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("The Crimson Circle") Motives - from the Novel by Edgar Wallace Edmund Meisel, 
12th Street Rag - Piano Solo - Featured and Broadcast by Roy Stevens Euday L Bowman, 
12th Street Rag - Piano Solo - Pee Wee Hunt Euday L. Bowman & C E Wheeler, 
12th Street Rag - Song - Featured and Broadcast by Donald Peers - For Piano and Voice with Guitar chord symbols Euday L Bowman and Andy Razaf, 
12th Street Rag - Song - Featured and Broadcast by the George Mitchell Choir - For Piano and Voice with Guitar chord symbols Euday L Bowman and Andy Razaf, 
12th Street Rag - Song - Featuring Billy Cotton Euday L. Bowman, 
12th Street Rag - Song - For Piano and Voice with Guitar chord symbols - Featured and Broadcast by Donald Peers Andy Razaf and Euday L Bowman, 
12th Street Rag - Song - For Piano and Voice with Guitar chord symbols - Featured and Broadcast by Harry Roy and his Orchestra Andy Razaf and Euday L Bowman, 
12th Street Rag - Song - For Piano and Voice with Guitar chord symbols - Featured and Broadcast by Maurice Winnick and his Orchestra Andy Razaf and Euday L Bowman, 
12th Street Rag - Song - For Piano and Voice with Guitar chord symbols - Featured and Broadcast by Oscar Rabin and his Orchestra with Harry Davis Andy Razaf and Euday L Bowman, 
18th Century Rock - Featured and Broadcast by Russ Conway Jimmy Leach, Alan Roper and John Ross, 
5 All Star Boogie Woogie Piano Solos - Transcribed from the original versions Various Composers, 
5 Boogie Woogie blues Piano Solo by Pine Top Smith, transcribed from the original versions Transcriptions by Frank Paparelli, 
5 Boogie Woogie Piano Solo by Pete Johnson, transcribed from the original versions - Inc. photo and biography Pete Johnson, 
5 Boogie Woogie Piano Solos Albert Ammons - Transcribed from the original versions, includes photo and biography Albert Ammons, 
5 Boogie Woogie Piano Solos by Meade Lux Lewis - Transcribed from the original versions Meade Lux Lewis, 
5 Famous Boogie Woogie and Blues Piano Solos - As played by Sammy Price Sammy Price transcribed by Frank Paparelli, 
5 Famous Boogie Woogie Piano Solos by Mel Powell - As Played by Mel Powell Mel Powell, 
5 Jazz Piano Solos by Art tatum By Art Tatum, transcribed and edited by Frank Paparelli , 
5 Piano solos by Mary Lou Williams Mary Lou Williams, 
5 Solos from Boogie Woogie to the Classics by Hazel Scott Hazel Scott, 
5 Star Boogie Woogie, Barrelhouse and Blues Piano Solos Various Composers, 
A Book of Shearing Magic - No. 1 - Specially arranged for piano solo George Shearing, 
A Book of Shearing Magic - No. 3 - A Selection of 6 World Famous Melodies specially arranged for Piano with biography of George Shearing George Shearing, 
A Book of Shearing Magic - No. 7 - A selection of 6 World famous Melodies - Specially arranged for piano solo George Shearing, 
A Book of Shearing Magic - No. 2 - Specially arranged for Piano Solo Various Composers, Specially arranged by George Shearing, 
A Book of Shearing Magic - No. 5 - Specially arranged for Piano solo Geaorge Shearing, 
A Book of Shearing Magic, No. 4 - specially arranged for piano solo George Shearing, 
A Garden in the Rain James Dyrenforth and Carroll Gibbons, 
A Lantern Suite - For the Pianoforte Alec Rowley, 
A Little Study in Syncopation for piano solo Leonard Butler, 
A Musical Box (Penny In The Slot) - Piano Solo Ivor Russell, 
A Sinner Kissed an Angel. Piano solo R Joseph Arr: George Shearing, 
A Trumpeters Lullaby - Piano Solo - Leroy Anderson Leroy Anderson, 
A Walk in The Black Forest - Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt - Piano Solo Horst Jankowski, 
A Walk in The Black Forest - Horst Jankowski - Piano Solo Horst Jankowski, 
Aaron Copland - Four Piano Blues Aaron Copland, 
African Ripples - Piano Solo Thomas 'Fats' Waller, 
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life - Gotham Classics Piano Series adapted for studio and home Victor Herbert arranged by Henry Levine, 
Album Boogie Swing - Joue Et Enregistre' Par les Grands Orchestres E. Rancurel, 
Album of Famous Rhythm Classics Transcribed for Piano Solo Transcribed for piano solo, edited by Eddie Carroll, 
Album of Famous Songs Transcribed For Piano Solo - Volume 2 Arranged by Tony Lowry and Billy Mayerl, 
Album of Piano Transcriptions from Famous Musical Plays (Volume 1) Arranged by Tony Lowry, 
Album of Piano Transcriptions from Famous Musical Plays, arranged by Tony Lowry Various Composers, 
Album of piano transcriptions on popular melodies - Vol. 3 Noel Coward, Vivian Ellis and Parr Davies, arranged by Tony Lowry, 
Album of Rags No. 1 - Featuring Winifred Atwell Original arrangements selected by Winifred Atwell, 
Album of Special Piano Transcriptions, Arranged by Fred Hartley Various composers, Arranged by Fred Hartley, 
Alicante - Paso Doble for Piano Featuring Bernard Monshin Sylvio Ricardo, 
All Together Now - For piano - Featuring David Lisbon Charles Rogers, 
Alley Cat - Piano Solo Frank Bjorn, 
Alley Cat - Piano Solo Frank Bjorn, 
Alley Cat - Piano Solo - Featuring Bent Fabric Frank Bjorn, 
Alligator Crawl - Piano Solo Thomas "Fats" Waller, 
Alpine Ride - Piano Solo - Featuring Joe Loss Alan Moorhouse, 
Amore Mio - Piano Solo - Featuring Winifred Atwell Tony Lovello, 
An Adventure in Jazz - Book 2 - New Orleans Walter Noona and David Carr Glover, 
An Adventure in Jazz - Book 4 - Blues, Boogie and Ragtime Walter Noona and David Carr Glover, 
An Adventure in Jazz by Walter Noona and David Carr Glover Book 1 - The Beginning of Jazz, 
An Album of Piano Novelties Various Composers and Arrangers, 
Angelica - Piano Solo in the Modern Manner Ralph Sharon, Transcribed by Frank Horrox, 
Angelo - Russ Conway Trevor Stanford (Russ Conway), 
Anthology of Jazz and Standard tunes, over 200 pieces The New Real Book Volume Two, C Vocal Edition, 
Apple Jack. Piano Solo Dave Appell and Ed Appell, 
Arranged by Bobbie Stainforth. Hot Notes, modernistic arrangement of the worlds most famous stomps, introducing Tiger Moan, Spanish Shawl, Milenberg Joys, Sugar Babe, Sugar Foot Stomp & Copenhagen., 
Art Tatum - Improvisations No. 2 Dick Winfree, Phil Boutelje, arranged by Art Tatum, 
Art Tatum Improvisations No. 1 - Piano Interpretations of America's outstanding Song Hits Arranged by Art Tatum, 
Astrakhan Eric Winstone, 
At The Jazz Band Ball Johnny Nercer, D.J. La Rocca and Larry Shields, 
At the Woodchoppers Ball - Piano Solo Joe Bishop and Woody Herman, arranged for piano by George Shearing, 
Autumn Crocus Billy Mayerl, 
Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) - Piano Solo Joseph Kosma, 
Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) - Piano Solo - Recorded by Roger Williams on London HLU 8214 Joseph Kosma, 
Autumn Leaves - The Elite Series Edition Joseph Kosma, 
Bach goes to Town - Prelude and Fugue in Swing - Piano solo Alec Templeton, 
Ballet of Madeira, for piano - Featuring Johnny Douglas Irmaos Freitas and Juanito Gregori, 
Ballet of the Bells - Piano Solo Ray Martin, 
Ballet of the Leaves - Novelty Intermezzo for Piano Sherman Myers, 
Bank Holiday - For piano E. J Moeran, edited by John Ireland, 
Barrelhouse & Boogie Piano - An Guide to Blues Style Piano with Complete Transcriptions of the Recordings of 22 Piano Greats, Discography and Exercises for Developing Blues Piano Techniques and Improvisation Eric Kriss, 
Basie and Quincy - Original Sketch Scores Ernie Wilkins, Frank Foster and Quincey Jones, 
Bats in the Belfry - Piano Solo Billy Mayerl on a theme by Austen Croom-Johnson, 
Bats in the Belfry - Piano Solo Billy Mayerl on a theme by Austen Croom-Johnson, 
Bear Dance - Piano Solo William Scher, 
Bedtime for Drums - Piano solo Alyn Ainsworth, 
Belle of the Ball - Waltz - Leroy Anderson - Piano Solo L Anderson and N Newell, 
Bermuda - Piano Solo Piece with Samba or Bossa Nova Tempo - Featuring and recorded by Tony Osborne Tony Osborne, 
Betty, novelty intermezzo By E J Keane, 
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - Piano Solo Richard Rodgers, piano arrangement by Jan August, 
Big Ben - Slow Rock Piece for Piano - Featuring and recorded by Frank Weir Heino Gaze, 
Bill Evans - Jazz Piano - 14 Piece Folio Reflecting the Unique Talent of an Innovative and Extraordinary Gifted Musician - Featuring Bill Evans Various Composers, edited and transcribed by Jack Long, 
Bill Evans Trio with Symphony Orchestra - Piano Themes - with Photos Claus Ogerman, 
Billy Kyle - 5 Blues Piano Solos - Transcribed from the Original Versions Billy Kyle, 
Billy Mayerl - Fascinating Ditty - Stepping Tones No.1 - Syncopations in Moderation - Piano Solo Billy Mayerl, 
Billy Mayerl - The Jazz Master A collection of famous piano solos by Billy Mayerl from the Golden Age Billy Mayerl, edited by Peter Foss, 
Billy Mayerl Pianolettes - Book 2 Billy Mayerl, 
Black and White Rag - Piano Solo as performed by Winifred Atwell George Botsford, 
Black Note Boogie: Dolores Ventura I Slaney, D Wilson, 
Black Velvet - For Piano Featuring Frank Chacksfield Peter Hart, 
Blue Bolero. Featuring Tony Osborne Tony Osborne, 
Blue Cat - Piano Solo - Jazz Piece John Brimhall, 
Blue Tango - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
Blue Tango - Simplified Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, arranged by Stanford King, 
Blues by Basie - A collection of original blues compositions for piano as recorded and played by Count Basie Count Basie, 
Bobbikins - Piano Solo - Featuring and recorded by Mrs. Mills Michael Carr, 
Bobbys Tune Robert Sweetwater, 
Boca Chocolata Camila Cardona, 
Bond Street Bustle, Piano Solo Albert Marland, 
Boogie Bounce - featuring Hazel Scott Johnny Rolands, 
Boogie for Beginners - Really Easy Fun Pieces for Keyboard Daryl Runswick, 
Boogie Fun - Piano Solo June Weybright, 
Boogie In The Groove, for piano Billy Penrose, 
Boogie Woogie For Beginners - A New Piano method By Frank Paparelli A short easy method to learn to play Boogie Woogie, 
Boogie Woogie Man: Glen Gray (b/w photo) Words and music - Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin, 
Borsalino (Theme), arranged for Easy play piano Claude Bolling, arranged by Bert Brewis, 
Borsalino - From the Jacques Deray Film - Piano Solo Featuring Bobby Crush Claude Bolling, 
Bossa Rock - Recorded by Bellino on Fontana T.F 267259 Bill Ramal, 
Bottle Party, for piano Eric Winstone, 
Boy on a carousel - Featuring Winifred Atwell Eddy Manson, recorded by Winifred Atwell, 
Britannia Rag - Winifred Atwell - Piano Solo Winifred Atwell and Monty Warlock, 
Broken Date Donald Phillips, 
Buffoon - Piano Novelty - Piano Conductor score Zez Confrey arranged by Eric Juff, 
Busy - novelty fox trot. The Famoustyle series of solos by famous instrumentalists. Bert Barnes, 
Busy Day - Novelty Piano Solo Peggy Cochrane, 
Butterfingers - No. 14 of Cramer's Rhythmic Piano Solos Cyril Watters, 
Campbell Connellys 1st Album of Popular Piano Transcriptions Various Composers, 
Campbell Connellys 2nd Album of Popular Piano transcriptions Various Composers and arrangers, 
Campbell Connellys 3rd Album of Popular Piano Transcriptions Various Composers, 
Canadian Capers - Harry Roy, fox trot for piano Chandler, White and Cohen, 
Canadian Sunset - Featuring Hugo Winterhalter N Gimbel, E Heywood, 
Capricious Lady Alfred Merlin, 
Caravelle (Secret Serenade) Reg Owen, 
Caribbean Calypso - from the John Argyle production "Once a Sinner" - Piano Solo Ronald Binge, 
Carmen Cavallaro's Keyboard Creations - Featuring Carmen Cavallaro Various, Arranged by Carmen Cavallaro, 
Carmen Cavallaros Parade of Hits for Piano solo Carmen Cavallaro, 
Carminetta, Chanson Espagnol Billy Mayerl, 
Cast Your Fate to the Wind - Piano Solo Vince Guaraldi, 
Cat from Coos Bay - Piano Solo Dave Cavanaugh, 
Cats Whiskers - Piano Solo - Featuring Joe Henderson Joe Henderson, 
Celebration Day - Recorded by Russ Conway (Trevor Stanford) on Columbia D. B. 8023 Steve Race & Norman Newell, 
Celtic Vision - Piano Solo Peter Warren and Marr Mackie, 
Cha Cha For Now Bernard Ebbinghouse and D.Baker, 
Champagne Galop - Piano solo, introduced in the radio feature "Edwardian Heyday" By H C Lumbye arranged by Peter Sundahl, 
Charlie Barnet, arranged by Bert Read Skyliner, piano solo, 
Charlie Kunz At The Opera - A Selection of Tunes from the Famous Opera ''Carmen'' Bizet, Arranged by Charlie Kunz, 
Charlie Kunz At The Opera - A Selection of Tunes from the Famous Opera ''Faust'' Bizet, Arranged by Charlie Kunz, 
Charlie Kunz Fox Trot Medley - No. 1 - Piano Solo Various Composers, arranged by Dudley E Bayford, 
Charlie Kunz Waltz Medley No. 1 - With Ukulele guitar and piano accordion accompaniment Arranged by Dudley Bayford, 
Charlie Kunz Waltz Medley No. 2 - With Ukulele guitar and piano accordion accompaniment Arranged by Dudley E Bayford, 
Charmaine - Piano Solo featuring and transcribed by Semprini Erno Rapee and Lew Pollack transcribed by Semprini, 
Cheeky Boy for Piano Colin Taylor, 
Chesters Concert Pieces Volume One, from Bach to blues for the younger pianist, edited by Carol Barratt Minuet, Quick March, Peccadilles Importunes No.3, Button down blues, Badinage, Hobnobs, Ecossaise, Variations on a Russian folk tune, Sonatina in G, A rumba for Robin, Chevy Chase, Morning song, Sheep shearing, Tink a tink, The man with the bagpipes,, 
Chick - Featuring Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson - Piano solo Joe Henderson, 
Chicken Reel - Two step and Fox trot Joseph M Daly, 
China boogie Helmut Zacharias, Arrangement by Siegried Ulbrich, 
China Doll - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
China Tea - Piano Solo - Russ Conway Trevor Stanford (Russ Conway), 
Ching a Lings Jazz Bazaar, medley fox trot Howard Johnson & Jos Santley, 
Chips from the Woodchoppers as played by Tommy Linehan - 5 Piano Solos featued by the Woody Herman Orchestra Pictures of Woody Herman and Tommy Linehan, 
Chole - Piano Solo Featuring Steve Race Steve Race and Neil Moret, 
Choo Choo Samba - Special Piano Arrangement - Featuring Stanley Black B. P. Godinho arranged as a Piano Solo by Stanley Black, 
Chuck Berry The King of rhythm and blues, contains photos and a letter from Chuck Anthony boy, Around and around, Beautiful Delilah, Guitar Boogie, Little Queenie, No money down, No particular place to go, Oh Baby doll, Rock and roll music, Sweet little rock and roller, Wee wee hours, You never can tell, You too, 
Chug A Lug Cha Cha Ken Wheeley, 
City Rhapsody - Piano Solo Donald Phillips, 
Civil Defence - March for Piano Solo Roy King, 
Classic David Rose David Rose, 
Classical Gas - Piano Solo Mason Williams, 
Coaxing the piano - Piano Novelty Zez Confrey, 
Cockney Capers - Barn Dance Peter Crantock, 
Cocktail Music for your Pleasure written for Piano Solo Various composers, 
Confirmation Charlie Parker, transcribed by Morris Feldman, 
Consternation - Piano Solo George Shearing, 
Contrasts, rhythmic piano solo Lee Sims, 
Copperknob - Piano Solo Ken Morris, 
Coronation Scot - Signature tune of the BBC Paul Temple Serial - Piano Solo Vivian Ellis, 
Count Basies Piano Styles - Folio 2 - 15 original piano solos
Count Basies Piano Styles - Folio 1 - 15 Piano Solos taken from the recordings of Count Basie and his orchestra Compiled and Edited by Charlie Hathaway, 
Country Capers Lloyd Thomas, 
Covered Wagon - For Piano Eric Winstone, 
Crazy Rag, for piano - Champion Edition No. 202 Donovan Meher, 
Crazy Rag, for piano - Champion Edition No. 202 Donovan Meher, 
Crinoline and Lace - Piano Solo Morton Gould, 
Cross Hands Boogie - For piano Derek New, 
Cubanero - Cuban Bolero for Piano Solo Albert Marland, 
Cuckoo Waltz - Piano Solo J E Jonasson, 
Cumana (Coo-ma-nah) - Piano Solo Barclay Allen, Piano Arrangement by Louis Bush, 
Cuppa Cappuccino - Pianoforte Solo Alan Clare, 
Dainty Doll - Novelette for Piano solo Bernard Barnes, 
Dainty Miss, Novelty foxtrot for piano Bernard Barnes, 
Dance of Cupids from Two Lyric Fancies Percival Garratt, 
Dance Of The China Doll. Piano Novelty Stanford King, 
Dance of the Leaves. Piano solo Donald Phillips, 
Dance of The Spanish Onion David Rose, 
Dancing Silhouettes. Novelty Intermezzo. Piano Novelty Joop De Leur, 
Dave Brubeck - Deluxe Piano Album - Featuring Dave Brubeck Dave Brubeck, arranged by Howard Brubeck, 
Deep Blues - 57 Essential Blues Standards - For Voice, Piano and Guitar Various Composers, 
Deep Henderson: Novelty Piano solo Fred Rose, 
Deep Purple - A modern composition for the piano Peter de Rose, arranged by D Savino, 
Deep Purple - from Tunes in Tempo - arrangement for Piano with Double Bass Peter de Rose, arranged Bill McGuffie, 
Deer Stalker - Piano Solo David Lisbon, 
Deer Stalker - Piano Solo as performed by David Lisbon David Lisbon, 
Derby Day James Moody, 
Desert Patrol Reg Ridewood, 
Devil Among the Tailors - Piano Solo - Cramer's Rhythmic Piano Solos No. 12 Bert Whittam, 
Diabolero - Piano Solo A. Picon, 
Did You Ever See a Dream Walking - Pianoforte Transcription featuring Billy Mayerl Harry Revel, arranged by Billy Mayerl, 
Dinosaur World - Book One - Early Elementary - A delightful collection of 7 Piano solos with optional teacher/parent duets based on selected Dinosaurs Margaret Goldston, 
Dixie Boogie - As performed by Winifred Atwell Winifred Atwell, 
Dixieland - Volume Two - with special American arrangements piano accompaniment. Various composers, 
Dixieland, selection of popular minstrel songs arranged as a musical switch for piano solo Geo H Farnell, 
Dizzy Fingers for piano solo Zez Confrey, 
Dolly Dimples, a novelty piano solo Louis Alter, 
Don't Blame Me - Piano Solo - Featuring Ralph Sharon By Jimmy McHugh, transcribed by Frank Horrox, arranged by Ralph Sharon, 
Don't Blame Me - Song - Featuring Frank Newman Jimmy McHugh, arranged by Ralph Sharon, transcribed by Frank Horrox, 
Doubloon - Rhythmic Piano Transcriptions for the Modern Pianist Harry Gold, 
Dragnet - for piano solo - As performed by Geraldo Walter Schumann, 
Drifting Snowflake for piano Sid Phillips , 
Drive In - Piano Solo - Featured and Broadcast by Joe Loss and his Orchestra David Bee, 
Duanes Stroll - Piano Solo L Hazlewood and D Eddy, 
Duke Ellingtons Rhythmoods. Including Mississippi Moan, The Creeper, Sloppy Joe, New Orleans Low Down, High Life, Rub a Tub Lues and Down in Our Alley Blues. Featuring Duke Ellington Duke Ellington, 
Dunlugas House (Strathspey) and Auchmill Strathspey - Dance with a guide to the Steps Dance Devised by Mrs Orlandi, Music Composed by Ian Macleish, 
Dusky Aristocrat - An Impression for Piano Norman Whiteley, 
East of the Sun (and west of the moon) - As recorded by George Shearing Brooks Bowman - Transcribed by Ivan E. Gray, 
Easter Parade Cha-cha. Piano Novelty Irving Berlin, 
Easy Jazzy Piano - Blues in Two, Ragtime, Two Part Invention, Bossa Nova, Waltz for Michael, Ballad Mike Cornick, 
Ebb Tide - Special Piano Arrangement - Featuring Frank Chacksfield Robert Maxwell, arranaged for Piano by Lou Singer, 
Ebony and Silver - A Keyboard Karicature Jimmy Leach, 
Ebony Shadows - Rhythmic Piano Solo Eddie Carroll, 
Echo Rag - Geoffrey Everitt, Harry Roy James Casselden, 
Eddie Duchins Pianostyles. transcriptions of popular standard melodies, for piano solo Arranged by Eddie Duchins, 
Eddy Duchins's Pianostyles - Containing Transciptions of Popular Standard Melodies Various Composers, Arranged by Eddy Duchin, 
El Cumbanchero - Stanley Black Piano Transcription Rafael Hernandez, arranged by Stanley Black, 
Elegy in Blue Jimmie L. McDonald and Norman Sorenson, 
Eleven Tunes That fit into Every Programme, Buglers Holiday, China Doll, First Day of Spring, Forgotten Dreams, Girl in Satinm Sandpaper Ballet, Saraband, Serenata, Song of the Bells, Summer Skies, Typewriter, Arranged By Leroy Anderson, 
Elite Syncopations, a selection of famous and lasting rags (1. Elite syncopations, 2. The Peach, 3. Bohemia Rag, 4. Swipesy Cakewalk, 5. Cole Smoak) Chris Barber, 
Emi Music Book of Piano Rags Edited by Cecil Bolton, 
Enlloro (Voodoo Moon) - Piano Solo Marion Sunshine and Obdulio Morales, 
Errol Garner Five Original Piano Solos Errol Garner, 
Eskimo Shivers - Featuring Phyllis Morris Billy Mayerl, 
Eskimo Shivers. Phyllis Morris Billy Mayerl, 
Eulalie, Valse Tyrolean. Novelty dance with steps Norman Seymour, 
Everybody Two Step Rag W Herzer, 
Fan It - Piano Solo Frankie Jaxon, arranged by Bert Read, 
Fanfare Boogie - recorded by Eric Winstone Brian Fahey and Max Kaye, 
Fanfare Jump (Fanfaren Blues) - As recorded by Eric Delaney Billy Balk, 
Fantasy - Piano Solo J. Freedman, 
Fascinatin Vamp, vamping episode for the piano Joseph Nussbaum, 
Fashionette - Piano novelty Jack Glogau and Robert A King, 
Fat man boogie Billy May, 
Fathers Doing Fine - Piano Solo Harold Smart, 
Fats Waller Compositions - Piano Solos Fats Waller, arranged by Eddie James, 
Fats Waller for Piano - The Music Makers Various Composers, 
Fats Waller's Boogie Woogie Suite for Piano Solo Fats Waller, 
Fats Wallers Original Piano Conceptions Arranged by Thomas (Fats) Waller, 
Fats Wallers Original piano conceptions No. 1 - A Unique folio containing original versions, plus Fats Waller's modern conceptions Thomas "Fats" Waller, 
Favourite Jazz for Piano Solo, Intermediate to Advanced Arranged by Tom Roed, 
Favourite Songs and Ballads - 3rd Series - Third Edition - With Pianoforte accompaniment Various composers, 
Feldmans Pianoforte Album No. 1 - Containing Special Modern Arrangements of Six Established Successes Arranged by Bobbie Stainforth, 
Feldmans Pianoforte Album No. 2 - Containing Special Modern Arrangements of Six Established Successes Arranged by Bobbie Stainforth, 
Festival Hop - For Piano Art Strauss, 
Festival Hop, featured by Joe Loss Art Strauss, 
Fiddle-faddle - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
Fiddlers Boogie M Lockyer, 
Fireside Fusiliers - Novelty Piano Solo Billy Mayerl, 
Flamingo Beach - Russ Conway Pat Dodd, 
Flapperette - Novelty piano solo Jesse Greer, 
Flare Up - Jazz fox-trot Joe Tunbridge, 
Flash Back - A selection of well known popular melodies arranged in rhythmic form Arranged by Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, 
Flea Circus - For Piano Solo Hans Ninaber, 
Fleet Street - A Descriptive Piano Solo Frank Baron, 
Flinging A Whing Ding - for piano - Geraldo Sharon Pease, 
Forever Samba - Piano Solo featuring Edmundo Ros Composed and Arranged for Piano Solo By Lopez Arose, 
Forgotten Dreams - Easy Piano Solo - Signature tune of the BBC Television serial "Armchair Traveller" Leroy Anderson, arranged by Eric Steiner, 
Forgotten Dreams - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
Forgotten Dreams - Piano Solo - Signature tune of the BBC Television serial "Armchair Traveller" Leroy Anderson, 
Four Aces - A Suite for Piano Billy Mayerl, 
Four Aces - Suite for piano solo Billy Mayerl, 
Fourteen Tunes That fit into Every Programme - Belle of the Ball, Blue Tango, Fiddle Faddle, Horse and Buggy, Jazz Legato, Jazz Pizzicato, Penny Whislte Song, Phantom Regiment, Promenade, Plink Plank Plunk, Sleigh Ride, Syncoapted Clock, Trumpeters Lullaby, Waltzing Cat, Arranged By Leroy Anderson, 
Francis & Day's Album of Piano Solos in Dixieland Style - No. 1 Various composers, selected and edited by Harry Gold and arranged Norrie Paramor, 
Francis & Days 2nd Foxtrot And Ragtime Album - For the Pianoforte Various Composers, 
Francis & Days Album of Rags, No. 2 - Winifred Atwell Original arrangements selected by Winifred Atwell, 
Francis & Days Blues and Fox-trot Album - With Full Description of Blues by Santos Casani Various Composers Interpreted by Santos Casani and Miss Margot Hume, 
Francis & Days Modern Syncopated Breaks, Introductions & Endings for the Piano Teddie Garratt with foreword by Billy Mayerl, 
Francis & Days No. 4 Album of Special Piano Transcriptions Irving Berlin, Ivan E Gray, Al Jolson, Dave Dreyer, George Cobb, and others,, 
Francis and Day's Album of "Fats" Waller Musical Rhythms Includes 8 great hits, 
Francis and Day's Album of Blues - No. 2 - for Piano with Guitar and Ukele Tunings Dave Ringle, Fred Meinken, D.J. La rocca, Creamer and Layton, H. W Ragas, Paul Webster, Duke Ellington, Martha E. Koenig and Spencer Williams, A.Sbarbaro, Larry Shields and Emile Christian, 
Francis and Day's Album of Rags - No. 3 - For Piano Solo Various Composers, 
Francis and Days 4th Album of Rhythmic Piano Transcriptions Various Composers, 
Francis and Days Album of Jazz Classics featuring Bill McGuffie Arranged for piano by Bill McGuffie, 
Francis and Days Album of Pianoforte Novelties No. 1 Various composers, 
Francis and Days No. 3 Album of Special Piano Transcriptions Various Composers, 
Francis and Days Souvenir Album of Winifred Atwell Containing the story of this famous stars fabulous rise to fame, 13 photographs and five of her best known compositions, 
Francis Poulenc Novellette in C major, Grade 7 (advanced), 
Freddie Frogs Frolic - Humoresque for piano Robert S. Thornton , 
Frog Kings Parade - Characteristic Piano Solo Kronberger & Marriot, 
From a Spanish Lattice - A Southern tone picture for piano Billy Mayerl, 
Frozen Orange Juice, Peter Sarstedt Words and music - Peter Sarstedt, 
Frustration - Piano Solo Eric Winstone, 
Fugitive Donald Purchese, 
Full Moon - Lunette for Piano Reginald Foresythe, 
George Gershwin - 14 Greatest Compositions - Piano Solos - Arranged by Lee Evans George Gershwin, Arranged by Lee Evans , 
Giant's Causeway (An Irish Fantasy). Piano Solo Frank Baron, 
Gigi - Piano Solo Florence Veran, Arranged by Harry Stafford, 
Gigolo - As performed by Russ Conway Tito Manlio and Nino Oliviero, 
Gipsy Tamba. Piano Novelty Pat Dodd, 
Glamour Girl Art Strauss and Bob Dale, 
Globetrotter - featuring The Tornados Joe Meek, 
Gloria, as featured by Vincent Lopez Fred Hager and Justin Ring, 
Good To The Last Bop - George Shearing George Shearing, 
Gossamer, piano solo Stan Bowsher , 
Gramercy Square - Piano Solo Allan Grant, 
Gravy Waltz Ray Brown and Steve Allen, 
Great Scott - Selection of Tunes From The Famous Compostions of Raymond Scott Arranged by Raymond Scott, 
Greenwich Witch Henry Lange, 
Greenwich Witch Zez Confrey, 
Guaglione - The music from the Guiness television advert G. Francuilli, 
Guaracha - Third Movement from Latin American Symphonette - Piano Solo - Featuring Morton Gould Morton Gould, 
Guitarre - Pour Piano - Op. 45, No. 2 - Dedicated to Monsier Sally Liebling Maurice Moszkowski, arrangement pour Violoncelle et Piano par l'auteur, 
Hai-Hai-Hai - Piano Solo - Featuring Dolores Ventura Jose Chuchu Navarro, arranged and recorded by Dolores Ventura, 
Hamps Boogie Woogie - Piano Novelty - Featuring Lionel Hampton Lionel Hampton and Milton Buckner, 
Harlem - Rhythmic Piano Solo - As performed by Eddie Carroll Eddie Carroll, 
Harlem Nocturne - Piano Solo Earle Hagen, Arranged by Bert Read, 
Harlequinade - from The Triumph of Neptune Lord Berners, dedicated to Viscount Rothermere, 
Harmony Rag - Two Step Hal G. Nichols, 
Hawaii Tattoo - Piano Solo Michael Thomas, 
Haymakers Holiday - Billy Mayerl Colin Smith, 
Hazels Boogie Woogie H Scott, 
Heat Wave Cha-Cha. Piano Novelty Irving Berlin, 
Heide: Horst Jankowski Horst Jankowski & Bernd Rabe, 
Here Comes Mr. Louis Jordan Preaching the Blues - Featuring Mr. Louis Jordan - Vocal & Piano selection Various Composers, 
Heres Boogie-Woogie - 20 Easy Progressive Solos for Piano Stanford King, 
Hesitation for Piano Hugo Winterhalter, 
High Tide Low Tide Steve Race, 
Hilarite - la Valse de la Saison - For Piano Solo Alexandre Durand, 
Holiday for Strings - Piano Solo David Rose, 
Hollyhock - A Syncopated Impression for the piano - Op. 80 Billy Mayerl, 
Honeysuckle Rose - Song Andy Razaf and Thomas Waller, 
Honky Tonk Train - A Descriptive Piano Novelty Meade Lewis, 
Hopscotch - Descriptive Piano Solo Tony Fones, 
Horace Silver Collection - Transcriptions for Piano, Various Instruments with Lyrics - Featuring Horace Silver Horace Silver, 
Hornpipe Boogie - For Piano Solo - Featured, braodcast and recorded by Eric Delaney Albert Hall and Eric Delaney, 
Hors D'oeuvre - Fox Trot Piano Solo - As performed by Sid Phillips David Comer, 
Horse and Buggy - Piano solo featuring Leroy Anderson Leroy Anderson, 
Hot Pot Pourri Selection, featuring Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye - Brilliantly Syncopated arrangements for piano Arranged by Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye , 
How Deep is the Ocean - Featuring Steve Race - Piano Solo Irving Berlin, 
How Dr. Brown Won Mary - Pianologue Archie Hesse, 
Howard's Way -Theme from the BBC TV Series Simon May and Leslie Osborne, 
Hullo Ragtime, song selection Words and music - Max Pemberton, Albert de Courville & Louis A Hirsch, 
I'll Get By- Featuring Steve Race - Piano Solo Fred E. Ahlert, 
I'll Remember April - Piano Solo Don Raye, Genen De Paul and Pat Johnston, arranged by George Shearing, 
Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider - Piano arrangement by George Shearing Eddie Leonard, arranged by George Shearing, 
Idyll - Rhythmic Piano Transcriptions for the Modern Pianist Series Harry Frekin, 
If I Had You: Boogie woogie, Hazel Scott Hazel Scott , 
Impromptu - Piano Solo Ted Rubach, 
In An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room - Piano Novelty Raymond Scott, 
In Pinetops Footsteps - Piano Solo Bob Mursey - Piano Solo arrangement by Bert Read , 
In the Land of 'Lets Pretend' - Piano Solo Charles Smitton, 
In the mood, piano solo Joe Garland, transcribed by Robert C Haring, 
Indian Love Call - Piano Arrangement Adapted for Studio and Home Rudolf Friml, arranged for Piano by John Mokrejs, 
Indianola - Fox Trot - For Piano Solo S. R. Henry and D. Onivas, 
Indianola - Instrumental novelty and fox trot S R Henry and D Onivas, 
Indianola - Instrumental Novelty and Fox Trot - Piano Solo S R Henry and D Onivas, 
Inn for Trouble, Steve Race Philip Green, 
Intermezzo For Harp. Piano Solo, Marie Goossens Robert Farnon, 
Invitation - Piano Solo - Based on the Theme of the M-G-M Picture Invitation Bronislau Kaper, 
It's Easy to Play Ragtime - Simplified arrangements of famous Scott Joplin ragtime tunes Scott Joplin, arranged by Frank Booth, 
It's Easy to Play Rhythm & Blues - Easy to read simplified arrangements of 18 well known Rhythm and Blues Songs - For Piano / Vocal with Guitar Chord Symbols Various composers, arranged by Cyril Watters, 
It's Easy to remember - Piano solo Richard Rodgers, arranged by George Shearing , 
Its All a Dream, Joe Schenck and Gus Van Words and music - Jack Yellen and George L Cobb, 
Ivory Rag - Piano Solo Version featuring Ian Stewart Louis Busch, arranged by Gordon Rees, 
Jack Nathan Dizzy Daisy, 
Jackanapes - Novelty Piano Solo Robert S. Thornton, 
Jamaica Nights Words and music - J Dyrenforth, C Gibbons, 
Jamaican Mambo Charles Ross, 
Jamboree Stephen Maik, 
Jasmine - Impression for Piano Solo Billy Mayerl, 
Jazz & Blues for Piano - Volume 2 Philip Cannon, 
Jazz Lead Lines - For Piano and Keyboards Various Composers, 
Jazz Legato - Piano solo Leroy Anderson, 
Jazz Masters Art Tatum, includes biography and notes on style Contains Aint Misbehavin , Fine & Dandy, Moonglow, I surrender Dear, Sweet Lorraine I & II , 
Jazz piano pieces Grade 5 Edited by Charles Beale, 
Jazz Pizzicato - Piano solo Leroy Anderson, 
Jazz Tributes - For One Piano, Four Hands Bill Evans, 
Jazzaristrix Billy Mayerl, 
Jazzberries Louis Gruenberg, 
Jazzmania. Piano Solo Gene Williams, 
Jelly Roll Morton's Famous Series of Blues and Stomps - Piano solo - Book 1 "Jelly Roll Morton", 
Jesse Greer Ragamuffin, 
Jimmy Johnsons Boogie Woogie Orignal Piano Solo Contains, Twelfth Avenue, Boogie Dreams, Boogie Woogie Runaway, Walkin' The Bass and Thinkin' 'Bout Home, 
Joeys song, Michael Hill Joe Reisman, 
Joplin - Ragtimes - Fur Klavier - Edition Peters Nr. 9678a - Volume 1 Scott Joplin, edited by Eberhardt Klemm, 
Jubilee Rag - Piano Solo - Featuring Winifred Atwell Winifred Atwell, 
Jukes Jingle. Featuring Michael Hill. Piano Novelty Michael Hill, 
Jumping Bean - Piano Solo Robert Farnon, 
Jungle Fantasy - Arranged for Piano Solo with rhythm Instruments Esy Morales, arranged by Ronnie Aldrich, 
Jungle Rhumba (Rumba Jungla). Piano Novelty Toni Beaulieu, 
Jungle Rhythm - Piano Solo Francisco Cavez - Piano Transcription by Stanley Black, 
Junior Miss - Frank Chacksfield Arranged for piano by Frank Baron, 
Just a-wearyin' for you - Rhythmic adaption of the Famous Ballad - For Piano with Ukulele Accompaniment Carrie Jacobs Bond and Frank Stanton arranged by Irving King, 
Just Jazz - A Collection of Jazz, Blues and Stomps Various Composers, 
Kewpie ( A Novelty Fox Trot) - For Piano Solo Gene Rose, 
Keyboard Karikatures - A Suite of modern piano transcriptions Jimmy Leach, 
King Cole Piano Capers Nat "King" Cole, 
Kitchen Rag - As prfromed by Sid Phillips Frank Baron, 
Kitten on the Keys - Piano Solo Zez Confrey, 
Knock Out Jack Jordan, 
L'enfant Prodigue - Musical Play in 3 Acts Michel Carre Fils and Andre Wormser, 
Lady In Waiting from "Goldilocks" - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
Ladybyrd for Piano Solo - Ted Heath Tadd Dameron, arranged by Steve Race, 
Laughing Cha Cha (El Cha Cha De La Riza) Enrico Fernandoz, 
Laughing Rag - Recorded on Oriole CB1320 by Thunderclap Jones Derek New, 
Laurence Wright's Fifth Album of Famous Novelty Piano Solo by Hoagy Charmichael, Billy Thorburn, Rube Bloom, Etc, Etc. Hoagy Carmichael, Billy Thorburn, Rube Bloom Etc., 
Lawrence Wrights First Album of Famous Novelty Piano Solos by Zez Confrey Arranged by Zez Confrey, 
Lawrence Wrights Fourth Album of famous novelty Piano Solos by famous American Pianists Rettenberg - McHugh - Bert Dixon - Billy James - Fred Rose - Jentes, 
Lawrence Wrights International Album Blues for piano No. 3 - With Lyrics Various Composers, 
Lawrence Wrights International Album Rumba for piano - No. 1 Various Composers , 
Lawrence Wrights Second Album of Famous novelty piano solos Transcribed by Zez Confrey, 
Lawrence Wrights Third album of famous Novelty Piano Solos Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Jesse Greer, Rube Bloom etc., 
Lawrence Wrights Third Album of Famous Novelty Piano Solos Composed by Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Jesse Greer and Rube Bloom. 7 Pieces, 
Lazy Boogie - Piano Novelty Billy Penrose, 
Lazy Cowboy - Piano Novelty Ruth Guthrie, 
Le Grisbi performed by Larry Adler Jean Wiener, 
Learn to Syncopate, Syncopating The Classics, No. 3 by Stan Bradbury Contains: Schubert's Serenade, Wine Women and Song (Strauss), Barcarolle (Offenbach), Rachmaninoff's Prelude and Carmen (selection), 
Learn to Syncopate, Syncopating The Classics, No.2 Contains, Melodie D'amour, Over The Waves, Londonerry Air, Spring Song and Faust,, 
Lee Sims Modern Transcriptions of America's Most Popular Song HIts for the Piano - No. 3 Various composers, arranged by Lee Sims, 
Leicester Square Rag - Piano Solo - featuring Geraldo Harry Roy, arranged by Eric Cook, 
Leicester Square Rag - Song - Harry Roy Harry Roy, arranged by Eric Cook, 
Lemon Drop as performed by Tito Burns George Wallington, 
Leroy Anderson (Almost complete) - 25 great melodies as originally composed for piano solo Leroy Anderson, 
Lets go Latin America - 16 solos for piano Arranged by Stanford King, 
Little Joker Ernest Maxim, 
Lonely Ballerina - Mantovani M Carr & P Lambrecht, 
Lord Maclay's Reel - A Scottish Dance composed for the Boys Brigade Fanfare 1954 Dance Devised by Miss D. Robertson, Music by Mr. D. J. Fyfe, 
Lost Love (L'amour Perdu). Piano Solo Donald Phillips, 
Lotta Piano. Piano Novelty. Featuring Martinas Renato Carosone, 
Louis Armstrong, adapted by Jack Matthias, piano arrangement by George Shearing Struttin with some barbeque (Louis Trumpet Concerto), The Original Manuscript series of professional piano solos, 
Love Is Like A Violin (Mon Coeur Est Un Violon) - Featuring Semprini - Piano Novelty Miarka Laparcerie, arranged by Stan Bowsher, 
Love's Old Sweet Song. Molloy's Famous Song - Waltz Piano Solo Molloy, arranged by Carroll Gibbons, 
Lucky Five - Featuring Russ Conway Trevor Stanford, 
Lullaby - Piano Solo Ben Frankel, 
Lullaby of Birdland - Piano solo George Shearing, 
Madison Line - Victor Silvester Robert Nestor and Raymond Salvador, 
Madison Special - Piano Solo - Victor Silvester Robert.Nestor and Raymond Salvador, 
Magdalena Words and music - Gene Martyn and Erwin Halletz, 
Magic Music Box - Piano Novelty David Rose, 
Mal-De-Mer (Sea-Sick) - Fox-trot - Piano Solo Arthur Lange, 
Mambo Jambo - Piano Novelty featuring Steve Race Perez Prado, arranged by Steve Race, 
Mandrake. Piano Novelty Vinnie Rogers, 
Manhattan Holiday - Solo for Piano Art Strauss and Bob Dale, 
Manhattan Polka - Piano Solo Morton Gould, 
Manhattan Square Dance for Piano David Rose, 
Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin, edited by Robin de Smet, 
Maple Leaf Rag - Piano Solo Scott Joplin, arranged by Brian Rodgers, 
Maple Leaf Rag - Piano Solo Scott Joplin, arranged by Brian Rogers, 
March of the Mods (The Finnjenka Dance) - Piano Solo featuring Joe Loss Tony Carr, 
March of the Toys Victor Herbert, 
Marching Strings - Piano Solo Marshall Ross, 
Marching Strings - Ray Martin Marshall Ross, 
Marigold - A Syncopated Impression for Piano, Op. 78 - Piano Solo Billy Mayerl, 
Marigold - Impression for Piano - "Jumbo Note" series No. 7 - Simplified arrangement Billy Mayerl, 
Maurice Rocco Eight original Boogie Woogie solos Roccos Boogie Woogie, Riffin with Rocco, Serenade to Boogie Woogie, Chicago Shivers, Rocco Blues, Rockin the bass, Roccos Rockin, South side rock, 
Mayfair Suite in Rhythm - Simple Syncopation Series No. 3 Frank Walsh, 
Mean to Me - Piano Solo Roy Turk and Fred E. Ahlert, arranged by Bill McGuffie, 
Meditation - A Novelty Piano Solo Lee Sims, 
Mel Bay's Jazz Piano Solo & Group Styles Herb Drury, 
Mel Bay's Rock Piano Syles Matt Dennis, 
Mels Lament - Piano Solo Mel Powell, 
Mermaid - Piano Solo Donald Phillips, 
Merry Merengue, Piano Solo Composed by Martinas, 
Metropolitan - A modern Piano solo - from the suite ''Moods'' Rube Bloom, 
Mexican Madness - Piano Solo Clyde Hamilton and Robert Earley, 
Microjazz for Starters Keyboard, piano solo Christopher Norton, 
Midi-Midinette - Piano Solo - As Featured and Recorded by Joe Henderson Christian Bruhn, 
Midnight Blue - Piano Solo Eric Spear, 
Midnite In Harlem - Piano Novelty Larry Clinton, 
Midsummer Madness - Featuring James Moody - Piano Solo James Moody, 
Mignonette - A syncopated impression for the piano Billy Mayerl, 
Mike's Tune. Featuring Michael Hill. Piano Novelty Michael Hill, 
Miles Davis - Sketch Orks - Transcribed from Original Recordings - For Various Instruments Miles Davis, arranged by Hank Edmonds, 
Mimmie. Jazz Solo for Piano Solo G Crossman, 
Mirage - Modern composition for piano Eric Winstone, 
Mirth and Melody piano albums Book I Kiss of Spring, Watermelon vine (Lindy Lou), Moonlight on the Suwanee, Frog Frolics, Flight of the birds, Fun in a barber shop, Fanchette, 
Mirth and Melody piano albums Book II Four little blackberries, Revel of the roses, A wedding in the toy shop, Flickering firelight, Feeding the kitty, Pantomime dance, Lolita, Dance of the skeletons, 
Misirlou (Piano Transcription) as recorded by Jan August N Roubanis, 
Miss Madison - Joe Loss on HMV POP 1075 Ken Jones, 
Mister Five By Five - Boogie Woogie - Piano Novelty Don Raye And Gene De Paul, 
Mister Five By Five - Boogie Woogie - Piano Novelty from Leeds 8 to the Bar Boogie Woogie Piano Solo Series easy play arrangement edited by Frank Paparelli Don Raye And Gene De Paul, arranged by Frank Paparelli, 
Misty - An Original by Erroll Garner arranged for the Piano Erroll Garner, 
Misty - An Original Errol Garner Composition arranged for the piano Erroll Garner, 
Mitzi - Featuring Joe Henderson Joe Henderson, 
Moby Dick Johnny Dankworth, arranged by Les Williams, 
Modernizing the Rags, in the Moreton and Kaye Manner Arranged by Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, 
Moods in Contrast - For the Piano Wilfred Headley, foreword by Billy Mayerl, 
Moonbeams Dance for Piano Carroll Gibbons, 
Moonlight Fiesta - For Piano - Featuring Winfred Atwell Cyril Ornadel, arranged by Winifred Atwell, 
Moonlight Tango (Un Clair De Lune A Maubeuge) Pierre Perrin, Claude Blondy, 
Moose the Moochie - Be-bop piano solo series Charlie Parker - Transcribed by Morris Feldman, 
More Microjazz 2 by Christopher Norton Open space, Washing blues, Jazz waltz, An adventure, Blues lullaby, Just an aside, Duet, Reggae, Mixed up, Face in the crowd, Play it again, New day, Disco drive, Just a sample and Samba, 
Morris Dances - Suite for Piano Solo - The Royal College Edition - No.86 Auguste Cons., 
Movin' the Boogie - Piano Solo Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson, 
Mozart 40 - for Piano B Kelsey and Ellis Rich, 
Mr Piano Plays, including photographs, biography and original arrangements by Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson Original arrangements by Joe Henderson, 
Music Box Tango - Piano Solo Rudolph Goehr, 
Music for Skipping - For Use in Connection with the Keep Fit Movement E. Turner Burgess, 
Music Maestro Please! From "These Foolish Things" - Piano Solo Transcription Allie Wrubel, transcribed by Tony Lowry, 
Music Movement Mime - Vanguard Edition No. V.401 - For Piano and various instruments with instructions for mime and actions to each piece Arthur Birkby, 
Musical Rhythm, selection Thomas Fats Waller, 
Musical Typist - A descriptive piano solo Ronnie Munro, 
Muskrat Ramble - For Piano Edward Ory , 
My Blue Heaven - Piano Solo played by Steve Race Walter Donaldson, 
My Concerto for you (Theme from the Bristol Concerto) Trevor H Stanford (Russ Conway) , 
My Concerto For You, theme from Bristol Concerto Trevor H Stanford (Russ Conway), 
My first step boogies (12 pieces in progressive order for piano) Voltige Boogie, gag Boogie, Clown Boogie, Tumblers Boogie, Lion Boogie, Gimmick Boogie & more, 
My Melancholy Baby - Piano Solo Ernie Burnett, Piano Solo by Steve Race, 
My Pet. Piano Solo Zez Confrey - In part of a periodical, 
My Silent Love - Piano Solo Dana Suesse Arranged by George Shearing, 
Neal Hefti Originals for Piano - Featuring Neal Hefti Neal Hefti, 
Near You - as performed by Ralph Moffatt on "Midnight in Munich" - Piano Solo Francis Craig, 
Niagara - Piano Novelty C Robrecht, 
Nicola Steve Race, 
Nicola - Piano Solo Steve Race, 
Nicolette - Piano Solo - Winifred Atwell Heino Gaze, 
Night Flight. Piano solo Eric Winstone, 
Nimble Fingered Gentleman - Syncopation for Piano Billy Mayerl, 
Nina Mia - Tango for piano Carlos Fernandez, 
No. 1 Jacobs' Piano Folio of Rags - Comedy, Acrobatic and other Lively Scenes Various Composers, 
Nola - A Silhouette for piano solo Felix Arndt, 
Nola - A Silhouette for piano solo, Simplified arrangement Felix Arndt, easily arranged by Henri Klickmann, 
Nola - Fox Trot Edition Felix Arndt, 
Nola - Guitar Solo featuring Judd Proctor Felix Arndt, 
Nola - Simplified version Felix Arndt, simplified version by F Henri Klickmann, 
Novellette, piano solo Camille De Sarasin, 
Novellette. Piano Solo Theodore Lack, 
Novelties and Marches E. T. Paull, 
Novelty Land - A collection of Radio favourites - Selection of characteristic novelty tunes Various Composers, 
Novelty Piano Solos Selected and Edited by Billy Mayerl , 
Nursery Rhymes with a New Look Arranged and Updated by Hazel Hodson, 
Nut Rocker as performed by B Bumble and the Stingers - Piano Solo Kim Fowley, 
Oasis - Piano solo Eric Winstone, 
Oh! Pampanino Jean Corvos, 
Old Pianna Rag, featuring Dickie Valentine, Billie Anthony Donald Phillips, 
Old Round - For Piano Six Hands - Dedicated to the boys of Milbourne Lodge School Godfrey Sampson, 
Olivelli Swank Lee Sims, 
Ooh La-La Le Bal de Madame de Mortemouille) - Recorded by Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson on Pye Record 7N. 15257 Gerald Calvi, 
Oop bop sh bam, Be Bop (The new jazz), Dizzy Gillespie series of Piano Solo Dizzy Gillespie, Gil Fuller and Jay Roberts, 
Oscar Peterson Jazz Exercises and Pieces for the Young Jazz Pianist - Number 1 Oscar Peterson, 
Our Waltz - Piano Solo David Rose, 
Pablo - As performed by Russ Conway Hans Wittstatt, 
Pablo - Featuring Russ Conway Hans Wittstatt, 
Pagan In The Parlour - Piano Solo Edwin Braden, 
Pamela Wedgwoods Jazzin about styles, easy fun pieces for piano/keyboard Play that banjo, Big band boogie, Contra flow, St George and the dragon, Up and away, There aint no beer in cow horn creek, Easy life, No fixed address, Cuba libre, Shoe shine rag, Wanted, On the rocks, Street place, New world, Chocolate car park, , 
Paparelli - 2 To The Bar Dixieland Piano Method Frank Paparelli, 
Parade of the Sunbeams - Piano Solo Quentin Maclean, 
Party Piece - A Piano Novelty in Waltz Time Jimmy Bailey, 
Party Tunes with Russ Conway - A Selection of Hits From His L.P. Records and Two Detachable pages of Photos of Russ Conway 10 Great songs arranged by Russ Conway, 
Passing Breeze - Piano Solo Trevor H. Stanford (Russ Conway), 
Passing Clouds - Geraldo Phil Cardew, 
Patey & Willis' Dance Album No. 9 Various Composers, 
Patrol of the Kings Jesters (Morceau Excentrique) Kennedy Russell, 
Pavanne - 2nd American Symphonette - Second Movement - Piano solo Morton Gould, 
Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone) - Piano Solo Will Jason & Val Burton, special arrangement by Cy Walter, 
Permutation Rag Harry Roy, Ted Broughton, 
Petticoat Lane - A Kosher medley fox trot Arranged by A W Parry , 
Pianissimo - Piano Solo Alex Alstone, 
Pianistic Pie - For Piano Solo Arranged by Harry Engleman, 
Piano Concerto in B flat minor - Theme and Variations from the first movement - Piano transcription Tschaikowsky, transcribed by Lou Singer , 
Piano Patterns - For Piano - His original interpretations of Miller Popular Standard Songs Arranged by Teddy Wilson, 
Piano Selection - as Featured in the Jack Hylton Musical ("When in Rome") English Lyric by Eric Shaw, Music by Kramer, Italian Lyrics by Garinei and Giovannini, 
Piano Solos - Album No. 1 - Including Photographs, Biography and Original Compositions Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson, 
Piano Style - A complete guide for the modern dance band pianist, with musical illustrations Steve Race, 
Piano Transcriptions by Tony Lowry Various Composers, 
Piano, Jazz, Blues & Co. - Pieces Faciles pour Piano Livre 2 Annick Chartreux, 
Piccadilly Playtime Jimmy Leach and Hal Evans, 
Pierrot Comes to Town - Novelty interlude Sherman Myers, 
Pinto Pony - Piano Solo- Featuring Joe Henderson Joe Henderson, 
Play Piano like George Shearing 10 Songs including, Cabin in the Sky, A Certain Smile, Friendly Persuasion, Hi Lili Hi Lo and I'm Shooting High,, 
Play the Kunz Way - No. 4 - Album of Piano Transcriptions of the Classics by Charlie Kunz Arranged by Charlie Kunz, 
Play The Kunz Way - Album of Piano Transcriptions of The Classics No. 2 by Charlie Kunz Arranaged by Charlie Kunz, 
Play the Kunz Way - No. 1 - Album of Piano Transcriptions of the Classics by Charlie Kunz Various composers, 
Play the Kunz Way No. 3 - Album of piano transcriptions of the Classics by Charlie Kunz Arranged by Charlie Kunz, 
Play the Kunz Way No. 5 - Album of piano transcriptions of the Classics by Charlie Kunz Arrange by Charlie Kunz, 
Play Them Rags, - Temptation Rag, Dill Pickles, Riverside Rag, Sugar Cane, Black and White Rag, Bugle Call Rag, Beets and Turnips, Pineapple Rag, Tanglefoot Rag, Chili Sauce, Bees Wax Rag, Dixie, By Various composers, 
Plink Plank Plunk! - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
Plink Plank Plunk! - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
Point of Departure Theme as featured in the "Point of Departure" production John Hotchkins, 
Polly - For Piano J. S. Zamecnik, 
Polly - Piano Solo J S Zamecnik, 
Pom Pom, novelty fox trot, The first prize gold medal dance of the Winter Gardens Blackpool Dancing carnival competition 1920 T W Thurban, 
Pony Express - For Piano Eric Winstone, 
Pony Express - For Piano Eric Winstone, 
Poor People of Paris (Poor John) - Featuring Winifred Atwell Marguerite Monnot, 
Pop Boogie and Blues Book 4 Cream puff boogie, Whiskey Pete, A promise, The detective, Country popsong, Do you ever dream, 
Popular Piano Solos Book 8, Jazz African waltz, Between the devil and the deep blue sea, Caravan, Dont get around much anymore, early Autumn, Fever, Ill remember April, Im gonna sit rigt down and write myself a letter, Im walked bud, Is you is or is you aint (Ma Baby), Lazy River, L, 
Porcupine Rag, Harry Roy - Piano Solo Chas L Johnson, 
Port Au Prince - Winifred Atwell, Nelson Riddle, Frank Chacksfield Bernie Wayne, 
Powder Rag, March and Two Step, R Birch, 
Prelude In C - Copyright Pianistic arrangement Rachmaninoff, edited by Jean St. John, 
Prelude To Romance - Piano Solo Jack Byfield, 
Primera, Russ Conway Trevor N Stanford, 
Promenade - for piano solo Leroy Anderson, 
Promenade - Piano Solo Stan Bowsher, 
Punch and Judy Polka - For Piano Ronnie Munro, 
Puppet Serenade - Piano Solo David Rose, 
Puppet Serenade - Piano Solo David Rose, 
Push and Go - Piano Selection Herman Darewski, 
Pyramid Dance. Piano solo Leroy Anderson, 
Queen of The Ball - Jazz Valse - Piano Solo Ernest Massam, 
Rachmaninoff - Eighteenth Variation Rapsodie on a Theme of Paganini - Standard Edition Recorded by Winifed Atwell S. Rachmaninoff, arranged by Cecily Lambert, 
Rag Doll - Piano Solo Nacio Herb Brown writer of 'The Doll Dance', 
Ragamuffin Rag, Martin Lukins. Piano Solo Jack Wallis, 
rages and Crazes, grand selection of popular songs arranged by Lawrence Wright. Omaha, City of Laughter, Silver Star, That old fashioned mother of mine, Blue bird, Playthings, The memory of a song, Wyoming, If youre going back to Dixie, Borneo every morning, That dear old Dad of mine, The bee that gets the honey & K K K Kiss me , 
Rags and Riches - A wide variety of pieces from composers who became better known after their death. Composers such as Scott Joplin and Franz Schubert are featured The Classical Keyboard Collection, 
Rags Blues and Parodies for Piano Solo Peter Dickinson, 
Ragtime - Home Piano Library - Volume Five Various Composers, 
Ragtime Memories - Piano Selection Arranged by Dudley Bayford, 
Ragtime Piano, a collection of standard rags for piano solo Paragon Rag, Euphonic sounds, Caprice Rag, Rag Baby, Pepper Sauce, Fashion rag, Nighty Night, Rag Bag, Grizzly bear, Dogzigity Rag, 
Ragtime Pipe of Pan Sigmund Romberg and Harold Atteridge, 
Ragtime Rage - Book One - Seven Fun to play Piano Transcriptions Scott Joplin, complied, arranged and edited by John W. Schaum, 
Ragtime Rage - Book Two - Seven Fun to play Piano Transcriptions Scott Joplin, complied, arranged and edited by John W. Schaum, 
Raunchy - Ken MacIntosh (Picture) William Justis & Sidney Manker, 
Ray Henderson, transcribed for piano by Tony Lowry The Birth of the Blues, 
Recorded by Basie - Book One - Featuring Basie Ernie Wilkins, Frank Foster, Quincy Jones and Basie Peterson, 
Red Pepper - A Spicy Rag Henry Lodge, 
Red White and Blue Rag, piano solo Dolores Ventura, 
Reeder & Walsh's Jazz Dance Album for Piano Jack Sachan and others, 
Reverse The Charges. Keyboard Calvacade Of Swing And Boogie. Piano Novelty Enoch Williams and Fred Webster, 
Rhondda Rhapsody - Piano Solo - Theme From The Popular B.B.C. Production "Welsh Rarebit" Mai Jones, 
Rhumboogie - Leeds 8 to the Bar Boogie Woogie Piano Solo Series Don Raye and Hugie Prince, arranged by Frank Paparelli, 
Rhythm & Blues - For Piano - Book 1 - Bosworth Edition No. 3503 Wesley Schaum, 
Rhythmic Revels Piano Selection - No. 3 Selected and arranged by Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, 
Rhythmic Revels No. 2 - Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye - The Original Tiger Rag Pianists Various composers, 
Rhythmic Revels No.3, Radio Rhythm Maniacs Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye When the midnight choo choo leaves for Alabam, California here I come, Ma (Hes making eyes at me), When youre smiling, Chicago & For me and my gal, 
Rhythmic Revels Selection - No. 1 - Arranged by Radios Rhythm Maniacs & Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye Various Composers, 
Rhythmic Revels, Piano Selection Selected and Arranged by Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, 
Ring Ding - Steve Race Steve Race, 
Ringin' the Rag Dolores Ventura, 
Rip Van Twinkle - Piano Solo David Nelson, 
RIP Van Winkle Steve Race, 
Rip Van Winkle, piano solo recorded by Steve Race (photo) Steve Race , 
Rock Rhythm and Rag. Piano Solo Melvin Stecher, Norman Horowitz and Claire Gordon, 
Rockin' Thru' the Rye Sid Phillips, 
Ronnie Aldrich's Easy to play "Beat" Book for Piano Ronnie Aldrich, 
Roots of the Blues - Volume 1 - Melodies with Lyrics Various Composers, 
Roulette - Featuring Russ Conway - Piano Solo Trevor Stanford (Russ Conway), 
Royal Blue Waltz as performed by Mantovani - Piano Solo Mantovani, 
Royal Event - Featuring Russ Conway - Piano solo Trevor Stanford , 
Rube Bloom - Piano Impressions - Special Arrangements of Feist Outstanding Song Hits - Featuring Rube Bloom Various composers, arranged by Rube Bloom, 
Rule Britannia - Piano Solo - Russ Conway Trevor H Stanford, 
Rumba Rhapsody. Piano solo R Audinot and A de Bru, 
Rush Hour - Piano novelty Bill Williamson, 
Russ Conway Party Time selection Various Composers, 
Russ Conway Party Time selection Various Composers, 
Russ Conways Tunes for Children Various Composers arranged by Russ Conway, 
Russian Rag - Interpolating the World Famous "Prelude by Rachmaninoff" George L Cobb, 
Russian Rag - Interpreting the world famous "Prelude" by Rachmaninoff George L. Cobb , 
Sadie's Shawl - Recorded by Bob Sharples Nico Carstens and Sam Lorraine, 
Safari, modern composition Eric Winstone, 
Saltarello - For the Pianoforte - Dedicated to Miss Constance Behrens Cotsford Dick, 
Samba Rag, for piano solo C Lawrenson, 
Sambas, Rumbas, Guarachas - Les plus grands succes de danses typiques Sud-Americanes Various Composers, 
Sandpaper Ballet Leroy Anderson, 
Sao Paulo. Featuring Tony Osborne. Piano Novelty Tony Osborne, 
Sapphires and Sables - The Signature of "Sweet Serenade" Peter Yorke, 
Saraband - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
Saratoga. Piano Novelty Eric Winstone, 
Scallywag - A syncopated impression for piano Billy Mayerl, 
Scott Joplin - Collected Piano Works - Rags, Waltzes, Marches - Featuring miniature of Scott Joplin Scott Joplin, edited by Vera Brodsky Lawrence, 
Scott Joplin - Piano Rags - Featuring Scott Joplin Scott Joplin, 
Scott Joplin complete ragtime piano solos, including The Entertainer (featured in The Sting), 45 pieces Scott Joplin , 
Scott Joplin Favorites - Easy Piano Arrangements Scott Joplin, arranged by James Bastien, 
Scott Joplin Piano Rags - Book Two Scott Joplin, 
Scott Joplin Piano Rags - Book 3 Scott Joplin, 
Scott Joplin Piano Rags - Book No. 2 - A collection of piano rags, waltzes and marches Sydney Brown and Scott Joplin, 
Scott Joplin Piano Rags Book One Scott Joplin, 
Scottish Celebration. Piano solo Donald Phillips, 
Scottish Country Dance Series - "Strip the Willow" - Music and Instructions Arranged by David Caryll, 
Scrub Me Mama (With a Boogie Beat) - Leeds 8 to the Bar Boogie Woogie series Don Raye, edited by Frank Paparelli, 
Sea Winds - Piano Solo Arnold Murray and Morgan Jones, 
Seashore - Theme from Players TV Commercial Robert Farnon, 
September Song - Piano Solo - Chappell Showcase for Piano Series Louis C. Singer arranged for Piano by Kurt Weill, 
Serenade for a Wealthy Widow - For piano Reginald Foresythe, 
Serenade to Eileen - Piano Solo Edward Sears, 
Serenade to Evening George Scott-Wood, 
Serenata - for piano solo Leroy Anderson, 
Shades of Shearing - Book One George Shearing, Transcribed by Frank Metis, 
Shades of Shearing - Book Two George Shearing, Transcribed by Frank Metis, 
Shamrock Swing, selection of favourite Irish Airs arranged in swing time by Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye (The Original Tiger Ragamuffins) Various Composers arranged by Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye , 
She's Funny That Way - Piano Solo played by Steve Race Neil Moret, 
Shepherd Market. - A Descriptive Piano Solo Frank Baron, 
Shopping Tour. Piano Solo Donald Phillips, 
Shy Serenade - Morceau d'amour for Piano Solo George Scott Wood, 
Side Saddle - Piano Solo - Russ Conway Trevor Stanford, 
Side Saddle - Piano Solo - Russ Conway Trevor Stanford, 
Silver Sleigh Bells - March Novelette Descriptive Piano Solo E. T. Paul, 
Simplified Arrangements for Piano Solo - featuring Russ Conway Arranged by Russ Conway, 
Six Sid Phillips Swing Classics, brilliantly arranged as piano solos Arranged by Sid Phillips, 
Sketch Orks Kenny Burrell - Transcribed from Original Recordings - For Piano Kenny Burrell, 
Skokiaan (South African Song) - Piano Solo August Msarurgwa, arranged by Robert C. Haring, 
Skyliner - Charlie Barnet Charlie Barnet arranged by Bert Read, 
Sleepy Sidney - Rag Time Archie W Scheu, 
Sleigh Ride - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
Slippery Fingers. Piano Novelty H Steele, 
Slippery Samba - Piano solo Georges Cugaro, 
Small Town Parade - Russ Conway (Trevor Stanford) Cecil Norman, 
Smashing Thirds - A modern piano arrangement Thomas (fats) Waller, 
Smoky Mokes - The original cake walk Abe Holzmann, 
Snapdragon - Piano Solo F. Thomas, 
Snow Bells as arranged by Winifred Atwell Alan Kent, Morgan Jones arranged by Winifred Atwell, 
Snow Coach - Featuring Russ Conway - Piano solo Trevor H Stanford (Russ Conway), 
Snow Flakes - Piano Solo featuring Rawicz & Landauer Maryan Rawicz, 
Snowflakes - A Novelty Piano Solo W. M. F. Wirges, 
So In Love - Piano Solo - Chappell showcase series Cole Porter, arranged by Louis C Singer, 
Solace - A Mexican serenade for Piano Scott Joplin, 
Solage Scott Joplin, 
Soliloquy (A musical thought) Rube Bloom, 
Sonata IX in G - For Piano Solo J. Haydn edited by Franklin Taylor, 
Song of the Fir Tree - A Swedish impression for piano solo Billy Mayerl, 
Songs From "Little Me" - 15 Page Piano Selection Carolyn Leigh - Cy Coleman, 
Sophisticated Lady - Piano Solo Duke Ellington, 
Southern Fried (Formerly Hairy Joe Jump) featuring George Shearing Harlan Leonard, Fred Culliver & James Ross arranged by George Shearing, 
Spellbound Concerto - Piano Solo - From the Academy Award Winning Score of the Selznick International Picture "Spellbound" directed by Alfred Hitchcock produced by David O. Selznick Miklos Rozsa, 
Spencer Williams' Album of Blues for the Piano Various Composers, 
Spinning Wheel - Piano solo featuring Rawicz and Landauer Maryan Rawicz, 
Spring Fever - Novelty foxtrot for Piano Rube Bloom, 
Springtime Serenade. Characteristic Intermezzo for piano solo Jonny Heykens, 
St. Louis Blues March W C Handy, adaptation by Steve Stevens from Jerry Gray arrangement, recorded by Tex Beneke, 
Stag Party. Pat Dodd Howard Boogie Barns and C Adams, 
Stage Coach - Modern composition for Piano Solo - As performed by Eric Winstone Eric Winstone, 
Stan Kenton Originals for piano solo - Featuring Stan Kenton Stan Kenton, 
Starry Night - Piano Solo - The Fred Hartley Series Iris Taylor, 
Startime, Featuring Winifred Atwell - Piano Novelty Eric Rogers, arranged by Winifred Atwell, 
Strauss Polkas for Piano By Johann Strauss, arranged by Tony Lowry for piano with Accordion guide, 
Strictly Personal - Piano Solo Eric Spear, 
Strictly Rags, Memory Lane in Rag Time. Black and white rag, Tickle the ivories, Alabama Jubilee, Be my little baby bumble bee, Hello Ma baby, Sailing down the Chesapeake Bay, Everybody rags with me, Dill Pickles rag, The tickle toe, Everybody twostep, Racing down the black and white & mor, 
Stringopation - David Rose (b/w photo) David Rose, 
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll - Winifred Atwell - Piano Solo Norm O'Brien arranged by Winifred Atwell, 
Summer Rain - Piano Solo Walter Landauer, 
Summer Set - piano solo with specially transposed line for B flat instruments. Acker Bilk Collett Bilk, 
Sunrise Samba, for piano Alberton De Barros, 
Sunrise Serenade Frankie Carle, 
Sunrise Serenade - As performed by Jack Hylton, Frankie Carle Frankie Carle, 
Sussex Downs - For Pianoforte Billy Mayerl, 
Sweet Georgia Brown - Piano Solo by Steve Race Ben Bernie, Kenneth Casey & Maceo Pinkard arranged for Piano Solo by Steve Race, 
Sweet William - A syncopated impression for piano Billy Mayerl, 
Swing Patrol Clive Erard, arranged for piano by Ray Terry, 
Swingin Shepherd Blues - Piano Solo Moe Koffman , 
Swingin' On Lennox Avenue. Keyboard Calvacade Of Swing And Boogie. Piano Novelty William Johnson, 
Symphonette - Piano Solo Mel Powell, 
Syncopating the Classics - Learn to Syncopate No. 1 for piano solo by Stan Bradbury Various Composers, 
Syncopating the classics No.1 for piano, Transcribed by Stan Bradbury Rigoletto, Melody in F, Blue Danube, Aloha Oe and Liebestraum, 
Syncopation R Connelly, 
Tamboo (Montuno in E Minor) - Featuring Winifred Atwell - Including Biography Francisco Cavez, Piano Arrangement by Winifred Atwell, 
Tango Bolero - Featuring Falkman and his Apache Band. Marcel Gardner, Piano Solo Juan Llosas, arranged by Horst Kuritzki, 
Tango De La Luna (Tango Of The Moon). Piano Solo Manilla, 
Tango Waltz Ray Martin, 
Tarragona Santos Broqua, arranged for piano solo by Dolores Ventura, 
Teenage Lullaby - Piano Solo - Recorded by Cyril Stapleton on Decca Records Clyde Hamilton & Len Stevens, 
Telstar - The Tornados Joe Meek, 
Temptation - a modern transcription for the Piano Arthur Free & Nacio Herb Brown, Piano solo arrangement by Eddie Heywood, 
Temptation Rag - Harry Roy and his Band Henry Lodge, 
Temptation Rag - Two Step for Piano Solo Henry Lodge, 
Tenderly - from "Torch Song" - Piano Solo Arrangement Walter Gross, 
That Mysterious Rag Berlin and Snyder arranged by William Schulz, 
Thats a Plenty - A Piano Transcription Lew Pollack, transcribed by Stanley Black, 
thats Earl Brother. Be Bop. Dizzy Gillespie, for piano Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Brown (Gill) Fuller, arranged by Frannk Paparelli, 
The "Famoustyle" Piano Solo Album No. 1 Various Composers, 
The "Famoustyle" - Piano Solo album No. 4 Various Composers, 
The "Famoustyle" Piano solo album - No. 3 Various Composers, 
The ''Happidrome'' March - Based on the signature tune of that famous show Ernest Lonstaffe, 
The Angus Fitchet Scottish Dance Album - Containing 16 Scottish country dances - music with Accordion guide and full dance instructions Dances Devised by Hugh Foss, 
The Artie Shaw Swing Classics Piano Album - Featuring Artie Shaw Artie Shaw, 
The Artistry of Bill Evans Various composers with transcriptions by Pascal Wetzel, 
The Bert Read Album of Modern Piano Arrangements of your favourite songs Various composers arranged by Bert Read, 
The Bert Read Album of Swing Music for Piano solo Arranged by Bert Read, 
The Best of Eubie Blake - The Piano Concepts Series Eubie Blake, arranged by Dave Jessie, 
The Best of Scott Joplin - Special Collectors Edition - 17 songs A Collection of Original Ragitme Compostions, 
The Break of Day Schottische - 50th Edition - Composed and dedicated to Miss Sprague Francois Bernard, 
The Bumble Bee Samba Eric Jupp, 
The Butterfly Flirtation Robert S Thornton, 
The Canary Polka - Piano Solo F. Poliakin, arranged by Ed. Stephen, 
The Cascades Scott Joplin, 
The Cats Pyjamas - Piano Solo Dennis Wilson and Ivor Slaney, 
The Cavendish Tenth Concert Party Album of Concerted Numbers H M Burnaby & James M Gallatly, 
The Chalie Kunz Radio Selections of Celebrated Novelty Tunes Composed by Montague Ewing, arranged by Charlie Kunz, 
The Champ - Piano Solo - (Broadcast and Recorded by Jack Parnell on Parlophone Record No. R. 3607 Composed by Dizzy Gillespie - Arranged by Harold Hood , 
The Chrysanthemum Scott Joplin, 
The Clock is Playing - A musical novelty - piano solo Pierre Blaauw, 
The Creep - featuring Ken Mackintosh - For Piano Andy Burton, 
The Crooked Man Theme Leslie Julian Jones, 
The Cubanola Glide - Piano Novelty V Bryan and Harry Von Tilzer, 
The Dance of the Icicles - Piano Solo Kennedy Russell, 
The Dance of the Lilttle Robins, novelty piano intermezzo C Rayners, 
The Dance Of The Little Robins. Piano Novelty Cecil Rayners, 
The Doll Dance - For Piano Nacio Herb Brown, 
The Doll Dance - For piano - As originally introduced in the Hollywood Music Box Revue Nacio Herb Brown, 
The Doll Dance - Special arrangement for Piano Nacio Herb Brown, arranged by Henri Klickmann, 
The Easy Winners, A Rag time Two step By Scott Joplin, 
The Elephants Tango as perfromed by Cyril Stapleton Bernie Landes, 
The Entertainer & The Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin, 
The Entertainer (1902). A Ragtime two-step. Theme from the film "The Sting". Simplified Piano Version Scott Joplin, arranged by Robin de Smet, 
The Entertainer - Modified Piano version with words Scott Joplin, arranged by Bob Gumer, 
The Entertainer and The Sycamore Scott Joplin, 
The Entertainer, piano Rag, from "The Sting" Scott Joplin, 
The Errant Errand Boy - Piano Solo Billey Mayerl, 
The Erroll Garner Songbook - Volume 1 Erroll Garner and various composers, arranged by Sy Johnson, 
The Erroll Garner Songbook - Volume 2 Erroll Garner and various composers, arranged by Sy Johnson, 
The Famous 12th Street Rag - Piano Solo Euday L. Bowman, Arr. by C. E. Wheeler revised by R.C.H., 
The Famoustyle Piano Solo Album - No. 2 - Six Piano Solos Various artists, 
The Fats Waller Album of Favourite Songs and Piano Transcriptions Arranged by Thomas (Fats) Waller, 
The Flirtation Waltz - Piano Solo Featuring Winifred Atwell R Heywood arranged for Piano Solo by Winifred Atwell, 
The fountain, No.1 The classical jazz series for the piano Joseph Nussbaum, 
The Fourth Deuce - Piano Solo as performed by George Shearing George Shearing, 
The Galloping Comedians - piano solo Dmitri Kabalevsky, arranged by George Williams, featured by Cyril Stapleton, 
The Genius of George Shearing - Piano Solo Various Composers, arranged by George Shearing, 
The Genius of Thomas Fats Waller Aint misbehavin, Girl of my dreams, Handful of keys, Honeysuckle rose, How ya baby, I cant give you anything but love, Lookin good but feelin bad, My very good friend the milkman, Taint nobodys Bizness if I do, The joint is jumpin, (What did I do to, 
The Girl in Satin - Piano solo Leroy Anderson, 
The Golden Tango - Winifred Atwell, Frank Chacksfield Victor Silvester & Ernest Wilson, 
The Golden Tango featuring Winifred Atwell Victor Silvester & Ernest Wilson, 
The Golden Tango featuring Winifred Atwell Victor Silvester & Ernest Wilson, 
The Golliwogs' Wedding Alan Saville, 
The Grasshoppers dance - Characteristic piece for piano Ernest Bucalossi, 
The Happy Whistler - as performed by Cyril Stapleton Don Robertson, 
The Harmony of Bill Evans Bill Evans and Jack Reilly, 
The Jazz Master - Pianolette - No. 3 of The piano compositions of Billy Mayerl Billy Mayerl, 
The Jazz Mistress - Pianolette No. 2 Billy Mayerl, 
The Jazz Pianist Book Three - Studies in the art and practice of jazz improvisation John Mehegan, 
The Jazz Twinkle - Novelty Dance with intructions Ronald Franklin - Dance Steps Invented by J. Finnigan, 
The Jesters Frolic - A Syncopated Impression for Piano Walter R. Collins, 
The Jolly Barber (Scherzetto) - Piano Solo Michael Brodsky, 
The Joy of Disney - 28 Easy Piano Arrangements - A Selection of The Best Loved Songs Various Composers , 
The Joy of Piano Entertainment, 60 pieces compiled and arranged by Denes Agay Popular classics, jazz and novelty solos, waltzes, marches, polka and many song favourites, 
The Joy of Ragtime - A graded collection of classic piano rags Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph F. Lamb, Tom Turpin, Charles Hunter, Percy Wenrich and many others, 
The Juggler - Excentric Novelette G. Groitzch, 
The King Hearts. Piano Novelty Henry Steele, 
The Knave of Diamonds - Piano Novelty Henry Steele, 
The Lame Centipede. Piano Novelty Myers Foggin, 
The Last Tango - Recorded on Polygon P1145 Hendrik Mulka, piano arrangement by Charles Waygood, 
The Letkiss Walk - Piano Novelty - Recorded By The Hobos Hawksworth ans Ponte, arranged Chris Langdon, 
The Maharajah of Magador - Piano Solo arrangement Lewis Harris and John Jacob Loeb, arranged for Piano Solo by Jimmy Lally, 
The Man from Mintons: George Shearing (b/w photo) George Shearing, 
The Mills Album of Fats Waller - Favourite Songs and Piano Transcriptions by the immortal master of the keyboard Thomas Waller, 
The Mosquitoes Parade - A Jersey review - Harry Davidson Howard Whitney, 
The Mudhopper - Recorded on Decca by The Squadronaires Johnny Pearson, 
The Nickelodeon Rag Paul Greenwood, Gene Novello, 
The Night Ride, broadcast by Ambrose and his orchestra Sid Phillips, 
The Parade of The Wooden Dolls - For the pianoforte Alan Sauille, 
The Pay Off - Featured and recorded by Kenny Ball - For Piano Solo Sidney Bechet, 
The Peanut Polka - Piano Solo - Featuring Robert Farnon Robert Farnon, arranged by Felton Rapley, 
The Penny Whistle Song - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson , 
The Peter Maurice Album of George Shearings Piano Arrangements All arranged by George Shearing, 
The Peter Maurice Album of George Shearings Piano arrangements George Shearing, 
The Phantom Regiment - Piano solo Leroy Anderson, 
The Piano Compositions of Billy Mayerl - Honeysuckle Billy Mayerl, 
The Piano Tuner - Piano Solo Serge Walter, 
The Pied Piper - Piano solo with dance instructions for The Beeje Steve Race, 
The Portuguese Washerwomen - Joe "fingers" Carr A. Popp & R. Lucchest, 
The Postmans round - Piano solo Maurice Jacobson , 
The Real Thing Jazz S P Whittaker, 
The Real Thing Jazz Silas P Whittaker, 
The Red Sombrero - Piano Solo Ronald Binge, 
The Robins Return - Featuring Neville Dickie Arranged by Neville Dickie, 
The Rose Beetle Goes A Wooing Jose Armandola, 
The Russ Conway Album - Featuring Russ Conway Various composers, 
The Saint Louis Blues : Ragtime W C Handy, 
The Second Album of famous Rhythm Classics transcribed for Piano Solo Various Composers, edited by Eddie Carroll , 
The second Bert Read Album of Modern Piano Arrangements Serenade in the Night, Glory of Love, Truckin, Harbour LIghts, Poor LIttle Angeline and Did your Mother come from Ireland?, 
The Second Bert Read Album of Modern Piano Arrangements of your Favourite songs Various composers arranged by Bert Read, 
The Second Russ Conway Album - Includes pictures & biography Various Composers, 
The Signal Samba (Samba Que Eu Quero Ver) - Piano Solo Djalma Ferreira, 
The Singing Piano (Waltz Theme) - Featuring Tolchard Evans Tolchard Evans, 
The Singing Piano - Waltz theme - Featuring Ron Goodwin Tolchard Evans, 
The Sting - Featuring the Music of Scott Joplin - For Piano Scott Joplin and Marvin Hamlisch adapted by Gunther Schuller, 
The Stranger From Seville. Featuring Tony Osborne. Piano Novelty Tony Osborne, 
The Streets of Sorrento - (Le Strade di Sorrento) featuring Winifred Atwell Tossi, 
The Swiss Dancing Doll - Schweizer Tanzpuppe A. W. Ketelby, 
The Tinkle Box Samba - Featuring Bernard Monshin Edward Rubach, 
The Typewriter - Piano Conductor Score - Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, adapted by Ernest Tomlinson from the original score, 
The Waltzing Bugle Boy - For Piano Ray Martin, 
The Waltzing Cat - Piano solo Leroy Anderson, 
The Wedding of the Painted Doll Nacio Herb Brown, 
The Westminster Waltz - Piano Solo Robert Farnon, 
The Wooden Rocking Horse (Dobbin), characteristic novelty J Paull, M Wollmer., 
The World famous Doll Medley
Thelonious Monk - Important Solos and Tunes as Played by the Legendary Pianist and Composer - With Chord Changes and a Discography - Featuring Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk, edited by Stuart Isacoff, 
Thelonious Monk - Originals & Standards - Featuring Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk, arranged by Charley Gerard, 
Thelonious Monk - Straight No Chaser, plus 20 Jazz Compositions - Full Transcribed Piano Arrangements reflecting Monk's Own Individual, Timeless Style - Featuring Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk, arranged by Steve Hill, 
Thelonious Monk - The Genius of Jazz - Piano Originals Transcribed by Hank Edmonds, 
Theme For Susan - Piano Solo Sohn E Burt, 
Theme From The Broken Horse Shoe - Piano Solo Wilfred Burns, 
Themes from Concerto in Jazz - piano solo Donald Phillips, 
These Foolish Things (Remind me of you) - Piano Solo Jack Strachey, piano arrangement by Don Bowen, 
They Joy of Piano, 51 pieces in easy arrangements by Denes Agay Clair de Lune, Fascination, Moscow nights, The whistler and his dog, Popm and circumstances, Waltzes by Strauss and many more favourite pieces, themes, folk, popular and standard songs, 
Thomas "Fats" Waller - Interpretations for Piano - Deluxe Edition - Featuring Waller Fats Waller and Various Composers, 
Thomas Fats Waller Musical Rhythms Fats Waller, 
Three Miniatures in Syncopation for the piano - Op. 76 Billy Mayerl, 
Tick a tick tock its the Rhythm of the Clock - Novelty piano solo Eddie Hunt and Peter Kane, 
Tick Tock Tango Marcel Stern, 
Tickled Pink - Piano Novelty Marshall Ross, Harry Dexter, 
Tiger Rag (Hol dat Tigah) - Modernistic Piano Arrangement - Featuring Billy Cotton, Harry Roy - Piano solo D J La Rocca. Arranged by T W Thurban, 
Tiger Tango - Featuring Cyril Stapleton. Piano Solo Clyde Hamilton and Robert Early, 
Timeless Jazz Standards - Book 1 - Piano / Vocal / Chords Various Composers, 
Tinkabelle - Piano Solo Kennedy Russell, 
Tip Top Rag P Michael, G Fuhlisch, 
To Be or Not to Bop. Piano solo George Shearing, 
Topsy - Piano Solo - As performed by Jack Parnell - Cozy Cole - Ted Heath Edgar Battle and Ed Durham, arranged by Stan Bowsher, 
Topsy - Piano Solo - Featuring Cozy Cole Edgar Battle and Ed Durham, arranged by Stan Bowsher, 
Toy Balloons - Song - Featuring Russ Conway Billy Mure, 
Trambone. Piano Solo By Chet Atkins, 
Trampolina - Russ Conway - Piano Solo Geoff Love, 
Tranquility - For Piano Lee Sims, 
Treble Chance - Piano Solo - Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson Joe Henderson, 
Trip-Tease - Novelty for Piano Solo Roy King, 
Tropical Piano Solo Morton Gould, 
Trudie - Joe Henderson Joe Henderson, 
Trudie - Piano Solo - Theme Music from "The man inside" - Featuring Jack Palance & Anita Ekberg Joe Henderson, 
Trumpet Boogie - Piano Solo R Anthony and George Williams, 
Turkey in the Straw: Square Dance Arranged by Jay Hicks, 
Turkish Coffee - Piano Solo Tony Osborne, 
Turn Ye to Me: from the "Scottish Suite". Piano Solo Leroy Anderson, 
Twilight in Turkey - Novelty Piano Solo Raymond Scott, 
Two Parrots (Dos Papagayos) - Piano Solo John Gavall and Jean Corvos, arranged by Dolores Ventura, 
Unchained Melody - Piano Solo Hy Zaret and Alex North arranged for Piano solo by Lou Singer, 
Underneath the Stars - Saunter for Piano Herbert Spencer, 
Une Affaire D'Amour - Serenade Passionelle Cuthbert Clarke, 
Valse Lente from the symphony poem "The Saga of Odette" - Piano Solo Anthony Collins, 
Victoria! - Morceau Brittannique sur le chant national de Henry Smart - For Piano Silvio Bruno, 
Vincent Lopez A Folio of Vincent Lopez novelty piano solos Vol.1; Gloria, Bing Bing, Try and Play it, Prudy, Twinkles and Upright and Grand., 
Viper's Drag - Piano Solo from Rhythmic piano solos Thomas Fats Waller, 
Wabash Blues - Piano Solo Fred Meinken Arranged by Deb, 
Wabash Blues, for piano Fred Meinken, 
Walkin' in the Sun - Piano Solo Mel Powell, 
Waltz of the Bubbles - Piano Solo David Rose, 
Wanderlust Waltz - Pianoforte Arrangement H. Elliot-Smith, arranged by Winifred Atwell, 
Washington Concerto. Piano Solo. Geoff Love M Carr and F Russell, 
Waterfall - Piano Solo - Recorded on Parlophone R. 4569 by Johnny Pearson Fred Emney arranged by Stan Bowsher, 
Weary Willy. Rag Time March John Neat, 
Whistling Medley of famous songs. Charles Kunz Charles Kunz, 
Whistling Mose - Characteristic Novelty Buddy Reid and Paul Hoffman, 
White Heather - A syncopated impression for piano Billy Mayerl, 
Will O' The Wisp for piano Dudley Glass, 
Winifred Atwell's "Make it a Party" Selection Various Composers, arranged by Winifed Atwell, 
Winifred Atwell's Let's Have Another Party Selection - With Words, Music, Tonic Sol-fa and Ukulele arrangement - Recorded on Philips PB. 268 Various Composers, 
Winifred Atwell's Lets Have a Ding Dong - Featuring Winifred Atwell Arranged by Winifred Atwell, 
Winifred Atwell's Piano Party - 11 pieces of music as Recorded by Winifred Atwell on Decca F 11183 Various Composers, 
Winkler - Dramatic Suspense - Cinematic Piano Music - Cinema Inc. Series No. 16 M. Winkler, arranged by Sol P. Levy, 
Wistaria, Op. 83 - An impression for the piano Billy Mayerl, 
Wyoma - the new novelty dance founded on the sensational success "Wyoming Valse" Gene Williams, Dance arranged by J. B. Mcewen, Music Adapted by Harry Wood, 
Yakety Sax. Piano Solo. Transposed tenor sax part as recorded by Boots Randolph Randy Randolph and James Rich, 
Yancey special, featuring Bob Crosby By Meade (Lux) Lewis, 
Yardbird Suite, piano transcription from Be-Bop piano solo series Charlie Parker, transcribed by Morris Feldman, 
You Tell Em Ivories - Novelty Piano Solo Zez Confrey, 
Zither Rhythm of Anton Karas Anton Karas,