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19th century songs

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V' La L' Ballon! - Song - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
V' La Pourquoi que J' cherche un Logement - Chansonnette Monologue - French Edition Aristide Bruant & Emile Galle, 
Vado Ben Spesso Cangiando Loco Words and music - Salvator Rosa, arranged by Sir Henry R Bishop, 
Vainkas Song (Loves Bargain) - In the key of G minor for higher voice - Sung by Alice Gomez Von Stutzman. Arranged with English words by Fred J Whishaw, 
Valley Queen Mazurka . W&M: A.Chandon, 
Valse Brillante . W&M: F Burgmuller, 
Valse - Arabesque, Théodore Lack,, 
Valse : from "A Waltz Dream" . W&M: Oscar Straus, 
Valse Chantante Words and music - John Oxenford and Ch Lecocq, 
Valse DAmour Words and music - H Koenig, 
Valse Gracieuse . W&M: H E Geehl, 
Valse Impromptu . W&M: A T Mc Evoy, 
Valse Romantique . W&M: C.Vincent, 
Valse Rustique Words and music - R Favarger, 
Valse Song - from "Romeo and Juliet" H.B. Farnie & C. Gounod, 
Valse Song - from "Romeo and Juliet" Key of F major for higer voice H.B. Farnie & C. Gounod, 
Valses di Bravura . W&M: The Honorable B C Bertie, 
Valsino. W&M: A Strelezki., 
Vanished Days, No. 2 in G Words and music - John Muir and F Percival Heath, 
Vanity, Song Words and music - Charles Mackay DCL and William D Hall, 
Variations on La Tremenda Ultrice from Il Mentoechi e Capuleti Bellini, Wenzel Plachy, 
Varmer Giles. Ilustrated Words and music - Gilbert Wells and T F Robson, 
Vedrai Carino, aria in the Opera "Il Don Giovanni" Mozart, 
Venetian Song - Song B C Stephenson & F Paolo Tosti, 
Venetian Song - Song in the key of B flat major for low voice B C Stephenson & F Paolo Tosti, 
Venetian Song - Song in the key of F for High Voice B C Stephenson & F Paolo Tosti, 
Venezia. Barcarolle for 2 voices. The music from the opera Lucrezia Borgia Words and music - Donizetti, 
Verdi - Quattro Pezzi Sacri - Ricordi edition No. 101729 - For Piano and Mixed Voices Verdi, riduzione di G. Luporini, 
Verdi - Romanza (Radames) - Song from the Opera "Aida" for Tenor Voice - In Italian with Piano accompaniment G. Verdi, arranged by A. Ghislanzoni, 
Verdi Prati: Aria from Opera "Alcina" Words and music - Handel, 
Verduronette Words and music - J B Weckerlin, 
Vergebliches Standchen (The Vain Suit) - Op. 84, No. 4 - Songs and Ballads Series Johannes Brahms, 
Vesper Voices Words and music - L T and Wesley Deans, 
Vespers - Song Lindsay Lennox and Fred J Harper, 
Victoria Our Bonny English Rose, W&M. S Nelson, , 
Victoria Regina, grand march in commemoration of her sixty year reign Words and music - A F Tindall ATCL, 
Vieille Chanson (In the Woods) - French songs, third series - Key of A flat G. Bizet, 
Vieni Sul Mar . W&M: Aniello Califano, 
Vilikens and his Dinah - The Celebrated Comic Legend in the Wandering Minstrel - As sung by Mr. F. Robson - Musical Treasury Series No. 691 Unknown, 
Village Chimes, W&M. D S Bell, , 
Villanesca (spanish music). W&M: E.Granados., 
Viola . W&M: E De Lyro, 
Violet (Veilcher) Words and music - Claude Aveling and P Cornelius, 
Violet. Blauveigelein Words and music - Albert Mallinson and Ludv Holstein, 
Violets - Song with violin ad libitum - In the key of E flat major for high voice Ellen Wright and Julian Fane, 
Violetta, Polka Mazurka . W&M: C.Faust, 
Visions of Happy Days . W&M: J E Carpenter, G Baker., 
Visite a Marianne - Monologue Militaire L. Bousquet, Telly, Elbe and Naudin - W., 
Viva Enrico. The favorite chorus in the opera of La Caccia Di Enrico IV Words and music - Lucilla, 
Viva Victoria The Throne And The Queen Words and music - Charles Jefferys and Charles W Glover, 
Vive Vive LEmpereur, adapted to the air Partant pour la Syrie by J H Jewell., 
Vocal Duets - Soprano and Contralto - The Standard Vocal Albums Series - Book One - Staff and Sol-Fa Notations with accompaniments Various Composers, 
Vocal Duets - Tenor and Baritone - The Standard Vocal Albums Series - Staff and Sol-Fa Notations with Accompaniments Various Composers, 
Vocal Highlights from Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance Words and music - W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, Pour O pour the pirate sherry, Oh better far to live and die, Stop ladies pray, I am the very model of a modern Major-General, When a felon's not engaged in his employment., 
Vocal Music to Shaksperes "Midsummer Nights Dream" - Op. 61 - M.N.D. No. 3 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 
Vocal Trio by Curschman of Berlin - With an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte - Inscribed to Miss Masson Vincent Novello, 
Vocalisen und Solfeggien fur Bass Op49 Words and music - Ferdinand Sieber, 
Voi che dal dardo, canzonet, A major, No.153 Echi DItalia raccolta prima Gemme DAntichita composti maestri antichi Words and music - Sterkel, 
Voice Of The Ocean Words and music - Claude Lyttleton and Hartwell Jones, 
Voice Of The Western Wind. Ballad Words and music - Edmund Clarence Stedman and J L Hatton, 
Voices Words and music - A J Sutton and S Evans, 
Voices - Song in the key of E flat major Augusta Bryers and Thomas Hutchinson, 
Voices - Song in the key of F major Augusta Bryers and Thomas Hutchinson, 
Voices In The Heart Words and music - Walter Slaughter and Arthur Chapman, 
Voices Lingering Voices . W&M: W V Wallace J E Carpenter, 
Voices of Home, in F Words and music - A H Hyatt and Frank L Moir, 
Voices of the Night . W&M: J E Carpenter, S Glover., 
Voices Of The Spring ( Voci Di Primavera) Words and music - Johann Strauss and Paul England, 
Voices of the Woods - Song Michael Watson and Rubinstein, 
Voici Noel - Song J. B. Weckerlin , 
Vois tu ce papillon qui va de fleur en fleur? Words and music - Maxence Gueniffey, 
Voli Voli La Barchetta Barrarola - Respectfully Dedicated by Permission to Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Adelaide Written by Carlo Pepoli, Composed by Giacinto Marras, 
Volunteers . W&M: F Rosse, H Hamilton, 
Vorrei (Could I). Melody Words and music - Mario Dei Fiori, Theo Marzials and F Paolo Tosti, 
Vorrei di te fidarmi, A major, No.154 Echi DItalia raccolta prima Gemme DAntichita composti maestri antichi Words and music - Sterkel, 
Vorrei Morire (Oh Let Me Die). Melodie Words and music - L M Cognetti, Theo Marzials and F Paolo Tosti, 
Vous Etes Jolie . W&M: L Sues, P Delmet, 
Vous N Aimez Plus (We Were Together). English, Italian, French and German words Words and music - Louis Loombard, 
Vous N'aimez Pas - Elegie - French Song M. Paul Bourget and M. H. Bemberg, 
Vulcans Song (At the Smithy) - from "Philemon et Baucis" - Key of B flat major Charles Santley & Charles Gounod, 
Vulcans Song (At the Smithy) - from "Philemon et Baucis" - Key of C major Charles Santley & Charles Gounod,