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'The Pink Lady' - Lancers Ivan Caryll - Arranged by H.M. Higgs, 
A Dream of Delight - Waltz for Piano Horatio Nicholls, 
A Dream Picture - Lyric Poem for Piano Albert W Ketelbey, 
A Portrait - Impromptu for Piano Ambroise Farman, 
A te O cara No. 1 Quatuor from I Puritani. LArt du chant, Applique au Piano By Bellini. S Thalberg, 
A Vision of Love - Waltz L Sylvester Jonkin, 
A Waltz Dream - Two-Step from the Operetta - Piano Solo Oscar Strauss, 
A Watteau Picture - Piano Solo Laurence Sturdy, 
A Winter Ride (Across the snow), a descriptive fantasia, piano solo Theo Bonheur , 
A Wise Old Owl - Musical Kindergarten Sketch Theodore Morse arranged by Theo. Bonheur, 
A Young Ladys No, sung by Miss Poole By the composer of 'I could never be happy alone', 
Ace of Hearts - Waltz for Piano John Openshaw, 
Across the Prairies, Indian Ride, for piano solo Theo Bonheur, 
Across the snow - A Merry Sleigh Drive - Piano Solo Faulkner Brandon, 
Affection. Valse Words and music - L T Acland, 
Ah Sweet Mystery of Life - Vocal Waltz (The dream melody from "Naughty Marietta") Rida Johnson Young and Victor Herbert, 
Air Suisse, No.1 of Trois Airs Varies, for piano solo By Stephen Glober, 
Aisha - Indian Intermezzo - Piano Solo John Lindsay, 
Alan Macey, Theo Bonheur and W H Broome Ivys Album, Music for Sunday, Volume 2 No 8, for piano, 
Album of Four Songs. Contains: In the Glitter of Lights, To Youth, Could I but Rise in Beauty, Where. For Voice and Piano Words and music - Vastoa & C Paston Cooper, 
All Aboard for Dixie Land, song from the musical farce "High Jinks" - Sung by Elizabeth M Murray Jack Yellen, George L Cobb, 
All Aboard for Dixie Land, song from the musical farce "Not Likely" Words and Music - Jack Yellen, George L Cobb, 
Alla Stella Confidente, fantaisie Nocturne for piano, Op 175 By J Leybach, 
Alma, A Battle Piece for piano solo By Albert Lindahl, 
Amorelle (Cuvee Reservee 1810) - Waltz on Melodies from Gaston Serpette's Comic Opera Gaston Serpette arranged by Ernest Bucalossi, 
An Atlantic Trip - Descriptive Fantasia for Piano Theo Bonheur, 
An Atlantic Trip - Descriptive Fantasia for Piano Theo Bonheur, 
Anne Boleyn - Court Dance H. Crackel, 
Antelope Polka By Franz Ritter, 
Apple Blossoms - For Pianoforte Leona Lacoste, 
Arcady Waltz Words and music - Philippe Carton, 
At the Portals of the Palace - For Piano Solo Gatty Sellars, 
At the Temple Gates - For the Pianoforte Gatty Sellars, 
Au Pays des Reves (In Dreamland). For piano solo, illustration Philip Greaves F G Byford, 
Bagdad - Oriental Fox-Trot Song Jack Yellen and Milton Ager, 
Banffy - Valse - For Pianoforte Solo Nicolas Banffy, 
Barnaby Phee QC - Humorous Song Gilbert Byass and Mel B Spurr, 
Beauties of Switzerland. Favorite Swiss Melodies. Arranged with Variations for the Piano By Henry W Goodban, 
Beautiful Leaves Words and music - J E Carpenter and J W Cherry, 
Beijo Fatal, sung by Geraldos, W&M. , 
Bells Across the Water - For Piano Solo Phil Martin, 
Bertie be Careful, sung by W K Innes in the revue "Cigarettes and Coffee", W&M. Patrick L Barrow, Theo. V Norman, , 
Betty, waltz on melodies from the musical play, for piano solo By Paul A Rubens and Ernest Stefan, 
Bien Aimes - Valse Par - Piano Solo Emile Waldteufel, 
Blue Bird - Vocal waltz - The Palace Blackpool Novelty Dance invented by Arthur Lister Horatio Nicholls, 
Blue Blazes - fox trot - featured by Murray Pilcer and his famous jazz bands Joe Tunbridge, 
Bosun Bill - One Step - Piano Solo Stennett George, 
Brave Old Bob (A Pattern to the Whole Wide World) - Song Worton Davis and Lawrence Wright, 
Bravo Bobs! - Grand March piano solo Edward St Quentin, 
Brune ou Blonde, waltzes for piano, dedicated to Madame Louis Cartier By Emile Waldteufel, 
Bubbles - Court dance for Pianoforte Solo Leon Navarro, 
By the old sundial, legende for piano solo, continental fingering By Ambroise Farman, 
Bye-Lo - Song Ray Perkins, 
C F Waters Suite in the Folk Song Style for piano, 
Caesar and Cleopatra Theme Alex North, 
Camelia Rouge (Red Camellia) Valse - For Piano Solo Alfred T. Parker, 
Camelia, for piano By Claude Delacour, 
Castle of Dreams, romance for piano solo By Leo Torrance, 
Catch Me If You Can - Dance Joscelyn Noel, 
Christmas Time, Op 28, fantasia brilliante for piano By W Smallwood, 
Cinderella - No. 3 of Fairy Tales told in music for Piano Gladys Cumberland , 
Circassian Polka - Piano solo Charles D'Albert, 
Clytie, Waltz. Piano Solo By May Ostlere, 
Colosseum Polka. Composed & Dedicated to Dr Bachhoffner By C C Amos, 
Come to the Cook House Door - Patrol Howard Fisher, 
Coming Thro' the Rye - Valse piano solo Henry J Tinney, 
Count Pestal or The Polish Patriots Dying Song, for piano By E Jackson, R Andrews, 
Cycle - Valse piano solo dedicated to Harry James Esquire, Birmingham E Allen Clode, 
Cyril Getliffe On the Lake, Barcarolle for piano, 
Dance of Delight - Waltz - Piano Solo Gramina Brine, 
Danse Pastorale. Piano Solo. English fingering, Illustrated by W George By Paul Ambroise, 
Dawn Idylle, for piano By Albert E Matt, 
Delirante - Valse Tzigane - Op. 186 - Respectfully dedicated to Mademoiselle Madeleine Laurent Jean Bernard and Gaston Deval, 
Desecration - One Step - For Piano Montague Clayton, 
Devotion - Waltz for Piano Solo Fabian Rose, 
Dick Turpin's Ride to York - Descriptive fantasia for the pianoforte G. F. Pawson, 
Die drei Liebchen (The three students), for baritone and mezzosoprano Words and music - W Speier, 
Die Windsbraut, Bravour Galopp for piano solo, Op 53 By H Liechner, 
Dignity - Gavotte Alan Macey, 
Down By The River Side I Stray. Christy Minstrels, Ernest Bruce Words and music - J R Thomas, 
Down Rio Way (A Musical Impression). Piano Solo By Alan Braithwaite, 
Dream Faces - Waltz upon William M Hutchinsons popular song, played with great success by Mr Liddells Band, but the Highland Regiment Josef Meissler, 
Dubinuschka, Potpourri on Russian gipsy airs, for piano - (Incomplete) A Schirmann , 
Duchess Olga, valse brillante for piano solo By Alphonse Leduc, 
Eastern Skies - Valse for Piano Leon Merton, 
Echoes, idealistic romance Words and music - H Baynton Power, 
Ecossaise, caprice brillant for piano, Op 121 By Leybach, 
El Duo de la Africana, W&M. M F Caballero,, 
Elvera, Entra'cte, Playtime Melodies, W&M. Arthur Langstaff,, 
Enchantress - Romance for Piano Solo Leo Torrance, 
Englische Tanze (English Dances), for piano, Op 10 By Johannes Brahms, Algernon Ashton, 
Entre Nous - Valse Emile Waldteufel, 
Entreaty - Valse for Piano Sydney Baynes, 
Erminie - March on subjects from the comic opera - Piano solo Edward Jakobowski, 
Eugenie Redowa By C H R Marriott, 
Euphemia Waltz - For Piano Henri Laski, 
Everybody Loves Their Lil Old Home - Song Herbert Rule and L Silberman, 
Fairie Voices, waltz, dedicated to W Freeman Thomas, W&M. A Gwyllym Crowe,, 
Fairies In The Glen - Intermezzo Schottische for Pianoforte Arthur Basson, 
Fairy Barque Waltz - Piano Solo Leonard Gautier, 
Fanita - Valse Lente Georges Lauweryns, 
Fiancailles - Valse for Piano - Dedicated to Monsier E. Domergue E. Wesly , 
Fiancailles, valse for piano solo By E Wesly, 
Fiddle Foot - Square Dance for piano solo - Features a picture of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh square dancing in Canada Sherman Myers, 
Fidelite - Valse for Piano Aylmer Ward, 
Fifth Band March, as performed by the Guards Band, arranged for piano, dedicated to E H Apletree ByEdwin Merriot, 
Fleur de Ble (Corn Flower), waltz for piano solo Charles Coote Junior, 
Floatin Down to Cotton Town - Song one-step Jack Frost and F Henri Klickmann, 
Florinda waltz Words and music - F M Still, 
Flots Danube, valse for piano solo By J Ivanovici, 
For Freedom & The Flag - Lord Roberts Grand March - Piano Solo Ezra Read, 
For Freedom and the Flag, Lord Roberts Grand March, for piano By Ezra Read, 
For Killarney and You - Song featuring the famous Russell Bros. J. Brandon Walsh and Louise Teasdale, 
Fraises au Champagne!, valse for piano solo By Jules Klein, 
Gavotte, Op 40, for piano solo By F Thome, 
Gay Ostend - One Step or Two Step Howard Fisher, 
Gems from Bran Pie - Piano Solo Selection from Andre Charlot's "Bran Pie" Arranged by Henry E. Pether, 
Ghosts - Two Step for Piano Ernest Dunkels, 
Glad Days (Frohliche Tage) Entr'acte - Piano Solo - Illustrated by Agnes Pringle R A Berche, 
Glowing Embers - Narrative intermezzo Evan Marsden, 
Gnats - A Two Step for Piano Roger Eckersley, 
Go Bye Bye - Darkies' Lullaby Joseph Fredericks, 
Going Up. One or Two Step Melodies Words and music - Louis A Hirsch and R S SToddon, 
Gondolier Waltz, W&M. Otto Reginald,, 
Grande Marche Perse, Op 233, for piano solo By W Popp, 
H C Y Lisser, Illustrated by Cress Woollett Barbara, valse for piano solo, 
H M Elizabeths March - Piano solo Adela Verne, 
Handy Man, Naval Fantasia for piano By Ezra Read, 
Happy Days - Waltz Boston F S Burrows, 
Happy Peasant - Polka piano solo on a melody by Schumann Fabian Rose, 
He Used to Sing in His Sleep - Song Wynn Stanley and Andrew Allen, 
He Was a Grand Old Man (In Memoriam) - Song in Key of G Paul Pelham & Lawrence Wright, 
Hearts Ease - Intermezzo piano solo Allan Macbeth, 
Helena - Valse Lente for Piano Solo - Lawrence Wright edition No. 179 Ernest T. Gillett , 
Herbststimmung - Valse for Piano Paul Lincke, 
Heres your Tuney Opperty, intermezzo for piano By Sydney C Baldock, 
Himno Patriotico de Buenos Ayres, for piano solo By Ferd. Beyer, 
Hobomoko - An Indian romance, for piano solo Ernerst Reeves, 
Hong Kong Dream Girl - Foxtrot Song with Ukulele accompaniment Harry Barris and Geo. Springer, 
Hope On. Ballad. Founded on the Proverb "When Things are at the Worst They Must Mend" Words and music - Henry Lovell & N J Sporle, 
How do You do Miss Rag Time ? - Two Step Louis A. Hirsch, 
Hows Your Father. From "Push and Go" Words and music - Herman Darewski, 
Humming Bird - Valse piano solo Charles Coote Junior, 
Humoresque, Op 57, No6 from six Morceaux for piano solo By N Lago, 
I built a Palace, No1 in Eb. W&M. G Clifton Bingham, P Bucalossi,, 
I Wanna Go Where You Go, - Do What You do, Then I'll Be Happy - Fox trot Song with ukelele or banjulele banjo accompaniment Sidney Clare, Lew Brown and Cliff Friend, 
I would be calm I would be free, No3 Contralto or Baritone, W&M. Luigi Caracciolo, Lord Haughton, , 
I've Been a Fool with the Women - Song R P Weston and Bert Lee, 
Il Etait une fois, conte for piano, Op 64 By Henri Kowalski, 
Illustrious March, for piano solo By Leonard Gautier, 
Ilma (Arditis Waltz), solo, arranged for dancing, W&M. C Godfrey,, 
Im Leaving thee in Sorrow Annie, sung by Mr D S Wambold of the Christy Minstrel Troupe, W&M. George Barker., 
Impudence - Schottische piano solo Alan Macey, 
In a Gypsy Camp - Piano Solo Evan Marsden , 
In a Monastery Garden, characteristic Intermezzo Piano Solo. Illustrated by F Aveline. printed by Lowe & Brydone By Albert W Ketelby, 
In Camp - The Boy Scouts March for piano solo Walter Tewson, 
In Poppyland, a novelette Fred G Albers, 
In Sun Kissed Normandy - Song Geo. W. Meyer, 
In the Cloisters - For Piano Leo Torrance, 
In the Meadows - Intermezzo for piano solo Theo Bonheur, 
In The Morning - Song Norton Atkins, Felix McGlennon, arranged by Warwick Williams, 
In the Syrian Desert - Fantasy for Piano Solo Evan Marsden, 
Indian Nights (Valse Mystique) - Piano Solo Leon Adam, 
Ireland. A Set of Quadrilles as Duets By Charles DAlbert, 
It Aint Gonna Rain No Mo' Wendell Hall, 
Its all through you - Sung by Vine and Russell in the revue "Puzzles" Ralph Stanley and Leslie Alleyn, 
Ive Got a Friendly Feeling for the Friendly Isles - Song R P Weston and Bert Lee, 
J'ai peur d'Aimer - Valse pour Piano J. Rico, 
Je T'Adore. Polka Words and music - Fabian Rose, 
Jeanette. Intermezzo Words and music - Charles Ancliffe, 
Jerusalem the Golden Words and music - Revd J M Neale, Alexander Ewing, 
Jerusalem The Golden Hymn, arranged for piano solo Arranged by Jules Brissac, 
Jeunesse de Turenne, quadrille brillant for piano By Alphonse Leduc, 
Jimmy Valentine - Song Edward Madden and Gus Edwards, 
Joseph Schulz Weida Two Idylls for piano. Morning on the Mountains Op102, Evening on the Mountains Op41, 
Just a Rose in Old Killarney Frank Swain, 
Just Another Sally (Down Another Alley) - Song Fox Trot Harry Carlton, 
Just Like the World, No. 2 in G Clifton Bingham and Herbert E Crimp, 
Just One More (Encore Song) Fred G Bowles and George L'Estrange, 
Kashmir - Valse for Piano Solo Frances Dower, 
Kentucky - Song George A Little and Neuman Fier, 
Killaloe - Sung by E J Lonnen Robert Martin, 
Kind Regards - Intermezzo for Piano Sydney Baynes , 
Kutschke Polka, Op 155 for piano solo By Ludwig Stasny, 
Kynge Alfred in the Danyshe Campe By Philip Klitz, 
L'aimee - Valse for Pianoforte Solo Y'Ener, 
L'Automne - Valse sequel to "Songe D'Automne" - Dedicated to Arthur Webb Esq. Archibald Joyce, 
La Cigale - Valse Arranged by Charles Coote, 
La Malle des Indes - Galop brilliant for piano Georges Lamothe, 
La Naide. Valse Words and music - Theo Bonheur, 
La Penelope Normande, valse for piano solo By Albert Grisar, 
La Petite Suissesse, polka mignonne for piano solo By A Leduc, 
La Prometida (la Promise), W&M. Rogelio Huguet, Charles Gallo, M S Valencia,, 
La Salutation Angelique, a quatre mains for piano solo By C Urhan, 
La Siesta Quadrille - Dedicated to John Baptiste Calkin By the Author of "A Delightful Polka", 
Laddio a Napoli Words and music - T Cottrau and C Aveling, 
LAmant DAmanda, chansonette Words and music - E Carr, V Robillard, 
Laughing Eyes, dance intermezzo for piano By Herman Finck, 
Launch of the Battle Ship - Descriptive Fantasia for piano - Dedicated to Lord Charles Beresford Alan Macey, 
Lavender Ladies - Intermezzo - for Pianoforte Charles Ancliffe, 
Le Beau Danube Bleu, valse chantee, W&M. Johan Strauss, J B Wekerlin,, 
Le Diable au Moulin, polka for piano solo By Fr Lowenstein, 
Le Nid de Fauvettes, No2 Soprano, romance for piano solo By Julian, Leduc, 
Le Nid De L Hirondelle. Romance, No1 mezzo soprano Words and music - Emile Dufour, Alponse Leduc, 
Le Nouveau Palais, valse for piano solo By Harry Wood, 
Le Touquet - Tango Bresilien piano solo Louis Lertes, 
Les Douloureuses - Marche Grotesque piano solo Theo Bonheur, 
Les Rats Quadrille, for piano solo By G Redler, 
Let's Be Lively (A Merry Interlude), Opus 36 - Song W H Myddleton, 
Leybourne's Love Song - Song sung with greatest success by George Leybourne G W Hunt, 
Light O' Heart - One Step Fox Trot - Piano Solo Harry Ellingham, 
Lil Old Granny Mine - Song J P Long, 
Linger Longer Loo, No 2 in F, sung by Miss Millie Hylton in the gaiety Burlesque "Don Juan", W&M. Willie Young, Sidney Jones,, 
Little Cock Robin - Pictorial Quadrilles Charles D'Albert, 
Little Peter - Two Step for the Pianoforte - Played with enormous success by all the principal bands Cecil Wynne, 
Lola. Serenata Italiana Words and music - Carl Friedemann OP. 128, 
Long Live the Ladies - Song Joe Young, E Ray Goetz and Geo W Meyer, 
Looking For You - Song Archie Gottler and Horatio Nicholls, 
Lord Kitcheners March - Piano solo J S Howgill, 
Love and Life in Holland - Valse for Piano Solo Archibald Joyce, 
Love Me Little Love Me Long - An English version of Percy Gaunt's popular song Richard Morton, 
Love or Gold Waltz - Feldmans Tit-Bits of MelodySeries of Popular Airs Easily Arranged for the Pianoforte E. W. Rogers, 
Love's Secret: sung by Mrs Langtry and also Miss Fanny Jones in "Ours" Words and music - Unknown, 
Love, Come From Your Hiding Place - The Gaiety Theatre Production 'Poppy' Lyric by Greatrex Newman - Music by Reynell Wreford and H. C. G. Stevens, 
Loves Paradise - Valse for Piano Jullien H Wilson, 
Loyalty - Valse - Piano Solo Sydney Baynes, 
Luton Hoo, esquisse for piano solo. Dedicated to Gerard Leigh By Tito Mattei, 
Ma Charmante valse, for piano solo - Dedicated to Madame Marie Antoinette Tirard Emile Waldteufel, 
Madame Toujours Pret - Entr'acte piano solo Charles B Hampson, 
Madame Toujours Pret, Entracte. Piano Solo By Charles B Hampson, 
Maidens Blush - Waltz for Piano Archibald Joyce, 
Mam'Zelle Confetti - Song Intermezzo Fred. W. Leight and Langley Thorne, 
March across the Desert - Descriptive fantasia for the piano John Pridham, 
March of the Gladiators - for Piano Theo Bonheur, 
Marche des Natchez, for piano solo By Louis Tiercelin, 
Marche Patriotique - Piano solo Edward St Quentin, 
Marche Romaine - For the pianoforte Charles Gounod, 
Marguerite - Valse Walter Almgill, 
May Queen Gavotte - for Piano B. Bollag, 
Mazurk, for piano solo By Arturo Campione, 
Meadowland - Pastorall for Piano Solo - Broome Edition No. 933 Alan Macey, 
Memories, musical sketch, W&M. Alex McLaren,, 
Merry England - Quadrille piano solo Wilhelm Keller, 
Midnight Revels Valse for Piano Cuthbert Clarke, 
Millicent - Valse Hesitation or Boston Pause - For Piano Solo Frank W McKee, 
Modesty - Valse for Pianoforte Sydney Baynes, 
Mon Coeur est Pour Toi (Love Here is my heart), waltz for piano solo Words and music - Lao Silesu, 
Montague Ewing In an April Garden, characteristic suite for piano: Dance of the crocuses, Lilac Love, Whispering Leaves, Sweet Primrose, 
Montana, one step dance arranged by J B McEwen Music Arranged by Harry Wood, 
Moon Daisies - Morceau De Salon Georg Marcel, 
Moon Magic (Danse des Fantomes). Piano Solo with English Fingering. Dedicated to the Lady Mayoress Lady Cooper and her Fourteen Maids of Honour Wilfred Arnold, 
Moonlit Piazza - Southern Impressions No. 1 - for Piano Charles Ancliffe, 
Moorish Idyll - Piano Solo - Continental fingering Andre Marcelle, 
My Little Cottage Home In Sweet Killarney - Song in the key of C major for Low voice Herbert J Brandon and Jack Thompson, 
My Little Cottage Home In Sweet Killarney - Song in the key of D major for Medium voice Herbert J Brandon and Jack Thompson, 
My Little Persian Roase, Miss Violet Romaine Words and music - Edgar Allan Woolf and Anatol Friedland, 
My Love Shall Be a Flower - Song in the key of G Major Edward St.Quentin and Harold Simpson, 
My Queen - Valse on melodies by P Bucalossi P Bucalossi and Charles Coote Junior, 
My Queen, waltz, W&M. P Bucalossi, Arr. Charles Coote Junior,, 
Myosotis - Waltz dedicated to Mrs Wybergh Caroline Lowthian, 
Naughty Boy, sung by Jack Pleasants, with tonic sol fa setting, W&M. Nat Clifford,, 
Nelly GReen (or "The Rumble Tumble Ocean") - Song sung with the greatest success by Joe Daniels Harry Hunter, 
Oh! Aint it Grand to be in the Navy - Song from the British Lion film "All at Sea", directed by Herbert Smith Jimmy Kennedy and Michael Carr, 
Old Blue - Polka piano solo Lionel Owen, 
Old Exeter March, for piano By H Martin Guest, 
On the Mississippi - Song featuring Fred Barnes Ballard Macdonald, Carroll and Fields, 
On the Road to Mandalay - Song in the key of C major (Original) Oley Speaks and Rudyard Kipling, 
On the Shady Side - As sung by Clifton Crawford, Carrie De Mar and Al Leach in the musical "Seeing New York" Clifton Crawford, 
One Little Heart is Beating - Song Wilfred Tizard, 
One Pound One - A Comic Song Words and music - John Read, 
Oscar Strauss. Arranged by M Greenwald A waltz dream, from themes of Ein Waltzertraum. Piano solo, 
Our Sailors (Nos Marins) - Naval Fantasia for Piano Solo By Charles Melville,, 
Ours, I Think? - Valse for Piano Ernest Shand, 
Palm Tree Island - Song Reg Low, 
Paris to Berlin - March piano solo, introducing the melodies our soldiers are marching to John Neat, 
Paris to Berlin : March, piano solo John Neat, 
Passion Flower, waltz, W&M. Pedro de Zuleta,, 
Patriotic Memories - A medley of favourite melodies Edward St. Quentin - Copyright arrangements, 
Peace! Peace! Peace! - Song L M Thornton & W T Wrighton, 
Peek A Boo - Two Step - for Piano Herman Finck - Composer of "In the Shadows", 
Peter Piper - Song sung with great success by Sydney Franks Walter Burnot and Syney Franks, 
Petrograd - Dance Russe Cyril Burgess, 
Petrograd - Danse Russe for Piano - Lawrence Wright edition no. 158 Cyril Burgess, 
Phaeton, galop brillant for piano By Louis Dessaux, 
Phoebe Morel ("I Had a Dream, a Happy Dream") - Song sung by Mr Irving Unknown, 
Phryne - Valse Pedro de Zulueta, 
Phryne, Waltz, W&M. Pedro de Zulueta,, 
Playtime Pieces for Young Musicians - Book One - Op. 48 Ernest Austin, 
Pleasure - Waltz piano solo dedicated to Augustus Harris Esq. Frank Laughlin, 
Poemes Chantes - Song Gustave Charpentiere, (1860-1956) and Balzac, 
Polka-Scherzando - For Piano Solo Paul Ambroise, 
Pomponnette, polka brillante for piano solo By Marc Demouy, 
Poor Nelly. Ballad Words and music - Ernest Haythorne Reed Esqre & George Linley, 
Poppies - Reverie for piano solo By Daisy Moore, 
Portsmouth Town, A rollicking sea piece, piano solo Evan Marsden. Illustrated by F Aveline, 
Prelude, No1 from Six Morceaux for piano, Op 57 By N Lago, 
Primrose - Waltz piano solo C Richardson, 
Princess Charming. Entracte. By Walter Harrison, 
Princess Maud - Waltz piano solo Theo Bonheur, 
Princess May - Valse piano solo Walter Bonser, 
Princesse Mimosa - Grande Valse Lente - Dedicated a Madame la Princesse Sofia Rover de Kartner Albert Petit , 
Pulcinella, Schottisch for piano solo By Pasdeloup, 
Radiance - Valse - For Piano Solo Edward Barnard, 
Recollections of Roman Church Music - Part 2 - Ancient and Admired Airs arranged for the Piano Forte Various Composers arranged by F. Viviani, edited by Willm. Tighe Hamilton Esq., 
Reincarnation "Salome" - Oriental Waltz - For Piano Solo Archibald Joyce, 
Reincarnation - Waltz Oriental for Piano Solo - From "Salome" Archibald Joyce, 
Remember Loch Leven! Words and music - Edward Lockton and Bowker Andrews, 
Remember Louvain - March piano solo John Neat, 
Reminiscences of Burns, fantasia for piano By Ricardo Linter, 
Retour des Hirondelles - Caprice Brilliant for piano solo - Op. 138 Constantin de Crescenzo, 
Reverence, Minuet, W&M. Guy Beaumont, , 
Rosalie. A Prairie Romance Theo. Bonheur, 
Rose de Mai - Valse piano solo composed and dedicated to R P Hibbert Esq. Hermann Koenig, 
Rose Leaves Mazurka - Piano solo P A Hossbach, 
Roses of Yesterday, Waltz on popular songs. Piano Solo. Illustrated by Collier By Henry Geehl. Arranged by Anton Morette, 
Round the Route, Grand descriptive Coronation Fantasia, for piano solo By Ezra Read, 
Royal Horse Guards - Grand parade march for the piano J Ord Hume, 
Royal Horse Guards - Grand parade march for the piano J Ord Hume, 
Royal Silver Jubilee Selection - Words Music, Tonic Solfa and Ukulele Accompaniment Arranged by Irving King, 
Royal Wedding March. Quatrieme Marche Aux Flambeaux Pour Le Piano By Giacomo Meyerbeer, 
Roze - Song dedicated by special permission to Madame Marie Roze (picture featured) Carl Reber, 
Sabbath Recreations, No 1, A Collection of Sacred Airs for piano, dedicated to Miss Theresa Banks Arr. J Pridham, containing Reminiscence of York Minster, O God unseen yet ever near, The Vesper chimes, Grand Chorus Hallelujah, 
Sacred Recreations No 24, a collection of sacred airs for piano including Preludio, God All Powerful & the Allegro from Correllis first Concerto By Mendelssohn, Corelli. Arranged by J Pridham, 
Sacred Recreations No5, a collection of sacred airs for piano including Organ Voluntary, I Will Arise, Interlude, Vienna, Gloria By Haydn, Cecil and Mozart. Arranged by J Pridham, 
Samoa! Samoa! Some More! - Song R P Weston and Bert Lee, 
Santa Rosa waltz Words and music - Theo Bonheur, 
Sarabande. Piano Solo. Illustrated by Fred Low By John Farmer, 
Scherzo, No2 from six Morceaux for piano solo By N Lago, 
Scottish Scenes for Piano Solo John Longmire, 
Scouts of the World - The international scout song march, performed with great success at the Olympia "Jamboree" and at the Melba concert in the Royal Albert Hall before Their Majesties the King and Queen Arthur Poyser, 
See Saw Waltz - for Piano A Gwyllym Crowe, 
Serenade - Tiree du Ballet - Les Millions D'Arlequin for Piano Richard Drigo arr. Th. Lumbye, 
Shepherd's Song - (Chanson du Berger) - Op.11, No. 5 Benjamin Godard (1849-1895), 
Shepherds Love Words and music - W A Manahan, 
Si J Etais Grande Dame, No1 Contralto Words and music - Felix Montet and Louis Abadie, 
Silver Cloud (An Indian Maidens Song) - Piano Solo Albert W Ketelbey, 
Silver Moon, barn dance Words and music - Theo Bonheur, 
Silver Wedding, Royal March composed to commemorate the Silver Wedding of their Royal Highnesses The Prince & Princess of Wales, W&M. Michael Watson, , 
Sincerite, valse Parisienne for piano solo By John Openshaw, 
Sincerity - Valse - Dedicated to 'My Esteemed Friends Mr and Mrs Sutton' Theo. Ward, 
Sings the Nightingale - Ballad W T Wrighton and Charles Swain, 
Sister Mary Walked Like That - Sung by Jolly Nash Gus Levaine, A. Massage, 
Sleighing on the Lake - Piano solo John Pridham, 
Smiles and Tears - Waltz piano solo James H Sykes, 
Snow White and Rose Red - No. 6 of Fairy Tales told in music for Piano Gladys Cumberland , 
Some Day - Waltz Georges Lamothe on Milton Wellings Popular Song, 
Somewhere a Voice is Calling - Waltz for piano Arthur F Tate, 
Song of the Blacksmith, Chanson ou Chaudronnier. Op 124, morceau caracteristique for piano solo By Jules Egghard, 
Song of the Rivulet - For the Pianoforte Arthur Kingsley, 
Songe D'Automne (Dream of Autumn) - Valse for piano solo Archibald Joyce, 
Songs of Italy (Les Chants DItalie), No5 and No6 of Six Easy Fantasias for piano solo By Francois Hunten, 
Songs of the Devon Moors, No. 1 for Low Voice Ed Teschemacher and Herbert Oliver, 
Souvenir D'Amour - Reverie for Piano E Kershaw, 
Sphinx? - Valse Francis Popy and Pierre Chapelle, 
Standchen (Leise flehen) - La Serenade - Fur Das Pianoforte Ubertragen - For Piano Solo Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt, 
Star of Venice. Valse A Deux Temps. Composed & Dedicated to His Friend W J Scott Esq. By Arthur Henry Brown, 
Stars of the Summer Night, waltzes, W&M. Gerald Owen, , 
Stealing to Virginia - A dancing song Gus Kahn and Walter Donaldson, 
Suffragettes - Humorous One or Two step Montague Ewing, 
Summer Flowers - Polka piano solo W Smallwood, 
Sunset - Valse for piano Frederic Mullen, 
Sweet And Low - Waltz for Piano Solo Chas L. Johnson, 
Sweet Nellies The Girl I Love Words and music - Paul Pelham, 
Sweet Seventeen, waltz for piano solo By Jos E Blakeley, 
Sweethearts Waltz Words and music - A Sullivan and C D'Albert, 
Sympathy - La Valse Hesitation pour Piano Y. Sarrut, 
Take me with you Cutey and forget to bring me back, W&M. Thos. J Gray, Al. Piantadosi,, 
Tales of the Fairy Dustman - Told for him by Puck the painter and Pan the Piper, 6 Tales with matching songs Preface by Harold Burrows, 
Tantivy Towers - Waltz for Piano Thomas F. Dunhill, 
Tell Her of My Love (Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight) - For Piano and Voice Harold G Frost and F Henri Klickmann, 
Telling the Tale, selection for piano By Philip Braham, 
Tello Mio, tango Milonga for piano C Carpentieri and G Smet, 
Temptation, waltz, W&M. Paul Paree,, 
The Advance Guard March - Piano Solo Theo. Bonheur, 
The Advance of the Tanks - Marche Grotesque piano solo Montague Ewing, 
The Albert Victor - Waltz piano solo Felix Burns, 
The Aquarium Words and music - Alphonse Leduc, 
The Aram Polka. Composed & Dedicated to Eliza Doncaster By M E, 
The Awakening - Valse piano solo Sonitt, 
The Ballad Singer (Gaily I take my way), sung by Miss Dolby George Linley, , 
The Barcarolle,sung by Miss Emma Stanley in Herolds Opera "Marie" or "The Foundling of the Lake", performed at the Princesses Theatre, drected by Edward J Loder Words and music - Herold, 
The Battle March - Descriptive of the triumphant entry into Delhi - Arranged for the Pianoforte John Pridham,, 
The Bells of Rheims, photo of West front Rheims Cathedral Auguste Cons, 
The Bells of St Marys Waltz, W&M. A Emmett Adams, Bertram Lestrance,, 
The Betrothed - Vocal Waltz Robert Booth, 
The Bloom is on the Rye, sung by Mr Sims Reeves Words and music - Edward Fitz-Ball, Sir H R Bishop, 
The Breslau Polka for the Piano as Performed at the Soirees de la Haute Noblesse By F G Tinney, 
The British Lion - Patriotic song (20th edition) Henry Walker, 
The Butterflies Ball, for piano Clifford Higgin, 
The Cadets March - Center page missing W Smallwood, 
The Call of Spring, Three short pieces for piano containing A Spring Morning, On the Lake, Serenade By William Every, 
The Call of the Minaret - Piano Solo Charles Ancliffe, 
The Canary Bird - Quadrilles for the piano forte Ricardo Linter, 
The Celebrated Waltz from Gounods Opera "Faust" Words and music - Charles Gounod, 
The Children are Watching, in G, sung by Talbot O'Farrell Words and music - Bernard D Cropper, 
The Chimes of Rouen - Piano Solo Auguste Cons, 
The Chorister, No. 2 in G - Sung by Madame Antoinette Sterling Fred E Weatherly and Arthur S Sullivan, 
The Cloistered Nun - Piano Solo Martin Hayes, 
The Close of the Ball Galop, for piano solo By W H Montgomery, 
The Crabs Crawl, One Step for piano By Arthur de Blonc, 
The Cuckoos Notes - Song sung by Mr Rawlinson of the Original Christys Minstrels Charles Blamphin, 
The Dance of the Hours - From the opera "La Gioconda" - For Pianoforte Solo A Ponchielli, original edition, 
The Danish National Hymn and Song, for piano solo By Franz Nava, 
The Death of Nelson - The Great National Song as sung by Mr Sims Reeves - Musical Bouquet No. 2874 & 2875 J Braham, 
The Defence and Releif of Mafeking - Descriptive Fantasia for Piano Cyril Hendrich, 
The Duke of Cambridge's March - Piano solo J T Stone, 
The Duke of Edinburgh's Grand March - Piano solo J Pridham, 
The English Gentleman,sung by Mr Norman Salmond in the comic opera " The Royal Star", W&M. Malcolm Watson, Justin Clerice,, 
The English Language. Humorous patter song. Sung by Wilson James Words and music - George Arthurs, 
The Eve Waltz - Dedicated to Comtesse Duchatel - For Piano Solo Rachel Bassett, 
The Fairies Dream, for piano solo By E A Oldham, 
The Fairy Harvest, for piano, dedicated to J Ord Hume Esq By Felix Burns, 
The Fairy Sea - Song - No. 1 in the Key of G major George S. Aspinall and Edward Teschemacher, 
The Fire Fly Polka By Henry W Goodban. Performed by Mr Barnards Band, 
The Flashing Star (Bluette de Salon) - Piano Solo S. Claude Ridley, 
The Flower Queen - Polka piano solo J Downes, 
The Fortune Teller - Characteristic Melody for piano solo Leo Torrance, 
The Fortune Teller - Characteristic melody for Piano Solo Leo Torrance, 
The Fox and the Goose Dance - Piano solo featured by Miss Sylvia Acham and Miss Ena Cleremont in Seymour Hicks and Walter Slaughters dream play "Blue Bell in Fairyland" at the Princes Theatre, London Herman Darewski, 
The Girl from Utah, valse. Piano Solo. Illustrated by R Pannett By Sidney Jones, Paul A Rubens, Arr. H M Higgs, 
The Gladiators Farewell (Der Abschied der Gladiatoren) - March for piano H. L. Blankenburg, 
The Gnats Wedding - Two Step Characteristique or Military Two Step, for piano Montague Ewing, 
The Grasshoppers' Dance - Characteristic Piece for Piano Solo Ernest Bucalossi, 
The Guardian Angel Words and music - H B Farnie, C H Gounod, 
The Guards - Waltz composed for the Ball given by the Officers of the Brigade of Guards in honour of their Royal Highness The Prince and Princess of Wales D Godfrey, 
The Harvey Memorial Grand March, for piano, composed in homour of the Tercentenary of the Birth of that Illustrious Physician Dr Harvey By H S Roberts, 
The Holly Quadrille (With Laughing Finale and Waltz), dedicated to the Honourable Mrs E Butler T Adams, 
The Holy Family, Series 3, admired Sacred Melodies by the Most Celebrated Composers arranged for piano solo By Handel, Mendellsohn, Beethoven, Crotch, Mozart, Spohr, Haydn, 
The Hoodoo Man - Song Nacio Herb Brown, 
The International Rag - Song in Key of F Irving Berlin, 
The Japanese Polka - Playtime Melodies Ezra Read, 
The Japanese Polka - Playtime Melodies Ezra Read, 
The Joy Ride Lady, waltz on melodies fron the musical farce, W&M. Jean Gilbert,, 
The K'Nuts' Strut - A "fast" two-step piano solo Eric Von Stihltz, 
The Kossuth Polka - Piano solo, Cyclopedia of Music No. 124
The Ladies Schottische, for piano By William Fred. Greenwell, 
The Lads in Navy Blue, W&M. Harry Dacre,, 
The Lady Noggs Valse - For Piano Solo Arnold Beresford, 
The Lifeboat - Descriptive Fantasia piano solo - Paxton edition No. 1244 Ezra Read, 
The Lighthouse - Grand Descriptive Fantasia for piano solo Theo Bonheur, 
The Lilac Domino - Waltz for piano Charles Cuvillier, Arranged by Herman Darewski, 
The Little Treasure Galop, for piano solo By H S Roberts, Beyer, 
The Lovers - Barn Dance piano solo Fabian Scott, 
The Lovers, Barn Dance, W&M. Fabian Scott, , 
The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo - Featuring Charles Coborn Fred Gilbert, 
The Mansions of the Blest Charles J Rowe and George Barker, 
The Merry Minstrels - Barn dance for piano Leopole D Schurer, 
The Midnight Flyer - March two step - Piano Solo dedicated to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of America Frederick W Hager, arranged by E T Paull , 
The Miller and his Men - March for Piano Noel Thayne, 
The Miller of the Dee - Song John Blockley, 
The Moonlight Schottische Words and music - Robert Smith, 
The Moonlit Orient - Valse for piano A Johnstone, 
The Motor Car - Musical Sketch piano solo J A Anderson, 
The Never Never Land - Piano Solo Ernest Austin, 
The Nuns Prayer - Piano solo Oberthur. Arranged by Nordmann, 
The Opal Waltzs, for piano solo. Dedicated to Mrs C P Bertram By M E S, 
The Orphee - Quadrilles on Melodies from Offenbach's "Orphee aux Enfers" J Pridham, 
The Pekin March Henry C Grace, 
The Peri - Valse a deux temps Charles D'Albert, 
The Pet of the Village - Polka piano solo W Smallwood, 
The Peter Rabbit Music Book 1 - Six Easy Pieces for Piano Christopher Le Fleming, 
The Piccadilly Quadrilles - On Popular Orchestral Successes Karl Kaps, 
The Quaker Girl - Lancers H M Higgs, Lionel Monckton, 
The Quaker Girl - Valse for Piano On Melodies by Lionel Monckton, arranged by Carl Kiefert, 
The Queen Mary, waltz for piano solo By Felix Burns, 
The Ratcatchers Daughter - The serio-comic ballad immortalised by "Punch" and arranged with harmonized chorus for the pianoforte Arranged by E J Westrop, 
The Retreat from St Jean D'Acre, descriptive March dedicated to Sir Charles Napier, Words and music - S.Glover, 
The Rose Queen - Waltz piano solo performed at Freeman Thomas' promenade concerts, Covent Garden Theatre A G Crowe, 
The Roses Speak of You - Valse founded on the popular song - Paxton edition No. 1848 Albert H. Oswald on the Popular Song by Leon Fontaine, 
The Rosy Morn (Morgenlied) G Millward, 
The Row Polka, arranged for piano solo By W Weston, 
The Royal Marionette Polka, for piano solo By T Browne, 
The Saftest O' The Family (Willie Winks) - Francis, Day and Hunter Sixpenny Popular Edition No. 88 - As sung by Harry Lauder Harry Lauder and Bob Beaton, 
The Sailors Dream. Descriptive Fantasia for piano solo By J Pridham, 
The Sandringham March, for piano solo By Stephen Glover, 
The Scarlet and Blue March, on Lindsay Lennox famous song, dedicated to Lord Kitchener of Khartoum Words and music - H Laski, 
The Scout - Song sung with enormous success by Mr Alf Jessep in "Ye Bowe Bells" Handia, 
The Secret of Love. Duet. Soprano and Baritone Words and music - Edwin Arnold & Felix Corbett, 
The Sentinels March, for piano solo By J Pridham, 
The Sheik of Araby - Fox trot Ted Snyder, 
The Shop Girl Waltz, sung by Miss Nancie Lovat, W&M. Ivan Caryll, Lionel Monckton, Arr. Walter R Collins,, 
The Skeleton Rag - Two Step Percy Wenrich, 
The Storm at Sea - Grand Descriptive Fantasia Arthur Thompson McEvoy, 
The Sultans Polka C D'Albert, 
The Talk of the Town, waltz on melodies from the musical comedy by Seymour Hicks Arranged by Ernest Vousden, 
The Tight Little Island - Song Dibdin and John Blockley, 
The Tubal Cain Polka. Composed & Dedicated to the Gentlemen of the Gainsboro Philharmonic Society By Thomas L Selby, 
The United Kingdom March - Founded on British Airs - Paxton edition No. 1386 Oscar Verne, 
The V C - March Quick Step piano solo, played by all the principle military bands Alphonse Czibulka, 
The Valley of Poppies, Piano solo Words and music - Charles Ancliffe, 
The Wedding of Mister Mickey Mouse - Song Edward Pola and Franz Vienna, 
The Wedding of the Painted Doll, a piano novelty featured in " The Broadway Melody", Nacio Herb Brown, 
The Whistler and his Dog - Caprice Arthur Pryor, 
The World Forgetting, meditation. Piano Solo. Illustrated by F Aveline By Evan Marsden, 
Those Evening Bells - No. 3 from Quatre Melodies Elegantes - for piano Beethoven arranged for piano by Henri Herz, 
Through the Forest - Descriptive Sketch for PianoForte Solo Faulkner Brandon, 
Titania - Walz piano solo Azote, 
To the end of the world with you - Song in the key of B flat major. Sung by Mr Dave Carter Dave Reed, Geo. Graff Jr. and Ernest R. Ball, 
Tosca, Seconda Trascrizione G Puccini, Arr. Emile Tavan, , 
Tout le Long de la Tamise (Primros' Day) - Melodie Schottisch piano solo Eugene Rosi, 
Treasure Island - A musical impression for piano solo Ambroise Farman, 
Treasure Island, A Musical Impression. Piano Solo. Illustrated by F Aveline By Ambroise Farman, 
Tres Belle - Valse pour piano Georges Lamothe, 
Trooping the Colours Words and music - Felix Burns, 
True Friends of the Poor - Philanthropic Song - Dedicated to the Philanthropic Societies of Great Britain T. S. Lonsdale, 
Trumpet Rondo, for piano By F C Panormo, 
Tu ne sauras jamais Words and music - G Millandy and J Rico, 
Tunes from Nature, W&M. Walter Carroll,, 
Twilight Waltz - Piano solo Thomas J Hunt, 
Twilight Whispers - Morceau de Salon for Piano Solo - Broome Edition No. 670 Leonard Gautier, 
Tyrolean Hunter, Les Echoes des Alpes No3, Swiss Air for piano solo By John Pridham, 
Under The Palms. Dance Intermezzo By Elric Olsen, 
Unique - Waltz Edward T Fletcher, 
Valley Gardens, intermezzo for piano By H Chisholm Jackson, 
Valse Appassionata Albert W Ketelbey, 
Valse Brunette Norman Kennedy, 
Valse Coquette - Opus 53, No. 4 - For Piano Moritz Moszkowski - simplified ed. by Bernhard Wolff, 
Valse Lorraine - Piano Solo Felix Godin, 
Valse Novembre - For Piano Felix Godin, 
Vaporeuse - Valse pour Piano Mathieu Franceschini, 
Vesper Music, No1 in C Words and music - H L Darcy Jaxone and Joseph Barnby, 
Vesper Time - Descriptive Intermezzo Kennedy Russell, 
Voulez-Vous? - Valse - For Piano Solo Felix Godin, 
Wait until were all alone. Novelty song. Sung by Billy Clark and Harry Armstrong Words and music - Armstrong & Clark, 
We're All Scotch - Song A J Mills, Bennett Scott and Fred Godfrey, 
Webers Last Waltz, Perles Melodieuses No.4, for piano By J T Stone, 
Wedding Bells, waltz Words and music - Thurley Beale, 
What do the Angels Dream of Mother? - Semi-sacred song Vaughan Fairfax and Charles Gounod, 
When Clouds Have Vanished and Skies are Blue - A delightful waltz melody William R Clay and Charles L Johnson, 
When Irish eyes are smiling - Song from Chauncey Olcott's Song successes - Chauncey Olcott, G Graff Jr. & Ernest R Ball, 
When the Blue Sky turns to Gold, W&M. Thurland Chattaway, , 
When you Return to Me - Song in the key of E flat major Clement Moore, 
When you return to me - Song in the key of E flat major for medium voice Harold Simpson and Sydney Baynes, 
Where Are All the Young Men Gone? (or The Town is Rifle Mad) - Song, lithographic cover John Broughan and J M Jolly, 
Where are the Lads of the Village To Night? - As Sung by George Lashwood R. P. Weston and Hermann E. Darewski, 
Wheres My Two-Bob Gone? - Song sung by A G Spry Charles Osborne, 
White Heather, waltz , W&M. J A Westwood Oliver, , 
Whos afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?, from Walt Disneys Silly Symphony " The Three Little Pigs", Words and music - Frank E Churchill, Ann Ronell, 
Wild Rose, Quadrille, W&M. W Hemingway,, 
Ye Olde Stile, gavotte for piano By Daisy Moore, 
You, Just You - Waltz - Piano Solo Jack Thompson, arranged by Gustave Colin, 
Youth and Beauty - Waltz piano solo Frank W McKee,