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19th century songs

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Gabriella - Vocal Waltz S. D. C. Marchesi, 
Gaily thro life wander, sung by Miss P Horton in "Popular Illustrations", W&M. G Linley, Verdi,, 
Galathee, Air de Pygmalion, for Bass & Baritone, W&M. Victor Masse, , 
Galilee Words and music - Joseph H Adams, 
Galop De Bravoure Words and music - E Ketterer, 
Garland, from King Erik Words and music - E W Gosse and T Marzials, 
Garners Gay - Folk Song Today No. 2 - English Folk Songs Collected by Fred Hamer, 
Gather Ye Rosebuds - Song Wilfrid Sanderson and Robert Herrick, 
Gather Ye Rosebuds - Song in the Key of G major Wilfrid Sanderson and Robert Herrick, 
Gather ye Rosebuds-'Old Time is Still a Flying' - Ballad - Sung by Mr. Machin Music - Joseph Philip Knight [1812-87] Words - Robert Herrick, 
Gather ye Rosebus Old Time is Still A Flying - Ballad - The Poetry by Robert Herrick - As sung by Mr Machin - Composed and Dedicated to Henry Phillips Esq. Joseph Philip Knight, 
Gathering Daffodils based on a 17th century tune - Key of A flat for high voice Harold Boulton and Arr. Arthur Somervell, 
Gathering Daffodils based on a 17th century tune - Key of G major Harold Boulton and Arr. Arthur Somervell, 
Gathering the Myrtle with Mary Words and music - W. J. Scanlan, 
Gauida Domus for piano W Smallwood, 
Gavotte . W&M: S.Prokofiew, 
Gavotte In A Minor. W&M: A.Somervell., 
Gavotte Pompadour, Georges Lamothe,, 
Gay Bohemiah . W&M: S Jones, H Greenbank, 
Gay Tom - Tit . W&M: S Jones, H Greenbank, 
Gedichte von (Poems of) Eduard Morike - Fur Eine Sinstimme (Voice) und Klavier - Ed. Peters No. 3140b Hugo Wolf, 
Gedichte von (Poems of) Eduard Morike - Fur Hohe Stimme (High Pitched Voice) und Klavier - Band 1 - Ed. Peters No. 3140a - In English and German Hugo Wolf, 
Gedichte von (Poems of) Eduard Morike - Fur Hohe Stimme (High Pitched Voice) und Klavier - Band 2 - Ed. Peters No. 3141b - In English and German Hugo Wolf, 
Geistliche Arien fur Hohe Stimme, W&M. Mozart, , 
Gems of the Opera . W&M: F Percival., 
Gentle Annie - Song for 4 voices SATB - As sung by the Christys Minstrels Stephen Foster, 
Gentle Annie and Let me Kiss him for his Mother, sung by Christy's Minstrels Christy's Minstrels, 
Gentle Dove Wherefore Art Thou Clinging, from the opera Romeo and Juliet Words and music - Ch Gounod and H B Farnie, 
Gentle Ray of Sunlight Words and music - W T Wrighton and J Tildesley, 
Gentle Troubadour - Song from the Opera 'Lurline' Edward Fitzball and W V Wallace, 
Gentle Voices Chas. W. Glover and W. Jones Esq., 
Gentle Words . W&M: C D Stewart, John Blockley, 
Gentle Zephyr - No. 6 from six songs, Op.23 with English & German words William Sterndale Bennett, 
Gentle Zephyrs Words and music - Clifton Bingam & Adolf Jensen, 
Gently Down the Stream . W&M: Walter W Robinson, 
Geomay - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
George Forbes, Florine, The Home Circle No2, Op62, , 
Gerona . W&M: Ezra Read, 
Gertys Song of the Star, The Lamplighter No1, W&M. J E Carpenter, Stephen Glover, , 
Gesange - Zehn Dichtungen von Lenau und Heine Nicolaus Lenau, Heinrich Heine arranged by Paul Geisler, 
Get a Wife Young Man - Song - Paxton Edition No. 789 Joseph Skelly, 
Get up and bar the door - No.16 from "The Beauties of Scottish Melody" arranged with an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte Archibald Campbell, 
Gethsemane Words and music - Follet Thorpe and H Crouch Batchelor , 
Gia Dalla Mente Involasi from "Le Tre Nozze" G Alary, 
Gigue . W&M: Corelli, R Tetlow, 
Gigue in F Sharp Minor, George Frederick Handel,, 
Gigue, Corelli . W&M: W Millward, 
Gilbert and Sullivan - Twelve Baritone Songws - For Unison Singing with optional mixed voice choruses Gilbert and Sullivan selected and edited by William Appleby and Frederick Fowler, 
Gipsy John. Key of E major for higher voice - Sung by Mr. Santley G J Whyte Melville & Frederic Clay, 
Gipsy John. No.1 in D for Lower voice - Sung by Mr. Santley G J Whyte Melville & Frederic Clay, 
Gipsys Laughing Song Words and music - Stephen Glover, 
Girofle Girofla Galop . W&M: Charles Godfrey, 
Girolamo Dalla Casa & Giovanni Bassano - Divisions on Chanson III - For Treble Instrument and Continuo Gombert, Girolamo Dalla Casa, Giovanni Bassano and Adrian Willaert, 
Gitana Words and music - Clifton Bingham and F Boscovitz, 
Give It To Him Charley - A word at parting Addressed to Vice Admiral Sir Charles Napier, KCB . W&M: CC, W Herbert, 
Give me my arrows and give me my bow . W&M: S Lover, 
Give Me Song For Song. Words and music - J Carpenter, J Hatton., 
Give Me the Night . W&M: Charles Swain, George Hargreaves, 
Give Me Thy Heart For Mine Words and music - Alfred Mattacks, arranged by J H Eccles, 
Give that Wreath to Me Words and music - T H Bayly and Sir J Stevenson, 
Glad Tidings Words and music - H Elliott Lath, 
Glee Go Happy Heart Words and music - William Horsley, 
Glee, Here in Cool Grot - Song for 4 Voices: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass The Earl of Mornington, 
Gloria Tibi Domine (Glory to thee o Lord) Words and music - Cristabel and Alberto Zelma, 
Glorious Apollo, a favorite Glee. Dedicated to the president and memebers if the Glee Club Samuel Webb, 
Glorious Apollo, for three voices TTB Webbe, 
Glory Shrines The Brave, Martial Song Words and music - G Whyte and G Villa, 
Glory Song C H Gabriel, R Graham Harvey, 
Glory To God On High Words and music - R Murray and F Allitsen, 
Glory to Thee My God This Night - Song - For Piano and Voice Bishop Ken and Charles Gounod, 
Glory to Thee My God This Night - Song in the key of E flat major for Soprano or Tenor Bishop Ken and C H Gounod, 
Glory to thee, My God, this night (an Evening song) Bishop Ken & Ch. Gounod, 
Go Forget Me - A Ballad sung by Mr Parry Junior The Rev. Charles Wolfe & Philip Mortimer, 
Go Join The Navy. From the musical play Porcelain Prince Words and music - Leopold D Schurer, 
Go Lovely Rose, Canzonet Words and music - Attwood, 
Go Not Happy Day. From A Cycle of songs from Tennysons Maud Words and music - Arthur Somervell, 
Go When The Morning Shineth . W&M: E Travis, 
Go when the Morning Shineth - Sacred Song Music - John Guest, 
Go where the morning shineth. Sacred song Words and music - Charles Sefferns and Stephen Glover, 
Go' Way, Good Massa Bee . W&M: F.W.Leigh, 
Goblins Wedding . W&M: L Gautier, 
God All Powerful .Arr: E Travis, 
God Be With You Will We Meet Again - Chiristian Choralist Series No. 7 - Staff and Tonic Sol-Fa Combined J. E. Rankin and W. G. Tomer, 
God Bless and Keep You Dear Words and music - E Cheesman and E Cuthbertson, 
God Bless Daddy at the War Will Godwin, arranged by Ezra Read, 
God Bless The Prince of Wales - Song J Ceiriog Hughes, English version by George Linley and Brinley Richards, 
God breaketh the battle, tenor solo from the oratorio "Judith" C. Hubert H. Parry, 
God keep the old Flag Flying! - Battle Hymn - Daisy Bank Popular Edition No. 1 Arranged by J. Vane, Written and Composed by Tom Robinson, 
God Save the King - Englands National Anthem, with an additional stanza to Our Gracious Queen arranged for One, Two, Three, Voices and Chorus with an accompaniment for the Piano Forte Paulus Prucilli, 
God Save The King - The National Anthem Stephen Gilmore, 
God Save The King, National Anthem . W&M: Direction of M Costa, 
God Save the Queen Varied in Twenty-Four Forms, Rev. S. G. Hatherly,, 
God Save The Queen! - The National Anthem (The verses as solo duet, trio & chorus) - Pianista Series No. 92 Thomas Augustine Arne , 
God save the Queen, National air of Great Britain & Ireland, newly arranged by William Hutchins Callcott on the Accession of Her most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria on 20 June 1837., 
God Save the Queen, the national anthem Words and music- arranged by G Herbert Rofwell, 
God Save The Queen. The National Anthem, Arranged For One Or Four Voices with Accompaniment For The Pianoforte Arranged by H Miller, 
God Thou art great, A sacred cantata, Spohrs Psalm Op98, Novellos Octavo edition Spohr, 
God who madest earth and heaven, sacred song Words and music - Bishop Heber, Archbishop Whately & Ernest Newton, 
Godinettes Lesson from Les Bavards . W&M: L H F Du Terreaux, J Offenbach, 
Gods Bright Morning Words and music - H Taylor and A Meale, 
Gods Message Words and music - A H Hyatt and G Grey, 
Gods Messenger Words and music - Clifton Bingham and A H Behrend, 
Goin Ober De Mountain - Nigger Melody as performed by The Ethiopian Serenaders Albert Keller, 
Going Home Words and music - Cotsford Dick, 
Going To Market Harold Wynn and Louis Diehl, 
Gold Gold Lovely Shining Gold. From The Musical Play Porcelain Prince Words and music - Leopold D Schurer, 
Golden Boat Action songs, 12 songs Words and music - L Ormiston Chant, 
Golden days - Song The Honble Mrs G. K. Gifford and Claribel, 
Golden Days, composed expressley for Madame Patey Words and music - A Sullivan and L Lewin, 
Golden Grain Words and music - E B Collier, 
Golden Harvest - Song in the Key of F Major for High Voice - Composed for Madame Antoinette Sterling Frank L. Moir, 
Golden Light (Agnus Dei) - Song in the key of F major Mary Chater and Georges Bizet, 
Golden Lilies Words and music - M Ambient and F Laoni, 
Golden Lilies. W&M: R Stephens., 
Golden Treasury of Sacred Song W H Jude, 
Gondola Dreams - Song in the key of B flat for high voice Clifton Bingham and Walter Slaughter, 
Gondola Song (Lied Ohne Morte) . W&M: F Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 
Gondoliers Words and music - A Horspool and E St Quentin, 
Gondolinette . W&M: P Wachs, 
Gone is That Calmness Vincent Wallace, 
Gone Out with the Tide . W&M: J Old, 
Gone to sleep Words and music - W.T. Wrichton, 
Good Bye . W&M: G J Whyte Melville, Cotsford Dick, 
Good Bye Charlie or Do not forget your Nelly, Darling Words and music - M Hobson, G W Hunt, 
Good Bye Dolly Gray - Song with refrain Will D Cobb and Paul Barnes, 
Good Bye Dolly Gray: Hamilton Hill Words and music - Unknown, 
Good Bye to the Bride!, ballad, W&M. M.J.J., Frank Mori, , 
Good Bye, Sweetheart, Good Bye, ballad, sung by Mr. Sims Reeves and also Signor Mario. Words and music - Folkstone Williams and John L. Hatton, 
Good Morrow Gossip Joan, sung by Liza Lehmann Traditional, Piano by A L, 
Good News from Home sung by Christys Minstrels Words and music - N S Gilmore, 
Good Night . W&M: B Lutgen, 
Good Night - Gute Nacht - In the Key of D Flat Major - English and German Words J. L. Nicode' - English words by W. Grist, 
Good night - Serenade J. Theobald Purcell & Richard F. Harvey, 
Good Night and Pleasant Dreams . W&M: A Chester, W V Wallace, 
Good Night Beloved Words and music - Longfellow and F H Cowen, 
Good Night But Not Good Bye . W&M: S Turney,, 
Good Night Farewell, (Gut Nacht Fahr Wohl), No12 of Chappells New Edition Of Popular Songs Words and music - F Kucken and English Words by C H P, 
Good Night My Little Blossom, A Dainty Little Song for Children and Others Words and music - B Ford and L Wright, 
Good Night Pretty Stars Words and music - W T Peters and N Johnson, 
Good night, Little Birdie - Song - Dedicated to Mrs Owen Williams Charles F. Rowe and George Barker, 
Good Old Jeff sung by The Christy Minstrels, 
Good-Bye - Price & Reynolds' Sixpenny Series No. 35 - As sung by Morny Cash F. E. Terry and John A. Glover Kind, 
Goodbye and God Bless You Jack J P Harrington and Bennett and Scott, 
Goodbye And God Bless You Jack - Featuring Miss Marie Wilton J P Harrington and Bennett Scott, 
Gooseberry Wine . W&M: , 
Grace, . W&M: C Meyer., 
Graceful Dance . W&M: C Malemberg, 
Grand Caprice Aerien . W&M: H.A.Wollenhaupt, 
Grand March J.N.Hummel, 
Grand Scena, Sad as My Soul . W&M: W V Wallace, 
Grande Polka De Concert dedicated to Madame B Oury Words and music - W V Wallace, 
Grande Valse Dramatique . W&M: A T Mc Evoy, 
Grandfathers Clock, Christy Minstrels Words and music - Henry C Work, arranged by Rufini Sestini, 
Grandmas Advice - Song - As performed by Buckleys Serenaders Edward Kanski, 
Grannie's Rings - Song in key of C with Piano accompaniment Arthur Chapman and Theo. Bonheur, 
Granny's Treasures - Song - No. 2 in Key of F - For Voice and Piano Mary Mark Lemon and Michael Watson, 
Gratitude . W&M: F Gretscher, 
Great Grandmother - Song - In the key of D major for higher voice F E Weatherly and J L Molloy, 
Great Prince Thy Resolutions Just. Thrice Blest That Wise Discerning King Words and music - Handel, 
Green Grow the Rashes O, Whistle & ill come to thee may lad and My Boy Tammy Words and music - Burns, 
Greensleeves "What Child is this?" - For Piano and voice in the key of G major Inc. Christmas version Traditional, 
Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel. With English and German Words Words and music - Franz Schubert and Richard Capel, 
Grieg Album - Lieder fur Eine Sinstimme und Klavier - Edition Peters No. 466a Edvard Grieg English translation by F. Corder, 
Grieve Not for Me . W&M: W T Wrighton, 
Grieve Not!, ballad, W&M. , 
Grindelwalderlied - (Gottfr. Strasser in Grindelwald) J. Rud. Krenger - Op. 18 - No. 4, 
Griselidis (Belle Griselidis), founded on an Old french melody with english and french words Words and music - R H Elkin, arranged by A L, 
Guard Che Bianca Luna, romance with piano accompaniment, W&M. T Bucher, , 
Guard Me O Thou Gentle Spirit, Angel Whispers No 2, sung by Miss Marie Longmore at the Royal Queens Theatre, Manchester, W&M. J E Walker,, 
Guard Us . W&M: C L Rotherham, H Lamarque, 
Guess Who? - Beautiful Song and Chorus - Musical Bouquet No. 5240 M.T. Watts and Frank Howard, 
Guests Musical Entertainer and Instrumental album Vol 1 No.10 I dont know which to choose, Our faithful friends, The days when I was young, Come where my love lies dreaming, The balm of Gilead, Silver moonlight winds are blowing, 
Guide Au Bord Ta Nacelle, Romance with German and French words Words and music - G Meyerbeer, 
Guide Au Bord Ta Nacelle. French and English words Words and music - Heine and Giacomo Meyerbeer, 
Guides of the Night, No. 3 in F, from the comedy opera "The Red Hussar" Words and music - H P Stephens and Edward Solomon, 
Guiding Light Words and music - G Clifton Bingham and John Henry, 
Gut Nacht fahr wohl mein treues Herz, componirt fur eine Bass od Atstimme mit begleitung des pianoforte, Op52 No.1 by Fr. Kucken., 
Gute Nacht Mein Holdes susses Madchen. An Old world serenade. Love song Words and music - Erik Meyer Helmund and Paul England, 
Gypsies Waltz - As Performed at the Promenade Concerts Covent Garden - Dedicated to W. Freeman Thomas Esq. A. Gwyllym Crowe, 
Gypsys Warning - Song Henry Goard,