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19th century songs

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Y' en a encore quand y'en a plus - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant & Madame Mariony, 
Ye Banks and Braes O'Bonnie Doon, from Wilson's Edition of "The Songs of Scotland" as sung by him Words and music - Wilson, 
Ye halls beloved, Elizabeths song from Tannhauser, Songs and Arias for a female voice with a piano accompaniment with English and German words No.12 Words and music - Richard Wagner, English words by Constance Bache, 
Ye Jacobites By Name. Song Words and music - Robert Burns & H Walford Davies (Op. 3, No. 2), 
Ye Little Birds . W&M: T Heywood, A Goring Thomas, 
Ye Little Birds (O Bitt' Euch, Liebe Vogelein) - Song in English / German - No. 5 of Hopwood & Crew's 'Beauties of Germany' George Danskin and Cumbert, 
Ye People & If with all your hearts, from the oratorio "Eliljah", Nos.3 & 4, W&M. F Mendelssohn Bartholdy, , 
Ye Pow'rs Guarding o'er us - Number two of a selection of Trios adapted to English Words with an accompaniment for Piano Forte Gioachino Rossini, 
Ye powers that dwell below. Divinites du Styx. From Alcesste Words and music - Paul England and Cluck, 
Yea or Nay . W&M: R Planquette, H B Farnie., 
Years Ago Words and music - Ella Woods and Theo H Northrup, 
Years Ago - Ballad - For Voice and Piano Sutton Elliott Esq. and J. R. Thomas, 
Yeomans Wedding Song - Key of B flat for High voice Prince Poniatowski and M X Hayes, 
Yeomans Wedding Song in the key of G major for Low voice Prince Poniatowski and M X Hayes, 
Yes 'Tis I - Cavatina - Sung by Made Anna Thillon in Aubers favourite Opera "The Crown Jewels" - As performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane Auber, Edwd. Fitzball Esq. adapted by J. H. Tully, 
Yes I have dared to love thee!, ballad Anon, 
Yes I Love you Words and music - R M Stults, 
Yes I Love You Words and music - Edward Oxenford and H J Taylor, 
Yes I Remember . W&M: J P Douglas, Franz Abt., 
Yes I Will Think Upon Thee Still . W&M: Edward A Basley, 
Yes Love Yes Words and music - Edward Oxenford and Winifred Greville, 
Yes! in my Dreams - Aria - For Piano and Voice Mrs J. Boucher, Verdi, and Carl Pfannenmuller, 
Yes! Let me like a Soldier fall - Song from "Maritana" W Vincent Wallace, 
Yes! let me Like a Soldier Fall - Song from the Opera of Maritana - Hart and Co edition No. 589 W. V. Wallace and Edward Fitzball, 
Yes, music has a charm for me, ballad Words and music - Thomas J. Prout, 
Yesterday . W&M: M.A.Browne, J.Blockley, 
Yesteryear - Song Lady Arthur Hill and F E Weatherly, 
Yonder, song with English and German words K Kucken, 
You and I - Song - No. 2 in Key of B flat major - As sung by Mr Sims Reeves - For Piano and Voice Claribel, 
You Ask Me Why (Stars In Heaven) Words and music - H F Chorley and Jacques Blumenthal, 
You Could See As ' Ow 'E Didnt Feel at 'Ome Harry B. Norris, 
You Gentlemen of England, No1 of National Melodies consisting of the most admired airs of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, W&M. J B Cramer,, 
You Need Na Come Courting O Me Words and music - W T Wrighton and A Trail, 
You never know what you may come to . W&M: T Bennett, M Hobson, 
You Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry - Song and Chorus Rowland Howard, 
You Will Keep the Old Clock My Grandfather Said Words and music - Nella and Carl Bernstein, 
You'll come back to me (The Stars of Old) - Song in the key of A flat, compass E flat to A flat Clifton Bingham and M Piccolomini, 
You'll come back to me (The Stars of Old) - Song in the key of F major, compass C to F Clifton Bingham and M Piccolomini, 
You'll come back to me (The Stars of Old) - Song in the key of G major, compass D to G Clifton Bingham and M Piccolomini, 
Young Lochinvar - Lady Heron's Song from the Celebrated Poem entitled "Marmion" - Composed with an accompaniment for the Pianoforte and respectfully inscribed to Mrs Liston Walter Scott Esq. and John Whitaker, 
Young Mrs Crop Words and music - J Beuler and N J Sporle, 
Your Favourite Carols arranged for piano solo with complete words by Stuart Wade Various Composers arranged by Stuart Wade, 
Your lot is far above me, from "Songs of the Hamlet", W&M. C E Horn, T H Bayly,, 
Your love Words and music - Jack Rowe, 
Your tiny hand is frozen (Che Gelida Manina) from La Boheme Words and music - G Puccini, 
Your Voice - Song with Violin and Piano accompaniment L. Denza, 
Yuletide Sing-Song - Easy arrangements of well known melodies (including the Verses) - For the Pianoforte Cyril Stanford,