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19th century songs

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C Etait Jadis (E Ver!), romance, W&M. J Barbier, F Campana,, 
C' Est L' Parisien! - Chanson - French Edition Aristide Bruant & Edouard Aupto, 
C' Est Pas Vrai! - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant, 
C'est L' Espagne . W&M: CH Nuitter, J Offenbach, 
Call Me Back Again - Song O E Hennig & W D Hendrickson, 
Call me back again - Song O. E. Hennig and W. D. Hendrickson, 
Caller Herrin Words and music - E Berger, 
Caller Herrin - The favorite Scotch ballad newly arranged with an accompaniment for the pianoforte by Edward J Loder, 
Camomille - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant & A Denis, 
Campanella . W&M: Fr Suchy, 
Can a Boy Forget his Mother (A Mothers Appeal to her Boy) - Song & Chorus - Paxton edition No. 935 Julian Holmes and Henry F. Smith, 
Can i eer Forget the Valley, Songs of the Village No 1 Words and music - A Fry, 
Can It Be or Strangers Yet Ah Do We Need It Words and music - John Pridham, 
Can't You Hear Me Callin . W&M: W H Gardner, C Roma, 
Canadian Boat Song Words and music - Thomas Moore an Sir john Stevenson, 
Caneuon Cymru - Songs Of Wales - With Four Part Singing and Staff and Tonic Sol-Fa with Welsh and English Words Arranged for Piano by J. Twrch-Fab Owen, 
Canoe Song, Op37 No.2, for contralto or baritone Words and music - S Coleridge Taylor and Isabella Crawford, 
Cantate pour Distribution de Prix, a deux voix egales Words and music - P P Denys & Paul Jouvenot, 
Cantique d'Amour . W&M: E Schutt, 
Cantique de Noel Adolphe Adam, 
Canwyll fy Llygaid Wytti (The Mothers slumber song), for contralto voice, with Welsh & English words & violin ad lib, composed by D Parry, Glan Padarn & E. M.H.J., 
Canzonet. Haste My Nannette Words and music - Travers, 
Canzonet. To my Boat Words and music - Neukomm and Mr Mori, 
Canzonetta . W&M: S.Heller, 
Canzonette . W&M: J Nicode, 
Caprice Hongrois - Etude en Octaves - Pour Piano - Musical Bouquet - No. 5446 & No. 5447 E Ketterer, 
Cara Luoghi Ovio Pafsai. Romanza. Composed for and sung by Madame Brambilla, In the Admired Opera Linda Di Chamoun IX Words and music - Donizetti, 
Carina . W&M: W Smallwood, 
Carlotta - Walzer . W&M: C Millocker., 
Carmena - Vocal Waltz - For High Voice (In F) Ellis Walton and H Lane Wilson, 
Carmena - Vocal Waltz - For Medium Voice (In D) Ellis Walton and H Lane Wilson, 
Carmencita - Song in the key of A major Gerald Lane, 
Carmencita - Song in the key of G major Gerald Lane, 
Caro Mio Ben, No. 2 in E flat T Giordani, 
Caro nome che il mio cor, Scena ed Aria Rigoletto, Pezzi Celebri di Opere Teatrali per canto e pianoforte, Biblioteca Lirica Words and music - G Verdi, 
Caro Nome Che Il Mio Core, Scena e Polacca nell' Opera "Rigoletto" G Verdi, 
Caroo By Basil Hood and Walter Slaughter,, 
Carrie Lee (They made her a Grave in a wild Wood shade) - Song & Chorus - Musical Boqueut No. 3593 H. Angelo & C. Clifford, 
Carry me Back to Old Virginny Words and music - Francis Lynch and James Power, 
Carry Me Home To Die And Nelly Bly - The popular negro song and chorus J B Woodbury, 
Castle Gordon (Schloss Gordon) Words and music - W Sterndale Bennett, Robert Burns and C Klingemann, 
Castles in the Air: Scottish air . W&M: J Ballantine, R Adams, 
Castles Of Sand. Words and music - W Passmore, J Hatton., 
Catch, On a parish clerk, Sicilain Mariners Hymn ( O Sanctiffima Opiiffima), W&M. Webbe, , 
Caught in the Rain, in F Words and music - C J Rowe and Alfred S Walters, 
Cavatin. Robert Il Diabolo. Robert Le Diable Words and music - G Meyerbeer, 
Cavatina . W&M: G Rossini, C Aveling, 
Cavatine - du Pirate . W&M: Frederic Burgmuller, 
Cavatine D Armide. Opera De Gluck. Repertoire classique du Chant Francais Words and music - F A Gevaert, 
Cavatine de Leila, Les Pecheurs de Perles, No 2 Soprano, W&M. M Carre et Cormon, Georges Bizet,, 
Ce Qu'on Aime! - Song Eugene Riffey, A. Fattorini and Naudin - W., 
Ce soir j arrive done dans cetteville immense, Le pre aux clercs No.2 Words and music - F Herold, 
Celebrated War Songs of France and Germany - Metzler & Co's Standard Edition Various composers, The english words by H. B. Farnie, 
Cerise Waltz, dedicated to Mrs Myers, W&M. Charles Deacon, , 
Chacun son Etat - Chansonnette - French Edition Aristide Bruant & Paulus, 
Champagne Charlie - Comic Song George Leybourne, Alfred Lee as adapted by Ernest Irving and Frank Eyton, 
Chanson Allemande. W&M: C.Bachmann., 
Chanson Arabe Words and music - B Godard, 
Chanson D Avril (April Song) Words and music - Louis Bouilhet, Theo Marzials and Georges Bizet, 
Chanson d'Avril . W&M: E, Ribiollet, 
Chanson De Florian Words and music - Benjamin Godard, 
Chanson de Florian, by Benjamin Godard., 
Chanson Des Paysans Bohemes . W&M: J.Schulhoff, 
Chanson Erotique . W&M: J Egghard., 
Chanson Espagnole . W&M: G Aitken, 
Chant De Berceau. W&M: S Heller., 
Chant de Mai (Mailied) - Song with Piano accompaniment - In German/French G. Meyerbeer and H. Blazel, 
Chant Hindou (Deses Perance) - For Contralto or Bass Voice Armand Ocampo and H Bemberg, 
Chant Hindou (Deses Perance) - For Soprano or Tenor Voice Armand Ocampo and H Bemberg, 
Chant Hindou (Deses Perance) - Song in the key of A flat major Armand Ocampo and H Bemberg, 
Chante Miarka, W&M. G Millandy, J B Boldi,, 
Chants de la Vieille France, vingt melodies et chansons de XIII au XVIII siecle transcribed by Julien Tiersot., 
Chappell's Musical Magazine - A Collection of 4 Magazines, each containing songs with piano accompaniments Various composers, with editing by Edward F. Rimbault, 
Characteristic Pieces. Gavotte Oscar Beringer, 
Characteristic Songs of Shelley - Set to Music and Dedicated to The Right Honerable Earl Brosdenor Henry Hugh Pearson, 
Charity . W&M: G Rossini, W H Bellamy, 
Charity - Solo or Duet C. Jefferys and Stephen Glover, 
Charity - Song Charles Jefferys and Stephen Glover, 
Charles DEsteve, Jing ga Ring, Quadrille, , 
Charlie is my Darling, from Wilson's Edition of "The Songs of Scotland", as Sung by him. Dedicated by permission to the Queen Words and music - Wilson, 
Charlie Is My Darling. Sung by all the principal vocalists. Newly arranged with an accompaniment for Piano Forte Words and music - Edward J Loder, 
Charlie's Comin' . W&M: C Johnson, 
Charm - Musical Monologues Series No. 255 - Recitation with Pianoforte accompaniment Lawrence Vane, 
Charmant Ruifseau, Romance with Piano or Harp accompaniment, W&M. , 
Charming waltz, W&M. Ezra Read, , 
Charming waltz, dedicated to Miss Swan, W&M. Edwini Bogetti, , 
Che Faro - No. 3 from "Classic Themes" - Ancient and modern Gluck, arranged by Conrad Buhrer, 
Che Faro - Recitative and Air from Orfeo - In the key of C major for low voice Gluck, 
Che faro senza Eurydice (How to find my Eurydice) - La Lira D'Italia - A Collection of the Classical and Popular Vocal Works of the most Celebrated Italian Composers Series No. 5 - English and Italian Words Gluck, 
Cheer Boys, Cheer, No More of Idle Sorrow (Manhood) - For Piano and Voice Mr Webb, 
Cheer Up Never Say Day . W&M: Harry Dacre, 
Cheer Up Sam/The Old Grey Goose: Christy Minstrels . W&M: S C Foster, 
Cherished Vows . W&M: L Stuart., 
Cherry Garden Stairs Words and music - W Jones Hunt and C H R Marriott, 
Chic Polka - For Piano Luke Wheeler, 
Child Songs for the Primary Departments of the Sunday School and Day School and for Home Singing - Vol. 1 Edited and in part Composed by Carey Bonner, 
Child's Dream . W&M: R Lotinga, E Cooke, 
Childie - song . W&M: Clifton Bingham, A H Behrend, 
Children 'Tis you Father's Hand - Spiritual Song - For Piano and Voice Anne Askew and George Warne, 
Children Asleep - Song in the key of D major G Clifton Bingham and Frank Moir, 
Children, song Words and music - Longfello and Arthur Cecil, 
Childrens Singing Quadrilles - Within the Compass of the Five Fingers - Pitman & Co. edition No. 488 T. R. Ford, 
Childrens Twilight songs, Book 2 of Merry songs for Merry little singers; Milking time, The prudent calf, Captain, Birdie free, Lucky dogs, Peep and Boo Hoo Words and music - F C Weatherly and F N Lohr, 
Chime Again Beautiful Bells - Song with Tonic Sol-Fa - Paxton Edition No. 1005 A Lady and R. Bishop, 
Chime of the Bells or Whisper so gently - Song and Chorus - Sung by Christy's Minstrels - Musical Bouquet No. 4123 - For Piano and Voice G. Cooper Esq. and J. P. Donniker, 
Chiming Bells of Long Ago - Popular Ballad - For Piano and Voice C. F. Shattuck, 
Chiming Bells of Long Ago - The Admired Ballad - As sung by the Moore and Burgess and Mohawk Minstrels - Musical Bouquet No. 5926 C. F. Shattuck, 
Chiming Bells Of Long Ago. . W&M: Christy Minstrels, 
Chin Chin Chinaman - Song from the Japanese musical play The Geisha - Sung by Mr Huntley Wright Harry Greenbank and Sidney Jones, 
Chinee Soje - Man . W&M: L Monckton, A Ross, 
Chloe - Coon Song G H Newcombe and Milton Wellings, 
Chloe, Coon song Words and music - G Hubi Newcombe and Milton Wellings, 
Chloe. A Love Song Words and music - Ian Maxwell, 
Choeur Des Magnanarelles: from opera Mirella. W&M: Ch Gounod., 
Chorus, Gentlemen! . W&M: H Lohr, M Ambient, 
Christians Awake and Original March - Newnes Musical Library Christians Awake Arranged by J. Wade, Original March Composed by Haydn, Arranged by H. Stafford Trego, 
Christians Awake, sacred song, Haydn, Arr. J Wade & H Stafford Trego, , 
Christians Awake. The Favourite Carol Words and music - J E Webster, 
Christinas Lament - Celebrated Humoreske Antonin Dvorak, Words by Mrs Walter Creyke, 
Christinas Lament - The celebrated Humoreske arranged as a song in the key of C major Mrs Walter Creyke & Anton Dvorak, 
Christmas Carols (Old and New) Various Composers/Traditional, 
Christmas Number, Murdochs Music Album Contains 8 songs by C D Wilson, Julius Roche, Gounod, Samule Lover and John Hullah, 
Christy Minstrel Songs Eighth Selection, Chappells Musical Magazine edited by Edward F Rimbault Ill not ask thee to forget me, Say a kind word when you can, Just before the battle, Just after the battle, Mill May, I see her still in my dreams, Nellie Ray, Never forget the dear ones, Who will care for Mother now, Beautiful dreamer, Evangeline, , 
Christy Minstrel Songs Seventh Selection, Chappells Musical Magazine edited by Edward F Rimbault Tramp Tramp Tramp, Beautiful Isle of the Sea, John Brown, Come Home Father, Somebodys Courting Somebody, Dear Mother Ive Come Home to Die, What is Home Without a Mother, Rock me to sleep Mother, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, No One to Love, Oh, 
Christy's Minstrels Nellie Ray W.H. Brockley, 
Christy's Minstrels' Popular Songs for Piano - The Mocking Bird - Musical Bouquet No. 1670 Arranged by J. Wade, 
Ciascun Lo Dice, Ognun Lo Sa. Sung by Madlle Jenny Lind in La Figlia Del Reggimento Words and music - Donizetti, 
Cigars and Cognac - Celebrated Baritone Song - Hart & Co edition No. 131 W. Dickinson & Adolphe Adam, 
Cinderella - A Chamber Opera (Limited to One or Two Performers) Charles Jefferys, arranged by Stephen Glover, 
Cinderella - A Chamber Opera (Limited to One or Two Performers) Charles Jefferys, arranged by Stephen Glover, 
Claire, waltz dedicated to Mrs Kendal, W&M. Leonard Gautier, , 
Clarine, or "Tis a Form that Reminds me of Thee", No. 2 in F Words and music - Langton Williams, 
Class . W&M: L Stuart, C H Taylor., 
Cleansing Fires - Sung by Mr Santley - Key of C - For Piano and Voice Adelaide A Proctor and Virginia Gabriel, 
Clear and Cool, The poetry from The Water Babies Words and music - Rev C Kingsley, A Brook and Dolores, 
Clementine - Song and chorus Barker Bradford, 
Cleverly Caught . W&M: H Pontet, J Kennerley., 
Clochette - Song - No. 1 in F - For Piano and Voice Arthur Sketchley and James L. Molloy, 
Clochette, No. 2 in D Words and music - Arthur Sketchley and James L Molly, 
Cloris. Vocal gavotte, Solo 3, Duet 3 Words and music - Michael Watson, 
Close to the Threshold - Song Nella and Henry Parker, 
Close to the Threshold - Song in the key of G major for medium voice Nella and Henry Parker, 
Cobwebs. . W&M: M Ewing, 
Collection of songs with Piano accompaniment - From "Pianista" No. 92 Various Composers, 
Colleen Alannah! Words and music - K Simpson, E Lorence, 
Colour Sergeant Grey Words and music - Brice Fennell and Theo Bonheur, 
Come Again Spring - Song - As sung by Miss Rose Hersee Frederick Enoch and Henry Smart, 
Come and Kiss me (a summer love song) Words and music - Haigh Iago, 
Come And Trip It - Dance Song for Low Voice Mary Carmichael, 
Come And Trip It - Dance Song in the key of B major Mary Carmichael, 
Come and Whisper Words and music - G W Southey and Allan Leigh, 
Come away to the Grot - Cavatina - For Piano and Voice Mrs George Warne and G. Warne, 
Come Away to the Masquerade - A Ballad George Linley Esq., 
Come back from dreamland . W&M: M Arnold, D Day, 
Come Back Soon Words and music - Adrienne and Cristabel, 
Come Back To Erin Words and music - J A Wade, 
Come Back to Erin - Song - In the key of C major Claribel, 
Come Back to Erin - Song Written and Composed for Madame Sherrington - Key of C major Claribel, 
Come Back to Erin - Song Written and Composed for Madame Sherrington - Key of E flat major for High voice Claribel, 
Come Back To Erin. F Scott., 
Come Back to Kindare, No. 2 in E flat Words and music - E Teschemacher and Ethel Barnby, 
Come Back To Me Some Day - Song J. Dickens, 
Come Be Gay (Schelm Halt Fest), The favorite Duet in the 2nd Act of the Opera Der Freischutz. English and German words Words and music - Translated from the German by W Mc Gregor Logan and C M Von Weber, 
Come Beloved. A Venetian Serenade. With violin and mandolin accompaniment Ad Lib Words and music - Stanhope Gray and M Piccolomini, 
Come Birdie Come - Popular Song & Chorus sung by the Christy Minstrels Miriam Shirley, 
Come Come Thou art in Sorrow Words and music - B Taylor, 
Come Dwell With Me - Song Alexander Lee and Thomas Haynes Bayly Esqr., 
Come Home Father . W&M: C Minstrels, H Clay Work, 
Come Home Father, Little Marys Song, sung by Mr Horace Norman of the Original Christys Minstrels, W&M. Henry Clay, , 
Come if you dare - Grand Fantasia on English Airs - Dedicated to Miss Henrietta Maria Power Jules de Sivrai, 
Come In And Shut The Door Words and music - J G Callcott, 
Come into the Garden Maud - Musical Bouquet No. 1212 and 1213 Alfred Tennyson and W. H. Montgomery, 
Come Into the Garden Maud, cavatina - Key of C major Alfred Tennyson and M W Balfe, 
Come into the Garden Maud, cavatina, No2 of Mr Sims Reeves Vocal Album, W&M. M W Balfe, Tennyson, , 
Come Join The Dance and Song Words and music - Arthur Desmond and Eric Wentworth, 
Come Kindly Death. Todes Sehnsucht Words and music - J S Bach and F Korbay, 
Come Let Us Unite in a Joyous Noel - Carol Anthem for Mixed Voices, S.A.T.B and Piano or Organ - Edition le Grande Orgue No. 213 Editeur et Directeur, Robert Leech Bedell, 
Come Lets be Merry - Song - An old English melody H Lane Wilson, 
Come Margarita Come, from the sacred musical drama "The Martyr of Antioch" sung by Edward Lloyd Arthur Sullivan, 
Come Music With Thy Softest Tone: from opera I Lombardi Words and music - P Nordaunt and G Verdi, 
Come O Come My Life's Delight - Song Thomas Campion and Ivor Gurney, 
Come per me Sereno, cavatina nell opera La Sonnambula by Bellini., 
Come Round The Heart. A Carol Words and music - Alfred Croquill and Stephen Glover, 
Come Sing to Me Again, sung by Mr Charles Ernest of the Original Christy Minstrels, W&M. M Hobson, J H Eccles, , 
Come Sit by me Mother Words and music - Charles E. Bray, 
Come Sweet Morning (Viens Aurore) - Old French song R H Elkin, Arranged by A L, 
Come Sweet Morning (Viens Aurore) - Old French song in the key of E major for medium voice R. H. Elkin, Arranged by A. L., 
Come Take Thy Lute And Sing Words and music - H Fry, J Hatton, 
Come Thou With Me. From the opera Rosalinda Words and music - Alfred Moffat, 
Come to Me - Song - In the key of D major for lower voice Corra Lynne & Walter Wadham, 
Come to Me - Song - In the key of E flat major Corra Lynne & Walter Wadham, 
Come to Me - Song - In the key of E major Corra Lynne & Walter Wadham, 
Come To Me O Ye Children - Song - For Piano and Voice - Sung by Madame Patey Longfellow and Thomas Anderton, 
Come To My Fairy Home - Cavatina sung by Miss Dolby Edward J. Gill and S. Nelson, 
Come to the Cross . W&M: R R Hall, G F Handel, 
Come to the Surrey Hills Words and music - Alex Reynolds, 
Come Unto Me - Sacred Song - Key of A flat major for Low Voice The Revd H. Bonar & Willem Coenen, 
Come Unto Me - Sacred Song - Key of F major for Low Voice The Revd H. Bonar & Willem Coenen, 
Come Unto Me - Sacred Song - Key of G major for Medium Voice The Revd H. Bonar & Willem Coenen, 
Come Unto Me Ye Weary - Sacred Song William Chatterton Dix and Frank G Ward, 
Come When The Soft Twilight Falls . W&M: Dr Carpenter, R Schumann, 
Come Where Lilies Bloom - Quartette - Musical Bouquet No. 8998 & 8999 Will L. Thompson, 
Come where My Love Lies Dreaming J R Harding, S Foster, 
Come where my Love Lies Dreaming - Solo and Chorus - As sung by The Christy Minstrels - Arranged with an accompaniment for the Piano Forte - Hart and Co edition No. 204 Unknown, 
Come where my Love lies dreaming - Solo and Quartette (S.C.T.B) with Piano accompaniment - Musical Bouquet No.'s 1482 & 1483 S. C. Foster arranged by T. Westrop, 
Come Where the Moonbeams Linger J H Eccles, Frederick Buckley, , 
Come Where the Moonbeams Linger, sung by H de Brenner of the Moore & Burgess Minstrels, W&M. Frederick Buckley, J H Eccles, , 
Come Where the Sunlight Sleepeth, ballad dedicated to Quintin Twiss, W&M. Fabio Campana, , 
Come Where The Violets Bloom . W&M: T Westendorf, G W Persley., 
Come Whoam To Thy Childer an Me: A Lancashire Ballad . W&M: Edwin Waugh, P Delavanti., 
Come with me to Fairy Land Words and music - J W Cherry, 
Come, Birdie, come Words and music - C A White, 
Come, live with me and be my love - Song No. 4 from Gems of English harmony Vol. 1 - Arranged for Four Voices Composed by S. Webbe Arranged by John Whitaker, 
Come, Oh! Come to me, Dear Mother, - companoin song to 'There is no love like a Mother's' Stephen Glover, 
Comfort ye, my people Handel, 
Comin Thro the Rye Words and music - V Murillo, 
Comin' Thro' the Rye Arranged by Grenville Smart, 
Comin' Through the Rye, Scotch Ballad sung by Jetty de Treffz Words and music - Arranged by Henri Schubert, 
Coming from the well Words and music - Frederick Enoch and Langton Williams, 
Como - A set of quadrilles Charles DAlbert, 
Complete arias and sinfonias from the cantatas masses & oratorios for solo voice, flute, basso continuo/piano in 8 volumes, Volume 5 (alto) Words and music - J S Bach, 
Compositions Choisies. Un Secret Words and music - Alfred de Musset and Giulio Alary, 
Con Amore. W&M: P Beaumont., 
Confidences, Air de Ballet . W&M: E Marti., 
Confusion to the Norman, sung by Mr Sims Reeves in the opera of Robin Hood by John Oxenford & G A Macfarren., 
Coningsby . W&M: Charles Bradley, 
Conquered Words and music - Clifton Bingham and Ed St Quentin, 
Consider The Lilies - Song Words selected from the Holy Scriptures and R Topliff, 
Consider the Lilies, sacred song, words from the Holy Scripture T H Barnett, 
Consider the Lilies. No 3 of A Collection of Sacred Songs Words and music - W West, 
Consider The Lilies. Sacred Song. Holy Scriptures Words and music - Felix Meldensson Bartholdy, 
Consolation . W&M: F Edward Bache., 
Constance, sung by Miss Dolby & Miss Nelson, W&M. G Linley, , 
Constancy . W&M: Ch Gounod, 
Constancy . W&M: Lt. Col. A A Davidson, 
Constancy. Ballad Words and music - Owen Hope, 
Consume Them All, from St Paul Words and music - F Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 
Convent Chimes, reverie pour piano, W&M. Felix Gantier, , 
Convent Strains Words and music - G West, 
Coon Words and music - G Arthurs and T C Sterndale Bennett, 
Coon, Lullaby and Plantation Songs - Book 3 - With Tonic Sol-Fa Settings Various Composers, 
Coote's Cure Lancers Stead, 
Coquette - Monologue - French Edition Aristide Bruant , 
Coralie Waiting for thee, Serenade sung by Mr W H Cummings Words and music - Edward Land, 
Coronation Waltz . W&M: H.C.Grace, 
Cos I Ad To: from "The New Barmaid" . W&M: Harry Nicholls, J Crook, 
Cossack Love Song Stanhope Gray & Stephen Philpot, 
Cottage Music - Welsh Songs (First Selection) - Cuningham Boosey and Co. Vocal Series No. 4 Various composers/Trad., 
Could a distrustful thought arise . W&M: Ida, L Wilson, 
Could I Thro' Aether Fly/Konnt Ich Durch Raume Flieh'n - A Song B. Molique, The Words imitated from the german by Thomas Oliphant, 
Could We Recall - Song - Featuring Harry Dacre Harry Dacre, 
Could You be True to Eyes of Blue... Words and music - Cobb & Edwards, 
Count Your Blessings - Song Rev. Johnson Oatman Jnr, E O Excell, R G Harvey and Alfred Lee, 
Country Courtship - Song - In the key of E flat major D'Arcy Jaxone, Louis Diehl, , 
Country Life Words and music - S Smith, 
Courtship Lane . W&M: Cotsford Dick, 
Cousin Charlie - Song - Paxton edition No. 321 Henri Fisher & William Newton, 
Cousin Jack and I Henri Fisher and J.F. Pettit, 
Cradle Song (Wiegenliedchen) - Key of E for Lower voice Hoffmann von Fallersleben & Max Strange - English words by Paul England, 
Cradle Song - Arranged as a Part Song for Four Voices Wilhelm Taubert arranged by J. G. Callcott, 
Craneuse - Monologue - French Edition Aristide Bruant , 
Credo, From the Opera of "Otello" - Celebrated Arias series Percy Pinkerton, 
Cronstadt, polka militaire dedicated to Madame Golowski, W&M. E Reyloff, , 
Crook An Plaid Words and music - Hamilton Nimmo, 
Crooskeen Lawn Traditional, 
Crossing The Bar Words and music - Alfred Lord tennyson and L Kellie, 
Crossing the Bar Words and music - Alfred Lord Tennyson and E Leveson Gower, 
Crossing the Bar, sung by Miss Antoinette Sterling Words and music - Alfred Lord Tennyson and A H Behrend, 
Crossing the line Words and music - G W Southey and Theo Bonheur, 
Crown Him Lord of All . W&M: E Fawcett, 
Crown winter with green, No.5 from Six settings, by Robert Bridges & Hamish MacCunn., 
Cryes Of Olde London for Voice and piano By Vincent Thomas, 
Cujus Animam (From Rossini's Stabat Mater) - Twelve Sacred Melodies Series No. 1 Rossini arranged by J. A. Wade, 
Cupid Disguised Words and music - Henry Pontet, 
Cupid, Do Not Taunt Me So! Eugene Cowles,, 
Cupid, The Evergreen Boy, pantomine, Forty Thieves Words and music - H Lennard and J Weaver, 
Cupids Almanack, ballad Words and music - M N Ryan and Thos W Charles, 
Cupids Eyes from "The Camp at Chobham" . W&M: Mrk Lemon, Alfred Mellon, 
Cycle of Songs from Tennyson's Maud Sung by Mr Plunket Green, set to music by Arthur Somervell, 
Cycle of Songs from Tennysons Maud, 12 songs, sung by Mr Plunket Greene, composed by Arthur Somervell., 
Cypress Fantasia J. Pridham, 
Czariza . W&M: F Beyer,