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19th century songs

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Fabliau . W&M: J.Raff, 
Fabliau Words and music - Dr Delzeuzes and E Paladilhe, 
Fabliau, No.18 from Manon by Philippe Gille & J Massenet., 
Fac Ut Portem . W&M: Rossini, 
Faces In The Fire . W&M: P Ford., 
Fade not sweet flowers . W&M: T Giordani, E Lawrence., 
Fading Away - Song Anne Fricker, 
Faint and Wearily, from the opera of "The Mountaineers", W&M. T A Rawlings,, 
Fair and Tender Blossom (Il Balen del Suo Sorriso) - Key of A - The Celebrated Air in Il Trovatore Verdi, English Version by Baylis Burton, 
Fair is my Love Words and music - J L Hatton and W Sawyer, 
Fair Maidens (Les Filles de Cadix) - Song with English and French Words in the key of F Major (4 Flats) Alfred De Musset & Leo Delibes, 
Fair Maidens (Les Filles de Cadix) - Song with English and French Words in the key of F Sharp minor (3 Sharps) Alfred De Musset & Leo Delibes, 
Fair Shines the Moon, barcarolle, sung by Signor Mario in the celebrated opera of Rigoletto Words and music - W H Bellamy and Verdi, 
Fairer Than The Morning Words and music - George Linley and Charles Gounod, 
Fairie Voices, vocal waltz performed at the Promenade Concerts, Covent Garden, W&M.A Gwyllym Crowe, , 
Faith - A Sacred Song - Songs of the Christian Graces No. 1 Charles Jefferys and Stephen Glover, 
Faithful and True. Ballad Words and music - R W Mac Donnell, 
Faithful For Evermore . W&M: M.M.Lemon, S.Champion, 
Faithful to Thee - Ballad inscribed to Miss Emma Hallen - No. 2 in A - For Piano and Voice J. E. Carpenter and Chas. W. Glover, 
Faithful Unto Death Words and music - Antony Templemore and Joseph H Adams, 
Faithless Nelly. A New Ethiopian Song L M Thornton and George Barker, 
Falling Leaves, waltz, W&M. C J Baga,, 
False Phillis - Old english melody in the key of C Major H Lane Wilson, 
Fanciulle Che Il Core - Canzonetta - Composed expressly for Mdme Nantier Didiee in the Opera "Dinorah" or Le Pardon de Pliermel G. Meyerbeer, 
Fancy That . W&M: A B Furlong., 
Fancy Waft Me In Golden Vision - The admired Melody "Va pensiero sull ali dorate" from Verdi's Nino William Hutchins Callcott, 
Fanny Dearest, W&M.Thomas Moore, , 
Fanny Grey - A Ballad of Real Life Hon - Mrs Norton, 
Fantasia . W&M: J Leybach, 
Fantasia and Fugue on B.A.C.H. for the Organ Franz Liszt - Edited by C. H. Trevor, 
Fantasia Brillante: . W&M: T Oestein, 
Fantasie Sur Guillaume Tell Words and music - Rossini, arranged by Felix Gantier, 
Far Away Words and music - W P Lindsay and M Lindsay, 
Far Away Words and music - Hummel, 
Far Away . W&M: W.H.Montgomery, 
Far Away . W&M: B.Richards, 
Far Away - Song from the Poetry "Summer Songs of Country Life" - Dedicated to Mrs. W. P. Lindsay Miss. M. Lindsay (Mrs. J. Worthington Bliss), 
Far Away - The Favourite Air - Brilliantly arranged for the Pianoforte - Paxton edition No. 172 Arranged by Francois Hunten, 
Far Away - The Favourite Song - New Edition with Tonic-Sol-Fa - The Words from Summer Songs of Country Life Music adapted from a Melody by Hummel newly arranged by J. B. Birkbeck, by kind permission messrs. G. Routledge & Sons, 
Far Away Across the Billows Words and music - Lord Henry Somerset, C Paston-Cooper, 
Far Away Yet Ever Near. From Far Away Words and music - Carl Bernstein and Nella, 
Far Away! Far Away! - Words from "Summer Songs of Country Life" - London Music Publishing Stores No. 411 Music adapted from Himmel by John Guest, 
Far Away. With English and German words Words and music - Albert Visetti and Johanes Brahms, 
Far Far Upon The Sea . W&M: H Russell, C Mackay, 
Far From My Heavenly Home. With organ accompaniment Ad Lib Words and music - Rev H F Lyte and Berthold Tours, 
Far from my Love - Air - For Piano and Voice - No. 5 from made. Patey's Edition of Classical Contralto Songs with English Words - For Piano and Voice Sarti and Made. Macfarren, 
Far From Those I Love . W&M: G Linley, 
Far On The Deep Blue Sea Words and music - J R Thomas, 
Fare Thee Well Kitty Dear Words and music - G F Wurzel, 
Fare Thee Well The Chain is Broken . W&M: John Daniel, 
Farewell Bessy, W&M. Thomas Moore, , 
Farewell Calm Flowing River: from "L'Africaine" Words and music - C Lamb Kenney, Meyerbeer, 
Farewell Good Night, the celebrated air sung by Mr Braham in Der Freischutz, W&M. Carl von Weber & Sidney Waller, arranged by L Zerbini, , 
Farewell Leonora (Ah Che La Morte) - English and Italian Words - The Popular Song from Il Trovatore - Broome Edition No. T. B. 570 Verdi and C. Tolhurst , 
Farewell Leonora (Ah che la morte) from Il Trovatore, English & Italian words by Verdi, English version by C Tolhurst., 
Farewell Thou City of my Fathers, Farewell to Venice . W&M: H Chorley, Auber., 
Farewell. With english and german words Words and music - Adolph Jensen, 
Fashions For All . W&M: C A Jung, 
Faster and Faster, galop, W&M. M W Freudenthal, , 
Fate Decrees that we should sever - Sung by Mr Sims Reeves in the Opera of "Lucia di Lammermoor" Signor Donizetti, 
Father Of All. (Prayer to the Trinity). Sacred Song Words and music - Frank Adlam, 
Father Of Mercy Words and music - A Horspool and Alfred Rawlings, 
Father Phil (A collection for widow Malone) Words and music - Hubi Newcombe and Gerard F Cobb, 
Father Pray With Me To- Night Words and Music - C White, 
Father We Watched At The Window For You - Song M Keller, 
Father Wont Drink Any Now - Exceedingly popular song - Musical Bouquet Edition No. 4656 R. Howard, 
Faust - Opera at Home series, comprising The story, Principal Themes, Choruses and songs Charles Gounod, arranged as a selection, 
Faust - Valse Diabolique Chasrles D'Albert, 
Faust Valse diabolique Chasrles D'Albert, 
Faut D' L' Argent! - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
Favourite Old English Songs - No. 11 - For Piano and voice New Symphonies & Accompaniments by Osborne Denton , 
Favourite Old Irish Songs - No. 11 - Words and Music in easy arrangements Various composers/Traditional, 
Favourite Songs and Ballads - With Full Pianoforte Accomampaniments - 4th Series Various Composers, 
Favourite Songs, sung by Madame Tetrazzini: Libiamo Libiamo, Ah fors e lui, Addio del passato, Regnava nel silenzio, Verrano a te sull aura, Spargi d amaro, W&M. Verdi & Donizettii, , 
Fear Not But Trust in Providence, The Pilot, sung by Mr H Phillips S Nelson, Thomas Haynes Bayly, 
Fedora, W&M: A Colautti,, 
Feldman's 15th Song Annual featuring George Formby Senior and Mark Sheridan Various Composers , 
Feldman's Second Giant Budget of Copyright Songs - With Tonic Sol Fa Setting Various Composers, 
Felicite Passee Words and music - J Bertaut and J B Wekerlin, 
Fenella waltz, W&M. Louise Morrison, , 
Festal Words and music - W H Bellamy, arranged by C E Horn, 
Fetters of Gold - Song in the key of D major for Low Voice - With Pianoforte, Violin, Flut and Cello accompaniment Ad lib John Muir and Thomas Hutchinson, 
Fetters of Gold - Song in the key of E falt major for Medium Voice - With Pianoforte, Violin, Flut and Cello accompaniment Ad lib John Muir and Thomas Hutchinson, 
Feu De Joi Morceau De Salon . W&M: S Smith, 
Feu Follet - The Will O' The Wisp - Ariette - Dedicated to Miss Flint Vincent Amcotts, 
Fiddle and I - Song in the key of A major for low voice F E Weatherly and Mrs Arthur Goodeve, 
Fifinella, Florentine love song sung by Bertha Moore, composed by Fred J Wishaw & P Tschaikowsky., 
Fifteen Easy Preludes in the major and minor keys, composed and correctly fingered for the use of juvenile performers on the piano,
Fifteen Vocalises for contralto or Mezzo Soprano Words and music - J Concone, edited with marks of expression and phrasing by Alberto Randegger, 
Fighting for the flag of old England . W&M: A.T.Ramp, 
Figlia del Reggimento (farewell my friends) - Per voce di Soprano - English, French and Italian Words G. Donizetti rendered into English by J. Wrey Mould, 
Fiona - Song in the Key of C Major - For low voice - Sung originally by Mr. Edward Lloyd Frederic E. Weatherly and Stephen Adams, 
Fioravante's Singing Lesson . W&M: S Glover., 
Fioravanti's Singing Lesson M Moss. J Williams & Fioravanti, 
Fire and Water: Comic song;Mr Fitzwilliam . W&M: Jacob Cole, 
First In The Field Words and music - G W Southey and Theo Bonheur, 
First Love . W&M: R Planquette, H B Farnie., 
First Love, valse dedicated to Miss Hal Chaworth Musters, W&M. Henry Farmer, , 
First Rose of Summer - Key of E major Henry Hersee & Fabio Campana, 
First Series - Part Fourth - Songs of the British Isles Various Composers, 
First set of twelve songs, soprano edition, volume 3 Words and music - Frederic H Cowen, 
Fishing Words and music - T M Watson and Alfred J Caldicott, 
Five O' Clock Tea . W&M: H Pontet, K Summers., 
Five O'Clock in the Morning - Ballad - Musical Bouquet No. 9092 Claribel, 
Five Poems by Thomas Hardy - Set to Music for Baritone Voice and Piano by John Ireland T. Hardy and J. Ireland, 
Five Shakespeare Songs - Op. 23 - Second Set for High Voice Shakespeare & Roger Quilter, 
Five Shakespeare Songs Op. 23 - Second set for Low Voice Shakespeare & Roger Quilter, 
Five Songs by Warner & Cox - For Soprano or Tenor - Op. 8 Raymond Warner and Garnet Wolseley Cox, 
Five songs with English & German words, Op11 & Op12: My love & I, You love me not, In the sky where stars are glowing, Night song, Chain of Roses, W&M. Edward MacDowell, , 
Fleeting Days - Admired Ballad - Sung with the Greatest Success by The various Minstrel Troupes - Musical Bouquet No. 8100 Gustavus Geary, 
Fleeting Days - Admired Ballad as sung with the greatest success by The Various Minstrel Troupes - Musical Bouquet No. 8100 Gustavus Geary, 
Fleur D'amour - Diction Dramatique Eugene Riffey and Naudin - W., 
Fleur des Alpes, No2 of trois Tyroliennes Favorites, W&M. J B Wekerlin, J Lovy,, 
Fleur Du Nord, Morceau De Salon . W&M: W Smallwood, 
Floating Away, ballad, W&M. J E Carpenter, John Blockley, , 
Floating On The Wind Words and music - Stephen Glover, 
Flora Macdonalds Lament: Scottish Song .Arr: H Trego., 
Flora, Flora how I do adore her - As sung with Immense success by Charles Clifford - Musical Bouquet No.'s 6886 & 6887 John Read, 
Flow Gentle River . W&M: Harcourt Russell, Giuseppe Lillo, 
Flow On Thou Shining River Words and music - W Smallwood, 
Flow on, Oh Silver Rhine Words and music - W V Wallace, 
Flower Bells, The Semi Chorus from Queen Floras Garden Party, Girls Chorus for School Concerts Words and music - A L Cowley, 
Flower Of Forgetfulness, With German and English words Words and music - Theo Marzials and Otto Cantor, 
Flower Of May (Parfum De L ame) Words and music - M C Glillington and A Gording Thomas, 
Flower Song, ( from "Carmen") . W&M: G.Bizet, 
Flowers are sighing, music from Handels Rinaldo Words and music - Edward Lawrence and Handel, arranged by Carlo Rolandi, 
Flowers From Foreign Lands - Song - Dedicated to Miss Laurie J.E. Carpenter and John Barnett, 
Flowers, Fresh Gather'd - Ballad as sung by Mrs Horton Thomas Haynes Bayly & Arr. Phillip Lovell, 
Flowers, Fresh Gather'd - Ballad as sung by Mrs P. Horton Thomas Haynes Bayly Esq. arranged by Phillip Lovell, 
Fly Little Bird - Ballad Henry Miller, 
Fly to the desert - Song from Lalla Rookh T Moore & G Kiallmark, , 
Fly to the Desert - The Words from "Lalla Rookh" - Song with Piano accompaniment Thomas Moore Esq. and G. Kiallmark, 
Flying Dutchman Words and music - John Parry, 
Flying Dutchman - Cassell's Operatic Selections No. 14
Foies Blancs - Monologue - French Edition Aristide Bruant , 
Fol-Ol-The-Diddle-Ol (Nursery Rhymes "Up to Date") - Price & Reynolds Sixpenny Series No. 80 - As sung by Fred Land Will Fieldhouse and Fred Land, 
Fol-The-Rol-Lol! Murray and Leigh arranged by Fred. Eplett, 
Follow Me Gaily Words and music - Ciro Pinsuti, 
Fond Memory - Song with Piano accompaniment J. E. Carpenter and Stephen Glover, 
Footsteps of Angels Words and music - Longfellow and Weber, 
Footsteps of angels Words and music - H.W. Longfellow and Jules Norman, 
Footsteps of Angels ( A Vision), W&M. Longfellow, J R W Harding, , 
Footsteps of Angels, W&M. Longfellow, W H Montgomery, , 
Footsteps of Angels, W&M. Longfellow, Carl Maria von Weber, , 
For All Eternity - Song in the key of B flat major for Low voice S A Herbert (English) and Angelo Mascheroni, 
For All Eternity - Song in the key of C major S A Herbert (English) and Angelo Mascheroni, 
For All Eternity - Song with English and Italian Words in the key of E flat major S A Herbert (English) Pietro Mazzoni (Italian) Angelo Mascheroni, 
For All Eternity - Song with violin accompaniment - in the Key of D major for low voice S A Herbert (English) and Angelo Mascheroni, 
For Crown and King Words and music - Edward Oxenford and L Balfour Mallett, 
For ever Words and music - J.E Caprenter and John Blockley, 
For Ever With Lord Words and music - J Montgomery and CH Counod, 
For Ever With The Lord Words and music - J Montgomery and Ch Gounod, 
For Ever Young Words and music - George Barlow and Frank L Moir, 
For my henry alas is no more! An admired song sung by Mrs Mountain in the comic Opera of "The Soldiers Return" as performing with gret applause at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane Mr Hook, 
For Old Times Sake - Song C Osborne, 
For Old Times Sake - Song featuring Millie Lindon C Osborne, 
For Sentimental Reasons - Featured & Broadcast by Billy Gerhardi and his band from the Piccadilly Hotel. London Abner Silver, Al Sherman & Edward Heyman, 
For Spirits When They Please, From Paradise Lost Words and music - H Wylde, 
For Sword or Song, piano selaction, By Raymond Roze, arranged by Charles Godfrey, , 
For the Childrens sake. With organ accompaniment Ad Lib Words and music - Nemo and M Piccolomini, 
For the Little Ones: Blanche Marchesi . W&M: A Ross, A Bruhns, 
For Thee I Wait. A Malaguenan Serenade. With Violin Obbligato Words and music - A Horspool and Leonard Kane, 
For Thine Own Sake - Song in the key of D major Gunby Hadath and D Auvergne Barnard, 
For Thine Own Sake - Song in the key of E flat major Gunby Hadath and D Auvergne Barnard, 
For You Words and music - A Chapman and Sydney Smith, 
For You, For Me! - No. 2 in E Flat Cotsford Dick, 
Forest song. Wlades Lied. Words and music - C Kreutzer and Julia Goddard, 
Forget and Forgive - Song as performed by The Mohawk Minstrels F Buckley, 
Forget Him! Ah! The Thought Were Vain . W&M: G.Linley, C.Gounod,, 
Forget Me Not - No. 3 of Six Songs with English & German Words Wm. Sterndale Bennett, 
Forget Me Not O Lord J Sebastian Bach, harmonized by G Henschel, 
Forget Not To Forget, ballad from the Opera "Boccaccio", No. 1 in E flat Words and music - H B Farnie and Alfred Plumpton, 
Forget Not To Forgive Words and music - Fred G Bowles and Gordon Temple, 
Forget Thee, ballad sung by Miss Dolby, dedicated to Miss Jane Caldecott, W&M. W T Wrighton, Rev. H Moultrie, , 
Forget, Forgive. No. 2 in B flat Words and music - Cotsford Dikh and Milton Wellings, 
Forgive and Forget Words and music - H Sutch Jun and Henry Sutch, 
Forgive and Forget or 'I'm going jessie' Words and music - Samuel Lover, 
Forlorn I Track The Mountain Steep, from The Wanderer F Schubert, T Oliphant, 
Forty Elizabethan songs - Book IV - 10 songs for low voice Edited by Edmund Horace Fellowes, 
Forward Be Our Watchword - Sacred song Dean Alford and W H Jude, 
Foundered Words and music - Frank Swift , 
Four Famous Waltz Songs - St. George's Series No. 6 Various composers, 
Four Humoreskes . W&M: E Grief, 
Four Indian Songs - For Low Voice Paul Edmonds, 
Four Indian Songs - For Medium Voice Paul Edmonds, 
Four Lyrics set to music for Mezzo Soprano - For Piano and Voice Shelley, Byron, Shakespeare and F. R. Havergal, 
Four Sacred Songs David Dick Slater, 
Four Short Anthems - S.A.T.B with organ Accompaniment C. V. Stanford, 
Four Songs - For High Voice Wilfrid Sanderson, 
Four Songs - For Low Voice Wilfrid Sanderson, 
Four Songs - Op. 56, No's 1-4 - For High Voice Edward Macdowell, 
Four Songs for Voice and Piano - No. 4 Sure on this Shining Night - For Low or Medium Voice Samuel Barber, 
Four Songs. Contains: If thou art sleeping maiden; Good night, beloved; All are sleeping weary heart and I fear thy kisses, gentle maiden Words and music - Longfellow, Shelley and W Noel Johnson, 
Fra poco a me ricovero, aria sung by Signor Rubini in the opera of Lucia di Lammermoor Donizetti, 
Fragrant Bow'rs That Invite - Song - From the Opera L'Africaine Composed by Meyerbeer, 
Francis & Day's Album of Famous Old Songs No. 10 Various Composers, 
Francis & Day's Album of Famous Old Songs No. 2 Various Composers, 
Francis & Day's Album of Famous Old Songs No. 7 Various Composers, 
Francis & Day's Album of Famous Old Songs No. 8 Various Composers, 
Francis & Day's Album of Famous Old Songs No. 9 Various Composers, 
Francis and Days Album of Music by Arthur Sullivan - As Featured in the London Films Productions, "The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan" Arthur Sullivan, 
Francis and Days Album of Old Time Favourites No. 1 - With Words, Music, Tonic Sol Fa and Ukulele Accompaniment Various Composers, 
Francis and Days book of sea songs and shanties Various Composers, 
Francis Day's Album of Famous Old Songs No. 6 Various Composers, 
Francis, Day & Hunter Song Album - For Voice with Banjo accompaniment Various Composers, 
Frank Dean & Co.'s 7th Song Annual - With Tonic Sol Fa Setting Various Composers, 
Franz Album Ausgewahlte Lieder fur ein Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung, Band I, by Robert Franz., 
Franz Schubert Haidenroslein/Hedge Roses - Op. 3, No. 3 - Key Of G Major Franz Schubert, Goethe, English Version by Richard Capell, 
Frederick Helmore's singing method, No. 1, The little one's book. Alice's adventures in wonderland How doth the little crocodile, Speak roughly to your little boy, Song of the mock tutrle, Beautiful soup, Tweedledum and tweedledee, Humpty dumpty, The lion and the unicorn, To the looking glass world, King Arthur, Cock robin and Jennie Wren,, 
Freebooter Songs. 4 Songs: Minnie Song, The Rebel, Cradle Song (Son of mine), Up in the Saddle! Words and music - William Wallace, 
Freedom . W&M: S Jones, H Hamilton, 
Friar Tuck's Song . W&M: R : De Pearsall, 
Friend of my soul, Words & Music.Thomas Moore, , 
Friend Of The Brave - Recitative and Air - With words selected from Campbell's Pleasures of Hope Campbell and Dr Callcott, 
Friends Again . W&M: Ada Cambridge, H A Robley., 
Friends of my Youth Words and music - Mr W Burton and George Barker, 
Friendship's Flower . W&M: J Wilce, 
Frivolity Fair Words and music - J Anthony McDonald and Henry Pontet, 
Frog He Would A Wooing Go: Comic Song Words and music - unknown, 
Frohlicher Anfang am Klavier - Sammlung Bekannter Volksmelodien in leichter bearbeitung - Edition Gerdes No. 19 Arranged by Gustav Gerdes, 
From Cross to Crown (Christe Salvator) - Song - In the key of F major for medium voice Clifton Bingham and Godfrey Marks, 
From Cross to Crown (Christe Salvator) - Song - In the key of F major for medium voice Clifton Bingham and Godfrey Marks, 
From Dark to Dawn - No. 2 - Key of G Major for Medium Voice Edith Mary Jackson and Odoardo Barri, 
From Distant Land. From the Star of Bethelehem Words and music - Arthur Lorimer Esq and Charles E Smethurst, 
From Skies To Earth Again, from the play The School Girl E Allan and C Obligato, 
From the Alps the horn resounding, Les concerts de Societe No.19, W&M. Heinrich Proch, , 
From the Fields; Peasant Girls Song . W&M: Charles Swain, George hargreaves, 
From the Vocal Works of Handel - Arranged with a seperate accompaniment for the Organ or Piano Forte - Series No. 45 Handel arranged by Dr. John Clarke, 
From Thy Casement Lights are Gleaming . W&M: Franz Abt., 
From Youths Happy Day - Song Rob. Radecke, 
Frozen Meat or All the Kids Sit on the Hob - As sung by Alf Gibson T. W. Connor, 
Fruhlings Lieder . W&M: J Gungl, 
Fruhlingslied. Melodie Words and music - J Barbier and Charles Gounod, 
Fruhlingsrauschen . W&M: C.Sinding, 
Funf Gesange - From Lieder und Gesange - Fur Eine Singstimme - Op. 8 - For Voice & Piano O. Heller, 
Funf lieder fur eine singstimme mit klavierbegleitung, W&M. W A Mozart, Edited by Werner Dommes, , 
Fussreise (wandering) - For the Piano - Edition Peters No. 3140K - Morike Songs series No. 10 Wolf arranged by Morike-Marie Boileau, 
Fuzzy Wuzzy. Number 5 of a st of barrack room ballads Words and music - Rudyard Kipling and Gerard F Cobb,