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Antiquarian (pre. 1840)
A Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Jigs etc. (Grants 1st Collection) - For the Pianoforte, Violin and Violoncello - Dedicated to Mrs Col. Grant of Grant
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Donald Grant
The Haughs of Cromdale - The Hills of Cromdale - Mrs Grant of Seabank's Strathspey - Mr Alex Leslies Strathspey - Hard to the bone (very old) - The Banks of Nairn Reel - Deirachnay's Rant - Miss Fraser of Stoneyfield's Reel - Orton House Strathspey - She's sweetest when she's naked Reel - Mrs Watt's Strathspey - Mr Watts Reel - Mrs Col. Grant of Grant's Strathspey - Mrs Col. Grants Reel - Miss Ross's Strathspey - Mr Fortath's Reel - Miss Charlotte Ross's Reel - Lady Dunbar of Boath's Strathspey - Miss Wedderburn's Reel - Mrs Fortath's Strathspey - The Earl of Seafield's Strathspey - The Earl of Seafield's Reel - Mrs Grant of Bught's Jig - General Grant Strathspey - Miss Margt Gordons Reel - Miss Shand's Strathspey - Miss Mary Shand's Reel - Munros Rant - The Banks of Spey (Very Old) - Col. Grant of Grant's Strathspey - Cullen House Reel - The Deserts of Tulloch - Mr Mcandrew's Strathspey - Mrs Johnston's Reel - Leiut Col. Baillie of Leys Strathspey - Miss leslie of St. Andrews Reel - Mrs Fraser of Culbockie's Jig - Mr Jas. Thomson's Strathspey - Mrs Fraser of Belladrum's Reel - Mrs Rose of Kilravock's Jigg - Mr Allan Grant's Strathspey - Miss Williamson of Oldfield's Jigg - Charles Leslie of Findrassie's Strathspey - Mrs Alexr. Brodie's Reel - Mr McPhadden's Favorite - Miss Jane Campbell's Strathspey - Mr Sinclair younger of Barrack's Reel - Mr Chas. Gordon's Strathspey - Dear Meal is cheap again Reel - - McNiel's Strathspey - Mrs Grant of Laggan's Favorite - Mrs Reid of Kilcalmkill's Strathspey - Mr Reid's Reel - Mrs Col. Sinclair of Forss's Strathspey - Miss Munro of Dornoch's Reel - His Grace the Duke of Gordon's Recovery - Miss Jane Grant of Grant's Reel - Arndilly House Strathspey - Miss Macdowall Grant's Reel - Lord Fife's welcome to Elgin - The Elgin Trintiy Lodge's Strathspey - The Keel Row Reel - Mr Brander of Springfield's Strathspey - Miss Henderson of Stempster's Reel - Mrs Spence's Strathspey - Mr Wm. Young's Reel - Miss Grant of Grant's Favorite - Lady Dunbar of Northfield's Strathspey - Miss Jane Dunbar's Reel - Castle Grant - Miss Grant of Grant's Strathspey - Miss Rose of Tarlogie's Reel - Mr Brander of Pitgavney's Strathspey - Miss Brander's Reel - Miss Penuel Grant of Grant's Strathspey - Miss Jane Stewart's Reel - Mr Lauder Dick's Strathspey - Mrs Wilson's Reel - Sir Archd. Dunbar of Northfield's Strathspey - Miss Rose of Dranie's Reel - The Bridegroom greets when the sun gaes tee - Mr Young of Mary Hill's Strathspey - Miss Taylor's Reel - Darnway Castle Strathspey - Miss Nicholson's Reel - Lady Gordon Cumming's Strathspey - Miss Sophia Cumming's Reel - Hey the hedrie Falie or Miss Brodie of Brodie's Favorite - Mr Patrick Duff Junr's. Strathspey - Mrs McInnes of Danalieth's Reel - Mrs Henderson of Aimsters Favorite - Miss Dunbar of Northfield's Strathspey - The Earl of Moray's Reel - Miss Duff of Muirton's Jig - Mrs Col. Hay of Mayne's Strathspey - Mrs Masson's Reel - Miss Brown of Linkwood's Strathspey - Mrs Anderson of Kincraig's Strathspey - Mr Reid of Elgin Academy's Strathspey - Mrs Dr. Stephen's Reel - The Marchioness of Huntly's Strathspey - The Marquis of Huntly's Reel - Rothiemurchus - Miss Grant of Elchie's Strathspey - Moonmore's Strathspey - I Lost my heart on Friday - Mrs Dr Torrence of Thurso's Reel - Col. Alexr. Grant's Strathspey - Mr Robt. Bain's Strathspey - Mrs Grant of Viewfield's Reel - Mr McDonald of Gordon Castle's Strathspey - Prior's or Mr Malies Strathspey - Mrs General Stewart's Strathspey - Mrs Gordon of Moonmore's Strathspey - Mr Duncan of Garmouth's Strathspey - Mrs Walker of Urquhart's Strathspey - Dr Wm. Grigor of Elgin's Reel - Major Ray's Strathspey - Mr P. Brown of Linkwood's Strathspey - Mrs Major Ray's Favorite - Miss Gordon's Reel
Printed for the Author and to be had of him at Elgin, of Mr Gow, No. 60, Princes Street, Edinburgh, Mr Davie, Aberdeen and Mr Ettles, Invernefs
Drawn by J and T Brooks, Engd. by Walker and Anderson Edinburgh
Circa 1800, Good condition - 38 pages, handprinted, foreword to Mrs. Col. Grant of Grant from D. Grant, foxed
£ 375