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Va sbramando quegli ardori, aria in the opera of Faust, Echi DItalia. German & Italian text, composed by Louis Spohr., 
Vaarwel Hawaii Arranged by Kilma Hawaiians, 
Vacation, Connie Francis Words and music - Hank Hunter, Connie Francis and Gary Weston, 
Vado ben spesso canciando loco, No.128 Echi d Italia, by C J Lacy & Salvator Rosa., 
Vado Via ( She Didn't Remember My Name) L Albertelli, B Owen, E Riccardi,, 
Vagabond Fiddler. A Gypsy Idyll Words and music - Stanley J Damerell and Sherman Myers, 
Vagabond, Words and music - John Masefield, 
Vagabond: Cavan O'Connor . W&M: L Gaste, B Musel, J Turner, 
Vaghissima Sembianza. W&M: S Donaudy., 
Vain Is Beauty Words and music - Dr Arne and Arthur W Marchant, 
Vale (farewell) - Song de Burgh Darcy & Kennedy Russell, 
Vale (Farewell) - Song - In the key of A flat major Burgh d'Arc & Kennedy Russell, 
Vale (Farewell) - Song - In the key of B flat major for high voice Burgh d'Arc & Kennedy Russell, 
Vale (Farewell) - Song - In the key of G flat major Burgh d'Arc & Kennedy Russell, 
Vale (Farewell) - Song in the key of A flat Burgh d'Arcy & Kennedy Russell, 
Vale (farewell) - Song in the key of G flat major de Burgh Darcy & Kennedy Russell, 
Vale (Farewell) - Song in the key of G flat major Burgh d'Arcy & Kennedy Russell, 
Valencia (A Song of Spain) - Sung by Mistinguett at the Moulin Rouge, Paris - Introduced for the first time in America by the Messrs. Lee & J. J. Shubert in "The Great Temptations" - With Ukulele Arrangement Original words by Lucien Boyer and Jacques Charles. Music by Jose Padilla. American version by Clifford Grey. Ukulele arranged by May Singhi Breen, 
Valencia - From "Palladium Pleasures" featuring Lorna and Toots Pounds Lucien Boyer, Jacques Charles and Jose Padilla, 
Valencia - Song Lucien Boyer, Jacques Charles, Eric Valentine and Jose Padilla, 
Valentina: Harry Roy (b/w photo) . W&M: Charles Dunn, Barry Wright, 
Valentine - Song One Step Albert Willemetz and H. Christine, 
Valentine - song one-step Albert Willemetz and H. Christine, 
Valentine Candy, Featuring The Happiest Millionaire Words and music - Richard M Sherman and Robert B Sherman, 
Valentine: from "Fanfare": signed "Hank" Sullivan, W&M: D Carter, H Sullivan,, 
Valentino - Featured and Recorded by Petula Clark - For Piano and Voice with chord symbols Mark Anthony, 
Valerie - As performed by Steve Winwood Steve Winwood and Will Jennings, 
Valerie - Featuring Steve Winwood Steve Winwood and Will Jennings, 
Valette. Christmas 1899 Words and music - E W Howson and Eaton Faning, 
Valgovinds Boat Song Words and music - L Hope and E Martin, 
Valleri - The Monkees Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, 
Valley of Dreams - From the Film "It Happened One Sunday" - Featuring Robert Beatty and Barbara White Phil Park and Harry Parr Davies, 
Valley Rose (Ballad) - For Piano and Voice Jeff Branen and Evans Lloyd, 
Valparaiso Words and music - G Allen L Scherhen, G B Blue,, 
Vals Criollo (Venezuelan Waltz) - Musica de Venezuela Para Guitarra Frederick J Reiter and Antonio Lauro, 
Valse By Manuel M Ponce, arranged by Andres Segovia, 
Valse Arabesque . W&M: M V Rees-Newland, 
Valse Brillante . W&M: M.Moszkowski, 
Valse Caprice . W&M: C Ross, 
Valse Chantee - For Piano and Soprano Voice - Le Triomphal succes du Theatre Ba-Ta-Clan a Paris! La Danse des libellules - French Edition M.M. Roger Ferreol and Max Eddy, 
Valse Chantee - Phi Phi - Le Grand Succes du Theatre des Bouffes Parisiens Albert Willemetz, F. Sollar and H. Christine, 
Valse Charms A. Roni Maple & W. D. Hill, 
Valse D Automne Frank Lambert, 
Valse D'Alvadorez . W&M: Richard B Mason, 
Valse d'Huguette, from "Le Vagabond Roi" French words and music - Rene Nazelles and Rudolf Friml, 
Valse de Triomphe - A Paean of Victory W&M. Henri Francois, , 
Valse Delight. Dance with instructions Words and music - R Franklin, Invented by J H Bickerstaffe, 
Valse Des Alouettes, from Ballet Les Millions d' Arlequin . W&M: R Drigo, 
Valse Des Blondes . W&M: A Tellier, 
Valse Estrella . W&M: A.H.Oswald, 
Valse Gracieuse . W&M: H Dawson, 
Valse Gracieuse . W&M: N.Wilm, 
Valse Hongroise Cuthbert Harris, 
Valse La Panne - First prize Waltz - British Assn. of Teachers of Dancing, 58th Annual conference - Scarborough -1950 G Lawson M Hillier, 
Valse Legere G Lemune, 
Valse Lente . W&M: A Collins, 
Valse Lente - Famous Airs from the ballet "Coppelia" - With Ad Lib Violin and Cello Parts Delibes &Oscar Lange, 
Valse Lente from "Coppelia" Delibes, 
Valse Matinale - For Piano Solo - Op. 45 - Pearsons 6d music series Alfred Margis, 
Valse Mystique - for piano Leon Du Terrail, 
Valse Patriotique . W&M: L.Levy, 
Valse Serenade Words and music - Edward Oxenford and h J Taylor, 
Valse Sourire D'Amour . W&M: Frank Lambert, 
Valse Suave . W&M: Denis Dupre, 
Valse Triste, By Jean Sibelius., 
Valse Viennoise Words and music - E Poldini, 
Valse, from "Mary" Words and music - Otto Harbach and Louis A Hirsch, 
Valse, from "Sally" Words and music - Guy Bolton, Clifford Grey and Jerome Kern, 
Valse, from The Rebel Maid Words and music - Gerlad Dalton and Montague F Phillips, 
Valse-Caprice . W&M: E.German, 
Valse-Caprice . W&M: G.W.Cox, 
Valses Poeticos . W&M: E.Granados, 
Van Morrison with Georgie Fame and Friends - How long has this been going on - For Piano and Voice with Guitar chord symbols Various Composers, 
Vanity Words and music - Jack Manus, Bernard Bierman and Guy Wood, 
Vanity Fair Words and music - E Teschemacher, G H Clutsam, 
Vanity kills - Featuring ABC - Modified Sheet Music Edition M. Fry and M. White, 
Vanity Waltz . W&M: T Frederic Wade, 
Variation Valse. W&M: L.Delibes, arr.M.Jacobson., 
Variations - Andrew Lloyd Webber Andrew Lloyd Webber, 
Variations On A Theme In D Major. W&M: A.Carse., 
Variety Tonight - Recorded on Epic Records by REO Speedwagon Neal Doughty, 
Vaughan Williams - The Woodcutter's Song - Song No. 6 from 'Seven Songs from the Pilgrim's Progress' - With Piano accompaniment R. Vaughan Williams and John Bunyan, 
Vaya Con Dios (May God be with you) Larry Russell, I James and Buddy Pepper, 
Vaya Con Dios (May God be with you) - Featuring Nina and Frederik Larry Russell, I James and Buddy Pepper, 
Vaya Con Dios (May God be with you) Featuring Milligan and Nesbitt, Hugie Green on Opportunity Knocks Larry Russell, I James and Buddy Pepper, 
Vaya Con Dios (May God be with you) Featuring Selwyn Toogood Larry Russell, I James and Buddy Pepper, 
Vaya Con Dios (May God be with you): Les Paul and Mary Ford, The Beverley Sisters, Milligan and Nesbitt, Hugie Green on Opportunity Knocks Larry Russell, I James and Buddy Pepper, 
Veaudeville . W&M: Antonine Kammell, 
Veil Of Tears - Featuring Hal Ketchum - Original Sheet Music Edition Michael Noble, Jeff Pennig and Hal Ketchum, 
Velilah: Valse Song, W&M: H Nicholls,, 
Vencek, Slovenskycg Narodnycg Piesni Words and music - Milos Ruppeldt and Karla Ruppeldt, 
Venetia - Song - In the key of C major for lower voice E Teschemacher, L Denza, 
Venetian Boat Song Words and music - H C Merivale and J Blumenthal, 
Venetian Carnival Words and music - Lewis Henley and Emil Bronte, 
Venetian Lady - Song Fox trot or Tango - For Piano and Voice with Ukulele chord symbols - Featured by the B.B.C. Dance Orchestra directed by Henry Hall Robert Hargreaves, Stanley J. Damerell and Tolchard Evans, 
Venetian Moon Words and music - Gus Kahn, Phil Goldberg and Frank Magini, 
Venetian Moon from "Invitation to the Waltz" G Posford and H Marvell, 
Venetian Night and You. W&M: The Silver Masked Tenor., 
Venetian Nights, valse, W&M. Felix Godin, , 
Venezuela - Slow Fox - For Piano and Voice with Ukulele chord symbols - Cree par Loulou Hegoburu et Carlos Conte - French Edition Paul Colline and Andre Renaud, 
Vengeance Words and music - Jack Scholl and Ma K Jerome, 
Veni Vidi Vici Paul Francis Webster and Jerry Livingston, 
Veni-Vidi-Vici - featuring Ronnie Hilton and Ray Martin Paul Francis Webster and Jerry Livingston, 
Veni-Vidi-Vici - featuring The Charmony Three Paul Francis Webster and Jerry Livingston, 
Venus in Blue Jeans - Mark Wynter Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller, 
Venus. Frankie Avalon Words and music - Ed Marshall, 
Verborgenheit Words and music - Hugo Wolf, English translation by Marie Boileau, 
Verdant Verses (Green grass grew all around), Humourous Chorus Song Joe Pearson and Harry Stogden, 
Verdi Prati G F Handel edited by Edgardo Levi, 
Veronique - Lancers for Piano Carl Kiefert on melodies by A Messager, 
Versailles. W&M: A Anderson, M Darewski., 
Versailles: song minuet Words and music - G F Cobb, 
Very Good Advice - Song from Walt Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland' Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain, 
Very Good News Today. Wartime Utility Copy Words and music - Barry Barron, 
Vespers Words and music - Byron and T Anderton, 
Veterans of Songland - Grand Selection of Popular Old-Time Songs - With Words, Music and Tonic Sol-Fa Setting Various Composers, arranged by R. S. Stoddon, 
Veterans of Variety Selection, arranged by Henry E Pether Miners Dream of Home, What is the Use of Loving a Girl?, Hello Ma Baby, Ask a Policeman, At My Time o Life, My Fiddle is My Sweetheart, Hi-tiddley-hi Ti, She Was One of the Early Birds, Brighton, Daddy Wouldnt Buy Me a Bow-wow, and more, 
Veux-Tu? - Valse lente chantee du film sonore, parlant et chantant "Marius a Paris" - For Piano and Voice with Ukulele chord symbols - French Edition Pierre Bayle, Roger Lion, Chamfleury and Rene Xilser, 
VI. Ou L'on entend une vieille boite a musique . W&M: M Rigaud, 
Vict'ry Polka Samuel Cahn, J Styne, 
Victim of Love - Recorded on Rocket Records by Elton John - For Piano and Voice with Guitar chord symbols Pete Bellotte, Sylvester Levay and Jerry Rix, 
Victim Of Love, Erasure Words and music - Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, 
Victory Polka. Wartime Utility Copy Words and music - Samuel Cahn and Jule Styne, 
Victory Series - Well Known Hyms, 20 songs Jesu Lover Of My Soul, Work for the Night is Coming, O God Our Help, hark hark my soul! And Many Others!, 
Victory Series, Popular Songs, 11 Songs The Song That Reached My Heart, Our Hands Have Met, Ever Of Thee, The Bay Of Biscay and Many More!, 
Victoryland Grand Selection of all the most Popular Successes with Words and Tonic Sol-fa setting Various Composers, arranged by R S Stoddon, 
Video Spectacular - Start Busking - For Voice & Guitar or Piano Various Composers, 
Viel traume (So many dreams are over), Lieder und Gesange No.4 Words and music - Christian Sinding, English words by Julia v Bose, 
Vielles Chansons pour Les Coeurs Sensibles, with coloured illustrations, Gardez vous d etre severe, Amaryllis, Eho Eho, Sur le bord de la Seine, En passant par la Lorraine, Mon pere me veut marier, La fleur doree, Chanson des metamorphoses, Dedans une plaine, La belle en vigne, Jardin DAmour, Au bord d une Fontaine, L amo, 
Vieni Che Poi Sereno - Cavatina . W&M: Chr Von Gluck, 
Vieni, Vieni Words and music - G Koger and H Varna, Vincent Scotto, 
Vienna Calling - Featuring Falco - Original Sheet Music Edition Rob and Ferdi Bolland, 
Vienna City of My Dreams (Wien, du stsdt meiner Traume) - As performed by Richard Tauber in "Heart's Desire" - With English and German Words Edward Lockton and Rudolf Sieczynski, 
Vienna Dear to Me . W&M: A Willer, A Dunning, 
Vienna in Springtime, featuring Mantovani Words & Music - : Harry Leon & Domenic Pelosi, 
Vienna, featuring Ultravox (b/w photo), By Billy Currie, Chris Cross, Warren Cann & Midge Ure, 
Vienna. Vienna: song waltz . W&M: K Foss, C Ancliffe,, 
Viens, Gosse de Gosse - Valse-Musette Chantee dans le film "Liliom" - Chantee par Charles Boyer - French Edition Jean Lenoir, 
Viens, Margarita - For Piano and Voice - Cree par Polin - French Edition Christine, 
Vieux Cheri D'ces Dames - Chanson Eugene Riffey, A. Fattorini and Naudin - W., 
Vignettes, four songs; Ask me not dear, O Falmouth is a fine town, When the leaves are fallen & The Rushes Words & Music - Landon Ronald, 
Vilia - Song - From the musical play "The Merry Widow" - In the key of F major for medium voice - Featuring Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald Franz Lehar, H M Higgs & Anthony Ross, 
Vilia - Song from musical play The Merry Widow - Key of E flat major for Low voice F Lehar, A Ross aranged for piano by H. M. Higgs, 
Vilja Lied (Lied vom Waldmagdelein) - Aus der Operette "Die Lustige Witwe" Victor Leon, Leo Stein and Franz Lehar, 
Villa Rosa Words and music - Max Gartman and Luigi Denza, Kel Keech, 
Village Bells - Song dedicated to Miss Maggie Morton Anne Fricker, 
Villanelle - With The Swallow - Song - In the key of E flat major Eva Dell' Acqua, 
Villanelle - With The Swallow - Song - In the key of E flat major with Cadenzas Eva Dell' Acqua, English words by Constance Bache, 
Vincent - Featuring Don McLean Don McLean, 
Vindaloo. Fat Les Words and music - Keith Allen, Guy Pratt and Alex James, 
Violence Of Summer (Loves Taking Over), Duran Duran Words and music - Taylor, Rhodes, Le Bon Cuccurullo and Campbell, 
Violet (Veilchen unter Gras versteckt), song taken fromThe Poetry of Germany, by Alfred Baskerville & Otto Sondermann., 
Violet, song fox-trot Words and music - Jack Rose and Jimmy Steiger, 
Violets (Morgens send'ich dir die Veilchen) - Sung by Mlle. de St. Andre H. Heine and Ellen Wright, English words by Julian Fane, 
Violets for Your Furs - Song Tom Adair and Matt Dennis, 
Violette. Dance Words and music - Armand Falk, 
Violin, Sweet and low played the bow Allan Gray, Peter Brooke, 
Violins in the night . W&M: E Maschwitz, G Melachrino, 
Virelai . W&M: Edward Elgar, 
Virgin Mary - Song Arranged and Adapted by Hays, Hellerman, Gilbert and Darling, 
Virginia, piano selection Words and music - Jack Waller & J A Tunbridge, arranged by H M Higgs, 
Vision D'Amour, for Piano F G Byford, 
Vision Of The Night Words and music - H Aldas and Roger Jalowicz, 
Vision Song - from "Lute Song", a love story with music Sidney Howard and Will Irwin, 
Visione Veneziana - Melodia in Key of F - Italian Lyrcs Angiolo Orvieto and Renato Brogi, 
Visions - Featuring Cliff Richard Paul Ferris, 
Visions of Golden Days Words and music - Philip Stephens, 
Visions of the Ball Waltz . W&M: Ezra Read, 
Visitors Words and music - Helen Hay Whitney and Waddington Cooke, 
Vittoria Vittoria! (Victorious Victorious!)- Song - Key of C major for Medium voice G G Carissimi, edited by Edgardo Levi, 
Viva Forever + 8 smash hits Viva forever, Be careful, Because we want to, Bootie Call, Diva, Life, Life is a flower, Looking for love, Lost in space, 
Viva Jujuy! - Bailecito popular Jujeno - For Piano and Voice Rafael Rossi, 
Viva, Bobby Joe! - Featuring the Equals Eddie Grant, 
Viva....Vem-Vem. W&M: E Drake, J Shirl. , 
Vive La You. Kathryn Grayson Oreste, Rita Moreno, Walter Hampden and Sir Cedric Hardwicke. From the Picture The Vagabond King Words and music - Rudof Friml and Johnny Burke, 
Vivian Ellis A Composer's Jubilee Vivian Ellis, 
Vivian Ellis Song Album - From His Famous Musical Plays Vivian Ellis, 
Vocal Album (No. 2) - Six Original Songs for medium voice - Ricordi's Universal Library Book 8. Various Composers, 
Vocal Blossoms - A Summer Night - Song - In the key of B flat major Theo Marzials & A Goring Thomas, Composed for Mrs Lynedoch Moncrieff, 
Vocal Gems from "The Gondoliers" - Authentic D'Oyly Carte Editions from the Famous Savoy Operas W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, 
Vocal Gems from "The Pirates of Penzance" - Authentic D'Oyly Carte Editions from the Famous Savoy Operas W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, 
Vocal Gems from "The Yeomen of the Guard" - Authentic D'Oyly CArte Editions from the Famous Savoy Operas W. S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan, 
Vocal Gems from Iolanthe; The law is the true embodiment, The Sentrys song, When Britain really ruled the waves, Oh Foolish Fay, When youre lying awake Words and music - W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, 
Vocal Gems from Patience; Twenty love sick maidens, When I first put this uniform on, Hey willow waly O, Silverd is the raven hair, Love is a plaintive song Words and music - W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, 
Vocal Gems from The Yeoman of the Guard - Authentic D'Oyly Carte editions from the famous Savoy Operas - For Piano and Voice W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, 
Vocal Gems of England Selected and arranged by Ernest Haywood - Contains 31 songs including, 
Vocal Gems of Ireland Various Composers selected and arranged by Ernest Haywood, 
Vocal Gems Words and Music - White Horse Inn - Musical Play in Three Acts Robert Stolz and Robert Gilbert, English Version by Harry Graham, 
Vocal selection from Oliver by Lionel Bart - With Pictures Lionel Bart, 
Vocal selection from Samuel Goldwyn's Guys and Dolls - Featuring Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons Frank Loesser, 
Vocal selection from the musical Hair -12 songs from the show James Rado, Gerome Ragni , Galt MacDermot (music), 
Vocal selection from the show "Helen" Music by Offenbach, words by A P Herbert, arranged by E W Korngold, 
Vocal Selections from "Hello Dolly!" - as performed by the Original Drury Lane Cast featuring Mary Martin Jerry Herman - Book by Michael Stewart, 
Vocal Selections from "Nymph Errant" - With Piano accompaniment Cole Porter, 
Vocal Selections from "Oliver!" Lionel Bart, 
Vocal Selections from 'Barnum' the Broadway Musical Cy Coleman and Michael Stewart, 
Vocal Selections from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" - with Pictures Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, 
Vocal Selections from Mame - includes eleven songs and photographs from the London Theatre Cast Jerry Herman, 
Vocal Selections from Walt Disney's The Jungle Book, six songs on total By Various, 
Voce ' E Notte! . W&M: C Lardini, E De Curtis, 
Voga Voga Gondolier (Nina To Zuan) Words and music - Lady Lyndsay and Robert Coningsby Clarke, 
Vogleins Begrabniss . W&M: B Wandelt, 
Voi Che Sapete (Ye who of loving know the magic art) Words and music - Edgardo Levi and W A Mozart, 
Voice Across The Sea Words and music - Stanley Rivers and Arthur F Tate, 
Voice in my Heart - From the musical play Little Nelly Kelly - George M Cohan George M Cohan, 
Voice of an Angel, Charlotte Church song album Contains: Pir Jesu, Panis Angelicus, In Trutins, The Lords Prayer, Jerusalem, Ave Maria, Amazing Grace and more, 
Voice of Freedom - Recorded by Jim Kirk and The TM Singers on Capitol Records - For Piano and Voice with Guitar Chord symbols Jim Kirk, 
Voice of Mercy Words and music - Clifton Bingham and Lionel Elliott, 
Voice That Ever Calls Me Words and music - Edward Lockton and Harold Costin, 
Voices of Spring, Arranged by Oscar Lange By Johann Strauss,, 
Voices of the Past Clifton Bingham and Edwin Greene, 
Voices That Care - Dan Coates arrangement for easy piano with words Linda Thompson Jenner, David Foster and Peter Cetera, 
Voix du Ciel - A Voice from the Sky Reverie - Pour le Piano - The Castle Series of Music Books No. 448 A. B. Neldy, 
Volare, (Vo-Lah-Ray) Nel Blu, Dipinto di Blu - Awarded first prize San Remo Music Festival 1958 Mitchell Parish and Domenico Modugno, 
Volkslider Aus Aller Welt. 8 pieces Siegfried Behrend, 
Volunteer. Patriotic Song Words and music - Felix Mc Glennon, 
Von pair of Spegtagles - Monologue - Musicial Monologues (recitations with musical accompaniments) Series No. 89 Written and Composed by Charles J. Winter, 
Vonewiger Liebe, A to F Sharp with German and English Words J Brahms, 
Voulez Vous Promenade - Featuring Max Miller Henri Sergent and Eric Moss, 
Voyeur - Recorded by Kim Carnes on EMI America Records Kim Carnes, David Ellington & Duane Hitchings, 
Vuelve a Sorrento (torna a surriento) Key of E flat major E de Curtis, G B de Curtis,