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19th century songs

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J Avais Reve Edouard Lassen, 
J E M F E Weatherly and Cotsford Dick, 
J' Ai Du Bon Tabac (Dans Ma Tabatiere) - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant & Paulus, 
J' Suis D' L' Avis Du Governement - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
J' viens D' Faire un' Conquete - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
J'ai pleure en reve, melody, W&M. H Heine, G Hue,, 
J'Y Pense Words and music - Fritz Kirchner, 
J. S. Bach - Ah! When the Last Dread Hour - Recitative for Baritone - Cantata No. 70 J. S. Bach, edited by J. Michael Diack, 
J. S. Bach - God's Own Angel Never Go - Aria for High Voice from the Cantata "Man Singet mit Freuden vom Sieg" - In German and English J. S. Bach, translation by Ernest Walker, expression marks by Dawson Freer, 
J. S. Bach - Mehrstimmige Chorale - Edition Peters Nr. 4264b Band II J. S. Bach, 
J. S. Bach - Now be Still, Languid Music - Aria for High Voice from the Cantata "O Holder Tag, Erwunschte Zeit" - In German and English J. S. Bach, translation by Ernest Walker, expression marks by Dawson Freer, 
Ja, Mein Herr - Scene - French Edition Aristide Bruant & J Jouy, 
Jack and Jill - Song - In the key of A flat major for high voice H L D' Arcy Jaxone and Louis Diehl, 
Jack and Jill - Song - In the key of F major for low voice H L D' Arcy Jaxone and Louis Diehl, 
Jack Never Knew - Waltz Song and Refrain John A. Matthews, 
Jack O'Jingles Harold Simpson and Arthur L. Klein, 
Jack to Jeannie - Song Mary Mark Lemon and Joseph L. Roeckel, 
Jack's Old Chum Edward Oxenford & James Philp, 
Jack's The Boy . W&M: L Monckton, H Greenbank, 
Jack's Wedding Morn Clifton Bingham and F. Boscovitz, 
Jacks Bride Words and music - Gerald M Lane, 
Jacks Return Words and music - Godfrey Marks, 
Jacks Reward - Song - In the key of E major for medium voice H L D'arcy Jaxone and Odoardo Barri, 
Jacks Yarn - Key of B flat major for High voice - sung by Signor Foli F E Weatherly & Louis Diehl, 
Jacks Yarn - sung by Signor Foli - In the key of C major for low voice F E Weatherly & Louis Diehl, 
Jackson's Evening Service in F - No. 551 & 552 of the Musical Treasury Jackson, 
Jackson's Morning Service in F - No. 549 & 550 of the Musical Treasury Jackson, 
Jacksons Morning Service in E flat - The Sacred Harmonist Series No.'s 41 & 42 - Arranged for Treble, Alto, Tenor and Bass with Organ or Pianoforte accompaniment Jackson, 
Jacobite Song P Shaw Jeffrey and Harold Moore, 
Jane Magee C. W. Murphy, 
Janet's Choice - Ballad as sung by Madame Sainton Dolby - Musical Bouquet No. 9064 Claribel, 
Je me porte bien - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
Je Veux Garder Ma Mie - Song A. Deligny and Naudin - W., 
Jeanie and Donald - Ballad G A Hodson, Stuart Farquharson,, 
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair - Song- In the key of F major Stephen C Foster and arranged by Leo T Croke, 
Jeanne . W&M: A Talexy., 
Jeanne D Are (Adien Forets) Words and music - Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky, Max Spicker and Dr Th Baker, 
Jeannette and Jeannot (The Concripts Departure) - Songs of a Conscript No. 1 Charles Jefferys and Charles W. Glover, 
Jeannette and Jeannot - The Popular Song - New Edition with Tonic Sol-Fa - L.M.P.S edition No. 270 C. W. Glover, 
Jeannie O the Dale, ballad dedicated to J Sims Reeves, W&M. J E Carpenter, Henry Farmer,, 
Jeannies Old Song . W&M: J E Carpenter, Franz Abt, 
Jeannot's Song (Cheer up my own Jeannette) - Sung by Mr Edward Hime, Mr Geo. Jefferys and Mr Reeves Charles Jefferys and Charles W. Glover, 
Jenny . W&M: H Pepper, F Emerson Brooks, 
Jenny and Jennys Farewell, A Prelude to Auld Robin Gray, W&M. Haydn, , 
Jenny Jones, the favorite Welsh ballad sung by Charles Mathews at Madame Vestris Royal Olympic Theatre in the Burletta of "He would be an actor", Words and music - Charles Mathews, John Parry, , 
Jenny of the mill - Song A Leduc - G Linley, 
Jephthas Daughter Words and music - Robert Schumann, 
Jerusalem (and did those feet in ancient times) - Key of D - Arranged for Voice and Piano (Or Organ) William Blake, C. Hubert Parry, arranged by Albert Howe, 
Jerusalem - song with chorus Nella & Henry Parker, 
Jerusalem the Golden - Sacred Song - Paxton edition No. 603 The Rev. Dr. Neale and D. Edwards, 
Jerusalem the Golden - Twelve Sacred Melodies Series No. 11 Ewing arranged by J. A. Wade, 
Jerusalem the Golden, W&M: J Saville Stone,, 
Jessie The Flowr o Dunblane, W&M. R Tannahill, , 
Jessies Dream . W&M: John Blockley, 
Jessies Dream or The Relief of Lucknow, A descriptive fantasia, introducing The Siege, The Dream & The Rescue, W&M. John Blockley, , 
Jesu Lover Of My Soul. Sacred song Words and music - C Wesley and Geo J Murkin, 
Jesu Lover Of My Soul. Sacred Song Words and music - Charles Wesley and Berthold Tours, 
Jesu Lover Of My Soul. Sacred Song Words and music - Charles Wesley and Frank Adlam, 
Jesu Lover of my Soul. Sacred Song Words and music - Reginald Steggall and C Wesley, 
Jesu, meine Freude - BWV 227 - For 2 Sopranos, Alt, Tenor and Bass with Basso Continuo and Orga ad lib. - Stuttgarter Bach Ausgaben series - HE 31.227/02 J. S. Bach arranged by Gunter Graulich and Paul Horn, 
Jesus Is Mine. Sacred Song Words and music - Michael Watson, 
Jesus is Waiting to Bless You . W&M: T Palmer, R G Harvey, 
Jewel of Asia from 'The Geisha' Words and music - H Greenbank and J Philp, 
Jigs and Reels - Harding's Original Collection - 200 Jigs, Reels and Country Dances - For Piano, Violin, Flute or Mandolin Various Composers/Trad., 
Jo Anderson, My Joe . W&M: C Osborne, H Simpson, 
Jock O' Hazeldean . W&M: W H Birch, 
Jock O'Hazeldean, Scotch ballad Arranged by Edward J Loder, 
Jock of Hazeldean, for the pianoforte Words and music - Sir Walter Schott, arranmged by Alex Robertson, 
John Anderson My Jo - The Favourite Scotch Song - Howard & Co edition No. 47 Trad., 
John Anderson My Joe, a favorite Scotch Song sung by Mr Wilson, arranged with a piano accompaniment Arranged by Wilson, 
John Barleycorn. W&M: R Burns., 
John Brown, No35 of Popular Melodies, Christys Minstrels, Words and music - Traditional, 
John Bulls Traveller, George DAlbrert Words and music - Paul Pelham, 
John Peel - Hunting Song Arranged with New Symphonies and Pianoforte Accompaniments Arranged by A. Mullen, 
Johnnie! Me and You! - The Street Arabs - Musical Monologue - As performed by Margaret Cooper Corney Grain, 
Johnny Get Your Gun Words and music - F Belasco, 
Johnny Schmoker . W&M: Geo F Root, 
Johnny the Engine Driver, the favourite comic song Traditional, 
Johnny, Get Your Gun! - Song F Belasco, 
Joseph Haydn - Arianna A Naxos - Cantata a voce sola, accompagnamento del clavicembalo o fortepiano (1789?) Joseph Haydn - A curi di Marius Flothuis, 
Josephine - Mazurka de Salon pour Piano - Plate No. 9329 Henri Roubier, 
Jour de Fete, polka mazurka, W&M. Henri de Villiers, , 
Journeys End In Lovers Meeting Words and music - John P Harrington, Cyrus B Cuyler and John Ashton, 
Joyful is Dreaming . W&M: E Jakobowski, A Murray, 
Joyous Days (Petite Serenade) . W&M: C.Campbell, E.Meyer-Helmund, 
Joyous Days Of Childhood - No. 4 Vocal gems of Anna Bolena - Arranged for Piano Forte by S. Nelson Written by Walter Maurice, Composed by Donizetti, 
Joyous Lays for Happy Hours Words and music - F.Percival, S.Smith, 
Joyous Life - An English version of the popular canzone "Ben E Ridicolo" - In the key of F major Alberto Randegger & S Arthur, 
Joyous Life - An English version of the popular canzone "Ben E Ridicolo" - In the key of G major Alberto Randegger & S Arthur, 
Joys of Life - Jedem Das Seine - No. 2 from Vocal Exotics A Selection of the Most ADmired Songs of Various Nations G. Preyer, Written and Adapted by W. Bartholomew Esq., 
Juanita . W&M: Lefebure-Wely, 
Juanita - A Song of Spain - Musical Bouquet No. 9045 Hon. Mrs Norton, 
Juanita Waltz. W&M: E Toska., 
Juanita. A Song Of Spain. Spanish ballad Words and music - Anonymous, 
Julens Melodibok, Julhymner Julsanger Och Juldanseer, contains; Av himlens hojd oss kommet ar, Den signade dag, Der srar ett ljus I Osterland, Det ar en ros utsprungen, En jungfru fodde ett barn I dag Otto Olsson, 
Juliana, coon song in B flat Words and music - Cecil Johnson, 
June Roses - The Popular Song - Howard & Co edition No. 686 Harpers Monthly and D. Middleton, 
Jupiter, galop, W&M. C Coote. , 
Just A Little Sunshine. Beautiful Ballad Words and music - Frederick Solomon and Theo Bonheur, 
Just a Soldier - Patriotic Song dedicated to The Middlesex Regiment (The famous Die Hards) Stetchworth Ashley and Tom Gray, 
Just after the battle Mother Words and music - G.F.Root, 
Just After The Battle Mother. The Popular Ballad Words and music - G F Root, 
Just as I am, sacred song, W&M. T Blockley, , 
Just As Well Words and music - Harry F Eastcourt and Theo Marzials, 
Just Because Words and music - Samuel K Cowan and Ciro Pinsuti, 
Just Before the Battle G F Root, 
Just Before the Battle - Popular Song - Chorus for Four voices - For S.A.T.B and Piano - Hart and Co edition No. 513 G. F. Root, 
Just before The Battle Mother - American Ballad George F Root, 
Just Before The Battle. Solo and Chorus Words and music - Christy Minstrels, 
Just One Girl - Song - Featuring Miss julie Mackey Karl Kennett and Lyn Udall, 
Just To Hold You In My Arms, from The Street Singer Words and music - Percy Greenbank and H Fraser Simson, 
Just Touch the Harp - Ballad - as sung at the London & Provincal Concerts - Howard & Co. edition No. 665 Unknown Composer,