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A 1000 Kisses - Waltz for Piano Archibald Joyce, 
A Bach suite arranged by Gerald Williams for strings Bach, 
A Banda ( March along with the band) - Piano solo - Featuring Herb Alpert Chico Buarque De Hollanda, 
A Belgian Love Song (Based on an old Wallonne Tune). Piano Solo Arranged by Felton Rapley, 
A Bell for Adano - An Impression for piano Haydn Wood, 
A Bientot, 2me Nocturne, Opus 22 Alfred Sergent, 
A Bird in a Gilded Cage - Feldman's Tit-Bits of Melodies Easily arranged for the pianoforte by Theo Bonheur, 
A Birthday Greeting - Piano Solo Albert W Ketelbey, 
A Birthday Present Album of short easy pieces for the Piano - Book 2 Joseph Fredericks, 
A Book of Waltzes for Piano Solo Felix Swinstead, 
A Booklet for Young Musicians - 4 Little Piano Pieces Florence J. Fitch, 
A Booklet Of Toys. Contains Skating, Pantaloon, The Dismals, Scottish, ALl's Well That Ends Well, Shadowland, Lazy Dance and Finale LA Gracieuse Tobias Matthay, 
A Bouquet of Wedding Songs - For Piano Solo Various composers, arranged by Stephen Duro, 
A Bowl of Fragrance (Ballet of Fragrance) Walter Bush, 
A Boy And A Girl, for piano Vic Flic, 
A Boy and His Piano - Twenty One Easy Pieces for Piano Stanford King, 
A Bunch of Cherries Jean Colonne, 
A Cameo - Melodie for Piano Montague Ewing, 
A Casket of Jewels - Miniature suite for piano Cyril MacLean, 
A Celebration of the Music of John Holland - Piano Solos John Holland, 
A Chaste Salute. Intermezzo for Piano By Carlile Vernon, 
A Cheerful Tune Christopher Headington, 
A Child's Garden - Au Jardin de L'Enfance - Six Pieces pour le Piano - Edition Chester No. 35 Gabriel Grovlez, 
A Childrens Overture - Opus 17 Roger Quilter, 
A Childrens Overture for Piano Solo, Op. 17 Roger Quilter , 
A Childrens Party for Small Pianists - Augener Ltd. Album Series No. 68 Alex Roloff, 
A Childs Garden of Music, 10 miniature tone pictures for piano, Op20 By M E Marshall, 
A childs life, 25 piano solos, 8313 The School of Technique and Expression E Pauer, 
A Chinese Honeymoon - A Musical Comedy in Two Acts - Piano Score Howard Talbot, arranged by Ernest Vousden, 
A Christmas Carol (First Part) - Magnus Albums Vol. 92 Alec Rowley, Suggested by Charles Dickens Immortal Story, 
A Christmas Carol (Second Part) - Magnus Albums Vol.93 Alec Rowley, 
A Christmas March - Piano Solo William Hill, 
A Christmas Souvenir for You and Me of Gems of the Great Masters Arranged by Shipley Douglas, 
A Circus Ride, Descriptive Piece for the Pianoforte Claude De Vere, 
A Claudio Debussy - For piano solo G Francesco Malipiero, 
A collection of 12 graded piano pieces Grade II elementary Haymakers Dance, Menuetto, Andante in B flat, Song of the reapers, Boating on the lake & more, 
A Collection of Country Dances Jigs Reels and Strathspeys Collected and arranged by Ernest Haywood and Ernest Newton, 
A Collection of Piano Solos Various Composers, 
A Collection of pieces related to Bells Various composers arranged by Charles Ancliffe, 
A collection of schumanns works, for the piano R Schumann, 
A collection of Thirty Popular Hymn Tunes from hymes Ancient and Modern, Easily arranged for the piano Wilfred E. Hodgeson, 
A Collection of Unpublished Dances - With Full Guide to The Dances - The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Glasgow Branch - Diamond Jubilee 1923-1983 Compiled/Edited by Dorothy Paterson , 
A Collection of Waltzes and Marches, including: Florrie's Waltz; First Love Redowa; My Ma's Waltz; Golden Spurs March; Butterfly Gallop and more Various artists, 
A Coon Band Contest Arthur Pryor, 
A Coon Band Contest, cake walk, "Gems of America No. 4" Easily arranged and fingered by Arthur Pryor, 
A Coon Band Contest, No. 4 of Gems of America Arthur Pryor, 
A Country Girl - Piano Selection Lionel Monckton, selected and arranged by Charles Godfrey Junr., 
A Country Girl, waltz on melodies by Lionel Monckton Carl Kiefert, 
A Country Girl, waltz on melodies by Lionel Monckton Carl Kiefert, 
A Country March - For Piano Robert Elliott, 
A Country Tune - For Piano Robert Elliott, 
A country vacation Op37, How Donald and Constance spent the summer, eight descriptive pieces for the piano Charles Wakefield Cadman, 
A Countryman's Log - A Collection of 16 short Piano Solos Horace A. Bate, 
A Cuckoo Prelude and The Leaves be Green - Piano solo Harold Craxton, 
A Damsel In Distress - Piano Selection Featuring Fred Astaire George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin, 
A Day at the Franco-British Exhibition - Descriptive Piece for the Pianoforte J. Melville Gillies, 
A Day in a Childs Life - Eight Easy & Descriptive Pieces for Little Hands Henri Lamarque, 
A Day In June. Idyl. Piano Solo By Paul Duval, 
A Day in London (descriptive piece) - For Piano Solo Frank Adlam, 
A Day in Paris - Fantasia on Melodies by Christine - French Edition On Melodies by Christine, arranged by Herman Finck, 
A Desert Romance, for piano A W Ketelbey, 
A Deserted Waterway - Five Holiday Impressions - Piano Solo Bernard Johnson, 
A Devonshire Sunset. Morceau. Piano Solo August Comben, 
A Dream - For Pianoforte Litta Lynn, 
A Dream Garden - Lyric suite for piano solo Jean Morel, 
A Dream Melody - For Piano Pierre Lescaut, 
A Dream Melody. Reverie. Piano Solo Walter R Collins, 
A Dream of Christmas - Piano Solo Albert W Ketelbey, 
A Dream of Orpheus - Waltz for Piano Solo - Lawrence Wright Edition No. 109 Clare Shields, 
A Dream of Paradise (Hamilton Gray) - Transcribed fo the Pianoforte Transcribed for Piano by Boyton Smith, 
A Dream of Spring - For Pianoforte - Dedicated to Mrs. W. D. Hall Joseph L. Roeckel, 
A Dream of Sunshine - Polka Rondo - Musical Bouquet No.'s 5948 and 5949 - For Piano Solo Chas. D. Blake, 
A Dream of Venice - Graceful Sketch for the Pianoforte - E. A. 32659 S. Claude Ridley, 
A Dream of Venice - No. 4 of "From the Sunny South" series of 4 pieces for Pianoforte Joseph L. Roeckel, 
A Dream of Venice, barcarolle for the piano Harry Brundrett, 
A Dream Of You, valse for piano Barron Hate, 
A Dream Song. Piano Solo By R R Forman, 
A Fairy Ballet. Dance Suite for piano. Contains: Gavotte, Valse, Slow Dance, Minuet, Evening Scene and Jig Leslie Woodgate, 
A Fairy Lullaby - From Faery Edgar L. Bainton, 
A Fallen Idol, valse Geo Dunn, 
A Field of Butterflies - For Piano Iain Hamilton, 
A Fireside Reverie. Piano Solo W A Montgomery , 
A Fireside Reverie. Piano Solo Harry Read, 
A First Harpsichord Book Igor Kipnis, 
A First Piano Book for Little Jacks and Jills Irene Rodgers and Lila Phillips, 
A Folk Tune - For the Pianoforte - Edition Swift E. D. Rendall, 
A Forest Melody - Piano Solo Montague F. Phillips, 
A Forest Wooing - Descriptive Idyl for piano solo Charles Ancliffe, 
A Fragment, for piano with violin obligato Mendelssohn, C A Caspar and Oscar Allon, 
A Frangesa P M Costa and E Kaiser, 
A Frosty Morning - Galop for Piano Ezra Read, 
A Frosty Morning, Galop for piano Ezra Read, 
A Garden Dance. Piano Solo By G Vargas, 
A Garden of Delight, 4 lyric fancies for piano; The scent of the rose, Waving blossoms, The winding walk, At close of day By Jean Valjean, 
A Garden of Melodies seven easy pieces for pianoforte - Op. 31 Thomas F. Dunhill, 
A Garland - 6 Piano Pieces for Young Players - Op. 67 J. D. Davis, 
A Gay Dance Felix Swinstead, 
A Gipsy's Wooing. Gipsy revels S.H.Gambrell, 
A Gipsys Life Arranged by Carl Reber, 
A Girl and Her Piano - Early Grade Pieces for Piano Stanford King, 
A Glorious Reign is O'er - In Memoriam V-R-I Arthur Johns Bettinson and R. Graham Harvey, 
A Golden Eve - Graceful Dance - Piano Solo Frederic Mullen, 
A Gondolier Love Song. Chanson D'amour du Gondolier, Gondoliers Liebeslied. Piano Solo By Cuthbert Clarke, 
A Good bye (Angoisses) - Op. 24 H Huyts (Killed in Action 28-9-18 - Tue au Champs de Bataille, 
A Good Bye, Angoisses - Op. 24 H Huyts, 
A Good Bye, Angoisses, Op. 24 H Huyts, 
A Good Time - One Step for Piano Solo - French Edition J. Aerts, 
A Greek Slave, musical comedy, piano arrangement of the full score Composed by Sydney Jones, arranged by Hamilton Clarke, 
A Happy New Year Mazurka, Opus 14 Henry Hess, 
A Hill Tune - for the Piano Arnold Bax , 
A Hill Tune - For the Piano Arnold Bax, 
A Hundred Pipers - With Variations Arranged by H.W.S. Duncan, 
A Hungarian Romance - Characteristic - Piano Solo Theo Bendix, 
A Hunters Song, for piano. Op. 84 Mendelssohn, 
A Japanese Fan Dance - Piano Solo Theo Bonheur, 
A Japanese Lullaby - Gems of America No. 6 W. Neil, 
A Japanese Ride - Piano solo Theo Bonheur, 
A Jolly Spin - for Pianoforte by Leon Navarro Leon Navarro, 
A June Birthday Party. For Piano Solo Heller Nicholls, 
A June Morning - Rhinelander for Piano E.H. Bailey, 
A Kennedy Star of the Sea, Reverie for pianoforte, 
A Keyboard Anthology - Book 3 (Grade 5) - Third series with pieces from Byrd, Scarlatti, Bach, Handel, Hayden, Beethoven, Mendelson, Schumann, Heller, Franck, Brahms, Grieg, Dvorak. Ilynsky and others Edited by Howard Ferguson, 
A Keyboard Anthology. Second Series. Book 1, Grades 1 & 2 Blow, Purcell, Clarke, Telemann, J S Bach, Scarlatti, C P E Bach, Krebs, Haydn, Hook and more, 
A Keyboard Anthology. Third Series. Book 1, Grades 1 & 2 Purcell, Clarke, J S Bach, Greene and more, 
A Kid for Two Farthings - Piano Solo Benjamin Frankel, 
A Kiss in the Dark - Valse for piano from "The Great Victor Herbert" Victor Herbert, arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
A Kitten and Marching Geese - Op. 49 - Schotts Selected Series No.'s 29a and 29b - Grade II Easy E. Toch, 
A la bien aimee Op. 59 - From No. 2 of Papillons dAmour Eduard Schutt, 
A la bien-aimee, valse pour piano Edouard Schutt, 
A La Campagne - Three Pieces for Pianoforte John Tobin, 
A la Maniere de...Borodine - Valse Pour Piano - No. 267 Maurice Ravel, 
A Last Sheaf - Four Pieces for Pianoforte Frederick Dawson, 
A LAube N V Wilm, 
A Life on the Ocean Wave - No. 2 from Pensieri Musicali series of Rondinos for the Piano Forte Russell arranged by John Hiles, 
A Little Book of Dances Herbert Howells, 
A Little Dance Suite. Including Bassoon Polka, Whipped Cream Waltz and Tarantella for Tina Harry Dexter, 
A Little Dutch Girl - Piano Selection Harry Graham & Emmerich Kalman arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
A Little Dutch Girl - Valse for Piano Emmerich Kalman, arranged by H. M. Higgs, 
A Little Romance of Every Day - Told in two musical chapters for piano Julian Fredericks, 
A Little Story - Piano Solo - Dedicated to G. A. Osborne Esq. Berthold Tours, 
A Little Study. Flying Leaves. Petite Etude. Piano Solo By C Gurlitt, 
A Little Study. Kleine Studie. Piano Solo By Wilhem Berger, 
A Little Tune, for pianoforte Eric H Thiman, 
A Love Letter. Piano Solo Jonny Heykens, 
A Love Song. Romance. Piano Solo Felix Swinstead, 
A love story, Pianoforte compositions Grade 3 Jean Morel, 
A Lover In Damascus - Arranged for Piano Solo Amy Woodforde Finden, 
A Lovers Suite - Four Lyrical Pieces for Pianoforte Percy Elliott, 
A Lullaby - For the Pianoforte - Morceaux Lyriques series No. 9 Stephan Esipoff, 
A Lullaby for the Pianoforte - Dedicated to his niece Constance - Op. 41 Charles Salaman, 
A Maiden's Musing - Romance - For Pianoforte Matthew Clemens, 
A Maiden's Prayer - Standard piano solos T. Badarzewska, 
A Maiden's Ramble - No. 16 The Ruby Series Rob. Chamberlin, 
A Maidens Prayer (La Priere D'une Vierge) Thecla Badarzewska, 
A Maryllis, for piano Henri Ghys, 
A May Morning. Rondo. Piano Solo Paul Lesterre, 
A Mayfair Cinderella, Valse Intermezzo, For Piano Solo Albert W Ketelbey , 
A Melody at Dawn - For Piano - English Fingering Ambroise Farman, 
A Memory (Le Baiser). Piano Solo A Goring Thomas, arranged by Ch Tourville, 
A Memory Garden - Piano Solo Ambroise Farman, 
A Memory Garden - Piano Solo Ambroise Farman, 
A Merrie Go Round - Intermezzo for Piano Seymour Smith, 
A Merry Chase. For piano solo By Harold Edwards, 
A Midsummer Nights Dream Mendelssohn, 
A Mignonne Bluette Op. 59 - From No.1 of Papillons dAmour Eduard Schutt, 
A Miniature Suite for the piano Ernest Newton, 
A miniature suite for woodwind and brass quartet (score) Geoffrey Flowers, 
A miscellany of Dances, 26 pieces, Easier piano pieces No.9 J P Kirnberger, edited by Richard Jones, 
A Modern Suite for Pianoforte E Markham Lee, 
A Moorish Dance - Composed for the Pianoforte Theo. Bonheur, 
A Morning in June - No. 1 from 'Riverside Memories' Series of Impressions for Piano Charles E. Meredyth, 
A Morning Song - Piano solo H R Couldrey, 
A Morning Walk. Morgenwanderung. Sketch By Carl Ganschals. Op.173 , 
A Mothers Lullaby - Melody for the Piano - Musical Bouquet No. 5984 & 5985 G. D. Wilson, 
A Motor Ride - For Piano - A Descriptive Piece for Piano Solo Albert H. Oswald, 
A Mountain Vista - The Modern Series Adolf Jensen, 
A Musical Comedy Switch - Includes Desert song, No No Nanette. Rose marie, Show Boat, Tip Toes, Hold Everything, Virginia, Wildflower, Follow a star and 24 more Arranged for piano by Henry Hall, 
A Musical Comedy Waltz Concoction - Selected & arranged for piano solo Selected and arranged for the pianoforte by Henry Hall, 
A Musical Joke - Mozart - Theme From "The Horse of the Year Show" W A Mozart, 
A Musical Sketch Book - Four Pieces for Piano Eric H. Thiman, 
A Musical Souvenir of The Royal Pavilion Brighton - Six Old English Country Dances of the Regency Period Designed by Jack Werner, 
A Musical Switch Humoresque Adapted and Arranged by Kenneth J Alford. Kenneth J Alford, 
A New life - Theme from "A New Life" - Original Sheet Music Edition Joseph Turrin, 
A Night about Town or The Streets of London - A Pot Pourri of the popular tunes of the day Arranged by George Bicknell, 
A Night of Dreams - Waltz R A Horne, 
A Night of Kisses - Valse - For Piano Solo David Comer, 
A Night of Romance - Waltz for Piano Horatio Nicholls, 
A Night of Romance - Waltz for Piano Horatio Nicholls, 
A Night of Sadness - Waltz Sidney C Jones, 
A Night of Wonder - Valse for Piano Solo Horatio Nicholls, 
A Night on the Island of Amalasunta (Una Notte Nell 'Isola D'Amalasunta) - Nocturne for Piano Giuseppe Ferrata, 
A Night Out - Valse on melodies from Grossmith and Laurillard's Winter Garden Theatre Production - For Piano Solo Willy Redstone, 
A Pageant for Pianoforte - Three Dances Cyril Scott, 
A Passing Fancy - Entracte for Piano Gerald Romney, 
A Passing Thought. Impromptu. Piano Solo By Langton Williams, 
A Pattern to the World - Dean and Co's Musical Magnets Series No. 4 Harry Dacre, 
A Perfect Day - Arranged as Piano Solo Carrie Jacobs Bond, 
A Persian Caravan Ride - Descriptive Piece for Piano Solo Ivan Tchakoff, 
A Piano Selection from the romantic opera Monsieur Beaucaire Andre Messager & Charles Godfrey Jun., 
A Pleasant Greeeting - Pianoforte Sketches Series No. 15 Henri Bevani, 
A Pleasant Remembrance - Pianoforte Sketches Series No. 14 Henri Bevani, 
A Poet's Dream, waltz Arnold Beresford, 
A Poets Dream - Waltz Arnold Beresford, 
A Poets Notebook - Six Little Pieces for Piano Richard Stoker, 
A Posy Of Pieces, for piano. Twenty one pieces for beginners M Mungo Park, 
A Prayer at Eventide - for Piano Reginald King, 
A Prayer At Sunset. Elegie. Piano Solo H Baynton Power, 
A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody - Children's Edition - Simplified Piano Solo Irving Berlin, 
A prole do bebe No.2 for piano H Villa Lobos, 
A Quiet Thought. Reverie. Piano Solo Paul De Loetz, 
A Race Between Two Walking Dolls. Marche Grotesque. Piano Solo Alfred B Allen, 
A Rag Bag - For Piano Robert Waldman, 
A Ramble over the Keys, caprice Michael Watson, 
A Ramble Over The Keys. Caprice. Piano Solo By Michael Watson, 
A rambler's Sketches - Pianoforte Sketches - A series of Charming Compositions - Easy and fingered Pierre Legarde, 
A Ray of Sunshine - Morceau de Salon for Piano Charles Leduc, 
A Ray of Sunshine - Morceau de Salon for piano solo - The St Pauls Edition Carl de Luc, 
A Regret. There is a haunting phantom called regret. Piano Solo By Francis Byford, 
A ride to Tokio - Characteristic Piece Emile Gastelle, aka Joseph Warwick Moore, 
A Ride to Tokio - Characteristic Piece for Pianoforte - Paxton Edition No. 1642 Emile Gastelle, aka Joseph Warwick Moore, 
A Rivederci. (Au Revoir). Morceaux pour Concert ou Salon. Piano Solo Guido Marchetti, 
A River Reverie. Piano Solo Albert W Ketelbey, 
A romance adapted for piano Tschaikowsky, arranged by CH Tourville, 
A romantic sketchbook for piano Book I, 50 easy pieces c1830 - c1950 Edited by Alan Jones, 
A Romp - Finale from The Second Suite for pianoforte York Bowen, 
A Romp, for pianoforte Anonymous, 
A Rose Garden - Five Easy Songs without words for young pianists Stepan Esipoff, 
A Rowley Old English Worthier. Piano solo, 
A Run of Luck - Schottische - Paxton edition No. 615 Chas. D. Blake, 
A Runaway Girl - Piano Selection Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton, 
A Running Game, Instructive and Tuneful Pieces For Piano Solo By Felix Swinstead, 
A Russian Fete Dance for Piano Theo Bonheur, 
A Sailor Dance - For piano Thomas F. Dunhill, 
A Sailor Tune - Piano Solo Herbert Howells, 
A Sailor's Hornpipe - for Piano E. Markham Lee, 
A Sailor's Song - In the key of D major Frank Travers, 
A Scandinavian Dance. Piano solo Olaf Peterson, 
A Scriabine - Op. 16 - 5 preludes for the piano A Scriabine , 
A Sea Idyl for Piano Frank Bridge, 
A Sea Idyl. Piano Solo Herbert Dennison, 
A Sea Picture. For piano solo By Manuel Frenkel, 
A Sea Shanty - for piano John Kinross, 
A Sea Song. Piano Solo By Felix Gerard, 
A Second Piano Book For Little Jacks and Jills Irene Rodgers, with illustrations by Joanne Wood, 
A Selection From The First Fantasie Steibelt, 
A selection of classical piano music selected by Adam Carse (not simplified) Adam Carse, 
A Selection of Favourite Compositions - Ashdown Edition of Standard Pianoforte Music No. 181 Jessie Bradford, 
A Selection of Gems from C B Cochrans Most Successful Productions Contains: Cavalcade, Cochrans 1931 Revue, Private Lives, Mayfair and Montmartre, One Damn Thing After Another, and more, 
A Selection of Music from the Popular Radio Programme "Grand Hotel" - Featured by Tom Jenkins and The Palm Court Orchestra - Piano Solos Various composers, arranged by Montague Ewing, 
A Selection of Negro Spirituals Arranged for pianoforte by Herman Finck, 
A Selection of Wollenhaupt. H As works, for the piano H A Wollenhaupt, 
A Serenade Out Of The Night. Piano Solo Misha Spoliansky, 
A Set of Four - Piano Solos Claire R. Gibeau, 
A Shepherd's Song. Piano Solo Olaf Petersen, 
A Shepherdess in Porcelain - Slow minuet for piano solo Harold Craxton, 
A simple suite for pianoforte; The Cuckoo, The old cart, The little fawn, Lullaby, Oriental Dance By Ernest Kaye, 
A Sketch Book for Piano - Album Series No. 29 Moussorgsky, edited by Thos. F. Dunhill, 
A Sleigh Ride - Descriptive fantasia for Piano Solo Ezra Read, 
A Song For The Morning. Piano Solo Clive Chapel, 
A Song of April - Intermezzo Robert S Thornton, 
A Song of Joy from Moods - Piano Solo Percy Elliott, 
A Song Without Words, for piano LLoyd Hartley, 
A Southerm Reverie. Morceau Characteristic. Piano Solo By Theo Bendix, 
A Southern Maid - Piano selection from the Musical Play Merlin Morgan and H. Fraser-Simson, 
A Southern Maid - Waltz for Piano Piano Merlin Morgan and H. Fraser-Simson, 
A Southern Reverie - Morceau Characteristic Theo Bendix, 
A Souvenir - Daisy Chains Series of Easy Pianoforte Pieces No. 60 - Series III Oscar Wagner arranged by Eric Kuhlstrom, 
A Spanish Affair. Piano Solo Pepe Cortez, 
A Sprig of Lilac - No. 2 of Buds and Blossoms - A series of nature studies for pianoforte Clifford Chambers, 
A Spring Morn - Morceau Elegante pour piano from Pretty pieces for the Drawing Room Clifford Chambers, 
A Spring Ride - Descriptive Fantasia - Piano Solo Theo Bonheur, 
A Spring Scene. Fruhlings Landschaft. Piano Solo Carl Reinecke, 
A Star is Born - Piano Solo Robert Farnon, 
A Story - No. 3 from Six Pieces for Children for the Piano Series - Op. 22, No. 8 Felix Swinstead, 
A Story of the Sea - For piano solo - The Public School Series Adam Carse, 
A Stray Thought T Wolstenholme, 
A Strelezki Polish Dances, First Suite. Piano solo, 
A String Of Pearls. Intermezzo for piano Heizman and Solman, 
A String Of Pearls. Perlenschnur. 2 Etude. Piano Solo Jos Chwatal, 
A suite for piano and B flat clarinet Mozart, 
A Suite of Morris dance tunes for orchestra Arnold Foster, 
A Summer Day - 6 Easy Piano Pieces - Op. 145 Paul Zilcher, 
A Summer Day In Norway. Pastoral Fantasia Willmers, arranged by J Riviere, 
A Summer Night. Intermezzo. Piano Solo Percy Elliott, 
A Summer Reverie for piano solo Arthur L Brown, 
A Summer Ride - Descriptive Fantasia for piano solo Theo Bonheur, 
A Summer Ride - Piano Solo Theo Bonheur, 
A Summer Ride for Piano Theo Bonheur, 
A Summer Song. Piano solo I R Foster, 
A Sunset Melody - For Pianoforte Theo. Bonheur, 
A Sunset Melody - For Pianoforte - Plate No. L. 414 Theo. Bonheur, 
A sunset Reverie - For Piano Wilson Manhire, 
A Swedish Love Song (Without Words) - Dedicated to Mrs John Forbes White J. Platen Denovan, 
A Sweet Dream. Ein Susser Traum. Morceau de Salon for the Piano By Carl Ganschals, Op. 171, 
A Szerelmes Muvesz (Der Verliebte Kunstler) - Polka Mazur - For Piano Ellenbogen Adolf, 
A Taste of Honey - Piano Solo - Featuring Herb Alpert Ric Marlow and Bobby Scott, 
A Te O Cara Amor Talora - Aria from I Puritani Bellini, 
A third piano book for little Jacks and Jills Irene Rodgers, 
A Thousand and One Nights - Waltz - Piano Solo Strauss, 
A Tiny Suite, four easy pieces for pianoforte T F Dunhill, 
A Toi - A Love Song for Piano Percy Elliott, 
A Tone Poem. Piano Solo Jules Devaux, 
A Tour Through the Holy Land - Descriptive Fantasia for Piano - Paxton edition No. 1574 Ezra Read, 
A Travers Champs. Piano Solo By Benjamin Godard, 
A Trip To The Circus. Contains: The Circus Band, The Ringmaster, Liberty Horses, Clowns, The Unicyclist, Parade of the Elephants, The Jugglers, Circus Pony, The Tight Rope Walker, The Lion Tamer By J Ferguson Smith, 
A True Lover's Knot - Valse for Piano Solo Felix Godin, 
A Twilight Reverie, favourite recreations for piano solo First Series No.13 By Stanford Clark, 
A Twilight Reverie, serenade for piano solo By G T Clark, 
A Type Of Beautiful. Watz for piano Ezra Read, 
A una fonte Romanza in I Puritani, arranged as a rondino for the pianoforte G E Fiorini, 
A une Amie. For piano solo By Beethoven, 
A Venetian Dream - Op. 15 Richard Richards, 
A Village Fair. For piano solo Clement M Spurling, 
A Village Festival (danse rustique) for piano solo, Op13 By Edward Lawrance, 
A Village Fete - Mazurka de concert for the Pianoforte - Dedicated to Mrs. Arthur Reed G J Rubini, 
A Village Gathering, Tempo De Galop W H Birch, 
A Voice in the Night: from "Wanted for Murder" - Piano solo version Mischa Spoliansky, 
A Waltz Dream (Ein Walzertraum) - Piano selection Oscar Strauss, arranged by Charles Godfrey, 
A Waltz Dream (Ein Walzertraum), from the comic opera Oscar Straus, 
A Watteau Picture - For Pianoforte Laurence Sturdy, 
A Wee Bit - Two Step for Piano - The St. Cecilia Edition Gilbert Falliere, 
A Week Of Birthdays - 7 Short Piano Pieces Richard Rodney Bennett, 
A Week of Birthdays - Seven Short Piano Pieces Richard Rodney Bennett, 
A Winter Ride - Descriptive fantasia for piano Theo Bonheur, 
A Winter Ride - Descriptive Fantasia - The Regent Series of Pianoforte Music Theo Bonheur, 
A Woodland Dance. Caprice. Piano Solo Christian Schafer, 
A Woodland Memory for Piano Harold Edwards, 
A Woodland Ramble. Morceau. Piano Solo Clifford Chambers, 
A Woodland Song - For Pianoforte Solo - W. H. Broome Edition No. 1090 Noel Thayne, 
A Woodland Stream - Etude for Piano M Schyralski, 
Abd-El-Kader - Mazurka morceau brillante for the Pianoforte - Op. 53 - Mrs Colonel Tyler Johannes Winkelhaus, 
Abe Holzmann Blaze of Glory, Boston two step, piano solo, 
Abend Lied - Evening Song - For The Pianoforte Karl Vogel, 
Abendgebet. O Gott! erhor mein heisses Flehen, O Vater! hor ein bittend Kind. Religioses Tonstuck fur Piano By D Krug Op.131, 
Abendgesang - Piano Solo - Op. 76, No. 3 Heinrich Hofmann, arranged by Max Schultze, 
Abendlauten im Gebirge (Evening Chimes in the Mountains) - Idylle fur Pianoforte Franz Behr, 
Abendlied pour piano Victor Aimard, 
Abide With Me - Fantasia variations - Transcription for piano Carl Hemann, 
Abide with Me - For piano solo Samuel Liddle, 
Abide with me - Piano Solo E Durano, 
Abide with Me - Transcribed for the Piano - Dedicated to Miss Forbes of Culloden C. H. Morine, 
Abide with Me - Transcribed for the Pianoforte Dr Monk transcribed by A. Thompson McEvoy, 
Abide With Me, for piano S Liddle, transcribed for piano solo by Harold Perry, 
Above the Clouds, piano solo Elsie S M Reed, 
Abschied, for piano Franz Suchy, 
Absence, reverie T A Raine, 
Absent Friends - Song J Warwick Moore, 
Acapulco 1922: Kenny Ball, Kathy Kirby, Johnny B Great Eldon Allan, piano arrangement by Arthur Greenslade, 
Ace of Clubs - A Musical Play - Piano Selection Noel Coward, Arr. Geo L Zalva, 
Ace of Hearts - Waltz John Openshaw, 
Ace of Hearts, waltz John Openshaw, 
Acis and Galatea Handel, 
Across the Desert - Characteristic Piece for Piano G Krenkel, 
Across the Desert - Characteristic Piece for Piano - Paxton edition No. 1613 G. Krenkel, 
Across The Moors - Pianoforte Suite James Lyon, 
Across the Prairies - Indian Ride for Piano Theo Bonheur, 
Across the Sahara H. Chisholm Jackson, 
Ad Astra (Zu den Sternen empor) (Up to the Stars) - Op. 17 - For Piano Solo Lothar Sylva, 
Ad Infinitum - Piano Solo Kenneth Sydney Baynes, 
Adagietto (from L'Arlesiene Suite No. 1) - The Portrait Gallery Series No. 29 - For Piano Solo Georges Bizet concert transcription by Gilbert Beard, 
Adagietto - Dalla 5a Sinfonia - Riduzione per Pianoforte - Il Repertorio Del Pianista No. 21876 G. Mahler, 
Adagietto for the piano Francis Poulenc, 
Adagio - Op. 26 No. 5 - Wilhelm Hansen Edition No. 2131 Toivo Kuula, 
Adagio and rondo for the piano, Op.145 F Schubert, 
Adagio for Strings (featured in "Platoon") Samuel Barber, 
Adagio from Organ Toccata in C major, No1, adapted for the piano by Myra Hess J S Bach , 
Adagio from short suite for violin and piano Reeve. G, 
Adante in F - For Piano - No. 12 from the Students' Library Beethoven, edited by Dr. Ralph H Bellairs, 
Adelai Tango Joseph Spurin, 
Adelaide - A new edition revised and corrected for Pianoforte - No. 1 Solo Edition L. van Beethoven arranged by Charles Czerny, 
Adele. A Graceful Dance for piano Sydney H Gambrell, 
Adelheid, Die Lauterbacherin La Babillarde, for the Pianoforte R Loffler, 
Adeste Fideles - For Piano - The Portland Edition - Carefully fingered and revised W E Tipper, 
Adeste Fideles - For the Pianoforte W E Tipper, 
Adeste Fideles - Piano Solo W E Tipper, 
Adeste Fideles - Varied for the Pianoforte - Respectfully inscribed to Miss Williamson R. Schroeder, 
Adeste Fideles. Sacred Melodies with variations, for piano Charles Grobe, 
Adieu - No. 11 of "The classical Pianist" - A selection of Compositions by the old masters Dussek & E Donajowski, 
Adieu D'Amour - For Piano Solo Eugene Rosi, 
Adieu, from "Oeuvres Celebres et Transcriptions Classique", Edition Populaire F Schubert, transcribed for piano by F G Montel, 
Admiral Jellicoe - Naval March - For Piano Solo Haydon Augarde, 
Admiral Jellicoe - Naval March Haydon Augarde, 
Admiration, for piano W H Richardson, 
Admired Sacred Melodies arranged by William Hutchins Callcott Various Composers arranged by William Hutchins Callcott, 
Adorata Valse - For Piano Solo - Paxton edition No. 1529 E. A. Broadbent, 
Adoration - Piano solo Maurice Telma, 
Adoration - Piano solo Maurice Telma, 
Adoration Waltz - For Piano Solo Norman Roffe, 
Adoremus. Melodie Religieuse por piano et orgue Melodium Henri Ravina, arranged by H Rupp, 
Adriatic valse Stanley C Holt, 
Adrienne - Polka Mazurka A Croisez, 
Aesculap - Polka Francaise - For Piano - To Mademoiselle Marguerite de Moricz Coloman de Medzihradszky, 
Affection - intermezzo - For Piano Leo Fieldhouse, 
Affetuoso. Piano Solo By Charles Vincent, 
Afgar - Piano selection Charles Cuvillier, arranged by Henri Jaxon, 
Afgar - Waltz for Piano Solo - From Melodies in Charles B. Cochran's Production at the London Pavilion Charles Culliver arranged by Henri Jaxon, 
African Waltz Galt MacDermot, Johnny Dankworth & Cannonball Adderley, 
After Glow, reverie-serenade Harry J Lincoln, 
After Hours - Piano Solo Avery Parrish, 
After Sundown. Suite for piano solo By Rudolf Friml, 
After the Ball Chas K Harris, Arranged by Jos Clauder, 
After the Ball - For Piano Solo Chas K. Harris, 
After the Ball - Piano Selection from the Operette - Based on Oscar Wilde's Play "Lady Windermere's Fan" Noel Coward, arranged by Felton Rapley, 
After the Ball Waltz - Paxtons Edition No. 2629 Joseph Tabrar, 
After the girl - Valse - Piano Solo Paul A Rubens, 
After Vespers - A Twilight Meditation Neil Moret, 
After. Piano Solo. No11 of Sprays of Melody for Happy Homes By H Millard. Arranged by Frank Percival, 
Afternoons and Afterwards - For Piano John McCabe, 
Afterwards, valse for piano B Brooke Junr, 
Agathe, Perle Melodique Pour le Piano Henri Cramer, 
Agenoria - Triumphal March William Moore, 
Agincourt, grand marche militaire Stanley Cooper, 
Agnes Dorel, Select Quadrilles No. 39 Alphonse de Luc, 
Agnes Sorel - Quadrilles for one or two performers on the Pianoforte Alphonse Le Duc, 
Agnes Sorel - Quadrille Historique Alphonse Ledug, 
Agnes Sorel - Quadrille Historique - Paxton edition no. 211 Alphonse Leduc , 
Agnes Sorel - Quadrille Historique - Pianoforte Solo - Musical Bouquet No. 213 Alphonse le Duc, 
Agnes Sorel, Quadrille Historique - Pianoforte Solo Alphonse le Duc, 
Aguero - Paso-Doble (Al Valiente Matador de toros Martin Aguero) - Piano Solo Jose Franco, 
Ah Che La Morte (Trovatore) - No. 1 from Gems from Popular Operas series - Arranged as Rondinos for the Pianoforte Arranged by John Pridham, 
Ah che la morte de Il Trovatore, morceau de salon Fred. Beyer, 
Ah Kusoom (Oh My Darling) - Arab waltz Jean Robertson, 
Ah Non Giunge. Finale from "La Sonnambula" for piano solo W Plachy, 
Ah si vous voulez, celebre march chantee for piano solo By V Scotto, 
Ah Ye Who Sinneth Daily, No. 4 from Series 2 of "Walter Rummel Adaptations" J S Bach, arranged by Walter Rummel, 
Aida - for piano solo G Verdi, 
Air & Gavotte from Bachs suite transcribed for the piano by Jules Schulhoff J S Bach, 
Air - Compose par le Roi Louis XIII - Piano Solo - Musical Bouquet No. 5232/33 Henri Ghys, 
Air - Compose par le Roi Louis XIII - Piano Solo Henri Ghys, 
Air - Composed by King Louis XIII - Arranged for Piano - The Classic Series Transcribed by Henry Ghys, 
Air - No. 3 from "Les Mousquetaires de la Reine" Mr De St. Georges & F. Halevy, 
Air A La Bourree Beethoven, arranged by Jules De Sivrai, 
Air and Chorus. From Non Sdejnare, for piano Gluck and Arranged by W F Taylor, 
Air and Dance - Arranged for Piano By Frederick Delius. Arranged by Eric Fenby, 
Air and Dance. For piano solo Delius Frederick, 
Air and Hornpipe. For piano solo James Hook, 
Air and Variations for the Left Hand - The Oxford piano Series No. P85, Grade G R. O. Beachcroft, 
Air and Variations in F. Pianoforte Classics Number 58. Suitable for the various Musical Examinations August Eberhard Muller, Selected, annotated and fingered G Augustus Holmes and Frederic J Karn, 
Air de Ballet Maurice Moszkowski, 
Air de Ballet Maurice Telma, 
Air de Ballet F Mullen, 
Air de Ballet (Au Seuil des Arenes) - Op. 6 - For Piano Solo - French Edition Jean Dere, 
Air de Ballet - For Piano Emil Durand, 
Air de Ballet - For the Pianoforte Seymour Smith, 
Air De Ballet - No. 2 From Suite de Ballet Landon Ronald, 
Air de Ballet - Pour Piano G. Bachmann, 
Air De Ballet from Deux Morceaux - Piano Solo A Luzzatti, 
Air de Ballet in G - For the Pianoforte Frederic Mullen, 
Air de Ballet pour Piano Frederic Mullen, 
Air De Ballet. Piano Solo By Camile Boner, 
Air De Beatrix from Etienne Marcel C Saint-Saens, 
Air De Chasse - For the Piano Czerny, 
Air De Danse Russe (Russisch). Piano Solo W Aletter, 
Air de Louis XIII, Opus 10, No. 2, from "Morceaux de Salon" Henry Ghys, 
Air Du Dauphin. Ancienne Danse De La Cour. Piano Solo Joseph L Roeckel, 
Air Favori de Marie Stuart pour piano, Op34 No,3 Stepan Esipoff, 
Air from the Water Music Handel, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Air From The Water Music, for piano Handel, easily arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
Air in G with six variations composed for the Pianoforte L. van Beethoven, 
Air on Ground Bass - Purcell Five Pieces Series No. 3 Henry Purcell, edited by Harold Craxton, 
Air on the G string - for piano Bach arranged by Thomas Arnold Johnson, 
Air Russe - Morceau Eligant and Brilliant - Piano Solo Sigismond Thalberg, 
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Air Tyrolien - No. 4 from The Pianists Companion series of 24 Popular Airs arranged as Rondos and fingered for the Pianoforte - Op. 609 Charles Czerny, 
Air Tyrolien - Varie pour le Piano Francois Hunten, 
Air Tyrolien - Varie pour le Piano - Op. 38 F. Hunten, 
Air, Arranged for violoncello and piano J S Bach, 
Airs from "La Fille du Regiment" - The Musical Bouquet No. 230 N/A, 
Airs from the Opera The lady of the lake. Containing, Chorus all hail to the fair maid and The weary hours ive past. Arranged from the score by Henry Oakey, 
Aisha - Indian Intermezzo - Piano Solo John Lindsay, 
Aisha, Indian Intermezzo - Piano Solo John Lindsay, 
Al Ballo - No. 6 From ''Italian Sketches'' - For Pianoforte - Edition Swift Ferdinando Peduzzi, edited by Edward Isaacs, 
Al Ballo. Valse. Piano Solo Ferdinando Peduzzi, 
Alabama Moon. Waltz. Piano Solo By Geo Hamilton Green, 
Alabama Valse for Piano - As performed by Cheethams band, Blackpool Douglas Cooper, 
Alabama, valse Douglas Cooper, 
Alan Moorhouse and Keith Mansfield The World Cup March, Official song of the World Cup Series 1966, piano solo , 
Albatross - Piano Solo Peter Alan Green, 
Albeniz - Album of Eight Pieces For The Piano (Roepper-Ries) - The Boston Music Company Edition I. Albeniz, 
Albeniz - Deux Danses Espagnoles for Piano - Op. 164 - Edition Schott 1309 I. Albeniz, 
Albeniz - Six Spanish Dances for Piano Solo - Kalmus Piano Series 3003 Isaac Albeniz, 
Albert Chevaliers Song Album - No. 1 - For piano solo Various Composers, 
Albert H Oswald Pomponette, valse for piano solo, 
Albert Sproston In the Gloaming, intermezzo for piano solo, 
Albert W. Ketelbey Album of Popular Pieces for Piano solo - Volume 1 Albert W Ketelbey, 
Alberto Polka - For piano J B Senior, 
Alberts Dance Folion No. 5 - For Piano Solo with Ukulele chord symbols Various Composers, 
Alberts Dance Folion No. 7 - For Piano Solo with Ukulele chord symbols Various Composers, 
Albion, Erin & Caledonia, The Cavendish music books No.11 Madame Arabella Goddards pianoforte album. Julius Benedict, 
Albions Island Queen Words and music - E L Blanchard and J N Sola, 
Album blatt (An Album Leaf). Piano Solo By Niels W Gade, 
Album Blatter, three pieces for the piano. By Edward Lawrance., 
Album de Mai - Scenes romantiques pour piano J. J. Paderemski, 
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Album des Dances Pour Piano Jean Douste, 
Album Des Danses Pour Piano Jean Douste, 
Album di sei pezzi per pianoforte. Including Marcia, Barcarolle, Gavotte, Polka Capricciosa, Gavotte and Valzer Clifford Putnam, 
Album for the piano by Nevin, Ethelbert, volume 2 of 2 Ethelbert Nevin, 
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Album Joyeux - 12 Petits Morceaux - No. 7 - 12 - Op. 87 - From the Paul Zilcher Album Paul Zilcher, 
Album Leaf Norman Demuth, 
Album Leaf, for the piano, Op.28 No.3 Grieg, 
Album Leaf. Piano Solo By Charles Derek, 
Album Leaves, No2 for piano Schumann, 
Album Leaves. Four Short Pieces Without Octaves. Piano Solo. Contains; Promenade, Romance, Weeding Bells and Round Dance Fred J Harper, 
Album Lyrique pour Piano - Edition Laudy No. 1 Felix Borowski , 
Album Melodique Volume II Reverie, Bon soir, Consecration, Air de ballet, Minuet Facile, Intermezzo lyrique, Chant D Amour, En Voyage, 
Album of 10 Popular Piano Pieces - For Piano Solo - Wilhelm Hansen Edition No. 2007 Various Composers, 
Album of Dance Music. The Cavendish music books No. 137. Contains: Grand Duchess Lancers, Mona Valse, River of Years Valse, La Perichole Valse, The Court Ball Valse, Our Barn Dance Centifolie Polka Mazurka, Bicycle Polka, Minuet, College Hornpipe, O Weel May The Keel Row, The Honeymoon, Speed the Plough, 
Album of famous Marches Sousa and other composers, easily arranged by Florence Fare, 
Album of first pieces for pianoforte - Book 1 - 13 Easy and melodious pieces Cuthbert Harris, 
Album of Gems No. 4 for Pianoforte by Favourite Composers. Various composers, 
Album of household gems for Piano D Krug, 
Album of Isaac Albeniz Masterpieces - Selected Compositions for Piano Solo - Contemporary Materpieces Album Series No. 2 I. Albeniz, 
Album of Music for Skiffle Groups, with full words and music for piano, guitar, ukelele, bass, drums & washboard rhythm Bye Bye Blackbird, Frankie and Johnny, Home on the range, Im knee deep in daisies, My Bonnie, My Grandfathers clock, Shell be comin round the mountain, Somebody stole my gal, Steamboat Bill, Sweet Georgia Brown & Turkey in the Straw, 
Album of Nine Marches from the Gilbert & Sullivan Opera for Piano Gilbert and Sullivan arranged for Piano by Thomas F. Dunhill, 
Album of Piano Solos Various Composers, 
Album of Pianoforte Arrangements Ten Popular Songs By Eric Coats, Including, Bird Songs At Eventide, I Pitch My Lonely Caravan, Im Lonely and more, 
Album of Pianoforte Arrangements of Ten Popular Songs - The Chappell Popular Albums Series - For Piano Solo Eric Coates, 
Album of Pianoforte Arrangments of Ten Popular Songs by Eric Coates Eric Coates, 
Album of Pianoforte Compositions - The Castle Series of Music Books No. 124 - Three Elegant Piano Pieces for Drawing Room Performance F. Boscovitz, 
Album of Popular Marches - Played By The Regimental Bands of the British Army - Arranged for Piano Solo Various Composers, 
Album of Practical Pieces for Piano - Medium Grade - Op. 120 Paul Zilcher, 
Album of Pretty Pets for the Pianoforte Benoni Vine, 
Album of Selected Pieces Giles Farnaby, arranged by Granville Bantock, 
Album of selected pieces, volume 2. By Tschaikowsky Dnse des mirlitons, Chant sans paroles Op. 40 No. 6, Troika en traineaux, Reverie interrompue, Feuillet d'album, Mazurka de salon, Romance and Chanson triste, 
Album of Six pieces for Piano Composed, Revised and Corrected by Francis Poulenc , 
Album of six selected pieces by various composers for the Left Hand alone Musing, Plantation Dance, Springs magic, Night song, Capriccietto, Gavotte, 
Album of songs - Arranged as Piano solo Arthur Tate, , 
Album of Waltzes by Archibald Joyce (The English Waltz King) Archibald Joyce, 
Album pour le Jeuness (Album for the Young) pour Piano - Book 1 - Op. 122 M. Enrico Bossi, 
Album pour piano Vol.I; Le soir, La Nuit, Alla menuet, Impromptu, Melodie, Danse des gnomes, Cantilene, Scherzino, Les spectres, Alla Marcia, Nocturne, Aubade, Innocence, Passant les steppes Ludwig Schyyte, 
Album Ricordi, Celebri Arie d Opera per Soprano Leggero. Including Un ballo in Maschera, Canzone, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Dinorah, Don Pasquale, Il Flauto Magico and more Various Composers, 
Album Ricordi, Celebri Arie d Opera per Soprano. Including Aida, La Boheme, La Forza del Destino, La Gioconda, Guglielmo Tell, Mefistofele amd more Various Composers, 
Albumblatt (Album Leaf) - Op. 28 - No. 3 - Edition Peters No. 2424 Grieg, 
Albumblatter T. H. Kirchner, Edited by John Farmer, 
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Albumblatter - No's 7, 8 and 9 - Paxton edition no. 457 Theodor Kirchner, 
Albumblatter, Album Leaves, Op. 124 R Schumann, revised, phrased and fingered by O Thumer, 
Albumleaf for the pianoforte Friedrich Grutzmacher, 
Alec Rowley Heller Rediscovered, Book One, Miniatures, Piano Solo, inc Wild-flower, Forget-me-not, Pleasantries, April, Twilight, Huntsman, Oberon, Elves, Reproach etc, 
Alec Rowley - Five Miniature Preludes and Fugues for Piano Alec Rowley, 
Alec Rowley - Six pieces of moderate difficulty Alec Rowley, selected by Henry Geehl, 
Alec Rowley -The Goblin Suite - Op. 19 - For piano Alec Rowley, 
Alessandro Stradella (F. von Flotow) - Potpourri in Fantasieform - Piano Solo - Op. 20, No. 20 - Musikalische P Fenning Bibliothek 20 No. 497 A. Willibald, 
Alexanders Ragtime Band - Piano selection Irving Berlin arranged by R. Stoddon, 
Alexandra - Grand March T. W. Champion, 
Alexandra - Variations De Strauss - Pour le Piano - Op. 90 Francois Hunten, 
Alexandra March H Hugo, 
Alexandra Rose - Valse - For Piano Solo Edward Jakobski, 
Alfred Butt's 'Vanity Fair Selection' - Piano Solo Herman Finck, 
Alfred H West The Butterfly for piano, 
Algerian Scene. (Melodie Algerienne). Piano Solo Albert W Ketelbey, 
Algerian Song - Piano Solo A W Ketelbey, 
Alhambra - Sammlung Mederner Balltanze - No. 2, Dolly-Jazz (three step) George Elbon, 
Alhambra - Spanish One Step for Piano George L Cobb, 
Alice J Ascher, new arrangment with variations by Gordon Hope, 
Alice - Morceau de salon for piano solo, new edition Eugen Woycke, 
Alice - Romance for Piano J Ascher, 
Alice - Romance for Piano J Ascher, 
Alice - Romance for Piano J Ascher, 
Alice - Romance for piano - Paxton edition No. 1270 J Ascher, 
Alice Waltz - Paxton Edition No. 1239 Theo Bonheur on the Melody of Alice Where Art Thou, 
Alice where art thou? - Easily arranged and fingered for the Pianoforte - Gems of Melody No. 1 J. Ascher, 
Alice, nocturne, Op. 287 S Kahlenberg, 
Alice, Where Art Thou? - No. 1 of "Gems of Melody", arranged and fingered for the young J Ascher, 
Alison Bells Graded pieces for piano - Book 1 - Very Easy
Alison Bells Graded pieces for Piano - Book 5 - Upper Intermediate Selected and edited by Alison Bell, 
Alkan in Miniature - Piano Solos Chosen by Ronald Smith Variouis composers, edited by Ronald Smith and John White, 
All 3 volumes, (Galante Oriental and fandango) for the piano Granados, 
All Alone/Two's Company: simple piano Jessie Furze, 
All Among the Corn - Barn Dance - for Piano Bertram Winfield, 
All Change - Progressive Barn Dance Harry Davidson and Charles Ancliffe, 
All Creatures Great and Small - Piano Solo Johnny Pearson, 
All In a Garden Fair - Waltz - For Piano Solo On Michael Watson's Popular Song by Otto Roeder, 
All in the April Evening - Curwen Edition No. 2555 Katherine Tynan and Hugh S. Robertson, 
All People That On Earth Do Dwell. With variations for piano Leonard Gautier, 
All the Gold in California - Dan Coates Easy Piano Arrangement Larry Gatlin - Arranged by Dan Coates, 
All the winners, grand selection for piano including Goodbye my lady Love, Give my regards to Leicester Square, My Dearest daisy, Have you seen my soldier boy? and more Arranged by John Neat, 
All the Year Round - Little Pictures for the Piano Peter Broom, 
All the year round October (Red leaves dancing) Felix Swinstead, 
All Through the Night Cecil Dixon, 
All' Italia! in modo napolitano - Piano solo Ferruccio Busoni, 
Alla Gioga. Cavatina from Bianca E Fernando. Arranged as Rondino for piano solo By Bellini and arranged by Wenzel Plachy, 
Alla ingharese, quasi un Capriccio, Op. 129 Beethoven, edited by Alfred Brendel, 
Alla Minuetto. Piano Solo Percy Elliott, 
Alla Scozzese. Melody for piano solo By T Velentine, 
Alla Tedesca for piano Johann Ludwig Dussek, arranged by Edwin M Lott, 
Alla Turca (Turkish March), for piano W A Mozart, edited and fingered by M Greenwald, 
Alla Zingara - Howard Kasschau late intermediate for Piano Solo Howard Kasschau, 
Allah - Valse for piano Horation Nicholls, 
Allah - Valse for piano Horatio Nicholls, 
Allan's Reels, Strathspeys and General Dance Music. Country Dances - Including all the favourite airs - For Piano with concise Accordion Guide and markings Various Composers/Trad., 
Allans Ballroom Companion - The Popular Country Dance Album Various Composers, 
Allegreto. Piano Solo By W Wolstenholme, 
Allegretto grazioso - Op. 107, No. 4 - Select Pianoforte Pieces used at Trinty College Examinations - Junior Syllabus - English Fingering - Series No. 12 Cornelius Dussek, 
Allegretto in C major - Op. 21 Edgar Ponting, 
Allegretto in E minor, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 98 (lower division) A Scarlatti, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
Allegretto quasi Andante from Sonatina Op. 20, No. 2 - Select Pianoforte Pieces used at Trinty College Examinations - Junior Syllabus - English Fingering - Series No. 2 J. L. Dussek, 
Allegretto Scherzando. Piano Solo J H Hahn, 
Allegro - for Piano Thomas Arne, Adapted and edited for the piano by Harold Craxton and Alfred Moffat, 
Allegro - For Piano Harry Hodge, 
Allegro Burlesca from Opus 88, No. 3, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LXII (higher division) F J Kuhlau, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Allegro for the piano. Performed by Alfred Jaell J P Kirnberger, 
Allegro from Quartette in D - Op. 18, No. 3 - No. 4 from Kinder-garten classics series Beethoven simplified by Ludwig Schumann, 
Allegro Grazioso - For the Pianoforte - Wickins Pianoforte Literature Series No. 239 Sir W. Sterndale Bennett, 
Allegro in C Major - Piano Solo - Lengnick Edition No. 2231 J. N. Hummel, 
Allegro in C, Opus 42, No. 2, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LXXVIII (lower division) J N Hummel, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Allegro Op.8 R Schumann, 
Allegro Poco Scherzando - No. 1 of Three Little Waltzes for Piano Cyril Scott , 
Allemande -The Frederick Moore Collection Series No. 7 Maurice Greene, 
Allemande in G minor, from the 16th Suite, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, LXIV (higher division) G F Handel, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
Alley Cat - Featuring Bent Fabric (Omkring Et Flygel) - Piano Solo Frank Bjorn, 
Alley Tunes - Three Scenes from the South for the Piano David W. Guion, 
Alllons-Y...Mimy! - Polka pour Piano - For Piano Solo - Repertoire du Bal Tabarin des principaux Bals Parisiens et de tous les Cafes Concerts - French Edition A. de Mauprey, 
Almond Eye, incidental music for piano By F Rosse, 
Aloma - Oriental Fox-trot - For Piano Solo - French Edition Archibald Joyce, 
Alone Again (Naturally) Raymond O'Sullivan, 
Alouette (Traditional) - for piano Esily arranged for Piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Alpenroschen Styrienne original for Piano Joseph Low, 
Alphabet of Musical Favourites - Part 1. - Easily arranged for piano Arranged by Henry Duke, 
Alphonse Cary's celebrated American Barn Dance - With Dance Instructions Traditional arrangement, 
Alphornklange (ALp Horn Echoes). Piece De Salon. Piano Solo By Johannes Gerdessen, 
Alpine Hut (In The Alpine Hut), for piano Gustave Lange, 
Alpine Rose - No. 3 from Trois Petites Fleures Series of Melodies pour le Piano Immanuel Liebich, 
Alpine Scenes - Minature Suite for Pianoforte Joseph H. Adams, 
Alpine Violets (Reminiscence) - From 'Stray Thoughts, Sketches for Piano' Seymour Smith, 
Alsace et Lorraine, transcription sur les motifs de Ben Tayoux et F Chassaigne Roger Guttinguer, 
Alsatian Echoes for Piano Heller Nicholls, 
Alsation Echoes for piano, Album series No.211; The old gateway, In the Cathedral, Flight of storks, La belle ville Strasbourg, Mont St Odile Heller Nicholls, 
Alsteriana - Barcarolle for the Pianoforte Eva Lonsdale, 
Alt Viener Tanzweisen, Schon Rosmarin. For piano solo Fritz Kreisler, 
Alt Wiener Tanzweisen - I. Liebesfreud Fritz Kreisler, 
Alt Wiener Tanzweisen - II Liebeslied Fritz Kreisler, 
Alt Wiener Tanzweisen for Piano Fritz Kreisler, 
Alt Wiener Tanzweisen III - Schon Rosmarin Franz Kreisler, 
Altwiener Liebeswalzer (Rund um die Liebe) - Walzer - For Piano Franz Lehar, 
Always Gay - Suite for piano solo R S Thornton, 
Am Bach - Phantasie Stuck - From 'Morceaux pour Concert ou Salon' - For Piano Erik Meyer - Helmund, 
Am Kamin (By the Fireside) A Suite of Music, Beal Edition No. 1in C G Gurlitt, 
Am Kamin - No. 1 Idylle for Pianoforte Cornelius Gurlitt, 
Amanda - Old English Dance - Piano Solo Seymour Smith, 
Amaniel - Schotis Madrileno - For Piano Solo - French Edition Learsi, 
Amapa, le vrai tango Bresilien. For piano solo By J Storoni, 
Amarillis - Danse Joyeuse - For Piano - Op. 40 Hugh Clendon, 
Amasis, Piano selection By Philip Michael Faraday, arranged by George Byng, 
Amberley Wild Brooks - Piano solo John Ireland, 
Ambrosia - Valse for Piano Ernest Tompa, 
American Airs for everyone, for piano solo. with words. with guitar Arranged by Henry W Davis, 
American patrol - introducing "The Red, White and Blue" - Op. 92 F. W. Meacham, 
American Patrol - Piano Solo F W Meacham, arranged by Walter Rolfe, 
American Patrol March, Piano Solo F. W. Meacham, Arranged by Wesley Schaum, 
American Patrol Op. 22 F W Meacham, aranged by Lew Stern, 
American Patrol Op22 F W Meacham, arranged by Victor Ambroise, 
American Square Dances as broadcast in "Happy Hoe Down" - Book 1 - Contains calls music and instructions Dances arranged by Cecil Ruault and Norah Galloway - Calls Devised with David Miller, Music Arranged by Phil Cardew, 
American Square Dances as broadcast in "Happy Hoe Down" - Book 2 - Contains calls music and instructions Dances arranged by Cecil Ruault and Norah Galloway - Calls Devised with David Miller, Music Arranged by Phil Cardew, 
Americana Suite - Dedicated to William Burgess Esq. - For Piano Solo T. W. Thurban, 
Amerikanische Wald Idyllen (Woodland Sketches) for Piano. Contains: To A Wild Rose, Will O The Wisp, At An Old Trysting Place, In Autumn, From An Indian Lodge, To A Waterlily, From Uncle Remus By Edward Mac Dowell Op. 51. A Deserted Farm, By A Meadow Brook, Told At Sunset, 
Amina (Melodie) - For the Pianoforte Louis H Meyer, 
Amina - Egyptian Serenade for Piano Paul Lincke, 
Amitie. Romance Sans Paroles. Piano Solo By Francis G Byford, 
Amo - Melodie in E Minor Alfred G. Robyn, 
Among The Daffodils, Valse for piano Arthur De Blonc, 
Among the Flowers (Valsette) - No. 5 from Holiday Memories Series of 12 Easy Pieces for Pianoforte - Well Fingered and Without Octaves Composed by Walter B. Bell, 
Among the Pixies for the pianoforte Edric Cundell, 
Among The Roses - Piano Solo Joseph H Adams, 
Amorelle valse Anton Morette, 
Amour Eternel Valse Lente A E Dowding, 
Amour quand tu nous tiens - Fox-trot et Shimmy - Chante par Mlle Myro - For Piano Solo - French Edition A. Chantrier, 
Amoureuse Rodolphe Berger, 
Amoureuse Maurice de Feraudy, Rodolphe Berger, 
Amoureuse - Valse for Piano Rodolphe Berger, Arranged for Piano Solo by Tony Lowry, 
Amparito Roca - Spanish March Jamie Texidor, 
Amphitryon Waltz - Concert Waltz - Featuring Albert Sandler Composed by Franz Doelle, Arranged by Tony Lowry, 
Amurado me Dejastes - Tango Milonga for Piano Juan Durante and Roque Biafore, 
An 18th Century Musical Clock. Piano Solo. Based on an 18th Century Melody By Gluck and arranged by Jack Werner, 
An album leaf W. Sterndale Bennett, 
An Album Leaf - For Piano Harold Craxton, 
An Album Leaf, Opus 19, No. 3, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, XLVI (intermediate) Tschaikowsky, edited and phrased by George Farlane, 
An album of 31 original pieces composed for the pianoforte Carl Reinecke, edited by Charles Halle, 
An Album of Sambas Harold Geller, 
An Album of School Marches - For piano Edited and Arranged by A. Forbes Milne, 
An American In Paris (an Orchestral tone poem) in Miniature - Paraphrased for Piano solo George Gershwin, paraphrased for piano solo by Maurice C. Whitney, 
An American in Paris - An Orchestral Tone Poem - For Piano Solo George Gershwin transcribed by William Daly, 
An Arcadian Garden. For piano solo N Norman, 
An Artist's Model - Barn Dance for Piano Sidney Jones, 
An Autumn Breeze - Piano Solo Paul Ronsard, 
An Autumn Day, Op467 Edmund Braham, 
An Autumn Idyll - No.1 from 6 Musical Poems J E Newell, 
An Autumn Reverie - For the Pianoforte Joseph H. Adams, 
An Autumn Ride - Descriptive Fantasia for piano Theo Bonheur, 
An Der Quelle At The Spring. Piano Solo By Whilhem Berger, 
An Der Schonen Blauen Donau Johann Strauss, 
An Eastern Serenade. Idyll. Piano Solo Emil Kreuz, 
An Eastern Zephyr - Valse for Piano Solo Pauline Vandulla, 
An Easy Suite for Pianoforte - 5 Pieces - Cramer Library Edition E. Markham Lee, 
An Edinburgh Suite - Piano Solo Ian Whyte, 
An Egyptian Love Song - Piano Solo Hadyn Wood, 
An einsamer Quelle (Beside the Spring) - Stimmungsbilder fur Klavier No. 2 - For Piano Solo Richard Strauss, 
An Elfin romance in four chapters for piano; The dew fairy, A lonely elf, Elfin bridal march, Elfin bells A Vivian May, 
An Enchanted Garden - Magnus Albums Vol. 65 Josef Holbrooke, 
An Englishman's Home. Grand March for Piano solo Gordon temple, 
An Entreaty - No. 4 from A Musical Poem series Desmond L. Ryan, 
An Episode - Poetic Studies for the Piano No. 7 - Op. 189 - For Piano Solo A. Biehl, 
An Episode, for piano Ignace Gibsone, 
An Evening Hymn - The Portrait Gallery Series No. 36 - For Piano Solo Henry Purcell, 
An Evening Reverie (Sunset Romance). Piano Solo By William B Godfrey, 
An Evening Reverie. Serenade. Piano Solo By Arthur H Bonser, 
An Indian Ride - Descriptive Piece for Piano Solo Paul de Loetz, 
An Odd Number. Piano Solo By Collin Davis, 
An Old Italian Garden - Suite for piano Gustave Lind, 
An Old World Garden. Piano Solo Richard Montaigne, 
An Old World Minuet - for Pianoforte Solo G. Bolzoni, 
An Old World Romance - Piano Solo Albert W Ketelbey, 
Anacreon - Overture - Musical Bouquet No. 3186/7 L Cherubini, 
Anakins Theme, from Star Wars episode 1 The Phantom Menace John Williams, 
Ancient Dances and Music, six tunes from Playfords Dancing Master Nellie Chaplin, 
Andalucia, from the Spanish suite "Andalucia", piano solo Ernesto Lecuona , 
Andaluza - Piano Solo - Danza Espanola No. 5 Enrique Granados, 
Andante & Allegro Mendelssohn - Edited & Fingered by Jules Benedict, 
Andante and Allegro Op.16. No. 1. - From 'Trois Fantasies'. The Examination Series of Pianoforte Music Mendelssohn - Edited and fingered by Gordon Saunders, 
Andante and Allegro, for piano Mendelssohn Barholdy, 
Andante and Capriccio - For Pianoforte A. F. Tindall, 
Andante and Capriccioso, Opus 14. No. 240 of "Instructive and Tuneful pieces for the panoforte" Mendelssohn, 
Andante and Rondo Capriccioso, Opus 14 F Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 
Andante and Rondo Capriccioso, selected by Eileen Joyce Mendelssohn, arranged Victor Ambroise, 
Andante Cantabile (from String Quartet Op. 11) Piano solo Tschaikowsky, 
Andante Grazioso for the piano By Edward Lawrance, 
Andante in F - For Piano Solo - Berners Edition Ludwig van Beethoven, 
Andante in F from Select Pianoforte Compositions L. van Beethoven, edited and fingered by Thomas F. Dunhill, 
Andante in G - For piano Edouard Batiste , 
Andante In G for Piano (Batiste) Batiste, arranged by E. Waldimier, 
Andante In G for Piano (Batiste) Batiste, Easily arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
Andante Pensivo - Piano Solo Thomas B Pitfield, 
Andante Religioso Francis Thome, 
Andante Sostenuto and Valse Lyrique - Graded Pieces for Pianoforte - Grade 2 - Book 10 Mendelssohn and Wickenhausser, 
Andante with variations in B flat for the pianoforte- from The Celebrated Impromptus Franz Schubert, 
Andante, Allegretto & Rondo - Charle's Halle's Practical Pianoforte School - Section 1, No. 10 F. Hunten, 
Andante, for piano Beethoven, 
Andante-Reverie - Pour le Piano - Dedicated A Son ami W. Kruger - Op. 44 Polydore de Vos, 
Andantino - The Celebrated Organ Solo arranged for Piano Solo Edwin H. Lemare, 
Andantino and Carpriccietto Stephen Heller, 
Andantino for the piano E Arthur Godfrey, 
Andantino Grazioso. Haydns String Quartet in C transcribed for Piano solo B Tours, 
Andantino in G from the first sonatina Stephen Heller, edited and carfeully fingered by Charles Halle, 
Andantino, composed for the Organ, transcribed for Piano Edwin Lemare transcribed for Pianoforte by Arthur E. Godfrey, 
Andate cantabile et Presto agitato Mendelssohn, 
Andate Cantable Tschaikowsky, 
Angel Child - Fox Trot Song - For Piano and Voice George Price, Abner Silver and Benny Davis, 
Angel of Love - Waltz for Piano Solo Fabian Rose, 
Angel of Night - Valse Sentimentale - Pour piano - Paxton edition no. 617 Charles Kinkel, 
Angel of Night - Valse Sentimentale pour Piano Charles Kinkel, 
Angela - Theme from "Taxi" - for Piano Bob James, 
Angela - Valse for piano Charles Coote, 
Angelina. Notturno. Piano Solo Gustav Lange, 
Angelo D'Amore. Piano Solo Albert W Ketelbey, 
Angels Dream, for piano Gustav Lange, edited and fingered by M Greenwald, 
Angels Ever Bright and Fair: from the oratorio "Theordora" G F Handel, 
Angels Harps - For pianoforte Franz Behr, 
Angels of Dawn - Musical Bouquet No. 6950 Pierre Latour, 
Angels of Dawn - Valse Angelique - Musical Boquet No. 6902 Pierre Latour, 
Angels of Eve - Reverie for Piano - Musical Bouquet No. 6951 Pierre Latour, 
Angelus from Scenes Pittoresques for piano solo J. Massenet, 
Anglo French March - For Piano Julian Fredericks, 
Animation - Valse Victor A Filmer, 
Anina, W&M. Filippo Petri, , 
Anita - Intermezzo Harold Pollard, 
Anita, pas seul Phil M Cox, 
Anita. Waltz. Piano Solo By Carl Andre, 
Anitra's Dance - for Piano - Edition Lengnick No. 4 Grieg Op. 23 - Edited by Stanley Hawley , 
Ann's Tunes - Book 1 - For Piano Louise Band, 
Annabella. Serenata. Piano Solo By Rudolf Leo Vasata, 
Annamirl - Tyrolienne for the Pianoforte Leonard Gautier, 
Anne Laurie. Piano Solo with variations Arranged by H W S Duncan, 
Anne of Green Gables - Piano Selection Norman Campbell, Donald Harron, Elaine Campbell and Mavor Moore, 
Annen and Tritsch Tratsch, Polka Mazurka for piano Johann Strauss, arranged by Victor Ambroise, 
Annen Polka - Arranged with Variaitons for the Pianoforte G. F. Hayter, 
Annen Polka - for Piano Johann Strauss, easily arranged for piano by Lynn Palmer, 
Annen Polka - The Portrait Gallery No. 46 Johann Strauss, 
Annen Polka Fur Das Piano Forte Johann Strauss, 
Annesley Waltz Laurence R Glenton, 
Annette Et Lubin. Gavotte Pastorale. Piano Solo Aug Durand, 
Annie get your Gun - Piano Selection Irving Berlin, arranged by Geo. L Zalva, 
Annie Laurie H Schubert, 
Annie Laurie Brinley Richards, 
Annie Laurie Transcribed for pianoforte by A Dobigny, 
Annie Laurie - For the Pianoforte Brinley Richards, 
Annie Laurie - Scottish Air Arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
Annie Laurie, arranged for Piano Solo Brinley Richards, 
Annie Laurie, Melodie Erolsaise, Pour Le Piano P. De Vos, 
Annie Lisle, Arranged for the Pianoforte H W Goodban, 
Anonyme - Waltz F Pelham Clinton, 
Anonyme - Waltz piano solo F Pelham Clinton, 
Anthony Burger - Early Classics - For Solo Piano Anthony Burger, 
Anthony Burger - Hands of Time - Hymns for Piano - Featuring Anthony Burger Anthony Burger, 
Anticipation - Valse for Piano Solo - As played by all the leading Orchestras Cecil Macklin, 
Antiques Roadshow - Theme from the BBC TV Programme - For Trumpet or Clarinet & Piano Paul Reade, 
Antoinette Valse J. Pridham, 
Anton Dvorak Waltzes for piano, Op54, Book I, 
Anton Lemieux Tres Chic valse, piano solo, 
Antonine - Polka Mazurka - For Piano A. Dabadie, 
Apache - Piano solo with Guitar Chords - As performed by The Shadows Jerry Lordan, 
Apache - Piano solo with Guitar Chords - Featuring The Shadows Jerry Lordan, 
Appalachian Reverie - Piano Solo - To Dr. Leo Podolsky Sarah Louise Dittenhaver, 
Apparvi alla Luce. La Fille du Regiment. Airs Varies for piano. Op 68 Ferdinand Beyer, 
Appasionato. Soirees A St Petersbourg. Morceaux. Piano Solo Anton Rubinstein, 
Appassionata Sonata - Theme from "Concerto" - Abbreviated Version - No. 6 of famous Piano Pieces selected by Eileen Joyce - Featuring Eileen Joyce Beethoven, arranged by Victor Ambroise, 
Appealing, a poetic intermzzo for piano Robert S Thornton, 
Apple Blossom Time - Piano Solo Arnold Bax , 
Apple Blossoms - For Pianoforte - Foreign Fingering Leona Jacoste, 
Apples of Gold - Country Dance - No. 1 from A Basket of Fruits, a set of pieces for Pianoforte Seymour Smith, 
Apres un Reve - Pour Piano - English Fingering Jean Douste, 
April - For Piano Frank Bridge, 
April - Op. 37a No. 4 - Grafton Classics No. 18 Tschaikowsky edited by Allan W. Bunney, 
April Morn - 4 little pieces for piano William Alwyn, 
April Skies - Valsette - For Piano Solo Clifford Chambers, 
April Song Words and music - Edric Cundell, 
April. For piano solo Alec Rowley, 
Aquarelles - Portraits of Five Children for Piano Solo Francis Chagrin, 
Aquarelles - Collection of 4 Piano Solos John Ingram, 
Ar Parting. A Memory. Piano Solo By Percy Elliott, 
Arab Serenade for the pianoforte Ignace Gibsone, 
Arabeske - for the piano, Op. 18 R Schumann, 
Arabeske - Opus 18 - Augeners Edition 8413a Schumann, arranged by O Thumer, 
Arabeske - Twelve Studies for the Pianoforte Series No. 4 - Op. 39 Edward Macdowell, 
Arabeske for the pianoforte. Op 18 Schuman, fingered and edited by Charles Halle, 
Arabeske. Popular Classics Robert Schumann, selected and fingered by Walter MacFarren, 
Arabesque Robert O Edwards, 
Arabesque Schumann, fingered and revised by Gordon Saunders, 
Arabesque - Piano Solo Montague F Phillips, 
Arabesque - For Pianoforte M. E. Marshall, 
Arabesque - Op. 45, No. 1 - Piano Solo Theodor Leschetizky, 
Arabesque - Piano Solo - Op. 170, No. 1 Heinrich Stiehl, 
Arabesque - Piano Solo - Op. 20 - No. 1 York Bowen, 
Arabesques - 12 Petites Pieces pour Piano - Cahier II (7-12) - Op. 6 Genari Kargamanoff, 
Arabia - Fox Trot L. Silberman and HY. Stafford, 
Arabian Galop - 12 Musical Favors series No. 4 - Op. 17 - For Piano Solo Paul Ducelle, 
Arabian Nights (Tausend und eine nacht) - No. 25 of "Coote's Repertoire of German Waltzes" Strauss, 
Arabian Nights - Intermezzo One-Step M. David and Wm. Hewitt, 
Araby - Oriental Fox-Trot for Pianoforte Don Wilson, 
Aragon fantasia - No. 6 from Suite Espagnole - Piano Solo I. Albeniz, revised and fingered by Juan Salvat, 
Aragonaise. Extraite Du Ballet Du Cid By J Massenet, 
Arbutus, intermezzo for piano by M Davis, 
Arcadia - Two step march M C Ives, 
Arcadia Pianoforte Music Selection Contains: La Sympathie, The Merry Peasant, Handel's Largo, Fairyland Waltz, Sweet Kiss, Andante in G, Handel's March in Scipio, Une Petite Fleur and Waltz from Poet and Peasant, 
Arcadian Mazurka - No. 4 from Pleasing fancies series Gerald Lascelle, 
Arcady Waltz - Piano Solo Sidney C. C. Jomes, 
Ardah (Novelette) pour Piano C. S. Morrison, 
Are we Downhearted? - March Two-step - For Piano Solo Hugh Nobel, 
Arensky - Trois Esquisses - No. 3 in F Minor - For Piano - Op. 24 A. Arensky, 
Arensky / Liadoff Album - Piano Solo - Universal Edition No. 3482 A. Arensky and A. Liadoff, arranged by A. Siloti, 
Argandab, quick march. Popular Marches played by the Regimental Bands of the British Army Arranged for piano solo by S Thompson, 
Argentine Melody (Cancion de Argentina) - Official BBC TV World Cup Theme Andrew Lloyd Webber, 
Argentine valse. For piano solo By L Gregh, 
Argyle Quadrilles, No.12 Favourite Dance Music C H R Marriott, 
Aria - For Piano - To Madame Bordes Pene Cesar Franck, 
Aria - Piano Solo with optional solo B flat clarinet - As performed by Acker Bilk Bardotti & Baldan Bembo, 
Aria - The Dance of the Blessed Spirits - Great Masters Series No. 82 C.W. von Gluck transcribed by Henry Gheel, 
Aria BWV 1068, for the piano J S Bach, 
Ariadne Musica - Preludes and Fugues for Piano on Organ - Piano Classics No. 30 J. C Fischer, Edited by Douglas Townsend, 
Ariel (On The Bats Back I Do Fly), impression for piano Ethel Kennedy , 
Ariel - No. 1 from Shakesperian characters series of five dances William Hayden, 
Ariel, polka William J Young, 
Arietta Grieg, edited by Stanley Hawley, 
Ariettaa, Ah non lasciarmi no Bonifazio Asioli, 
Arise Elijah (Recit.) - No. 30 from the Oratorio Elijah Series - For Pianoforte and Alto Solo Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, words adapted from the Bible by W. Bartholomew Esq., 
Arizona - Arranged as a Fox Trot or One Step for Piano Melville Gideon, arranged by Francis Salabert, 
Arlequinade - Op. 22, No. 6 - Moments Musicaux series no. 6 Stepan Esipoff, 
Arlette - Pantomime Ballet en 2 actes - Theatre de la Jetee Promenade a Nice - Piano Score - French Edition Fernand Beissier and Louis Gregh, 
Armin and Kandt's First Juvenile Drawing Room Album Composed and especially adapted for the Children by Paul Graener, 
Arnold and Brown Cathedral Chimes, reverie for piano solo, 
Arnold Bax - 5 Piano Pieces Arnold Bax, 
Arrah Wanna - An Irish-Indian Intermezzo - For Piano Solo Theodore Morse, 
Arranged by Augustus Meves My skiff be on de shore, arranged as a waltz for piano solo, 
Arranged by Hans F Redlich Elizabethan Virginal music, Old English music for virginals, edited for piano solo, 
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Piano Solo G F Handel. Arranged by Norman Anderson, 
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba: from "Solomon". Piano solo Handel. Arranged by King Palmer, 
Arrouah Sidi - Danse Arabe sur les motifs de la chanson de p. Briollet et J. Combe - For Piano Solo - French Edition A. Valsien, 
Art thou Troubled, words by W G Rothery, for piano plus voice G F Handel , 
Arthur Baynon - Little Dances from Foreign Lands - 6 Easy Piano Pieces - Schott's Piano Recreation Series Arthur Baynon, 
Arthur F Tate 2nd Album of songs arranged as Piano Solos Sleep and the roses, For Loves Dear sake, In your grey eyes, When you come back, June tide has come to the world, By the old quayside, Eternal day, 
Arthur F. Tate, 3rd Album of songs, arranged as Piano Solo Contains, Somewhere a Voice is Calling, Let me Hear your Voice Again, The little Grass Grown Street, My Paradise, Voice Across the Sea, The Surest Love of All,, 
Artiges Madchen (The good little Girl), No.2 Der Hausfreund (Fireside fancies), Op197, 12 little tone pictures for the piano on 5 notes Words and music - Cornelius Gurlitt, 
Artist Life, Waltz for piano Strauss, easily arranged by Lynn Palmer, 
As long as We've got each other (Theme from the T.v Series "Growing Pains" - Dan Coates Easy Piano Arrangement John Bettis & Steve Dorff- Arranged by Dan Coates, 
As Pants The Hart - Arranged for the Pianoforte Spohr, arranged by George F. West, 
As Pants the Hart - Transcribed for the Pianoforte Spohr transcribed by C. Rummel, 
As Pants the Hart, Lillies Musical Roll No. 9 Easily arranged and fingered for the pianoforte by Harry Hardcastle, 
As Tres Da Manha for piano Juliao Robledo, 
As you like it Polka - No. 18 from Sunbeams - A choice selection of popular melodies - Easily arranged and fingered for the Piano Forte M Greville, Adam Wright, 
Ascherberg's 2nd Dance Album - for Piano Various composers, 
Ascherberg's Dance Album Various Composers, 
Ascherberg's new "party time" album of Old Time Dances - Containing 8 Famous Hit Numbers - For Piano with chord symbols Specially selected by Ray Downes, 
Ascherbergs Twentieth Century Albums - Celebrated Dances, arranged for the piano. Various Composers, 
Ascot - Valse for Piano Solo Alwyn Reid, 
Ascot Valse Alwyn Reid, 
Ascot, valse Alwyn Reid, 
Ash Grove (Welsh Air) - leaves from popular composers series No. 13 Seymour Smith, 
Ashton or Vale Royal of England Polka, dedicated to Charles Lindley By James Reuben Rowland (at the age of 8 years and a half), 
Ask Her While The Band Is Playing - Waltz for piano Archibald Joyce, 
Ask Papa - Waltz for Piano Solo Walter Morressy, 
Aspen Leaves - Arranged for the Pianoforte Robert Schumann arranged by C. A. Caspar, 
Asphodel - Morceau - For pianoforte S Claude Ridley, 
Aspiration Felix Swinstead, 
Astralis - Piano Suite Charles Camilleri, 
At a Fancy Dress Ball - Recreative Pieces for the Pianoforte - Book One Paul Reeder, 
At A Garden Fete. For Piano Solo Robert Morgan, 
At Close Of Day. Chansonette for piano Frank Gregory, 
At Eve, As In Thought Reclining - Evening Song - Two Part Song based on "Abendlied" by Heinrich Heine Mendelssohn, 
At Evening, Op. 270, meditation for pianoforte A Sartorio, 
At Eventide. Romance. Piano Solo Christian Schafer, 
At Home And Abroad - 6 Pianoforte Pieces E Markham Lee, 
At parting - Op. 11, No. 7 - Piano Solo H. Farjeon, 
At Sunset (A Twilight Reflection). Piano Solo Frederick Humphries, 
At Sunset. For Piano Solo R B Brewer, 
At Sunset. Romance. Piano Solo Jean Morel, 
At the Close of a Summer Day - A Pastoral Ambrose Farman, 
At The Fair - Six Little Pieces for piano Solo Cuthbert Harris, 
At the forest Brook - No. 12 from "Musical Pearls" - 20 Easy and Instructive Pieces for the Pianoforte Aloys Kennes, 
At the Grasshoppers Carnival - For Piano Robert S Thornton, 
At The Military Ball. Piano solo J Bishop, 
At the Pantomime - Six very easy pianoforte pieces E Markham Lee, 
At the Picture Palace - First Cycle - For Pianoforte John Ashworth, 
At the Sea Shore (Barcarolle) - The Seasons No. 6 (June) - Op. 30 - for Piano Arthur Dana , 
At the spinning wheel (Am Spinnrad) - No. 5 from "Six Characteristic Pieces for the Pianoforte" - Op. 460 Fritz Kirchner, 
At the Temple Gates Gatty Sellars, 
At the Temple Gates Gatty Sellars, 
At the Temple Gates for the piano Gatty Sellars, 
At Twilights close - Piano Solo - From Six Miniatures Christian Schafer, 
Athenais Valse - For Piano Solo G. Jacobi, 
Athenian Mazurka - For the Piano W. Charlie Vernon, 
Atkins - Six Five Note Pieces for Piano - Op. 20 - Edition Wood No. 949 N. H. Atkins, 
Atlanta Waltz - For the Piano J. C. Miszner, 
Atmospheric Sketches for the Pianoforte Charles Voncent, 
Au Bord de la Mer - Pensee Poetique - Op. 59 - For Piano E. Nollet, 
Au Couvent, Opus 1, No. 1, in A Series of Classical and Modern Pieces Graded and Selected for Educational Purposes, No. 131 (advanced) A Borodine, edited and phrased by George Farlane and C Egerton Lowe, 
Au Fait - Intermezzo Montague Ewing, 
Au Fait - Intermezzo for Piano Montague Ewing, 
Au Matin, from Morceaux De Salon Choisis - Op. 83 Benjamin Godard, 
Au Moulin - Morceau de Genre - Pour Piano J Hoffmann, 
Au Printemps Words and music - J Barbier, C Gounod, 
Au Revoir Galop H. T. Swatton, 
Au Temps Passe (Souvenir De Bal). Piano Solo Anthony Simon, 
Au Village - Scenes Poetiques - No. 4 - Piano Solo Benjamin Godard, 
Aubade - No. 2 from Two Pieces for Piano John Ireland , 
Aubade - Piano Solo W. Kaffenberger, 
Aubade - Valse pour Piano Jules Szekacs, 
Aubade Mauresque - Pour Le Piano Max Schroter, 
Aubade Printaniere - Op. 37 Paul Lacombe, 
Aubade Venitienne. Piano Solo Theodore Lack, 
Aubade, Valse Lente Leon Du Terrail, 
Auf Einer Burg Heinrich Neal, 
Auf Immer (Forever) - Walzer Oscar Seydel, 
Auf Leichtem Zweig, No.17 of Oeuvres Choisies, transcribed from the harp works of Charles Oberthur J Rummel, 
Auf's Feld (In the Fields) - No. 4 of "Frohliche Kinder Stunden (Childrens' Joyous Hours)" - Six Easy Sketches for the Pianoforte Georg Asch, 
Aufforderung zum Tanz (Invitation a la Valse) - Piano Solo - Op. 65 - Lengnick Edition C. M. von Weber, edited by S. Hawley, 
Aufforderung Zum Tanz. Invitation a la danse, Rondeau brillant C M von Weber, arrranged by H Stempelmann, 
Auguste Cons and Sydney Gambrell Graceful Dances. Des Sabots, Charmante, Danse des Matelots and Stephanotis, for piano solo, 
Auld Lang Syne - for piano G Millward, 
Auld Lang Syne - No. 10 of "Perles Melodieuses" - Twelve favorite Airs - Arranged for the Pianoforte J T Stone, 
Auld Lang Syne - No. 3 of Three Scotch Melodies - For Piano Solo Brinley Richards, 
Auld Robin Gray - Transcribed for the Pianoforte - Dedicated to "The Pupils of Miss Spencer" Ernest Donajowski, 
Aunt Sally, Cicely Courtneidge. Piano Selection By Reg Connelly, 
Auntie - No. 10 of "Gleams of Sunshine" - A Selection of favorite Copyright Melodies - Transcriped and fingered for the Pianoforte in a familiar Style A H Behrend, edited by W Smallwood, 
Aurora, waltz for piano solo Labitzki, 
Aus Dem Carneval. For piano Grieg, 
Aus dem Volksleben (Sketches of Norwiegian Life) - Op. 19 - Edition Peters No. 1270 E Grieg, 
Aus dem Volksleben for the piano - Op. 19 E Greig , 
Aus schoner Zeit. Tonstuck. Opus 121, No. 102 Gustav Lange, 
Australian Suite - Featuring Ted Heath - For Piano Kenny Graham, 
Autel D'Amour Mystique (Shrine of mystic Love) - Valse Ethelbert J Stafford, 
Automne - For Piano Solo - Op.35 C Chaminade, 
Automne - Op. 35 - Piano Solo Cecile Chaminade, 
Autrefois Valse - For Piano Solo Wolseley Charles, 
Autum Breezes. Piano Solo By Carl Andre, 
Autumn - Intermezzo - Composed for the Pianoforte H Crackel, 
Autumn - Piano Solo Joe C. Tiner, 
Autumn Blossoms - Melody for Pianoforte - The Popular Edition Theo Bonheur, 
Autumn Concerto (Concerto D'Autunno) for piano - Featuring Semprini C. Bargoni, 
Autumn Dreams - For Piano Oscar Allon, 
Autumn Elf. Piano Solo Clive Chapel, 
Autumn Fancies. Idyl for piano Carl Reber, 
Autumn Gold. Intermezzo. Piano Solo Hermann Lohr, 
Autumn Idyll - For the Pianoforte Cyril Scott, 
Autumn Idyll. Piano Solo Andre Marcelle, 
Autumn Leaves Ernest Newton, 
Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes). Piano Solo. Featuring, Roger Williams, Nat King Cole By Jospeh Kosma transcribed by Roger Williams, 
Autumn Leaves - Special Easy Piano Transcription Johnny Mercer, Jacques Prevert, Joseph Kosma arranged for easy piano by Dan Fox, 
Autumn Leaves - Intermezzo in A flat - For Piano Ernest Crooke, 
Autumn Leaves, piano solo Claude Delacour, 
Autumn Shadows - For Piano by Carl Hemann Carl Hemann, 
Autumn Shadows (Ombres D'Automne) - Valse pour Piano - French Edition Marius Blanc, 
Autumn Shadows. Piano Solo H Stanislaus, 
Autumn Sketches - A book of Autumnal Impressions for the Piano Wilson G. Smith, 
Autumn Thoughts - Reveries D'Automne - 16 Short Pieces for Piano - Book II W. Rebikoff, Edited and Fingered by Thomas F. Dunhill, 
Ava Maria - Schubert's Celebrated Song Transcribed for the Piano Arranged by Eric Mareo, 
Avant Attaque - Marche Militaire - Pour Le Piano Henri Roubier, 
Ave Maria - Piano Solo and Song with Violin & Cello ad lib - Banks Sixpenny Edition No. 131 Bach-Gounod, 
Ave maria - Schubert's Favourite Melodies Series No. 2 Schubert transcribed by W. Kuhe, 
Ave Maria, for piano Schubert, 
Aveu Passionne - Romance pour Piano - No. 7 from Morceaux lyriques series Stepan Esipoff, 
Avola - One Step Gene Williams, 
Avola, for piano Gene Williams, 
Avril - Chansonette pour Piano - English Fingering Maurice Telma, 
Awakening of Love, valse idylle Adolf Lotter, 
Away in a Manger - Easily arranged for piano Arr. Lynn Palmer, 
Axel F - Theme from the film 'Beverly Hills Cop' for piano - Featuring Eddie Murphy Harold Faltermeyer, 
Azurea Valsette. A Mademoiselle Marthe Nallet. Piano Solo By Paul Wachs,