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"The Leaf" & "Voyage Thru a Hexany" - 2 Pieces for 31 tone tubulongs - Volume 19 Corpus Microtonale Series Glen A. Prior, 
A Christmas Carol (First and Second Parts) - Magnus Albums Vol. No. 92 and Vol. 93 Alec Rowley, 
A Field Flower - The Musical Times No. 742 H. Davan Wetton, 
A Lyrical Fantasy for Pianoforte R. H. Walthew, 
A Selection of the Most Admired Pas - Danced at the Theatre Royal, English Opera House by Les Danseuses Anglaises and Introducing a Fantasia on the Lass of Richmond Hill Arranged by M. Corri, 
A Welcome to Spring - Song in key of G major Brunelda and Mrs George Paddison, 
Autographs - A Suite of Eight Short Piano Pieces - Composed in Various Hospitals after the Battle of the Somme 1916-1918 Frederick Morrison, 
Barcarolle in F major - For the Pianoforte F. Lewis Thomas, 
Christmas Chimes - What Bells are those so soft and Clear? - Composed and Dedicated to Mrs Wm. Chambers Brinley Richards, 
Christmas Chimes - What Bells are those so soft and Clear? - Vocal Duet Brinley Richards, 
Come Back to Me - Song in Key of D major Edith D'Avard, 
Come O'Er The Stream Jessie - As sung by Mr C. Ernest Isaak Spiller, 
Come, Fairies, Trip It - A Four Part Song - Novello's Part Song Book No. 668 Frederick Iliffe, 
Cornwall - Song Arthur Bush & Ll Sylvester Tonkin, 
Cradle Song - For the Pianoforte F. Lewis Thomas, 
D. Francesco Cipolla - Two Italian Cantatas - Dedicated by Permission to Miss A. Stepehens - Op. 1 D. Francesco Cipolla, 
Dom Frieden der Liebe - Op. 29 - Liederzyklus fur Sopran und Klavier Philippine Schidf, 
Dreams - Song in Key of D flat for low voice Charles Gordon and Guy D'Hardelot, 
Dresden Romance - Gavotte - A Beautiful Picture Production May Hodgson, 
East, West, Hame's Best Bill McDonnell and Alec Finlay, 
Eileen Aroon G Griffin, M Jackson ( Autographed), 
Fantasie-Impromptu - Repertoire Series of Pianoforte music by Modern British Composers No. 33 Herbert Gresham, 
Farewell to Love (Il Trop a Neige) M. Hebrard, english words by Percy Pinketon and set to music by Alberto Volonnino, 
Fiore Morente - Valzer lento - For Piano Solo Antonio Pietromarchi, 
Four Songs from A Child's Garden of Verses Robert Louis Stevenson, set to music by Shula Doniach, 
Fra mine Vandringer i det Fri - Op. 12 - Seks Karakterstykker for Piano Laurids Lauridsen, 
German Air with variations for the Pianoforte - Composedf for and dedicated to Madlle. Elise Colondre - For Piano Solo Augustus Meves, 
Giulia Gentil! - Canzone Poplare di Firenze - Il Ritornello, l'accompagnamento e la riduzione Ciro Pinsuti, 
Give! Give! Give! - Recorded by Tommy Steele on Decca - For Piano and Voice Sidney Arthur and Richard Ketteringham, 
God Bless the Queen of England - New National Song in key of D major W. Edwards Staite Esq. and J. W. Hobbs, 
God is my Refuge - Sacred Song in Key of F major - For Contralto or Baritone Psalm XCI. and Samuel Broughton, 
Graham Whettam - Prelude, Scherzo and Elegy - For Piano - Signed Copy & Includes Newspaper Cutting Graham Whettam, 
Guilty Gus Kahn, Harry Akst and Richard A. Whiting, 
Herbert Caesari - 50 Vocalises with piano accompaniment Herbert Caesari, 
How Dear to me the hour when Daylight Dies - Trio for Alto, Tenor and Bass Moore and Matt B. Dixon, 
Hullo - Sung with Great Success by Robert Dennant - Edgar Coyle - Ian Colquhoun S. W. Foss and Herbert E. Crimp, 
I Cannot Sing tonight - Song in key of F major Laura B and Bianchi Taylor, 
I Hear a Serenade Eddie Cassen and Henri Jacques, 
I'll Be There Ross Parker, 
I'm 95! - As sung by Infant Marie - 5th Edition P. E. Rowe, 
In Your Sweet Eyes - Song in key of F major with Violin Obligato (ad lib) May Wynne and Jas. A. Diggle, 
Is It Because - Song Elizabeth Bond and Howard D. Jenning, 
Jazz Club Stomp - Feature of the B.B.C. Jazz Club and Recorded on Parlophone by Harry Parry and his Sextet Billy Munn, 
Joseph Corfe - A Treatise on Singing - An explaination of the rules for learning to sing by note, without the assistance of an instrument Joseph Corfe, 
Just You - Waltz-Song in key of G major Harry B. Harris and Victor Raymond, 
La Fusee (The Rocket) - March for Piano Cedric H. Akaster, 
Lamentation of Jeremiah - For S.A.T.B unaccompanied (Latin Words) Alan Ridout, 
Lazy Kinda Love (Ralley) - Song in key of G major Colin Baldwin and Karel Svoboda, 
Les Astres du Bal - Cinq Valses Brillantes avec une grande marche pour le Piano Forte - Composees et Dediees a Madlle. Hurst F. A. M. Clarve, 
Lieber Augustine of 'Buy a Broom' - Duet for Two performers on the Pianoforte J. Jamson, 
Little Nell - A Melodrama in Rhythm - Song Elly Divina, 
Love's Garden Chas. Renard and Philip Crook, 
Love's Golden Trail - Song in key of F major Will R. Thorne and Phil B. Heal and arranged by Stanley Sinclair, 
Love's Mirror - Song in key of E major B. A. Foyle and A. Saxelbye, 
M. Zacharewitsch Technique - The Ladder to Paganini's Profound Mastery - With Twenty Minutes Special Exercises for the Left Hand and Bow Technique M. Zacharewitsch, 
Marion - Song in D flat major - As sung by Mr Sims Reeves William Hain, 
Mary's Magnificat - For S.A.T.B and Organ - Oxford Carols Series Andrew Carter, 
Melita - Romance - For Piano Solo Harold Pollard, 
Melody in D flat: for the piano: autographed by the composer 1917 By A C Brookes, 
Minuet Montmartre - Piano Solo Mischa Michaeloff, 
Mixed Bag - A Short COllection of Songs and Unison Songs for Infants and Juniors Enid Blyton and Carey Blyton, 
Morning Roses - Songs for Voice and Piano Series - Key of G Major for High Voice Percy B. Kahn, 
My Beautiful! My Own! - Ballad - Sung by Mrs Alban Croft - Dedicated to Mrs Henry Whittaker L Halford Esq & Alban Croft, 
My Captain - Song for Low Voice Walt Whitman and W. Wells-Harrison, 
My Spirit will be Near Thee! - Ballad by Permission to Her Royal Highness 'The Princess Mary of Cambridge' by Miss Emily Keate Emily Keate, 
No Coward Soul is Mine - Song for Male or Female Voice in key of D flat major - On the last line of Emily Bronte Robert B. Anderson and Emily Bronte, 
Not Married Yet - "Humorous Song for the Ladies" Words by G. P. Morris, Esq., and Music Composed by Henry Russell, 
O Most Merciful - Choral for S.A.T.B and Organ - Comissioned for the West Riding Catherdrals Festival Service in Bradford Cathedral 31 October 1970 Francis Jackson, 
O! Fe Fydd Yn Haf O Hyd (There For Ever Summer Bright) Heather North and Robert Steven, 
Oh Joseph - Duet (Pompadour and Callcot) - From the Charles Dillingham/Martin Beck production of Madame Pompadour Clare Kummer and Leo Fall, 
Oh Would I Were a Bird That I Could Fly to Thee - Ballad as Sung by J. Rawlinson Charles Blamphin, 
Old Vienna - Viennese Waltz - Piano Solo Giles Priestley and Harry Stafford, 
On The Banks of the Dart - One of Devons Sweetest Melodies Havelock Harrison, 
Piu Dolci E Placide - Coro in teh Opera of Il Tancredi - Arranged as a Duet for Two performers on the Piano Forte and Dedicated to Miss and Miss R. M. Keyser Rossini arranged by M. Moss, 
Pretty Jemima (Dont say No!) - As sung nightly in the popular burlesque of "Black Eyed Susan" at the New Royalty Theatre - As sung by Alfred Vance Frank Hall, arranged by Charles Belmont, 
Ready to March (New National Song) - Respectfully dedicated to her Majesty's Ministers Charles E. Richardson and W. F. Taylor, 
Rest of the Weary - Sacred Song in key of A flat major Wilfrid Shaw and S. B. Monsell, 
Rhapsodie Hongroises - Pour Piano - No. 1 in D flat minor F. Korbay, 
Rhapsody on a Ground for Organ - Hinrichsen Edition No. 53 Cyril S. Christopher, 
Rippling River - Song R Watkin Evans and Gilbert Stirling, 
Rustic Rhapsody on Sussex Carol - For the Pianoforte Kenneth Eade, 
Sea Shell - Song - For Piano and Voice Amy Lowell and Felix Whitre, 
Shepherd Serenade - Song Kermit Goell and Fred Spielman, 
Shy Glances - Valse Hesitation Charles Ancliffe, 
Sigr. Cipolla - Six Italian Canzonets with an Accompaniment for the Pianoforte or Harp - Op. 2 Sigr. Cipolla, 
Sing a new song to the Lord - Anthem for Soprano Solo - SATB with division and Organ - Novello Church Music Series No. NCM 37 Francis Jackson, 
Soft and Fair as early Morning (lines to an infant daughter) Alexander Buckler and Thomas Kilner, 
Sonatina No. 1- For Organ Manual - Op. 46 John Hall , 
Streets of London - Featuring Ralph McTell Ralph McTell, 
Summer Sweetheart - Song in Key of B flat major - As sung by Melfi and his Troubadours Jos. Geo. Gilbert, 
Sweet Little Robin - Song for the Young - Op. 26 Poetry by David Collins and music by D'Este, 
That Magic Waltz Refrain - from "The Last Waltz" - Featuring Miss Jose Collins Robert Evett, Reginald Arkell and Oscar Straus, 
That Night in the Light of the Moon - Ukulele, Guitar and Piano-Accordion Accompaniment Bobby Fisher arranged by R. S. Stoddon, 
The Banner of the Brave - As Sung by Mr. J. Plumpton at the Britannia Theatre, London G. H. Giddin's and John D'Este M.A, 
The Blind Flower Girl - Song James E. Rice and John H. Carter, 
The Clang of War Rings in the Air - Song John D'Este M.A, 
The Daisies - Song - Autographed by the composer James Stephens, set to music by Michael Mullinar, 
The Field After Battle R J W W , 
The Gate of the Year - Song in key of E flat major - Musical Setting of the Poem quoted by His Majesty King George VI in his broadcast speech Christmas Day, 1939 M. Louise Haskins and Peggy Spencer Palmer, 
The Gordon Polka - Respectfully dedicated to Mrs William Emeris R. W. Kohler, 
The Hearts Misgivings - As sung by Miss Nelly Moore, Miss Therese Huddard and Miss Marion Walsingham Thomas Moore and John D'Este M.A, 
The House and the Road - Song in the Key of F major Josephine Preston Peabody and Dorothy Parke, 
The Land of my Dreams - Waltz Song - Autographed by Hugh Whitney Hugh Whitney and J. Nolo Miller, 
The Music Man - As Recorded by Billy Cotton and His Band on Decca No. F 9663 George Coote and Harold Packham, 
The Poet's Dream - Waltz - For Piano Solo - Played by all the Leading Bands Arnold Beresford, 
The Slaves Dream - Song Longfellow and W. H. WEiss, 
The Song of the Captive Hebrew - Op. 35 Lord Byron and John D'Este, 
The Standard - Patriotic Song Frank Hall and J. A. Cave, 
The Waxwork Watchman - As performed by Bransby Williams - The Musical Monologues Series No. 321 W. S. Frank and Frank S. Wilcock, 
There's a Good Time Coming Boys - Comic Version sung with Universal applause by Mr. J. W. Sharp at the Royal Gardens Vauxhall Henry Russell, 
Theres No Deceit in Wine - Song in Key of E flat major - sung by Mr. D Lambert of Durham Cathedral Thomas Finlay and John D'Este, 
This is Our Secret - Songs from the show 'The Water Gipsies' A. P. Herbert and Vivian Ellis, 
Three Songs - The accompaniments newly arranged from the Orchestral Scores for Pianoforte four hands Various Composers, arranged by William Pole, 
Tis not the Eye of Softest Blue - A Favourite ballad with accompaniment for Pianoforte T. M. L. Bolden, author of "Englands Queen" and "Star of Love", 
Titanias Lullaby (Hwian Heni Hun) - Song for Soprano with Piano or String Accompnaiment Words from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, Robin Eryri and R. Stephen, 
To Live With Thee And Be Thy Love - A Pastoral Song - In reply to "Come Live With Me and Be My Love" Shakespeare & George Barker, 
Two Short Encore Songs - As sung by George Nichols Frederick H. Coombs, Robert Service and Dudley Downing, 
Valse Mignonne - Piano Solo Harold Coombs, 
Valses du Bonheur - Pour le Piano - Dedicated to Lady Hartopp Helene Napier, 
Wakey Wakey! As performed by Ivy Benson - Signed by her Billy Cotton and Leo Towers, 
We Shall Meet Again : autographed by composer . W&M: E C Fleetwood, F Von Lesen, 
We will Fight for Victory - Autographed by Cherry Thompson Cherry Thompson, 
Well-Beloved - Song in key of D major Godfrey Andros and Albert E. Schomberg, 
When my Rainbow comes home to Me Roy Law (Aged 8), 
Will You Go With me? - Song in Key of E flat major for low voice Alan Murray, Herbert J. Brandon and Phil Park, 
Winking Stars - Song Jeffery Farnol and A. W. Griffin King,