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19th century songs

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E. Strano "Tis wondrous" - Ah Fors'e Lui (Ah! Was it He!) - Sempre Libera Degg'io (Let me Ever as I Wander) - Standard Operatic Songs and Arias No.2 Soprano Edited by Edgardo Levi, 
Each to its own Words and music - C H Purday and G Preger, arranged by S Preyer, 
Early Dawn . W&M: R Augustus Klitz, 
Early In The Morning, from Gang Shows Words and music - A Holborn Rover, 
Early Love - Ballad - From The Successful Drama of "Milky White" Written by H.T. Craven Esq., Composed by Frank Musgrave, 
East Is West Words and music - W Merrin, 
Easter Daisy. (La Paquerette) Words and music - Benjamin Godard, 
Easter Hymn - O Rejoice That The Lord Has Arisen Frederic Weatherly and Pietro Mascagni, 
Easter Moon, Vocal valse Words and music - Patrick Leyton and Lawrence Inns, arranged for banjulele by Alvin D Keech, 
Easter Sunshine - A Song Service of Praise B. E. Slade and A. E. Shenton, 
Ebb and Flow . W&M: A Plumpton, Rea., 
Ecce Homo - Sacred Song - Key of D major compass A to D M Piccolomini, 
Ecce Panis Angelorum - Song Volanti Armitage, 
Ecco il Pegno ch io le Porsi, cavatina in the opera of Gemma di Vergy by Donizetti., 
Echo - Song in the key of A major for High Voice Christina Rossetti & Lord Henry Somerset, 
Echo - Song in the key of G major for medium voice Christina Rossetti & Lord Henry Somerset, 
Echo Du Rhin Words and music - Wm Smallwood, 
Echoes . W&M: W Schulthes, A Procter, 
Ecstasy (LEstasi), valse brilliant, W&M. Luigi Arditi, , 
Edelweiss. (An Alpine Legend) Words and music - B Erle and Denbigh Newton, 
Edith . W&M: James Robinson., 
Edith Eleanor - Waltz - Composed and Dedicated to Mrs Wemyss of Wemyss Lucy A. B. Johnson, 
Edith's Prayer: from "The Talisman" . W&M: A Matthison, M W Balfe., 
Edna . W&M: C Andre., 
Edward A MacDowell - Eight songs, Op. 47, English & German words - For Low Voice Edward A MacDowell, 
Edward A MacDowell - Eight songs, Op. 47, English & German words - For Low Voice Edward A MacDowell, 
Eg's an Biskits - Comic Song dedicated to Jos. B. Radcliffe Esq. Fred M. Gascoigne, 
Egyptian Queen valse, W&M. Oscar May, , 
Ehren On The Rhine Words and music - William M Hutchinson, 
Eight Anthems or Sacred songs for the Eight Great Festivals of the Church, by Rev Robert Broadley Behold He cometh with clouds, Lord I am not high minded, Why do the heathen, Now is Christ risen from the dead, O Sing unto the Lord, Therefore with angels and archangels, Glory be to God on high, This is the day which the Lord hath made, 
Eight famous Tenor songs by popular composers
Eight Songs for High Voice from the Operas of Handel Handel, arranged by C. F. Crowder, 
Eight songs, Op. 47, English & German words - For High Voice Edward A MacDowell, 
Eilleen's Answer - Ballad in reply to the Popular Song "Eilleen Allanna" - Musical Bouquet No. 5868 Frank Tully, 
Eily Mavourneen, from The Lily of Killarney - Song in the key of E flat major for medium voice D Boucicault, J Oxenford and J Benedict, 
Ein jeder kennt die Lieb auf Erden - Arie des Fursten Gremin aus Eugen Onegin - No. 20b from Eugen Onegin Lyrische Scenen in 3 Aufzugen - German Text Peter Tshaikowsky, 
Eine Kleinigkeit - Polka Francaise . W&M: W C Drescher, 
El Tra La La Y El Punteado. W&M: E.Granados., 
Eleanore . W&M: W.Macfarren, 
Eleanore Words and music - Albert Mallinson & Erik Mackay, 
Eleanore - Key of D major for Low Voice Eric McKay & S. Coleridge Taylor, 
Elegia. Sulla tomba di Bellini, lAmico dolente Words and music - DAlary, 
Elegie, chant Words and music - Louis Gallet and Massenet, 
Elegie. Chat for violin and piano Words and music - W H Ernst, 
Elegy . W&M: A Elliott., 
Eleizabeths Greeting TO The Hall Of Song Words and music - Richard Wagner, 
Eleven Ethiopian Songs, as sung by The Serenaders, including Buffalo Gals, Boatman Dance, Ober de Mountain, Old Joe, Old Dan Tucker, Dandy Jim, Old Tare River, Ole Bull, Lucy Long & Mary Blane. W&M. unknown, , 
Elfin les Noirs nuages vont S'eparpillant - Pour voic elevee et Piano - Op. 42, No. 3 - Edition Belaieff No. 1516 N. Rimsky-Korsakow, 
Elizabethan Love Songs - Second set, composed or adapted from the Lute Tablature, Edited by Frederick Keel, 
Elle et Lui Words and music - Henri Stiles, 
Ellen Bayne - Song Joseph Harding, S C Foster, 
Elsa Gavotte. W&M: H Muscat., 
Emerald Barn Dance: from "Floodtide" . W&M: Mozart Allan, 
Emerald Isle: Polka . W&M: A Limerick Lady, 
Emma The Maid Of The Dale. A Favorite Ballad sung by the greatest Applause at the Bath and Nobilities Concerts Words and music - T M Lyne and J P Harley Esqr, 
Emmeline Galop W. Smallwood , 
Emmeline Mazurka . W&M: C M, 
Empress of the Wave "The Sea is Britain's Glory" J W Lake and Stephen Glover, 
En Bourgogne - French Edition Aristide Bruant , 
En Famille, W&M. H Guerin, L Clapisson,, 
En Patrouille - Chanson - Melody Line with French Lyrics - French Edition Durand Dahl and Felicien Vargues, 
En Priere Words and music - Stephan Bordese, G Faure, 
Enchantment - New and Popular Song and Dance Compositions Musical Bouquet No. 7035 Charles Connolly, 
Engedi or David in the Wilderness - A Sacred Drama Louis van Beethoven and Henry Hudson, 
England & Victory - Song - Sung by Mr. Sims Reeves Frank Mori, 
England's Queen . W&M: S H Williams, 
England: "My Ancestors were Englishmen" - National Song - Third Edition - Composed, Sung and Dedicated to John Humphery Esq, Ald., M.P W. H. Bellamy Esq and J. W. Hobbs, 
Englands Queen, The Bride of Prince Albert God Bless Her!, dedicated to the Duchels of Kent, W&M. T M L Bolden,, 
English County Songs - Approx 170 Old english Songs Collected and edited by Lucy E Broadwood, J A Fuller Maitland, 
English Renaissance Songs - For Voice and Guitar Various Composers, 
English songs and ballads by popular composers Volume 1, Low voice, cover photo of Stephen Adams The Kingdom of love, Beside me, I told you so, Out on the deep, For a dreams sake, Our last waltz & many more, 
English Wives . W&M: R W Hughes, J Richardson., 
Englishmen by birth are free - Song in the Key of E flat major - Sung by Mr Sims Reeves in the opera Robin Hood, Composed by John Oxenford & G A Macfarren, 
Enoch's Vocal Magazine No.2 Various Composers, 
Enticement. Lockung. English and German Words Words and music - John Oxenford and J Dessauer, 
Entracte Gavotte: from "A Waltz Dream" . W&M: Oscar Straus, 
Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee - Song of Ruth Charles H. Gounod, 
Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee - Song of Ruth in C major for medium voice Charles H. Gounod, 
Entrez Donc, Mossieu L' Depute! - Monologue - No. 1 of "Les Souloloques D' Honore - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
Envoi . W&M: J Petrowsky, 
Envoi de Fleurs, W&M. Charles Gounod, Emile Auger,, 
Ere around the Huge Oak - Song with Tonic Sol-fa - Paxton Edition No. 121 Shield, 
Erlking (Erlkonig) - Op. 1 - Piano transcription of Schuberts song - English and German Words Franz Schubert, transcribed by R Capell, 
Erminie Lancers, on Airs from the Comic Opera "Erminie", W&M. Edward Jakobowski, , 
Erminie March - On subjects from the Comic Opera - Plate No. 11134 Edward Jakobowski, 
Ernani, Ernani Involami - Cavatina - nell Opera Ernani Verdi, 
Ernani, Ernani, Involami . W&M: Giuseppe Verdi, 
Erzherzog Albrecht Marsch Words and music - K Komzak, 
Es Ist Die Burgmusik Meiu Allerhochstes Gluck - March . W&M: W C Drescher, 
Esmeralda - Song in the key of F major for high voice Andrew Halliday and W C Levey, 
Esmeralda, Polka-Mazurka A. Lemarie, 
Espana - Piano Solo Emile Waldteufel, 
Espana, Spanish Waltz, W&M. Emile Waldteufel, , 
Estelle et Symphorien - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
Estelle. Let Me Roam. Canzonet Words and music - George Macfarren and Henry Smart, 
Esther's Prayer - Lord of All and King alone - The words from a sacred poem and adapted to a beautiful Hebrew meldoy - Inscribed to The Revd. J. A. Stewart rector of Vange, Essex Henry Thurston Thomson Esq. and Osmond C. Phipps, 
Eternal Father Strong to Save . W&M: O Allon, 
Eternal Love. Sacred Love Words and music - W H Jude, 
Eternal Rest (requiem Aeternam) - Song - With Harmonium Obbligato - In the key of E flat major M Piccolomini and A Horspool, 
Eternal Rest (Requiem Aeternam) - Song - With Harmonium Obbligato - In the key of F major M Piccolomini and A Horspool, 
Ethiopia Saluting the Colours Words and music - Walt Whitman and Charles Wood, 
Ettie Hear The Blue - Bird Sing . W&M: C A White, G L Austin, 
Eulalie Words and music - J W Hobbs and W H Bellamy, 
Evangeline . W&M: John Blockley, 
Evangeline Music- J.R. Thomas [1829-1896] Words- ?, 
Eve's Lamentation - Sacred Song Poetry by Milton and M P King, 
Evening at Emmaus - No. 2 from Hymns without Words series - Arranged expressly for the Pianoforte Arranged by William Hutchins Callcott, 
Evening Boat Song. With English and German words Words and music - Paul England, Leopold Graf and Schubert, 
Evening Prayer from Hansel & Gretel Fairy Opera in Three Acts W&M: E. Humperdinck,, 
Eventime - Prize Song in the Melodists Society 1854 Montem Smith, 
Ever and Alway. With Violin accompaniment ad lib Words and music - Clifton Bingham and Shiel Dawson, 
Ever Faithful Ever True Words and music - Edwin H Morris and Anton Exona, 
Ever of Thee - Ballad George Linley and Foley Hall, 
Ever of Thee I'm Fondly Dreaming, and Farewell (2 pieces) Words and music - G Linley and Foley Hall; Beethoven, 
Ever So Long Ago Words and music - G Clifton Bingham and Carl Willoughby, 
Ever Thine Words and music - Franz Abt, 
Ever Waiting . W&M: G H Newcombe, E German, 
Ever Working Night and Day Words and music - Speranza and Mozart, 
Everlastings . W&M: H M Hawkins, 
Every Valley from "The Messiah" Handel, 
Everybodys Music Library Volume II, Tschaikowsky famous tunes. Contains: Chant sans paroles, Kamarinskaya, Chason Triste, The Lark, None but the Weary Heart, and more Arranged by Harold Perry, 
Excelsior - Song for piano and solo voice in the key of C major Longfellow and John Blockley, 
Excelsior - The Musical Treasury Series No. 727-8 H. W. Longfellow and J. Tilleard, 
Excelsior, Romance Words and music - Professor Longfellow and C. E. Pinsuti, 
Excuse Me (A simple maid) Words and music - Walter Maynard, 
Extract from Beethovens Choral Fantasia Inscribed by Milfs Fisher and George Frederick West,