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19th century songs

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Rain Rain Rain, W&M. J E Carpenter, Stephen Glover, , 
Rainbow ( The trail of the Rainbow). With harmonized refrain Words and music - Worton David and Horatio Nicholls, 
Raise Me Jesus to Thy Bosom - Sacred song William A. Huntley, 
Rappelle - Toi, Romance Words and music - George Forbes, 
Rastus On Parade Words and music - K Mills, 
Razors in the Air - Comic song sung by Barry Maxwell with the Haverly Mastodon Minstrels - Musical Bouquet No. 6347 Barry Maxwell, 
Reading Town Words and music - G Fox and F Bellamy, 
Ready Words and music - G Clifton Bingham and Frederic N Lohr, 
Rechte Zeit. Time Enough. English and German Words Words and music - Ethelbert Nevin and Dr Th Baker, 
Recit "Oh didst thou know" and Air "As when the dove laments her love", from Acis & Galatea for Soprano voice G F Handel, transcribed by H Heale, 
Recit & Air - From 'The Massiah' Handel, 
Recitativ und Arie (Himmlische Freundschaft) - For Voice and Piano - From the Opera "Der Schnee (La Neige)" Auber and I. F. Castelli, 
Recitativ und Arie - Arien fur Sopran, Alt, Tenor, Bass Series No. 45 W. A. Mozart arranged by Th. Hauptner, 
Recitative - It is a Good Thing - No. 36 of Michael Costa's Oratorio "Eli" Michael Costa and William Bartholomew, 
Reckless Reddy - An Eastside Romance Song Written for Lillian Green and WM. Friend Words and Music by Richard Carle, 
Recollections of a Music Box, Morceau Caracteristique Pour Le Piano Willie Pape, 
Recollections of Roman Church Music Part 1, including Miserere, Ave Maria, Repente Mors, Veni Sancte Spiritus, Miserere Mihi Domine & Et Incarnatus Est, W&M. Viviani, Arcadelt, Neukomn, Jomelli, Guglielmi, , 
Record Music Book - Vol. Two - 212 Celebrated Songs (with Pianoforte Accompaniments), Dance Music and Pianoforte Pieces by Popular Composers Various Composers, 
Red Rpse Chrysanthemum - No. 2 of "Home Flowers" - Sketches for the Pianoforte - Without Octaves J Lascelles Graham, 
Redder and Walsh's Opening and Final Choruses - Book 3 Harmonized AD LIB for Pierrots, Minstrel Troupes and Glee Singers, 
Redder and Walsh's Opening Choruses - For Pierrots, Minstrel Troupes and Glee Singers, Book 1
Redder and Walsh's Opening Choruses, For Pierrots, Minstrel Troupes and Glee Singers, Book 2, 
Reeder and Walsh's Mascot Album, The Last Word, In Concert Pary Albums. W&M: Edward Warde and Hubert Bath, Book 5,, 
Reeder and Walsh's The Wonder Concert Party Album, 8 great songs, Book 6, 
Refrain Thy Voice From Weeping, from the Oratoria - The Light of the World - In the key of A flat major Arthur Sullivan, 
Regret, dedicated to Miss Florence Levy, composed for Madame Trebelli Hugh Conway and F H Cowen, 
Reid Bros Ltd Album of Sacred Songs - Staff and Tonic Solfa Combined - 144 Pages Various Composers, 
Reign Edward Reign. A Patriotic Tribute Words and music - Bowker Andrews, 
Remember Me - Song with Pianoforte accompaniment W. T. Wrighton, 
Remember Me No More Words and music - Sir William C F Robinson, 
Remember Me, a ballad, W&M. G Walker & J Whitaker, , 
Remember now thy creator, words selected from the Holy Scriptures, with tonic sol fa, R Topliff, 
Remember or Forget Words and music - Hamilton Aide, 
Remember, When Years Have Passd Away. Cavatina Words and music - P Mordaunt Esq & Signor Dinozetti, 
Rendez Vous - Song W Aletter, 
Resignation - Sacred Song - II Samuel XII, Chapter 22nd. &23rd. Verses M Lindsay, 
Resignation - Sacred Song - II Samuel XII, Chapter 22nd. &23rd. Verses M Lindsay, 
Resignation, W&M. W H Longfellow, T Blockley, , 
Resignation, A sacred song, W&M. Cowper & H Wylde, , 
Rest . W&M: Rev. J A Jennings, R Isbell, 
Rest Words and music - Rev T E Brown and Handel, 
Rest for the weary Rest, W&M. L N Thornton, W T Wrighton,, 
Rest In The Lord. Sacred Song Words and music - From The Holy Scriptures and William Young, 
Rest Love The Twlight Is Closing - A Serenade - The words imitated from the German Thomas Oliphant Esq and F Curschmann, 
Rest, My Loved One, Rest . W&M: E M Lawrence., 
Retour au Bien - Lettre d'un Repenti a un Ministre - Song Jules Combe and Naudin - W., 
Reve D Enfant - Song Delmar Wittford and Anton Strelezki, 
Reve De Bonheur, by H A Wollenhaupt., 
Reverie . W&M: E Courtenay, 
Reverie by Victor Hugo & C Saint Saens., 
Rhe Borderers Challenge Words and music - Humphrey J Stark and J P Douglas, 
Rheinlieder Words and music - Von Ferdinand Fischer, 
Rhine Legend, words from "The youths magic horn" Words and music - Gustav Mahler, English version by Addie Funk, 
Rhoda Oh - Song - Performed by Miss Madge Haines Wilfrid Tizard, 
Rich and Rare were the Gems she Wore, song from the Irish Melodies Words and music - Thomas Moore and G A Macfarren, 
Richard of Taunton Deane, an old Somersetshire song J L Molloy, 
Richmond Bridge - Song - Paxton No. 312 J. F. Pettit, 
Ricordi's Universal Library - Book 21 - Operatic Album (Tenor No. 2) with original text and English translation Various Composers, 
Riflemen Riflemen Riflemen Form!, A Patriotic Song, arranged as a Quick March by Wallace Campbell, Words and music - John Blockley, , 
Righinis Celebrated vocal studies by Righini, edited by William Shakespeare., 
Right And Empire Words and music - Geo Mc Kay and Jas Reay, 
Ring on! Sweet Angelus - An evening song - In the key of D major for Contralto or Baritone Henry B Farnie & C Gounod, 
Ring out the Bells of Jubilee, for a Gracious Lady, The Queen Words and music - Leon Carr, 
Ring Out Wild Bells Words and music - A C Mackenzie and Tennyson, 
Ring out Wild Bells - Song Lord Tennyson and John Blockley, 
Ring Out Wild Bells, Song from "In Memoriam" - Dedicated to Mrs E. Warren Alfred Tennyson Esq. and John Blockley, 
Ring the Bell Softly W. Dexter Smith, Jr & E. N. Catlin, 
Ring the Bell Watchman - Favourite Old English Song - Paxton edition no. 31 Old English Song, 
Ring the Bell Watchman - Song & Chorus Henry C. Work, 
Ring The Bell Watchman, solo and chorus, sung by the Christys Minstrels Words and music - H C Work, 
Ring the Bells Softly, There's crape on the door - Beatuiful ballad - Musical Bouquet No. 5333 - As sung by Dexter Smith & E. N. Catlin , 
Rip Van Winkle . W&M: L Stuart., 
Rip Van Winkle. A romantic comic opera in three acts Words and music - H Meilhac, PH Gille, H B Farnie and Robert Planquette, 
Rippling Waves. Words and music - B Abercrombie, J Hatton., 
Rires Sont Mensonges - Song A. Deligny and Naudin - W., 
Ritorna Vincitor (May Laurels Crown Thy Brown). From The Opera Aida (Verdi) Words and music - Charles L Kenney and G Verdi, 
Rive d Amour, No1 Mezzo or baritone, W&M. G Bizet, A Silvestre,, 
River of Dart Words and music - C Bingham and E Cooke, 
Riverie in F . W&M: E Long, 
Rixa . W&M: George Linley, 
Rob Roy Words and music - J S Skinner, 
Robert Franz Album. 36 Songs, with German and English Words. Booseys Musical Cabinet Vocal Series No. 216 Words and music - Robert Franz. English Words by John Oxenford. Includes: When I My Woes Would Utter, Gretchen is Here!, On the Sea & 33 more , 
Robert toi que J'aime (Mercy for Me) - Cavatina sung in Robert le Diable Meyerbeer, English version by G. Reynoldson, 
Robert toi que J'aime - Cavatina from Robert le Diable Meyerbeer, 
Robert, Toi Que J'aime W Kuhe, 
Roberto, Oh! Tu Che Adoro (Robert Toi Que J'aime) - Cavatina in F Major, for high voice - Sung by Mad. Dorus Gras and Mad. Castellan in the Opera of "Robert le Diable" Meyerbeer, 
Robin Adair . W&M: M Shirley, 
Robin Adair . W&M: G A Osborne, 
Robin Adair - Ballad - Pitman, Hart & Co edition No. 102 R. Burns, 
Robin Adair - Irish Ballad Tradtional arrangement, 
Robin Adair - Irish Ballad newly arranged with Pianoforte accompaniment - Hart & Co edition no. 102 Irish Ballad, 
Robin Adair - The Favourite Scotch Ballad Edited By Albert Keller, 
Robin Adair - the favourite Scotch song Traditional, 
Robin Adair, Scotch ballad arranged with piano accompaniment by Edward J Loder., 
Robin Redbreast - Two Part Song for Soprano and Alto Voice with Piano Accompaniment W. Allingham and E. T. Davies, 
Robin the Archer Words and music - J E Carpenter and W H Weiss, 
Robinson Trousseau - Humorous Song Edward Kent, 
Rock a bye Baby - The Popular lullaby Song - As Sung by Christy Minstrels Effie J. Canning, 
Rock a bye Baby - The Popular lullaby Song - As sung by the Moore & Burgess Minstrels - Musical Bouquet No. 8050 Effie J. Canning, 
Rock A Bye Baby - Waltz - Paxton edition No. 614 Fred Field, 
Rock Me To Sleep Words and music - F Percy, J Benedict, 
Rock Me to Sleep Mother, solo and chorus, with tonic sol fa, sung by the Christys Minstrels, Words and music - F Percy and D Kane O'Donnell, 
Rock of Ages - Sacred Song - Key of D major Rev A M Toplady and W H Jude, 
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep - Favorite Song Mrs Willard & J. P. Knight, 
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep - Favorite Song - Hart and Co Edition No. 46 Mrs Willard & J. P. Knight, 
Rocked In The Cradle of The Deep - Sacred Song - In the key of B flat major Mrs Willard and Joseph Philip Knight, 
Rocked In The Cradle of The Deep - Sacred Song - In the key of B flat major Mrs Willard and Joseph Philip Knight, 
Rocked In The Cradle of The Deep - Song - In the key of G major Mrs Willard and Joseph Philip Knight, 
Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep - Song - The Poetry of Mrs Willard Mrs Willard and Joseph Philip Knight, 
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep - Song with Pianoforte accompaniment Mrs Willard and J. P. Knight, 
Rode's Air. W&M: Moschele., 
Rolling Home To Bonnie Scotland Words and music - C Mackay and Rene Farban, 
Rolling In Foaming Billows Words and music - J Haydn, 
Romance . W&M: M De Lamartine, L Neidermeyer., 
Romance in E Flat, Antoinette Roeskylde,, 
Romance in G and Rondo for pian . W&M: J N Hummel, 
Romance Of Nadir ( Les Pechurs De Perles) Words and music - M Carre, Cormon and Georges Bizet, 
Romance. W&M: E.Schutt., 
Romanza and Scena. From Cavalleria Rustinana. With English and Italian words Words and music - Pietro Mascagni, 
Romanza E Scena. From Cavalleria Rusticana, with English and Italian words F E Weatherly and Pietro Mascagni, 
Romanza. L Eco D Italia. Melodie Donizetti and Torquatto Tasso, 
Romping Through the Fields - The Popular Comic Song - Howard & Co. edition No. 476 Tom Browne and J. H. Greenwood, 
Ronald Ray by Ernest Pertwee & Lawrence Kellie., 
Ronde des Marmites - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
Ronde. Le Veau Dor Est Toujours Debout (All must bow to the calf of gold) Words and music - C Gounod and Claude Aveling, 
Rondeau . W&M: E H Mehul, J Kinross., 
Rondino . W&M: C Meyer., 
Rondo Alla Turca Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 
Rory O More. What will You Do Love? Words and music - Samuel Lover, 
Rory O'More - Song - Paxton & Co edition No. 534 Samuel Lover, 
Rosa - Song - Hopwood & Crew copyright series No. 814 Carl Howard, 
Rosa La Rouge - French Edition Aristide Bruant , 
Rosabell the Lily of the Lea - Christy's Minstrels Popular Songs Series - Musical Bouquet No. 2080 Wurzel, 
Rosabella - An air with variations - Dedicated to MissJ Barbe G Kiallmark, 
Rosabelle Words and music - T Albion Alderson, 
Rosalie The Prairie Flower Words and music - H Farmer, 
Rosalie The Prairie Flower . W&M: F Beyer, 
Rosalie, The Prairie Flower Words and music - G F Wurzel, 
Rose Aileen, from the "Wreath", a collection of ballads, W&M. T H Bayly,, 
Rose Atherton Charles Jefferys, 
Rose Atherton, W&M. C Jefferys, , 
Rose Leaves Falling One by One - Howard & Co. ediiton No. 549 George Cooper & Harrison Millard, 
Rose Maiden. A cantata Frederick H Cowen, 
Rose of Lucerne - The Swiss Toy Girl - As sung by Miss Love Arranged from an orignal Swiss melody by J. Barnett, 
Rose of Lucerne - The Swiss Toy Girl - 3rd Edition - As sung by Miss Love Arranged from an orignal Swiss melody by J. Barnett, 
Rose of Lucerne - The Swiss Toy Girl - 5th Edition - As sung by Miss Love Arranged from an orignal Swiss melody by J. Barnett, 
Rose of May - Song Frederick Enoch and Henry Smart, 
Rose Of My Life Words and music - Wilfrid Mills and Fabian Rose, 
Rose Of The Morn. W&M: C Mackay, F Mori., 
Rose Softly Blooming - Popular English Song - Howard & Co edition No. 418 Wm. Ball & Spohr, 
Rose Softly Blooming song from 'Zemira & Azor" Spohr, 
Rose Softly Blooming! - Romance - From Spohr's Opera Azor & Zemira - In the key of A major William Ball, Adapted by Sir George Smart , 
Rose Softly Blooming! - Romance - From Spohr's Opera Azor & Zemira - In the key of A major for Low Voice William Ball, Adapted by Sir George Smart , 
Rose Softly Blooming! - Romance - From Spohr's Opera Azor & Zemira - In the key of F major William Ball, Adapted by Sir George Smart , 
Rose Softly Blooming! - Romance - From Spohr's Opera Azor & Zemira - In the key of G major for High Voice William Ball, Adapted by Sir George Smart , 
Rose Softly Blooming! - Romance - From Spohr's Opera Azor & Zemira - In the key of G major for Medium Voice William Ball, Adapted by Sir George Smart , 
Rose Softly Blooming. Romance. From The Opera Azor and Zemira Words and music - William Ball, Sir George Smart and Spohr, 
Rose Song, The, : from "The Talisman" . W&M: A Matthison, M W Balfe, 
Rosebuds, first Impromptu . W&M: J.Slater,, 
Roses Asleep (Slumber Song) by Edward Teschemacher & Landon Ronald, 
Roses Underneath The Snow - Popular Song with Chorus for Four Voices - Sung by the Christy Minstrels - Hart and Co edition No. 139 - For Treble, Alto, Tenor and Bass with Piano Geo. Cooper and H. P. Danks, 
Roses underneath the Snow - Song - as performed by the Christy Minstrels Traditional arrangement, 
Rosina Penco Il Pugnaletto Words and music - E de Roxas and G Dura, 
Rossini's Gems (No.4) . W&M: arranged H.Herz, 
Rosy Sunbeams tip the Hilltops - Song - For Piano and Voice Talbot Earle and C. M. von WEber, 
Rothesay Bay - Song John Halifax Gentleman & A S Gatty, 
Roulette Galop - For Piano Charles Coote Junr.,, 
Round on the End and High in the Middle - Song Alfred Bryan and Bert Hanlon, 
Rouse up my son and away, The Wind King song in the romantic opera Alessandro Stradella Friedrich von Flotow, arranged by William Hutchins Callcott, 
Rousseaus Dream Words and music - G F West, 
Row Gently Here; Oh Breathe Not His Name Words and music - Thomas Moore AND Mark Raphael, 
Row, Boatman, Row! - Capital quartett or opening chorus for amateur minstrel troupes - Musical Bouquet No. 7651 Adam Geibel, 
Royal Gifts - Recitations and Melodies specially suitable for Harvest Services and Anniversaries Faith Chiltern and John S. Witty, 
Royal Marriage Hymn, Father of Life, sung in the Chapel Royal St James July 6th 1893, with picture of wedding Words and music - Rev S Flood Jones and Dr William Creser, 
Roys Wife of Aldivalloch, a favorite Scotch Air Arranged by Dr John Clarke, 
Rub A Dub Dub March E Boggetti, 
Ruby - Song in the Key of E Minor for Middle Voice - Dedicated to Mrs. Charles Fuller J. J. Lonsdale and Virginia Gabriel, 
Ruby Schottische . W&M: J Guest, 
Rule Britannia Words and music - Thomas Arne, arranged by Alfred Mullen, 
Rule Britannia - Celebrated Song - Paxton edition no. 150 Dr. Arne arranged by L. Zampa, 
Rule Britannia - Song and Chorus Dr. Arne, 
Ruth - A Sacred Song - Hart & Co edition No. 22 - For Piano and Voice The Holy Scriptures and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 
Ruth - Composed and Dedicated to The Hon. Georgiana Bloomfield Miss Davis,