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19th century songs

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N E A. W&M: H.Pontet., 
Nachstuck . W&M: R.Schumann, 
Nacqui all affano e Non piu mesta accanto al fuoco, Grand aria nell opera La Cenerentola by Rossini., 
Nancy Lee - Ballad - In the key of E flat major for high voice - Sung by Mr. Maybrick Frederick E Weatherly and Stephen Adams, 
Nancy Lee - Song - In the Key of C major for Low Voice Frederick E Weatherly and Stephen Adams, 
Naples is the place for me, sung by Miss Poole in the opera Francesca Doria by George Linley., 
Napoli. Barcarolle Words and music - Piccolomini , 
Napolitaine Alexander Lee, 
Napolitaine (I am Dreaming of Thee) - The Popular Ballad - Musical Bouquet Edition No. 7948 E. J. Gill and Alexander Lee, 
Natalie Words and music - Etienne Claudet, 
National Anthems, French(La Marseillaise), Russian(God Save Our Emperor), Belgian(La Brabaconne) and Brittish(God Save The King) Anonymous, 
National Musik - The Hals Album - A Collection of Norse National Music, containing the most popular folk songs, dances and compositions by various norse composers with Norse and English words, 52 songs Various Composers, 
Navaho, Miss Ellaline Terriss Words and music - H H Williams, E Van Alstyne, 
Navas Memorial, A collection of Sacred Airs arranged for the piano including I know that my Redeemer Liveth!, I shall not in the grave remain, To Thee O Lord, Great God What do I see and hear, Dead March, Dona Nobis Pacem, W&M. Handel, Mendelssohn, Luther, Mozart., 
Nay Goody please to moderate, sung by Mr Sinclair in the burletta of Midas, W&M. , 
Nazareth - Song Charles Gounod, 
Nazareth - Song in the key of D major for Bass Voice Charles Gounod, with words by Henry F. Chorley, 
Nazareth - Song in the key of E flat major for Low voice Charles Gounod, with words by Henry F. Chorley, 
Near Thee Words and music - Joachim Raff, 
Near Thee/Immer bei der - Songs Series No. 3 - Words in German and English Joachim Roaff, 
Nearer and Dearer, a ballad Words and music - J E Carpenter and Chas Glover, 
Nearer Home - Celebrated Hymn - Solo and Chorus - Musical Bouquet No. 3761 Montgomery and J Woodbury, 
Nearer My God Thee . W&M: John Blockley, 
Nearer My God To Thee - Sacred Song - In the key of A flat major Sarah Flower Adams and Charles Gounod, 
Nearer My God To Thee - Sacred Song - In the key of B flat major Sarah Flower Adams and Charles Gounod, 
Nearer My God To Thee - Sacred Song - In the key of C major for high voice Sarah Flower Adams and Charles Gounod, 
Nearer My God To Thee - Sacred Song - In the key of G major for medium voice - Dedicated to Miss Ada Crossley Sarah Flower Adams and Lewis Carey, 
Nearer My God to Thee - The Beautiful Hymn - Musical Bouquet No. 3532 Arranged by T. Westrop, 
Nearer my God to Thee and Six Chants - For Piano or Organ and Soprano, Treble, Tenor and Basso Voices - Jewell's Standard Edition T. B. Southgate, 
Nearer My God to Thee, Sacred Song, dedicated to Lady Dufferin, W&M. John Blockley, , 
Nearer, My God To Thee Words and music - S Adams, L Carey, 
Nearer, my God, to Thee - Sacred Song Arranged by J. Wade, 
Nearer. Sacred Song Words and music - Francis W Swift, 
Nearest And Dearest Words and music - W C Baker and J R Thomas, 
Nearest and Dearest - Song from "Olivette" H B Farnie and Audran, 
Neath My Lattice Words and music - Arthur Sullivan and Basil Hood, 
Neath The Rolling Tide - Descriptive Bass or Baritone Song - In the key of E flat major for low voice G Essex Evans and W H Jude, 
Neath The Rolling Tide - Descriptive Bass or Baritone Song - In the key of F major for medium voice G Essex Evans and W H Jude, 
Neath the Watching Stars . W&M: T R Ollerenshaw, 
Negro Fete . W&M: S.C.Ridley, 
Neighbour Joan Words and music - A Horspool and Cecil Winn, 
Nel Lasciar La Normandia, Quatre Morceaux Operatiques No4, W&M. Charles W Glover, Meyerbeer, , 
Nelle tue braccia stringimi, aria in the opera of Lucia di Lammermoor by G Donizetti., 
Nelly Bly Words and music - Franz Ritter, 
Nelly Bly, the popular negro song Traditional, 
Nelly Gray - Solo & Chorus Sung by the Christy Minstrels B.R. Hanby, 
Nelly Gray - Solo and Chorus - Expressly for Mr J W Raynor John Oxenford & M W Balfe, 
Nelly Gray, sung by Christys Minstrels, Words and music - unknown, 
Nelly or The Emigrants Return - Ballad W&M. G A Osborne, E J Gill,, 
Nelson - Song John Braham with poetry by J, S. Arnold, 
Nelson - Song - From The Opera of The Americans Mr Braham, 
Nelson, Twas in Trafalgar's Bay . W&M: J T Stone., 
Nennella De Stu Core. Nennella Del Mio Core. Canzone Napolitana (Con Traduzione Italiana) By Luigi Badia, 
Nepdalok Words and music - Nagy Zoltan, 
Nesting Time - Song - In the key of F major for medium voice Helen Taylor and Alma Goatley, 
Never Again, song Poetry by Miss Procter, The Music Composed by Alfred Scott Gatty, 
Never Forget . W&M: E Dorn., 
Never laugh at Love - Song in the key of E minor for medium voice Mike Beverly and Theo Marzials, 
Never Lose a Friend Words and music - J E Carpenter and S Smith, 
Never Lose Your Head, W&M. Alfred Scott Gatty, , 
Never Mind The Rest Henry Fase, 
Never More Words and music - Tito Mattei, 
Never My Child Forget To Pray - Sacred Melody Song Richard Greaves, 
Never to know Words and music - Mike Beverly & Theo. Marzials, 
Never Too Late To Mend: serio Comic song . W&M: T M Bennett, 
Never Trouble Trouble Till Trouble Troubles You - Musical Bouquet No. 5076 G.C.R. and H.F. Wellman, 
Never, Never No More! Charles Warren and Gustave H. Kline, 
New & Popular Song and Dance Compositions - Lovely Angeline - Musical Bouquet No. 7653 F.B. Converse, arranged by Rosee Heath, 
New and Correct edition of Scotch songs arranged with accompaniments, No15, including Lochaber no more sung by Mr Collyer and Loch Eroch side sung by Mr Pearman, Arr. J Parry, , 
News Chronicle Nursery Rhymes with music and pictures, 72 songs, Arranged by H A Chambers, , 
Niagara Falls Mr Winchell, 
Nice Young Gentlemen - Humorous Trio for Three Male Voices G. Amos, 
Nigger Airs - Banks Edition No. 161 Florence Ransome, 
Night Words and music - Rossini, 
Night . W&M: L.Byron, L.S.Tonkin, 
Night and Morning Ernest Boyd Jones and Edward St Quentin, 
Night and Morning - Key of D major Ernest Boyd Jones and Edward St Quentin, 
Night at Sea - Sung by Madame Malibran and Miss M. Cooper - From a Set of Six Songs and Two Duets Henri Herz, 
Night of stars and night of love! - Song - In the key of C major for low voice Offenbach, 
Night of Stars and Night of Love! - Song - In the key of D major for medium voice Offenbach, 
Night of Stars and Night of Love! - Song - In the key of F major for high voice Offenbach, 
Night Storm at Sea . W&M: Grosse, 
Night Winds - Song in Key of E flat The Poetry by J. Wilce, The Music by Violet, 
Nightingale - Song Anne Fricker, 
Nightingale In The Woods. W&M: O Allon., 
Nights Caps Words and music - H L D Arcy Jaxone and Ciro Pinsuti, 
Nights of Music Thomas Moore and J E Pelgen, 
Nine Celebrated Contralto Songs - Book 4 Bath's Musical Museum Various Composers, 
Nine Celebrated Soprano Songs - Book 3. Bath's Musical Museum Various Composers, 
Nine Famous Contralto Songs by popular composers - Chappell Popular Albums No. 1305 Various Composers, 
Ninety Nine Minstrel Songs Old and New. Including: A Boy's Best Friend is His Mother; Where Has Lula Gone?; Good Old Jeff; Barney, Take Me Home Again; Camptown Races; Forgive and Forget and more Words and music - various artists, 
No 10 Des Ailes! Benjamin Godard,, 
No Cross, No Crown! - Musical Bouquet No. 5208 & 5209 Frank W. Green and W.C. Levey, 
No Night There, sacred song Words and music - E B Donne, 
No Not One. Sacred Song Words and music - Rev Johnson Oatman and Geo C Hugg, 
No Sir! - Spanish Ballad - As sung by A M Wakefield - In the key of C major A M Wakefield, 
No Sir! - Spanish Ballad - New Edition A M Wakefield, 
No Sweeter Story Words and music - Clifton Bingham and Piccolomini, 
No, No, No, I Shall Not Tell Thee My Lover's Name, cavatina from the opera "The Huguenots" Words and music - Meyerbeer, 
No. 1 Album of Leslie Stuarts most famous songs, with words & music, tonic solfa and ukelele arrangement, Various Composers , 
No. 26 Grosvenor College Albums - Wickins' Classical Songs to Sing Various Composers, 
No. 4 of The Grosvenor College Albums Various composers, 
No. 5 - Songs of Childhood - The Hour of Prayer Mrs Hemans and Philip Lovell, 
No. 62 Grosvenor College Albums - Wickins' Drawing-Room Operas - Stevens' Popular Operetta Beauty and the Beast F.W.M. and Chas. J. Stevens, 
No. 74 Grosvenor College Albums - Wickins' Let me Sing the Old Songs Various Composers, 
No. 8 Gothe's song of Mignon, Know'st thou the land. English and German words L. van Beethoven, transcribed by C. R. Esq., 
Nobil Donna E Tanto Onesta . W&M: G Meyerbeer, M Maggioni., 
Nobody Else - Song May Hodges and Herbert E.Crimp, 
Nobody's Darling but Mine - Popular Song - Hart and Co. Edition No. 264 H. P. Danks, 
Nocturne for piano Joachim Raff, 
Nocturne Romantique . W&M: H.A.Wollenhaupt, 
Nol sai, No.6 Il Mio Canto album Words and music - A Guercia, 
Non E Ver - Romanza Poesia di G. Caravoglis and Tito Mattei, 
Non M'Amava (He Loved Me Never) - Song in Italien / English with Guitar accompaniment A. Guercia, arranged by A. Caylus, English words by Theo Marzials, 
Non Monseigneur!, chansonnette Words and music - D' Aristide de Latour, 
Non Piu Mesta . W&M: F Burgmuller, 
Non Piu Mesta from "Generentola" Rossini, Arr: T B Phipps, 
Non T Amo Piu. Melodia Paolo Tosti, 
Non. Mais Chez Qui? Chez Bobeche! - Monologue Vyle and Naudin - W., 
None but the Weary Heart (Nur wer die Sehnsucht Kennt) Key of D flat Goethe & P. Tschaikowsky, 
None But The Weary Heart - Song in the key of D flat major for Lower Voice P Tschaikowsky - Goethe, 
None But The Weary Heart - Song in the key of D major with Violin or Cello Obligato P Tschaikowsky - Goethe, 
None the better for seeing of you - Ladies Comic Song T Moncrief & T Williams, 
Nora Kildare. Irish Ballad Words and music - Annie H Coxon and Oscar Allon, 
Nora O' Neal - Song and Chorus - As Sung by Christy's Minstrels - Musical Bouquet Edition No. 4086 Will S. Hays, 
Norah Mulrooney - Broome Edition No. 797 Arthur Seldon, 
Norah My Darling, ballad, W&M. Thomas Hudson, N J Sporle, , 
Norah, The Pride of Kildare - The Popular Song - With New Symphonies & Accompaniments for the Pianoforte - Paxton Edition No. 23 Bernard Austin, 
Norma . W&M: Beyer, 
Norma - Caxssell's Operatic Selections Series No. 9 - With Tonic Sol-Fa and The Story of Norma Bellini, words adapted by Marshall Steele, 
Norma - Reminiscences of the Opera, for piano Diedrich Krug, 
Norma, Operatic Gems No2, Arr. Theophile Servier, , 
Norse Lullaby Words and music - E Field and R de Koven, 
Norsk Musik Album - 50 Vocal pieces with piano accompaniment - In Norwegian and English Various Composers, 
Northumbrian Minstrelsy. A collection of the ballads, melodies and small ripe tunes of Northumbria Edited by J Collingwood Bruce and john Stokoe, 
Norwegian Bridal Procession Edvard Grieg, 
Not a Drum Was Heard . W&M: J Barnett., 
Not a Ghost At All . W&M: R Planquette, H B Farnie., 
Not Alone Words and music - E M A F S and R W Lewis, 
Not Lost Forever Words and music - Edward Reddrop, 
Not Mine Be Monarchs Throne Words and music - Gerald M Lane, 
Not the sort of girl I care about . W&M: L Monckton, A Hopwood., 
Not Very Long Ago Words and music - Clifton Bingham and Dudley Hargrave, 
Not While Britannias Alive . W&M: W Layton, J Tabrar, 
Nothing Coming In . W&M: H Rover, 
Nous Sommes tous cocus - Ronde - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
Now Is Not That Like Roger? - Admired Comic Song - Musical Bouquet Edition No.'s 4966 & 4967 Frank W. Green Esq. and Alfred lee, 
Now isnt it a pity or I love a Lad a Handsome Lad, sung by Miss Tunstall John Whitaker, 
Now to Work - (The celbrated Prison Duet) - With English and Foreign Words from Beethoven's Opera "Fidelio" - Musical Bouquet No. 3445 and 3446 Beethoven, english words by J. E. Wall, 
Now upon the first day of the week, Anthem for Easter day William Henry Monk, 
Now we Shan't be long . W&M: H Fisher, 
Now we shant be Long Words and music - Henri Fisher, 
Number Two F E Weatherly and Joseph L Roeckel, 
Nursery Rhymes - The Old fashioned tunes - Containing 38 with words and music Arranged by Geo H. Farnell, 
Nursie Words and music - Arthur Chapman and Theo Bonheur, 
Nymphs and Shepherds - Song - Key of F major for medium voice Henry Percell - Arranged by W. H. Cummings, 
Nymphs and Shepherds - Song in the key of G major for Lower voice Henry Purcell, 
Nymphs and Shepherds Come Away. From The Libertine Words and music - Henry Purcell and arranged by Albert Moffat,