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19th century songs

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P' tit-Gris - Chanson - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
P. E. Bach - Solfeggietto - The Garden of Music P. E. Bach. Edited by Ernest Austin, 
Pace, Pace, Mio Dio (Peace, Peace, My God) - Musica di Verdi, pezzi per canto, con Pianoforte Series No. 27 G. Verdi & M.L.L, 
Pack Clouds Away Words and music - G A MacFarren and T Heywood, 
Paddle Your Own Canoe - The Celebrated Song - Transcribed for Pianoforte Written and Sung by Mr Harry Clifton, Transcribed for Pianoforte by Brinley Richards, 
Paddle your Own Canoe, polka, W&M. Charles Coote, , 
Paddle your own Canoe, sung by Fred French, also sung by Hary Clifton Harry Clifton, Arr. M Hobson, 
Paddy The Pedlar Words and music - Gunby Hadath and William M Hutchison, 
Pagan Words and music - F Norreys Connell and Hermann Lohr, 
Pagliacci, The Music Lovers Library No.51 The Minueto, Serenata, The Arioso and the Celebrated Prologue, Serenade (Harlequin), Neddas Song (Ah tempt me not) and the popular arioso On with the Motley, 
Paillasse - Prologue . W&M: R Leoncavallo, 
Paillasse, Tenor or Soprano, W&M. R Leoncavallo, E Crosti,, 
Pale Autumn Flowers - Ballad - Composed and dedicated to Lady Broughton John Lodge Esqr. and Miss Caroline Bowles, 
Pan Pan Pan, W&M. A Thys, , 
Pandora Waltz . W&M: A,C,Brookes, 
Panis Angelicus (O Wond'rous Heavenly Bread) - Extrait de la Messe Solennelle - For Tenor or Soprano - Key of A major Cesar Frank, 
Panis Angelicus (O Wond'rous Heavenly Bread) - Extrait de la Messe Solennelle - For Tenor or Soprano - Key of B major Cesar Frank, 
Panis Angelicus (O Wond'rous Heavenly Bread) - Extrait de la Messe Solennelle - Key of A major for Tenor or Soprano Cesar Frank, 
Pantomania - from Grand Selection of Popular Melodies, as played by the band of the Royal Marines Light Infantry under the direction of Mr George Miller Warwick Williams arranged by Theo. Bonheur, 
Papillons H Murkens, 
Pappies in the Cornfield - Song Wilfrid Tizard, arranged by Ezra Read, 
Par Charite! Words and music - M M F Sanchez and Paul Milliet, and F Sanchez, 
Parais a ta Fenetre, serenade, W&M. Queyriaux, Louis Gregh,, 
Parfait Amour Words and music - E L Hime, 
Paris, quadrille on popular French Airs including La Place de la Concorde, Les Tuileries, Les Champs Elysees, Les Boulevards, Le Palais Royal & Le Jardin Mabille, Charles DAlbert, 
Parla (Speak Love) - Vocal waltz - Key of D major for high voice Luigi Arditi - Arranged by Theodore T. Barker, 
Partant Pour La Syrie Words and music - R Favarger, 
Parted presence Words and music - D.G Rossetti and Frederic H. Cowen, 
Parting. Scheiden und Meiden. With English and German Words Words and music - Joh Brahms and Claude Aveling, 
Pas R'sauteur - Monologue Gaston Baron and Naudin - W., 
Pas Traqueuse! - Chansonnette H. Tinant, Geo. Carriere and Naudin - W., 
Pass under the Rod - Sacred song Traditional arrangement, 
Passing Away - Composed and dedicated to The Countess of Clonmell Mrs Hemans & Miss Davies, 
Passion Tzigane. Valse Lente Words and music - L Krein, 
Pastorale . W&M: M.Chater, G.Bizet, 
Pastorale in A . W&M: J Field, Arr: W F Taylor, 
Path of Roses - For Piano - Illustrated Edward Bisson. 1896 Fabian Scott, 
Patrick Michael McNally - irish Comic Song with Waltz Refrain - Musical Bouquet No. 8600 B. H. Janssen, 
Patrick Mulligan - The Favourite Irish National Song - Howard & Co edition No. 487 Byam Wyke and J. D. Brangham, 
Patti Waltz Song Words and music - J N Pattison, 
Paysage . W&M: R Hahn, 
Peace and Love - Duet - For Soprano and Contralto J. E. Carpenter, Francesco Berger, 
Peace Peace, song from the musical play "A Country Girl", sung by Rutland Barrington, W&M. Adrian Ross & Lionel Monckton, , 
Peace Shall Follow Battle Words and music - Arthur W Marchant, 
Peace! Peace! Peace! - Song L M Thornton & W T Wrighton, 
Peacefully Slumber My Own Darling One (Cradle Song) Words and music - Alberto Randegger, 
Peat Reek (Smuid Mona) - A Collection of Traditional Songs in Gaelic and English Somerled Macmillan, foreword by Sir Hugh S. Roberton, 
Pedlar Fate Words and music - A Horspool and Henry Pontet, 
Peek A Boo! W J Scanlan, 
Peek-A-Boo - Song - Hart and Co. edition No. 605 W. J. Scanlan, 
Peekaboo - The Popular Song and Chorus as Sung with Great Success by Miss Carrie Daniels in "Fun on the Bristol" W. J. Scanlan, 
Peep from the Window - Song - Paxton edition No. 637 Banks Winter, 
Peep-Bo! - Song & Chorus - Paxton edition No. 393 W. J. Scanlan, 
Peggy Cline - Paxton Edition No. 860 John T. kelly and Maurice Levi, 
Penelty of love (Pena d amore), No.2 of Songs and romances by Pietro Mascagni & A Ghislanzoni, English version by G Henschel., 
Pense a moi Composed and dedicated to his friend Jules Lefort by H Potier, 
Pensee Sentimentale L Fumagalli, 
Penso. Melodia Popolare.With Italian words Words and music - R E Pagliara and F Paolo Tosti, 
Perfida Clori, Canone for three voices Cherubini, 
Pestal . W&M: John Blockley, 
Pestal - Song - With Introduction W H Bellamy & C E Horn, 
Pestal - The words adapted to the melody which Colonel Pestall (a victim of Russian tyranny) marked upon the Wall of his cell the night before his execution - For Voice and Piano Reginald Moreton, 
Petit Enfant, W&M. Alfred Quidant, A Boudin,, 
Petite Fantaisie Mignonne . W&M: A Leduc., 
Petite Fantaisie on Airs from Masaniello . W&M: Ferd. Beyer, 
Petite Femme de Paris - Song Deligny Combe and Naudin - W., 
Petite Serenade Words and music - Lucien Dhuguet and F Paolo Tosti, 
Petits Oiseaux (O bitt euch liebe Vogelein), Op45, W&M. F Gumbert, , 
Petronille - Song J. B. Weckerlin , 
Phillis Has Such Charming Graces Words and music - A Young and H Lane Wilson, 
Phillis Has Such Charming Graces - Song in B flat Minor for High Voice Anthony Young, arranged by H. Lane Wilson, 
Phillis is My Only Joy - Ballad in the Old English style Sir Charles Sedley and J W Hobbs, 
Phoebe Dearest - Ballad - As sung by Mr Sims Reeves - Musical Bouquet No. 9059 W. H. Bellamy and J. L. Hatton, 
Phoebe Morel (I Had A Dream A Happy Dream), a Georgian Ballad sung by Mr Irving, one of the company of G W Pells Serenaders. W&M., 
Piccaninny Mine, Good Night! - Song on the key of B flat major for higher voice Clifton Bingham and M Trotere, 
Piccaninny Mine, Good Night! - Song on the key of C major for High Voice Clifton Bingham and M Trotere, 
Piccolo Album, Tanto Sospirero Alessandro Pariostti, 
Picnic Party Interrupted by a Thunderstorm ( The Dance, The Storm, Prayer, Song of Birds, Rejoicing), W&M. Samuel E Clark,, 
Pictures F E Weatherly and Edward T Lloyd, 
Piece Rustique . W&M: F Dreyschock, 
Pierrot - Song in the key of G major for Mezzo or Baritone voice Willaim Hutchison and F E Weatherly, 
Pierrot - Song in the key of G major for Mezzo or Baritone voice - Composed expressly for and sung by Miss Jeanie Rosse Willaim Hutchison and F E Weatherly, 
Pierrot - Song in the key of B flat major for Soprano or Tenor voice - Composed expressly for and sung by Miss Jeanie Rosse Willaim Hutchison and F E Weatherly, 
Pieta Signore Di Me Dolente - Aria di Chiesa Stradella edited by W. H. Callcott, 
Pilgrim Lane - Song G Clifton Bingham and Berthold Tours, 
Pilgrim Lane - Song in the key of E flat major for Lower Voice G Clifton Bingham and Berthold Tours, 
Pilgrims Of The Night Words and music - Clifton Bingham and Odoardo Barri, 
Pilgrims of the Night - Sacred song Rev F W Faber, 
Pilgrims of the Night - Sacred Song with Words - In the Key of G Major - Sung by Mr. Ben Davies to his Brother Ted The Rev. F. W. Faber D. D. and Samuel Liddle, 
Pilgrims of the Night, sacred song, W&M. Rev F Faber, Grenville Smart, , 
Pilgrims song Words and music - P Tschaikowsky and A Tolstoi, translated by Paul England., 
Pillows Musical Portfolio - No. 10 - Third Selection - Minstrel Songs - 12 Songs Various composers, 
Pillows Musical Portfolio No. 11 - Minstrel Songs (10 songs) Various composers, 
Pilon - Monologue - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
Pious Orgies - Celebrated Air in Handel's Judas Maccabeus Handel, 
Pirouette Pas Seul, dedicated to Anna Pavlova, W&M. Herman Finck, , 
Piu Bianca Del Piu Bianco Velo. Romanza. From the Opera Gli Ugonotti Words and music - G Meyer Beer, 
Piu Che Non Ama Un Angelo. Romanza. Sung by Signor Moriani. In E Flat Words and music - Donizetti, 
Plaisir D'Amour (The Joys of Love) - Song G Martini, arrangement and Lyric by Florian, 
Plaisir d'amour - Der Liebe Freud Jean Martini, 
Plaisir D'Amour - The Walsh Collection - For Voice and Piano - Fentone Music Edition No. WA 5024 Martini arranged by Frank Walsh, 
Plantation Echo Song (When I Calls High-O) Cecil R A Cook, 
Play that melody again, Fred Barnes Words and music - F Barnes, C Collins, 
Pleasant Memories - Ballad - For Voice with Pianoforte accompaniment Jas. Simmonds and J. R. Thomas, 
Please give me a penny . W&M: H Miller, W Seibert, 
Please Give me a Penny! - As sung by Christine Nilsson - Howard & Co edition no. 43 W. Siebert, 
Please Give Me a Penny! - The Popular Song as sung by Made. Christine Nilsson and all troupes of Christy Minstrels - For S.A.T.B and Piano W. Seibert and T. Westrop, 
Please Give Me A Penny, Sir . W&M: unknown, 
Please Mr Conductor Dont Put Me Off The Train Words and music - J Fred Helf and E P Moran, 
Please Sell No More Drink to My Father - Temperance Song & Chorus - Dedicated to Sir Wilfrid Lawson, The True Friend of the cause of Temperence - Musical Bouquet No. 7639 Mrs Frank B. Pratt and C. A. White, 
Please will you hold the Baby Sir? - Song - As sung with immense success by Percy Beaufoi - London Music Publishing Stores Edition No. 280 R. E. Bays, 
Plus De Dos Ronds - Couplets - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant & L Rouland, 
Pneumatic Fever Words and music - A Doe, 
Polish Dance No.1 in D Minor M Schyralski, 
Polka De Lola Montez . W&M: P Henrion, 
Polka des Cerises! - Chanson - A notre gracieuse Interprete Mme. Berth Duplaix A. Deligny and Naudin - W., 
Polly Up a Plum Tree from "The Wedding Eve" . W&M: W Yardley, F Toulmouche, 
Polnische Lieder componirt fur eine Singstimme mit Begleitung des pianoforte Words and music - F Chopin, English version by F W Rosier, 
Polonaise Favorite from Linda Di Chamouni . W&M: Henri Herz, 
Poor Faded Flowers - Song Wellington Guernsey and Henry Smart, 
Poor Jack - Favourite Old English Song - Paxton edition no. 440 C. Dibdin, 
Poor Old Joe - Solo and Chorus Christy Minstrels, 
Poor Old Joe - Song and Chours SATB S C Foster, arranged by Grenville Smart, 
Poor Pierrot - From "The Gaiety Girl" Unknown, 
Poor Wand'ring One - Song - From the comic opera "The Pirates of Penzance" - In the key of A flat major for high voice W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, 
Poor Wand'ring One - Song - From the comic opera "The Pirates of Penzance" - In the key of F major for lower voice W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, 
Pop Goes the Weasel (no lyrics) . Arr. C H R Marriott, 
Popcorn, American Barn Dance, W&M. H Eliot Lath, , 
Popular Christmas Carols - For Piano or Organ, Voice or Chorus - Containing 29 Favourites Various Composers, 
Popular Comic Songs - Baths Musical Museum Book 8 - Words, Music and Accompaniments Various Composers, 
Popular Songs - The Burlington Music Books - Series No. 1 Various composers, 
Popular Songs of Ninteenth-Century America - Complete Original Music for 64 Songs - Features Many Original Drawings and Posters of the Time Selected with an Introduction and Commentary by Richard Jackson, 
Porgi Amor (Mighty love) Words and music - Mozart, Edited by Edgardo Levi, 
Possession Words and music - Horace Newte and Landon Ronald, 
Pounds Shillings ab=nd Pence. When A Boy Loves A Girl Words and music - Scott Mackenzie, 
Poupee - Song A. Deligny and Naudin - W., 
Pour la Paix! - Song A. Deligny-Combe and Naudin - W., 
Pour La Patrie. French Words Words and music - Victor Hugo and Andre Messager, 
Pourquoi Promets Tu? - Valse Chantee Drouin de Bercy, Cerny, Anne de Bercy and Naudin - W., 
Pourquoi rester seulette? (all alone) - No. 1 en La - Soprano ou Tenor (ton original) - Dedicated to A Mademoiselle Jeanne Harding J. L. Croze & C. Saint-Saens, 
Pourtant Je Chante (Eppure Canto) - Tarentine Song Edm. Teulet, Drouin de Bercy and Naudin - W., 
Praise the Lord . W&M: G F Handel, 
Prayer at Sea, for three voices Words and music - Franz Bosen, 
Prayer In The Storm (Miserere Mei Deus) Words and music - A Horspool and Theo Bonheur, 
Preghiera (Prayer) . W&M: J Andrews, P Mazzoni, Pietro Mascagni,, 
Pretty as a picture . W&M: T B Bishop, 
Pretty Carolina - Comic Song - W. Paxton edition no. 394 G. W. Hunt, 
Pretty Little Flora - As sung by George Leybourne - Paxton edition No. 317 George Leybourne, 
Pretty Love - Song Thomas H Bayly and Joseph P Knight, 
Pretty Mountain Daisy - Song T Todd Potts and G Noel Bridal, 
Pretty Pond Lilies - Song newly arranged with an accompaniment for the Banjo - Paxton edition no. 651 F. D'alton Tebby , 
Pretty Roses Dont You Tell - Song & Dance - Musical Boquuet No. 6013 Geo. Cooper and Chas. E. Pratt, 
Pretty See-U-San Don't say No - Sung with immense success in the burlesque of Black Eyed Susan F. C. Burnand Esq. & Theo. Hermann, 
Priere Words and music - Sully Prudhomme and Ch Gounod, 
Priere D'Un Orphelin (The Orphan Boy's Prayer) . W&M: W.Smallwood, 
Primavera, dedicated to Clara Pauncefote Words and music - Alfred Delbruck, 
Princess Louise Words and music - Charles Godfrey, 
Printemps Nouveau, mezzo soprano and baritone Words and music - H Passerieu, P Vidal, 
Private Tommy Atkins - Song - In the key of C major for low voice S Potter and Henry Hamilton, 
Private Tommy Atkins - Song - In the key of D major for high voice S Potter and Henry Hamilton, 
Prologue from the opera "Pagliacci" - In the key of B flat major Frederick E. Weatherly and R Leoncavallo, 
Prologue from the opera "Pagliacci" - In the key of C major for high voice Frederick E. Weatherly and R Leoncavallo, 
Promenade Galante - Pour Mezzo-Soprano avec choeur de femmes (ad. lib.) - French Edition Th. de Banville and Ch. Koechlin, 
Promenade sur Leau, barcarolle Rene Favarger, 
Prometheus Words and music - S Langford and Hugo Wolf, 
Protect Us THrough The Coming Night (Ti Prego O Padre eterno) - Trio - Inscribed to Miss Matson Curschmann and Vincent Novello, 
Puch and Judy, in F Words and music - H L D'Arcy Jaxone and A H Behrend, 
Puck polka, W&M. Hugh Ponti, , 
Punch and Judy - Song - Key of F major - For Piano and Voice H. L. D'Arcy Jaxone and A. H. Behrend, 
Punchinello - Song after Hans Andersen J L Molloy and F E Weatherly, 
Pur Dicesti (Pledge So Comforting) Words and music - Antonio Lotti, 
Purcell - 20 Favourite Songs - Augener's Edition No. 8942 H. Purcell, edited by E. Duncan, 
Purcell - The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation - Song for Soprano Voice with Figured Bass - In the Key of B flat Minor Henry Purcell, edited by M. Tippett and W. Bergmann, 
Purcell Society Practical Edition No.3, Five songs for soprano or tenor solo, chorus and orchestra, W&M. Henry Purcell, Edited by Gerald M Cooper, , 
Pussy's Requiem - To Mrs Hardwicke Jackson Florence May Alt and Walter Spinney, 
Put Me in my little bed Words and music - C A White and D Smith, 
Put Me In My Little Bed Words and music - Dexter Smith and C A White,