richard Tauber, 
Blossom Time - Piano Selection from the Musical Play Schubert, arranged by by G. H. Clutsam , 
Blow The Wind Southerly (Traditional) Easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Blow The Wind Southerly. A Traditional Northumbrian Melody. Piano Solo Harry Dexter, 
Blow the Wind Southerly. Piano Solo Traditional arrangement edited by Sydney Pickles , 
Blue Beard - Galop - C & Co. Edition no. 7D19 Charles Coote Junr., 
Blue Bell - Mazurka for piano Alfred W Tomlyn, 
Blue Bells of Scotland - Piano Solo C W Glover, 
Blue Bells of Scotland - With Variations - For Piano - Op. 85 T P Ryder, 
Blue Bells of Scotland with Variations for pianoforte T.P. Ryder, 
Blue Bells of Scotland, Introduction and variations. For piano solo By W M Macklin, 
Blue Blue Blue - Piano Solo Stanford King, 
Blue Butterflies - Intermezzo for Piano John Neat, 
Blue Butterflies. Scherzo. Piano Solo Paul Peronne, 
Blue Danube (An der schonen, blauen Donau) - Waltz - For Piano - Op. 314 Johann Strauss, 
Blue Danube - Piano Solo Johann Strauss & edited by Ernest Haywood, 
Blue Danube - Waltz for Piano Johann Strauss, 
Blue Danube - Waltzes Johann Strauss , 
Blue Danube Waltz, for piano Strauss, easily arranged by Wilson Manhire, 
Blue Danube Waltzes - For Piano - The Lilac Series of World Famous Classics Johann Strauss, 
Blue Danube Waltzes - For Piano forte - Original Edition Johann Strauss, 
Blue Danube Waltzes - For Pianoforte - Simplified Edition Johann Strauss, arranged by Eric Mareo, 
Blue Danube, for piano with violin and cello ad lib Johann Strauss, arranged by George H Farnell, 
Blue Eyes - Valse Composed by Reginald Benyon, 
Blue Eyes for piano Charles Boss, 
Blue Flowers, for piano. Contains Danse of the cornflowers, Love in a mist, Sweet violets and The stately delphinium Louis Castelle, 
Blue for a Boy - Piano Selection from Emile Littler's musical song and laughter romp - For Piano Solo Harry Parr Davies arranged by Ronald Hanmer, 
Blue for a Boy or What shall we do with the body - Piano selection from the musical song and laughter romp Harry Parr Davies and Harold Purcell, arranged by Ronald Hanmer, 
Blue Lady - Waltz - For Piano Solo Malcolm Ives, 
Blue Lagoon Harold Austin, 
Blue Lagoon, Valse Richard Farban, 
Blue Mediterranean - Waltz Leslie Paul, 
Blue Room, Piano solo Richard Rodgers, stylized by Cy Walter, 
Blue Rose Waltz - Piano Solo F. Thomas, 
Blue Skies - Piano Selection from the show Irving Berlin, arranged by Chris Landon, 
Blue Skies - Suite of Three Little Pieces for Piano Solo Michael Dene, 
Blueflowers. Suite for piano solo Louis Castelle, 
Blues Bells of Scotland - With Variations for the Pianoforte - Musical Bouquet No. 3082 - Op. 8 J. B. Logier, 
Bluette waltz Op272 No.1 J B Duvernoy, edited by Calvin Grooms, 
Bluette, Nocturne pour piano A Dreyschock, 
Blumenlied - Easily arranged for piano G. Lange, arranged by Wilson Manhire, 
Blumenlied - for the Pianoforte - Op. 39 Gustav Lange, Revised and Fingered by Ludwig Schumann, 
Blumenlied - Melodie for Piano Solo - The Percival Edition - Op. 39 Gustav Lange revised and fingered by Frank Percival, 
Blumenlied - Melodie pour Piano Gustav Lange, 
Blumenlied - Melodie pour Piano Gustav Lange, 
Blumenlied - Melody for Piano Gustav Lange, Edited and Fingered by Adolph Meyer, 
Blumenlied - Melody for Piano Gustav Lange, Revised and Fingered by Frank Percival, 
Blumenlied - Melody for the Pianoforte - Popular Edition with Free Music Lesson Gustav Lange, 
Blumenlied - No. 118 from the Excelsior Series of Standard Pianoforte Pieces Gustav Lange, 
Blumenlied - No. 14 from Rowland's Popular Series Gustav Lange, 
Blumenstuck for the piano, Op.19 R Schumann , 
Bo Peep Quadrilles On Nursery Rhymes arranged as Trios for Three Performers on one piano forte Chas D Alberts, arranged by E F Rimbault, 
Boat Race - Galop - Paxton edition No. 397 Robert Coote, 
Boat Song - Piano Solo Walter Spinney, 
Boating on the Lake, sketch for piano By Michael Watson, 
Bobliwops - Two-step for Piano Arthur de Blonc, 
Bocage Que L Aurore. Romance for piano By C Plantade, 
Bogey! Bogey!! - March con Spirito - For Piano Solo Georg Morel, 
Bohemia - Cake Walk Two Step for Piano Solo Arnold H. Middleton, 
Bohemian Airs Op10, arranged for the piano Jules Schulhoff, 
Bohemian Beauty Paul Paree, 
Bohemian Dance - Piano Solo Luke Berry, 
Bohemian Girl - Complete Overture for piano solo with Violin and Cello Parts M W Balfe, edited by Geo H. Farnell, 
Bohemian Girl - Overture Balfe, arranged by Oscar Allon, 
Bohemian Girl - Overture for piano solo M W Balfe, 
Bohemian Girl - Overture for piano with violin and cello ad lib M W Balfe, arranged by George H Farnell, 
Bohemian Girl, fantasia for the piano Balfe arranged by Henri Delacroix, 
Bohemian Girl, Piano selection By Balfe, Arranged by Louis Hermann, 
Bohemian Girl, Piano selection By Balfe, arranged by Oscar Verne, 
Bohemian Girl. W. Smallwood's Operatic Solos. Piano Solo Balfe, 
Bois Epais - Lully for Piano Lully, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Bolero Maurice Ravel, 
Bolero - For piano solo - Dedicated to J. K. Bolton Peter Staton, 
Bolero - Spanischer Tanz (Spanish dance) - For Piano - Musikalische 20 Pfennig Bibliothek - No. 2465 - Op. 1 R. Favarger, revised by Alfr. Kleinpaul, 
Bolero for piano solo Moritz Moskowski, 
Bolero. For piano solo By J C Dunster, 
Bolero. Morceau De Salon pour piano Rene Favarger, 
Bolero. Piano Solo By Paul Wachs, 
Bom Bom - Quick March - Childrens Pianoforte Piece - No. 1628 of The Paxton Nursery Series Richard Neville, 
Bon Souvenir, Danse Gracieuse, pour le piano By Cyril French, 
Bon Ton - Gavotte for Piano Geo. L. Wells, 
Bonaparte's Grand March Arranged by T. Crampton, 
Bonapartes Grand March, for piano
Bondeau Valse. Sur Des Themes De L Van Beethoven. Piano Solo E Pauer, 
Bonne Bouche Polka - Plate No. 2026 Emile Waldteufel, 
Bonne Bouche Polka - Plate No. 2026 Emile Waldteufel, 
Bonnie Dundee - Transcription for Piano Transcribed for Piano by Chas. W. Glover, 
Bonnie Dundee Quadrille Founded on the most favourite & Popular Scotch Airs by E. Reyloff, 
Bonnie Dunee Quadrilles - Musical Boquet No.'s 1172 & 1173 - For Piano Solo W. H. Montgomery, 
Bonnie Prince Charlie Transcribed for piano by W Layland, 
Bonny Mary of Argylle - The favorite Scotch Ballad newly arranged with an accompaniment for the pianoforte Edward J Loder, 
Boo Hoo - Song with Uke chords Edward Heyman, Carmen Lombardo and John Jacob Loeb, 
Boogie, Rock & Country - Level 3 - For Piano James Bastien, 
Book Containing 24 Preludes Op. 81, Sleepless nights Op. 82, 30 Progressive studies Op. 45 and 25 Etudes Op. 47. Stephen Heller, revised, Phrased and fingered by O. Thumer, 
Book of Misteriosos - Piano Organ Film Books of Incidental Music - Extracted from the World Famous "Berg" and "Cinema" Incidental Series Paul Vely orch. by Sol. P. Levy, 
Boomerang Two-Step - For Piano Solo Alfred Carpenter, 
Boosey's Musical Cabinet No. 10 - Ten Nocturnes and Mazurkas for the Pianoforte Talexy, Wely, Goria, Cramer, 
Bopha! - Theme from "Bopha" - Original Sheet Music Edition James Horner, 
Born Free - Theme from the film "Born Free" - Piano Solo John Barry, transcribed for Piano Solo by John Brimhall, 
Born Free - Theme from the film "Born Free" - Piano Solo Don Black, John Barry, transcribed for Piano Solo by Dan Coates, 
Borodin, Arranged by Sydney Pickles Intermezzo. Romance from the Petite Suite, piano solo, 
Borodine - Au Couvent - Piano Solo - Edition Lengnick Borodine, 
Borova - Sept danses Tcheques Pour Piano Bohuslav Martinu, 
Borre, No.2 of Three pieces for the harpsichord Richard Jones, edited by Henry Geehl, 
Borrowed Melodies - Book 1 - Scottish Folk Tunes - for piano solo Ernest Austin, 
Bossa Brasilia - Children's piano teaching piece series John Brimhall, 
Bossa Nova USA - The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Piano Solo Transcriptions Dave Brubeck - Piano Solo Transcriptions by Howard Brubeck, 
Boston. Moder Piano Music. A Serie Of Moderately Difficult Pieces. Piano Solo Erwin Schulhoff, 
Bosworth's Modern March Album - Popular Marches for Piano - Vol. 1 - Bosworth Edition No. 582 Various Composers, 
Bosworth's Modern March Album, Popular Marches for Piano Solo - Volume. 2 Contains 8 marches by various composers, 
Bosworth's No. 4 - Modern March Album Popular Marches for Piano Solo - Bosworth Edition No.1090 Various Composers , 
Bosworths Albums, Series No 1 - Album of thirty two favourite pieces for pianoforte in easy keys without octaves Edited By S. B. Thorpe, 
Boulez - Third Piano Sonata - Formant 2 - Trope - Universal Edition 13292 LW Pierre Boulez, 
Bouncing Bells - As featured and broadcast by Russ Conway - For Piano Solo with chord symbols Clive Allen, 
Bouquet de Flore - Series No. 5 - Six Waltzes for the Pianoforte with an accompaniment for a Harp Ad Libitum J. Woelfl, 
Bouquet de Melodies LAfricaine, opera de Meyerbeer Mosaique pour piano Cramer, 
Bouquet of Memories Selection Arranged by Dudley E Bayford, 
Bouree and Air from the Water Music Handel, arranged by Henry Duke, 
Bouree and Air from Water Music by Handel Arranged for piano solo by Henry Duke, 
Bouree from the 4th Sonata for Violoncello for Piano J S Bach, transcribed by Berthold Tours, 
Bouree, for piano Telemann, arranged by Harold Craxton and Alfred Moffat, 
Bouree, No. 3 of Wickins Gems for Little Players Humphrey J Star, easily arranged by Charles Stephano, 
Bourree Cotsford Dick, 
Bourree (From the suite No3 in the key of D for orchestra) J S Bach, 
Bourree - For Pianoforte - English Fingering Edward German, 
Bourree - No. 14 from 20 Pieces Enfantines pour Piano Francis Thome, 
Bourree and Musette for the piano, Op.53 No.1 Orlando Morgan, 
Bourree Humoresque (founded on an Eighteenth Century Tune) - Higher Grade Harold Craxton, 
Bourree in F Michael Watson, 
Bourree in G - For the Pianoforte Valentine Hemery, 
Bourree' in D - for Piano - Edition Lengnick No. 2251 Domenico Scarlatti, 
Bourree. Extraite des sonates de Violoncelle Jean Sebastian Bach, arranged by D Brocca, 
Bourree. For piano solo in G minor By N Markham, 
Bourree. Suite for Piano No.3 By Edward German, 
Bouton de Rose - Polka to Madame Thea Sanderini G Jervis Rubini, 
Boys Own - A Collection of Pianoforte Solos for Boys Henry Duke, 
Boys Round Dance C Hemann, 
Boys Round Dance, for piano Neils W Gade, 
Bradford First Selection of Favourite Compositions - Standard Pianoforte Music Series No. 181 - AShdown Edition Jessie Bradford, 
Bradford Progressive Barn Dance F W Phipp, 
Brahms Six pieces - For Piano Solo - Op. 118 - Novello Edition Brahms , 
Brahms - The Great Masters Series of Pieces for the Piano - Sixteen Waltzes - Op. 39 - For Piano Solo Johannes Brahms, 
Brahms - Variations on a theme by Haydn, Op. 56a - Piano Solo Brahms, arranged by Ludwig Stark, 
Brahms Op. 119 Four piano pieces Intermezzi and Rhapsodie - Augeners Edition No. 5127 Brahms, revised and edited by Adolf Mann, 
Brahms Phantasies Op.116. Eight Piano Pieces By Johannes Brahms, Op.76, 
Bravado - Fox Trot for Piano Sydney Baynes, 
Brazil S K Russell, A Barroso, 
Break O' Day - Valse for Pianoforte - No. 22 Frederic Gilbert, 
Break of Day - Polka James Touzeau, 
Break of Morn Morgengruss), Idyll for the pianoforte Edouard Dorn, 
Breaking Waves, rondo in G major for piano solo Carl Hemann, 
Breathless Otis Blackwell - as recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, 
Brendan Chase Theme - Theme Music from Southern Televisions Brendon Chase - Part Included for Flute, Piccolo, Descant Recorder or Tin Whistle (in C) Paul Lewis, 
Brian's Song - Piano Solo arrangement Michel Legrand arranged by Dan Coates, 
Briar Rose, waltz for piano G F Hamer, 
Bric a Brac - Piano Solo C Coote, Jnr, 
Bridal Lullaby - Arranged for Piano Solo - Main title Theme Music from Merchant ivory Productions "Howards End" Percy Aldridge Grainger, simplified arrangement for Piano solo by Penelope Thwaites, 
Bridal March (Lohengrin), piano solo and song with violin and cello ad lib. By Wagner. Arranged by Geo H Farnell, 
Bridal March - Op. 19 No. 2 for the piano - The Guildhall Edition No. 5 - Continental Fingering E Grieg, 
Bridal March - for Piano Ignace Gibsone, 
Bridal March - No. 28 of "The Students Firt Step - A series of melodius extracts from the works of the Great Masters"a Wagner, easily arranged for piano by Josef Kessler, 
Bridal Procession For Piano - Op. 19 - No. 2 Edvard Grieg, 
Bride of the Wind March - No. 6395 from the Pet Pieces for Little Pets Series, a Set of Easy and Beautiful Pieces composed for Piano Chas. D. Blake, 
Bridesmaids March. For piano solo J L Roeckel, 
Brief Interlude, Piano Solo Norman Warren, 
Brigadoon - Piano Selection - As perfomed by Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse Frederick Loewe and A J Lerner, 
Bright & Breezy. Lancers (Well thumbed) Arranged by R S Stodden, 
Bright Blue Moon, barn dance Henri Dupret, 
Bright Eyes - Intermezzo for Piano Philip Gilmour, 
Bright Eyes. Mazurka. Piano Solo By Edouard Dorn, 
Bright Eyes: A Dozen Miniatures for the piano L E Orth, 
Bright Flowers, Carnation for piano Heinrich Lichner, 
Bright Hopes - No. 4 from Eight easy and effective pieces for the Pianoforte R. Bartolini, 
Brighter London - Piano Selection Arranged by Herman Finck, 
Brilliant Fantasia on The Blue Bells of Scotland for the piano, Op22 By C H Morine, 
Brilliant Variations on the popular melody Jordan is a hard road in Travel - For the Piano - Op. 389 Charles Grobe, 
Brindisi Drinking Song (Libiam ne lieti calici) - From La Traviata - Tenor G Verdi, English words by H Proctor Gregg , 
Brise D Ete Wilfred Sanderson, 
Brise Des Nuits. Valse Georges Lamothe, 
Brise Parfumee - Mazurka Elegante for piano Olivier Lebierre , 
Britain Fantasia on English Airs for the Piano By Edwin M Lott, 
Britain's War March for Piano Cyril Scott, 
Britains Pride - March for Piano Daniel J Smith, 
Britannia - A Nautical Overture - Op. 52 - For Piano Solo A. C. Mackenzie, arranged by Battison Haynes, 
British Battle Music - Young People's Music Library series No. 2 Various composers arranged, phrased and fingered by Percy A. Whitehead, 
British Folk Music settings - No.1 Molly on the shore - Irish reel. Piano Solo Percy Aldridge Grainger, 
British Folk Music Settings - Country Gardens for piano solo - Simplified version, containing no stretches as wide as an octave Percy Aldridge Grainger, 
British Folk Music Settings - No. 6 Irish Tune from County Derry for piano solo Percy Grainger, 
British Folk Music Settings - Shepherd's Hey - Piano solo Percy Aldridge Grainger , 
British Legion March Wilson Rigg, 
Britten - Cantata Academica - Carmen Basiliense for Piano and Voices - Composed and dedicated to the University of Basle for the Celebration of its 500th Anniversary Benjamin Britten, 
Broken Baby Doll, Intermezzo for piano solo By W Crossley, 
Broken Blossoms - Valse - For Piano Solo J. A. Tunbridge, 
Bronwen - Ballet Music - Piano Arrangement Josef Holbrooke, 
Brooklyn Belle - Barn dance for Piano Solo - Paxton edition No. 1526 Henri Dupret, 
Broome's Christmas - 1900-01 Dance Album Ezra Read, 
Brothers in Arms - Descriptive piece for Piano Theo Bonheur, 
Brothers in Arms - Descriptive piece for Piano - Paxton edition No. 1542 Theo Bonheur, 
Brothers in Arms - Descriptive piece for Piano - Paxton Edition No. 1542 Theo Bonheur, 
Brubeck Volume I - Piano Solo - Transcribed from the Columbia Records Album "Brubeck Plays Brubeck" Dave Brubeck, transcribed by Frank Metis, 
Brubeck Volume II - Piano Solo - Transcribed from the Columbia Records Album "Brubeck Plays Brubeck" Dave Brubeck, transcribed by Frank Metis, 
Brussels Lace - Court Dance for the Pianoforte Leonard Gautier, 
Bubbling Over: Percy Faith H A Olsson, Percy Faith, 
Bubbly, Piano Selection By Philip Braham, 
Buddha - For Piano Solo - Cree par la gracieuse divette Rose Amy - French Edition Lew Pollack, 
Buds and blossoms. Op. 107 (Bluthen und Knospen) Cornelius Gurlitt, 
Bueno Samba - Featuring Felix King - Piano Solo Felix King, 
Bumps - Valse for Piano Solo - Dedicated to The Footlights Club, Cambridge - As played with the greatest success by Ivimey's Band Georges Couvelart, 
Bunte Blatter, contains; Gique, Elegie, Valse Impromptu, Capriccio and Reverie Max Reger, 
Buonaparte's favorite March - Arranged with Variaitions for the Piano Forte Augustus Voigte, 
Buonaparte's Grand March for Piano Arranged by Reuben Tetlon, 
Buonaparte's March F.Muller arr., 
Buonapartes Grand March for piano Arranged by Reuben Tetlon, 
Burglar Bill - Two Step for Piano Solo Felix Godin, 
Burlesca for Piano Maurice Telma, 
Burlesca, No.4 of 4 Miniatures J Panoffski, 
Burning Heart (from the original Motion Picture Soundtrack Rocky IV) - Dan Coates Easy Piano Arrangement Jim Peterik & Frankie Sullivan - Arranged by Dan Coates, 
Busy - The Famoustyle Series of Solos by Famous Instrumentalists Bert Barnes, 
Busy Boy - Piano Solo Stanley Black, 
But Not For Me - Piano Solos by George Gershwin Series George Gershwin, 
Butterflies C S Lang, 
Butterflies - Barn Dance Theo. Bonheur, 
Butterflies Ball - Sketch for Piano - Paxton edition No. 1676 Sydney Twinn, 
Butterflies Blue - From "Five Miniature Sketches for Piano" Olive Lloyd, 
Butterflies. Piano Solo. Piano selection By J A Robertson. Arranged by Theo Wendt, 
Butterflies: for piano T A Johnson, 
Butterfly - Arthur Lennard's Enormous Success - For Piano Solo - Feldmans 6d Edition No. 25 E. W. Rogers, 
Butterfly - Five Step - For Piano Solo - With Steps for the Dance in French - French Edition Jose Sentis, 
Butterfly Waltz. Valse Papillone Suite Lyrique. Piano Solo Rudolf Frilml, 
Buzz Buzz - Piano Selection - From Andre Charlot's Vaudeville Theatre Production Herman Darewski, 
By A Blue Lagoon - Piano Solo Maxwell Eckstein, 
By An Eastern Well. Oriental Episode. Piano Solo F W Rust, 
By Candle Light Entracte. Piano Solo William G James, 
By George! its the David Frost Theme - For Piano Solo with chord symbols - Recorded on United Artists by the George Martin Orchestra George Martin, 
By J Mazzinghi The Heavens are Telling. With variations for piano solo. Theme from The Creation, 
By the Blue Hawaiian Waters - for piano A W Ketelbey, 
By the Campfire - Fox-trot - For Piano Solo - French Edition Percy Wenrich, 
By the Convent Gate Stuart Templeton, 
By The Convent Gate, for piano Stuart Templeton, 
By The Lake - Sunny Series - Piano Solo Emil Landon, 
By the meadow brook - Am wiesenbache - For Piano - Op. 87, No. 2 Gustav Lange, 
By The River. A Reminiscence. Piano Solo By Percy Elliott, 
By the riverside - No. 5 of "Early Pastimes" - A Series of easy pieces for the Pianoforte William Smallwood, 
By The Sea (Au Bord De La Mer) - Six sketches for Pianoforte - Philharmonic Edition Arthur Somervell , 
By the Sea - No. 11 of "Early Pastimes" - A series of Easy Pieces for the Pianoforte William Smallwood, 
By the Shrine of the Sun Percy Elliott, 
By The Shrine of the Sun - An Eastern Invocation Percy Elliot, 
By the silver sea, piano suite: A Cornish dance, Boats in the harbour, Sailing on the silver sea, On the sand dunes, Mermaids cave, Boatmens dance, Sea Gulls, Hobby horse dance, The smugglers dance Ernest Newton, 
By the Sleepy Lagoon - Valse Serenade - Piano Solo Eric Coates, 
By the Waterfall, Woodland Series for the piano Jan Miles, 
By the Waters of Minnetonka - Pianoforte Solo J M Cavanass & Thurlow Lieurance, 
By the Wayside - Five Pastorals for Pianoforte E. Markham Lee, 
By the wayside, suite for pianoforte; The dance of the sunbeams, A wayside story, The water wheel, Maying Arthur Pickles, 
Bye Bye Birdie - Pianoforte Selection from the Musical Lee Adams and Charles Strouse, arranged by Felton Rapley, 
Bygone Days, A lyric suite for piano Gustave Lind, 
Bygone Days, romance for piano Oliver Cramer, 
Byrde - Popular Pieces for Piano - Augener's Edition No. 8300 William Byrde, revised by E. Pauer,