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19th century songs

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D une Prison, W&M. P Verlaine, R Hahn,, 
D' La Braise! - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
D'mi Mondaine - Song Henri Hebert and Naudin - W., 
D'ye Ken John Peel - Hunting Song J Woodcock Graves and W Metcalfe, 
Da Geh' Ich Zu Maxim - Lied aus der Operette 'Die Lustige Witwe' - Voice and Piano Victor Leon, Leo Stein and Franz Lehar, 
Dainty Ditties or Old nursery rhymes with new tunes Words and music - Frank J Allen, 
Daisies in the Grass - A Set of Twelve songs for the Young Folk. . W&M: Ellis Walton, F Sewell Southgate, 
Daisy Bell - A Bicycle made for two - As sung by Miss Katie Lawrence Harry Dacre, 
Daisy Bell - As sung by Margaret Lockwood and Vic Oliver in "I'll be your sweetheart" Harry Dacre, 
Daisys Oratorio Album, edited by J H MacFarlane, O lovely peace, O had I Jubals Lyre, May no rash intruder, How excellent, If with all your hearts, The marvellous work, March, , 
Dame Durden - Trio Dr. Harrington, 
Dance Rustique. W&M: F.Moore., 
Dance With A Dolly (with a hole in her stockin) Clinton Ford, Neville Taylor Terry Shand and Jimmy Eaton, 
Dance With A Dolly (with a hole in her stockin) Featuring Paula Green Terry Shand and Jimmy Eaton, 
Dancing in the Barn - Paxton edition No. 856 Andy McKee, F. Turner and Ed. Orrin, 
Danny Deever Words and music - Rudyard Kipling and Gerard F Cobb, 
Dans L' Faubourg - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
Danse des Fees . W&M: H Clendon, 
Danse Des Pages . W&M: A.Vaughan, 
Danse Espagnole - For Piano Joseph Ascher, 
Danse Finale. W&M: M.D.Falla., 
Dapple Grey Words and music - Clifton Bingham and A H Behrend, 
Darewskis First Album of Seven Comedy Duets - As performed by Goodfellow and Gregson, Etheridge and furse, King and Benson, Tec. Jack Foley, 
Darewskis Second Album of Seven Comedy Duets - As Goodfellow and Gregson, Etheridge and Furse, King Benson, Etc Jack Foley, 
Darewskis Third Album of Seven Comedy Duets - As performed by Jack and Evelyn Etheridge and Furse, Etc. Jack Foley, 
Dark-Eyed Beauty - Cavatina to the Music of "Tu non sai" in Bellini's Opera of La Sonnambula - No. 133 of the Musical Treasury Bellini & Leman Rede, 
Darkness and Light - Song - Key of A flat major - For Piano and Voice M. E. Garth and M. Piccolmini, 
Darling Willie - Song W. T. T. Wright and Anthony Nish, 
Das Irdische Leben (Earthly Life), Hoch (High), W&M. Gustav Mahler, English version by Addie Funk, , 
Das Rheingold (The Rhinegold) Richard Wagner, English Translation by H & F Corder, arranged by R. Kleinmichel, 
Das Stille Abendluftchen, E. Bunnet,, 
Dat Coon He Don't Love Me - A Darktown Discord Lee Johnson, 
Dat Little Gal Of Johnson's. W&M: C Murphy., 
Daughter Of Darkness - Featuring Tom Jones L Reed and G Stephans, 
Daughter of Denmark Words and music - W H Bellamy and Brinley Ruchards, 
David to Johnathan, Sacred Song Words and music - H B Farnie and G Serpette, 
David's Lament for Absalom - No. 1 from Neukomm's Sacred Works Series - Composed and Dedicated to J. Braham Esq. Barry Cornwall Esq. and The Chevalier Sigismond Neukomm , 
David's Song (O Be Joyful In The Lord) . W&M: S.Glover, 
Dawn - Song - In the key of A flat major for high voice Clarence Forestier Walker and Lord Henry Somerset, 
Dawn - Song in the Key of A flat Major for High Voice Clarence Walker and Lord Henry Somerset, 
Dawn Gentle Flower. (Keim Holde Blume). English and german words Words and music - Barry Cornwall and William Sterdale Bennett and C Klingemann, 
Dawn Is Breaking Words and music - T Moore and Geo W Byng, 
Dawn, Gentle Flower . W&M: B.Cornwall, Sir.W.S.Bennett, 
Day By Day the Manna Fell - A Sacred Song - Second Thousand Revd. Josiah Conder and Chas. W. Glover, 
Days of Yore . W&M: J Macfarren, 
Dayspring of Freedom is Dawning, The Liberator of Italy, National Song Words and music - E W Whitaker, 
De Cabin On the Mississippi Shore Words and music - Ida Scott Taylor and H P Danks, 
De Jolis Yeux - Song Blue Devils and Naudin - W., 
De Lil' Meetin' House Words and music - Charles H Taylor and Herbert E Haines, 
De Ole Umbrella . W&M: C Grain, 
De Picaninnys Dream . W&M: H Starr, 
De Profundis (Out Of The Dephs). Sacred Song. With Violin and hanrmonium accompaniment Ab Lib Words and music - A Horspool and Oscar Verne, 
Deadly Lively or The ladies Nag - A Favourite Comic Song - Sung with universal applause by mr Bannister on his Tour in his new entertainment called "Bannisters Budget" W. Reeve, 
Dear as Ever as Thou Art ! - Ballad Vaughan Fairfax & J. R. Thomas, 
Dear Bird Of Winter Words and music - Frederick Enoch and Wilhelm Ganz, 
Dear Clinging Hands, No. 2 in F Words and music - E Teschemacher and Frederick Drummond, 
Dear Heart - Song in the key of C major for Low Voice Clifton Bingham and Tito Mattei, 
Dear Heart - Song in the key of D major for medium voice Clifton Bingham and Tito Mattei, 
Dear Heart - Song in the key of E flat major for high voice (Original Key) Clifton Bingham and Tito Mattei, 
Dear Little Baby. Miss Edna May in An American Beauty Words and music - Hugh Morton and Gustave Kerker, 
Dear Little Heart Words and music - H Millard, 
Dear Love of Yesterday - Ballad Percy Edgar and Silberman Grock and Meher, 
Dear Maid For ever, sung by Mr Sinclair in the melo dramatic opera "For England Ho", at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, W&M. T Welsh, , 
Dear Mother I've Come Home To Die: Christy Minstrels E. Bowers & H. Tucker, 
Dear Mother kissed me sweet Good Bye . W&M: J P Ordway, 
Dear Old Ireland Frank Stokes, 
Dear Old Ireland, sung by the Misses Florence and Rose Showell Words and music - Frank Stokes, 
Dear Thoughts Of Other Days. The Poetry by the Author of the Afterglow Words and music - Ciro Pinsuti, 
Dear We Are Parted Words and music - E Van Der Straeten, 
Dearest I Think Of Thee - Song C Krebs, 
Dearest May Words and music - Francis Lynch and James Power, 
Dearest Of All Words and music - Clifton Bingham and Frank L Moir, 
Dearest Then Ill Love You More! ( answer to Will you Love Me then as Now?), W&M. , 
Dearie . W&M: G Hubi Newcombe, C Francis Lloyd, 
Dearie Dearie. Florence St John in The Little Genius Words and music - Arthur Sturgess and James M Glover, 
Death Or Glory Words and music - George Weatherly and Tito Mattei, 
Dedans Le Regiment - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
Deep in a Dungeon, romance sung by Mr Sinclair in the opera of Native Land at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, composed by Henry R Bishop., 
Deep In My Heart Words and music - S J Adair Fitz Gerald and H McMillan, 
Deh Con Te C Minasi, 
Deh Con Te - The Popular Duo in Bellini's Opera of Norma - Arranged for the Pianoforte Bellini Arranged by J. T. Stone, 
Del 1 Fredmans Epistlar by Carl Michael Bellman., 
Del nuov'anno gia l'alba primiera. Inno populare, a pio IX composto dal Maestro Gaetano Magazzari, 
Delight (Diletto) - Waltz Song - With English and Italian Words - Key of E flat Isidore Luckstone, 
Delusion . W&M: Josef Meissler, 
Denmark - a New Quadrille on Danish National Melodies - Composed for the occasion of the marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales & HRH The Princess Alexandra D Godfrey, 
Denny Grady's Hack Edward Harrigan and Dave Braham, 
Der Brautkranz (The Bridal Wreath) waltz, W&M. Rudolf Herzen, , 
Der Freischutz, Overture C M Weber, 
Der hidalgo. Es Ist So Suss Zu Scherzen. German Words Words and music - Rob Schumann, 
Der Kleine Vogel (Fagelus Visa). W&M: W.T.Suderberg., 
Der Lustige Bauer Words and music - Schumann and G West, 
Der ode Garten (The Deserted Garden), W&M. H Hermann,, 
Der Roland Von Berlin, for two hands H Necke, 
Der Schottische, No 21 of 24 New and fashionable Polkas, Pleasure of Melody 122, W&M. unknown, , 
Der Styrien (Introducing the Old Melodies), W&M. G F Sharp,, 
Der Treulose Ritter - Song from the Operette in 3 Acten 'Wiener Frauen' Ottokar Tann Bergler and Franz Lehar, 
Der Vogel Im Walde . W&M: Wilhelm Taubert, 
Dermot's Farewell (I Can Ne'er Forget Thee Kathleen) - Ballad Langton Williams, 
Derniere Pensee Musicale, (Webers Last Waltz) By C M de Weber,, 
Derriere L'autobus - Song Armand Foucher, Fattorini and Naudin - W., 
Des Ailes Words and music - C René, 
Des Mullers Blumen - Op. 25, No. 9 - Key of G - Lieder und Gesange Series Franz Schubert, 
Desiderio by Carlo Moroni., 
Desir D'aimer - Quere Amor - Habanera E. Riffey, Will and Naudin - W., 
Deutsche Weihnachts Leider Zweiftimmig gefetzt von helmut walda und vignetten von willi harweeth, 
Deux Airs Hongroises L Mayer, 
Deux Arriettes de Rossini - No. 16 from Collection por le Chaui Series Sigr. G. Rossini, 
Devotion . W&M: Franz Abt., 
Dew Drop . W&M: W Howlett, 
Di Do Di, song in the musical farcical comedy Go Bang, sung by Miss Letty Lind Words and music - Adrian Ross and F Osmond Carr, 
Di Pescatore Ignobile Canzonetta - Sung by Signor Mario in the Opera of "Lucrezia Borgia" Composed by Signor G. Donizetti, 
Di Provenza Il Mar, No. 7 of "La Travatia" for baritone voice Words and music - G Verdi, 
Dick Turpin's Ride to York - Descriptive Fantasia for The Pianoforte G. F. Pawson , 
Dick Turpin, . W&M: J L Roeckel, 
Die Bekehrte. Damon (Goethe) Words and music - Max Stange, 
Die Fledermaus on The Bats Revenge. Comic Opera Johann Strauss, arranged for the pianoforte with new ballet music by Hamilton Clarke, 
Die Kreatur und der Singende - Lieder und Gefangen Heinrich Rohr, Gedichten von Ruth Schaumann, 
Die Lowenbraut, Die Kartenlegerin und Die Rothe Hanne - Op. 31 - Fur eine Singstimme mit begleitung des Pianoforte - 3 Songs with pianoforte accompaniment Adalbert von Chamisso and Robert Schumann, 
Die Rose - Lyra Germanica - Sammlung Beliebter deutscher Gesange mit Begleitung des Pianoforte - Ihrer Majestat der Koniginn von England mit Allerhochster erlaubniss in Tiefster Ehrfurcht Zugeeignet - No. 19 Louis Spohr, 
Die Rose. Romaze Words and music - L Spohr, 
Die Tazende Helena Willy Richards, text by Richard Bard, 
Die Walkure - Music drama in 3 Acts Richard Wagner, English translation by H & F. Corder, arranged by R. Kleinmichel, 
Die Walkure, piano score with text Words and music - Richard Wagner and Gustav F Kogel, 
Die Wichtel Manner . W&M: R Eilenberg, 
Diebstahl. German words Words and music - Herrn Paul Rulss and John Carlowitz AMes, 
Digte fra Levanten . W&M: C.Sinding, 
Dinah Doe, The Golden Haired Darkey, Indian Pastorale. Words and music - F C Burnard and J L Molloy, 
Directorium Chori Anglicanum - The Choral Service of the United Churchy of England and Ireland Compiled from Authentic Sources Various Composers compiled from Authentic Sources by Benjamin S. Tohn Baptist Loule, 
Dirge For Two Veterans Poem by Walt Whitman, set to music for Bass solo, Chorus and Orchestra by Charles Wood, 
Distant Faces Words and music - Leslie Vane and Oscar Verne, 
Divertimento consisting of an Introduction, March & Air with variations ioriginally composed for the Harp & Piano, W&M. Naderman & G Kiallmark, , 
Divertissements for female choir - A cappella - 6 songs - Hinrichsen Edition No. 266 Thomas B Pitfield , 
Dixeys Land . W&M: F Marshall Ward, 
Dixit Dominus, for double chorus, solos and orchestra in C Major Words and music - Leonardo Leo and edited from the autograph in the Fitzwilliam museum Camdbridge by C Villiers Stanford, 
Do Not Heed Her Warning - A Reply to the Gipseys Warning - Sung by the Christy's Minstrels Thomas Manahan Esq and Henry Tucker, 
Do not Heed her Warning - reply to 'The Gipsy's Warning' Henry Tucker, 
Do Not Heed Her Warning - Solo & Chorus - As sung by the Christy Mistrels - Paxton Edition No. 162 Unknown, 
Do not heed her warning, Traditional., 
Do Not Mingle One Human Feeling - Air from La Sonnambula . W&M: Bellini, 
Do the Angels Weep . W&M: G A MacFarren, 
Do They Miss me at Home? - As sung by the Christy's Minstrels S Crannis, 
Do They Think of me at Home? - Ballad J E Carpenter, composed Charles Glover, 
Do You Remember Words and music - Llewellyn Davies and Gerald Beaumont, 
Do You Think of the Days that are gone, Jeanie? - Ballad Henry Smart, 
Doddle Doddle . W&M: E Jones, C Clay, 
Does youf heart beat true to me by T Maxwell., 
Dolente immagine, romanza per voce di mezzo soprano Words and music - Vincenzo Bellini, 
Dollies first ball - No. 2 from "My Dollie" - Four Very Easy Pieces for Piano (Carefully Fingered) with Vocal Part Stanislaus Elliot, 
Dollys Revenge - Song - In the key of F major for high voice Nemo and Henry Pontet, 
Dolores E Oxenford, E Waldteufel, W C Levey, 
Dom - Dom - Domino . W&M: S Jones, H Greenbank, 
Domine Dirige Nos - Lord Direct Us - Key of B flat major Compass B to D A Horspool and M Piccolomini, some words in Latin, 
Don Juans Serenade, Op38 No.1 for baritone or bass voice composed by P I Tschaikowsky & A Tolstoi, translated by Lady MacFarren., 
Don't be angry with me Darling - Popular Song with Chorus for Four Voices - Hart and Co edition No. 313 H. P. Danks, 
Don't Forget Me - Song Words by Helen Marion Burnside, Music by Ciro Pinsuti, 
Don't Judge A Man By His Coat John Guest, 
Don't Tell The World Your Troubles. W&M: C Murphy, D Lipton., 
Dona Sabine . W&M: P Henrion, 
Donau-Wellen . W&M: I Ivanovici, 
Donauwellen Waltz (Waves of the Danube), By J Ivanovici,, 
Dont Forget to Dream of Me: Christy Minstrels . W&M: A W French, W H Brockway, 
Dont Linger in the Shadows (When the Sun is Shining Cross the Way) - Song Will Topham, 
Dont Tell Words and music - Hubi Newcombe and Camile Daubert, 
Dopo Tant'Anni - Duetto Fabio Campana, 
Dorilla . W&M: Edward Oxenford, Wilhelm Defesch, 
Doris . W&M: W Smallwood, 
Doris. W&M: S Smith., 
Dorothy Gavotte Words and music - William Smalwood, 
Dorothy Waltz, from the Comic Opera as performed at the Prince of Wales Theatre, W&M. P Bucalossi, , 
Dors Mon Enfant - Berceuse - Op. 19, No. 7 F Edward Bache, 
Dost Thou Know That Sweet Land? (Connais tu le Pays) - No. 1 from Mignon Opera en Trois Actes A. Thomas, 
Down Among The Blue Bells . W&M: W Fox, J H Eccles, 
Down among the dead men - Harmonized as a Glee for three voices - Composed in the Year 1680 - No. 286 of the Musical Treasury Henry West, R. A., 
Down Among the Dead Men - Old English Ballad Arranged with symphonies and accompaniment by Edward J. Loder, 
Down among the Dead Men - Old English Song with new symphonies & accompaniments - Musical Bouquet No. 138 George J. O. Allmann, 
Down by the Bank Where the Waves Gently Flow, fron the comic opera "Thirty Thousand" or "Whos The Richest?" sung by Signor Storace at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, W&M. T Dibdin, J Braham,, 
Down by the Ferry - Song Harry Dacre, 
Down by the River Side I Stray - Ballad J. R. Thomas, 
Down by the River Side I Stray - The Popular Song - Howard and Co. edition No. 333 J. R. Thomas, 
Down By The Sea - Song in the key of E flat major Gerald Lane, 
Down in a Flow'ry Vale - Madrigal for Four Voices - The Words imitated from the Italian by Thomas Oliphant Esq. - Second Edition Constantius Festa, 
Down In The Deep Words and music - W L Titus and H W Petrie, 
Down the River Words and music - Nellie Taylor and H W Harper, 
Down the River - Opening Chorus For S. A. T. B. and Piano - Musical Bouquet No. 8464 Alfred lee, 
Down The Shadowed Lane Words and music - Gordon Campbell and G L Osgood, 
Down The Vale - Key of E flat major for medium voice Gunby Hadath & Frank L Moir, 
Down The Vale - Song - In the key of E flat major Gunby Hadath & Frank L Moir, 
Down The Vale - Song - In the key of F major Gunby Hadath & Frank L Moir, 
Down The Vale - Song - In the key of G major for high voice Gunby Hadath & Frank L Moir, 
Down Went M'Ginty in his Best Suit of Clothes Words and music - Joseph Flynn, 
Down Went McGinty Words and music - Joseph Flynn, 
Down Where the Pretty Blue-Bells Grow - Song - Paxton Edition No. 731 M. H. Rosenfeld, 
Down where the roses grow, W&M. J H Eccles & George Barker, , 
Drakes Chair, for baritone solo, chorus and orchestra Words and music - Abraham Cowley and Robin Milford, 
Drakes Drum (A Legend still extant in the West of England) - Song - In the key of C major for low voice Henry Newbolt and Walter W Hedgcock, 
Drakes Drum (A Legend still extant in the West of England) - Song - In the key of D major Henry Newbolt and Walter W Hedgcock, 
Draw the Sword Scotland - Scottish Ballad - Sung by Mr Braham at the Concerts, Festivals Etc. The Poetry by I. R. Planche Esqr. Music altered and arranged by G. Herbert Rodwell, 
Dream Faces - Song William M Hutchison, 
Dream Faces - Song - For Mezzo or Baritone voice William M Hutchison, 
Dream on Young Hearts Words and music - J E Carpenter and N J Sporle, 
Dream Singing . W&M: F R Havergal, P Ellis., 
Dream voices, song with violin accompaniment Words and music - G Hubi Newcombe & M Piccolomini, 
Dreaming . W&M: E Oxenford, M Welllings, 
Dreaming . W&M: A Jones, M Carnell, 
Dreaming of Thee. W&M: M Hobson., 
Dreamland Memories Words and music - Edward Robgen and Druce Dayle, 
Dreams. English and German words Words and music - R Wagner, Claude Aveling and Albert Visetti, 
Dreamtide Words and music - Edward Oxenford and Edwin M Flavell, 
Dreamy Clovelly . W&M: J Old, 
Dreamy June, No. 2 in E flat Words and music - Gerald Lane, 
Dreamy Summertime, W&M: H Wymark Stratton, 
Dreeams Of My Own Land Words and music - Douglas Dean, 
Drei Deutsche Lieder - Op. 6 - For Voice & Piano O. Heller, 
Drei Lieder . W&M: Franz Abt, 
Dresden China - In the key of C major for lower voice Frederick E Weatherly and J L Molloy, 
Dresden Walzer, W&M. Hermann Koenig,, 
Dresdina, Introducing, in the refrain, Carl Malembergs Stately Measure Words and music - C Bingham and P De Faye, 
Drifting with the Tide - Song and Chorus - Paxton Edition No. 1091 Will L. Thompson, 
Drink Puppy Drink, hunting song, sung by Jennie Lee in the comedy of "Midge", dedicated to Captain Hartopp, C J Whyte Melville, 
Drink then drink of this poison, Scena, No.15 of Romeo and Juliet by C Gounod, English by H Farnie., 
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes . W&M: B.Jonson, G.A.Macfarren, 
Driven From Home - Solo and Chorus Christy Minstrels, 
Driven From Home - The Pathetic Popular Ballard - Musical Bouquet No. 4338 Will S. Hays, 
Driven From Home. Popular Song Words and music - Arranged by J A Wade, 
Driven From Home. The celebrated Christy Minstrels song Words and music - Anonimous, 
Droop not Young Lover Words and music - G F Handel and William Hills, 
Du Bist Wie Eine Blume, The Web of Life . W&M: R Phillips, 
Du Fragst mich Taglich (The Daily Question) - Song for High Voice in German/English - Op. 5, No. 5 Erick Meyer-Helmund, 
Due ariette - No. 56 from Collection por le Chaui Series Philippo Moroni, 
Duets for Mens Voices - The Cavendish Music Books - Series No. 25 Various Composers, 
Dulce Domum, W&M. Braham, , 
Dumka. W&M: A.Dvorak., 
Duty Words and music - Clifton Bingham and J Michael Watson, 
Dvorak - A Little May Time Song (Eine Kleine Fruhlingsweise) - Humoreske in the Key of D flat Major for Low Voice - Sung by and Featuring Richard Tauber - With English and German Words - Op. 101, No. 7 A. Dvorak, English words by D. Millar Craig, 
Dvorak - A Little May Time Song (Eine Kleine Fruhlingsweise) - Humoreske in the Key of E flat Major for Medium Voice - Sung by and Featuring Richard Tauber - With English and German Words - Op. 101, No. 7 A. Dvorak, English words by D. Millar Craig, 
Dvorak - A Little May Time Song (Eine Kleine Fruhlingsweise) - Humoreske in the Key of F Major for High Voice - Sung by and Featuring Richard Tauber - With English and German Words - Op. 101, No. 7 A. Dvorak, English words by D. Millar Craig, 
Dying Strains - Songs with Pianoforte Accompaniment - Augeners Edition No. 8900c Franz Schubert edited by E. Pauer ,