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19th century songs

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Uber Nacht Kommt Still das Leid (Over Night, ere Break of Day Comes Grief) - Song No. 6 from 'Lieder Aus der Jugendzeit' Hugo Wolf, Julius Sturm, John Bernhoff, arranged by Von F. Foll, 
Un Bal Sous La Regence - Quadrille Brillant - Op. 53 Camille Schubert, 
Un Ballo In Maschera Words and music - J T Trekell, 
Un Ballo in Maschera: polka . W&M: H S Roberts, 
Un Bouquet de Six Violettes - Rondeaux d'Amusemens - No. III - Sur Le Macon d'Auber Charles Czerny, 
Un Chant DHiver . W&M: E J Reiter, 
Un Garcon Bien Heureux - Chansonnette Comique - French Edition Aristide Bruant , 
Un Moment De Joie . W&M: W C Filby, 
Un P'Tit Verre De Calva . W&M: A Dalibert, G Leduc, F Boudray, 
Una Paloma - A Favorite Spanish Air - Arranged with an Accompaniment for the Piano or Guitar - Words in Spanish C. M. Sola, 
Una sera per mare, No.4 Il Mio Canto album Words and music - A Cuercia, 
Uncle Ned, The Americal Serenaders W&M: unknown,, 
Uncle Pete W Myddleton, 
Uncle Tom Cobleigh (Widdicome Fair) an Old Devonshire Song John Guest, 
Under a spreading coral, song as sung by Miss Louisa Pyne, in the Opera Lurline Words and music - Edward Fitzball and W. Vincent Wallace, 
Under An Eastern Sky. Sacred Solo And Chorus Words and music - C H Brown, 
Under the Bamboo Tree - Sung with enormous success in the George Edwardes production "The Girl from Kay's" at the Apollo Theatre London Bob Cole, 
Under the Greenwood Tree - Song in "As You Like It" Shakespeare & Dr Arne, 
Under The Greenwood Tree. Words and music - G Linley, J Hatton., 
Under the Old Umbrella Bob Miller and Ben Selvin, 
Under The Stars Words and music - F Conway Lomax and William M Hutchinson, 
Under The Willow She's Sleeping -Song and Chorus performed by Christys Minstrels S C Foster, arranged by T. C. Lewis, 
Under The Willow She's Sleeping -Song performed by Christys Minstrels S C Foster, 
Underneaf Dat Ole Umbrella. Plantation Ditty wtih accompaniments for piano and Banjo Whitaker Cunliffe and Peter Flitcroft, 
Undying Leaves Words and music - Byron Webber and P De Faye, 
Une Drole D' Aventure ou "Moi Je Voulais Bien, elle ne voulait pas" - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant & Charles Carbonnier, 
Une Fleur pour reponse, romance, W&M. Emile Barateau, F Masini,, 
Une, Deux ! - Chanson de Marche des Mobiles du Midi - French Edition Aristide Bruant & Paul Arene, 
Unforgotten Words and music - Harold Boulton, Francois Coppee and Tivadar Nachez, 
Ungarischer Tanz, Moritz Moszkowski,, 
Unhappy Maid Her Reason Wanders - Air from the opera "The Orphan of Geneva" - As performed at the Princess' Theatre by Mr Allen Charles Jeffrys and F. Schira, 
Unless - Song in the key of A flat major - Dedicated to and sung by Signorino Alice Barbi Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Luigi Caracciolo, 
Unless - Song in the key of B flat major - Dedicated to and sung by Signorino Alice Barbi Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Luigi Caracciolo, 
Unser Mund sei voll Lachens - Klavier Auszug - Edition Peters No. 1681 Joh. Seb. Bach arranged by Gustav Rosler, 
Unter de Cypresse, Auf den Wellen, Jn den Ruinen. Elegie . W&M: A Siemers, 
Unter Den Linden. Intermezzo Words and music - Gustav Rensch, 
Until The Day Breaks Words and music - Arthur Chapman and Ch Gounod, 
Unto Thee O Lord (Recitative) and Turn Thee Unto Me (Prayer). From Eli oratorio Words and music - Michael Costa, 
Unto Thy Heart, Serenade, for Voice, Violin Obbligato Words and music - Victor Hugo, Ernest Oswald Coe and F. Allitsen, 
Up English Hearts! . W&M: H Hamilton, W Fullerton., 
Up in the Morning Early, from Wilson's Edition of "The Songs of Scotland", as Sung by him Words and music - Wilson, 
Up To the Forest William Howitt & John Barnett, 
Up Went the Price . W&M: G Ware, E J Symons, 
Up! To The Forest - Cavatina sung by Miss Birch, Miss Louisa Pyne and Miss Adeleine Cooper William Howitt and John Barnett, 
Ursule! - Chansonnette Comique - French Edition Aristide Bruant & Charles Carbonnier, 
Use Petit' Fois (Diction) - Song Eugene Riffey and Naudin - W.,